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1. Denver, the last dinosaur, and his friends were playing in the fields. They lost their ball so Denver went looking for it. He found four strange children lying down in a state of unconsciousness on the other side of the field. He was frightened at first since he had never seen them before. He drew closer and looked intently. He went to the nearby stream, carried some water in his mouth and splashed it at them. The Terrestrials woke up and couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw Denver before them.

Alan: “Wow, is this your dream Noah? Fascinating! Denver looks almost real.”
Ryan: “How come we all are in your dream?”
Zach: “Maybe we should close our eyes and everything will return to normal when we open them again.”

He and Alan closed their eyes hard to verify if they were dreaming or not. But Noah would not allow them mar this miraculous event.

Noah: “Stop guys, don’t doubt what you see. Our dreams have come true. Remember the bright light, floating in space and our prayer. This really is Denver the last dinosaur.”

Meanwhile Denver had drifted a little further because of the strange attitude of the Terrestrials. Noah took courage. She moved to Denver and greeted him.

Noah: “Hi Denver. I’m Noah and I want to be your friend. My buddies there are Ryan, Zach and Alan. We come from Earth and we’re very glad to meet you.”

Noah stretched out her hand to Denver and Denver, a little suspicious at first, soon carried her to his bosom and kissed her.

Noah: “Come on guys. What are you waiting for?”
Alan: “Hey, Noah is right. He has answered our prayers. I think we’ve crossed to another dimension.”
Zach: “You mean to Noah’s dimension? I didn’t know she loved that dinosaur so much that He would grant her that wish.”
Ryan: “Men of little faith. Quit doubting.”
Alan: “This is wild; it’s Denver as we know him in the animated series. The others won’t believe us when we tell them this.”
Zach: “Why do you want anyone to believe; we four do and that’s what matters.”

They all moved to Denver and he carried them in turn, licking each of them as he used to do. Denver then spoke to them with words hard to understand but especially with gestures and they perceived that he wanted them to follow him. They obeyed and he took them to his companions - 2. Mario, Wally, Shades and Jeremy.

Ryan: “Well, what do you know? You might as well meet some guys you never loved in the series.”

Mario and Shades didn’t take any liking to Denver’s new friends either.

Mario: “Who are these clowns Denver?”
Shades: “And where are they from?”
Mario: “And we want straight answers.”

Denver tried to make them understand that the Terrestrials were going to stay with them.

Shades: “You must be kidding. First of all, I don’t like their looks and secondly, they aren’t coming with us.”

The Terrestrials tried to explain their situation but Mario and Shades didn’t want to listen. They couldn’t be shaken until Denver got angry and rebuked them. He wouldn’t let Noah go.

Zach: “We wouldn’t like to bother you either but we’ve got no choice. You must understand. We come from planet Earth and we’re here by faith. We were travelling in space; then a light shone upon us and overwhelmed us. We awoke and here we are. We don’t know if this is Earth or another planet. Please, allow us to come with you and find out how we can get back home. What’s your response Jeremy?”
Jeremy: “You know my name? I’m baffled. Well Wally, they’re in a situation.”
Wally: “Since they don’t know how to return to their world, we can just keep them with us for a while until we find a solution.”
Mario: “Where do you guys want to keep them? Certainly not in your house, Wally? You had difficulties keeping Denver. How are you going to cope with these four? What if your parents see them and find out at the same time that you are still keeping Denver? All our efforts to hide that from them would prove useless.”
Wally: “Calm down Mario. Let’s first get into the city and then we shall figure out what to do.”
Jeremy: “Welcome to Nootra friends. These are the outskirts of the west side of our city. We’ve never heard about the planet you just mentioned but we’d be glad to learn about your world. Don’t worry; in our city, there are many who’ve studied space and teleportation. If you’re lucky, they’ll help you get back to your home. But surely you look strange. We’ve never seen people like you before though there are many races in this galaxy.”
Shades: “Hey, all knowing brain, how will you get these extra-Nootrans into the city? Remember the recent events. The bat guards the city day and night. He won’t let any stranger in.”
Mario: “Why worry Shades, super Mario has got the solution to every problem. Let’s tell the big guy that they are your ancestors’ children who got lost in the woods long ago as the legend says.”
Jeremy: “That won’t work Mario; at least, not on the bat. And legend often means that it’s a made-up story and not true.”
Wally: “I’ve got an idea, though it might appear dishonest on an angle. I think our football champions are out of the city for their training. Why not disguise these guys like them?”
Jeremy: “That’s a brilliant one Wally. I think I can do that. I need paint from Casey’s super bag and I will be able to clone them.”

Jeremy went to work and the others helped him. And after an hour, the job was done. Ryan was cloned as 3. Papan and looked exactly like him, Noah was cloned as Benjamin, Zach as Cesare and Alan as Yann.

Noah: “Astonishing! How did you guys do that?”
Shades: “Jeremy is the smart one here, he can do anything. Not like that sluggard over there who calls himself super.”
Mario: “Talking about yourself Shades?”

4. Batman was standing at the city gates and he greeted the children when they arrived.

1. Denver the Last Dinosaur is a U.S.-French cartoon originally released in 1988 by World Events Productions. Read the Prelude of Another Dimension at

2. Mario, Wally, Shades, Jeremy, Casey are characters in Denver the Last Dinosaur.

3. Papan, Benjamin, Cesare and Yann are characters in l’Ecole des Champions. L’École des Champions (original title: Moero! Top Striker) is an anime on football. According to Studio Animage, it is a French production, directed by Ryô Yasumura and Thibaut Chatel. It was broadcasted in France for the first time in November 1992 on TF1.

4. Batman is a fictional character created by the artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger. A comic book superhero, Batman first appeared in Detective Comics #27 (May 1939), and since then has appeared primarily in publications by DC Comics.

5. Are the Terrestrials really in another dimension? What is this city of Nootra? Will the guard let them in? Check this out and more in Another Dimension Chapter 2: Terrestrials in Nootra.

6. About Chapter 2: ‘When they had scarcely passed the gates, Batman, who had been silent all along, made a remark: “What in Nootra have Benjamin’s companions to do with Denver?”’

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Writer: Newmeli Margaret
Drawings: Artists from the web; Yahoo Image; Google Image; Mbouma Tokoto etc.
Graphic Arts: K-olo Koncept
Reference: Wikipedia; websites etc.

This work is dedicated to the characters of Another Dimension and to all those who’ve created them and made them possible to reach me. Thanks pals; I love these guys and I know I’ll meet them. My wish is that this book be turned into an animated movie. So Hollywood, I’m waiting for you.

Special thanks to all the characters that appear in this work, their creators, designers, writers, directors and their teams.

Copyright 2012 Margaret Newmeli & SOW Publishing

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newmar: A CHRISTMAS MESSAGE: Religion is the most evil thing in the world. It claims that a man is saved by his works when the gospel says that a man is saved by faith a...

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Dans la ville d'Eden vivaient quatre adolescents qui étaient les meilleurs amis du monde. Ils étaient exceptionnels en raison de leurs rêves extravagants. La passion d'Alan était les étoiles et les voyages dans l'espace, Noah rêvait de ses super héros, Zach désirait se mesurer à l'homme le plus fort du monde et Ryan voulait rencontrer le Tout-Puissant.

C'étaient des enfants des temps modernes; faites leur confiance lorsqu’il s’agit de la science fiction, la technologie, l'espace, les bandes dessinées et les dessins animés. Ils passaient leur temps et dépensaient leur argent sur ces choses ; même s’ils devaient rester sans manger à l'école. Ils vivaient dans le même quartier, fréquentaient la même école et se trouvaient partout ensemble. La nuit, ils se réunissaient sur le toit de la maison d'Alan pour raconter des aventures fantastiques et imaginaires. En contemplant les étoiles, ils priaient avec ferveur et attendaient patiemment l'accomplissement de leurs rêves.

Un vaisseau spatial, JOEL XL, devait être lancé à partir de cette ville. Comme les quatre amis en parlaient tous les jours, Noah est venue avec une idée. Elle a proposé qu'ils se faufilent dans le vaisseau spatial, s’y cachent jusqu'à ce qu'il soit lancé. Ils se sont tous mis d'accord puisqu’ils ont vu que c'était leur seule chance de se rendre à l'espace. Ils ont rassemblé leurs affaires et se sont préparés pour le voyage. Puisque son père travaillait au centre d'astronomie, Alan a réussi à obtenir quatre bouteilles d'air à partir de là. Noah s’est chargée des vivres tandis que Zach et Ryan ont monté un plan pour leur percée.

Le jour du lancement, ils ont fait irruption dans la base de l'astronomie et se sont installés dans le vaisseau spatial. Ryan était le génie à qui les portes n’ont donné aucune résistance. Et c'est ainsi que ces quatre amis se sont retrouvés dans le troisième compartiment du vaisseau spatial au compte à rebours. Plein d'attente, ils sont restés là tranquillement jusqu’à l'heure H. Lorsque vint l’heure, JOEL XL fut lancé et ces enfants se sont dirigés vers l'espace.

Ils restèrent silencieusement assis jusqu'à ce que JOEL XL atteigne la stabilité hors de l'atmosphère terrestre. Après quelques minutes de peur et d'anticipation, ils se sont levés et ont regardé à travers la vitre transparente. Là, c’était le comble. Quel spectacle merveilleux! Alan, Noah, Ryan et Zach étaient stupéfaits de contempler le mystère qui était l'espace.

Ils ont fait une erreur néanmoins. Ils ne se sont pas renseignés sur les étapes de mouvement de la navette. La mission de JOEL XL était de fournir à la station spatiale VEX M21 des matériaux de construction. Elle n'avait pas à suivre un simple parcours. Elle devait faire un détour à mi-chemin. Elle devait d’abord aller vers Jupiter et ensuite revenir à la position de la station spatiale. Ce que nos amis ne savaient pas était que le compartiment où ils se trouvaient allait être découpé lorsque la navette ferait ce détour.

Près de Jupiter effectivement, le petit compartiment fut dissocié du vaisseau principal et suivi son propre chemin vers l'espace inconnu. Réalisant cet état des choses, ces gars ont cédé place à la panique et craint que tout était perdu. Mais Ryan, avec des paroles de foi, les a rassurés et ils étaient fortifiés pour faire face à leur situation avec courage.

Noah: « Au moins, nous avons vu l'espace et comme nous nous sommes convenus, nous acceptons les conséquences de notre action. »
Alan: « N'est-il pas mieux de finir ainsi ; après avoir atteint l’endroit où nous avions toujours voulu être? »
Zach: « Qui parle de fin quand nous ne sommes qu'au début ? »
Ryan: « Ne regardons-nous pas toujours le ciel lorsque nous Lui prions? C'est maintenant ou jamais les amis, mettons-Le à l’épreuve. »

Ils se sont tenus par la main, fermèrent leurs yeux et priaient. Lorsqu’-ils priaient, un météore s’est avancé à grande vitesse et s’est écrasé sur la capsule. L'impact a été si grand que la capsule s’est éventrée, les projetant dans l'espace extra atmosphérique. Dans cet état d'instabilité, ils ont réussi encore à se tenir par la main et à former un cercle.

Ils se regardèrent avec un grand sourire. Ce qu'ils expérimentaient était ce qu'ils avaient l'habitude de parler presque tous les soirs: flotter dans l'espace. Ils sont restés dans cette position pendant quelques secondes. Comme ils savouraient l'unicité de cette heure, un éclat lumineux venant de loin les accabla et les emmena dans le néant ...

L’effet désagréable de l'eau éclaboussée sur un dormeur les réveilla du coma. Lorsqu’ils se sont levés, ils se trouvaient dans un champ beau et grand avec des belles maisons à l'arrière-plan. Ils savaient que ce n'était pas la Terre mais encore, quelque chose semblait familière. Et ils étaient stupéfaits lorsqu’ils se sont retournés pour voir que celui qui se tenait derrière eux était en effet... 1 2 3

1. Où sont Zach, Alan, Noah et Ryan? Comment ont-ils survécu à l'accident? Qui se tient derrière eux? Trouvez les réponses et plus encore dans Une Autre Dimension Chapitre 1: A la Rencontre de Denver et ses Amis.

2. A propos du chapitre 1. ‘Lui et Alan fermèrent leurs yeux pour vérifier s’ils rêvaient ou pas. Mais Noah ne leur laissaient pas gâcher cet événement miraculeux. Noah: « Arrêtez les gars, ne doutez pas ce que vous voyez. Nos rêves sont devenus réalité. Rappelez-vous de la lumière, flotter dans l'espace et notre prière.’

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In the city of Eden, there lived four teenagers who were the best friends in the world. They were exceptional because of their extravagant dreams. Alan’s passion was the stars and space travel, Noah longed to meet her superheroes, Zach wanted to challenge the strongest man in the world and Ryan yearned to see the Almighty.

They were children of modern times; count them in for any thing science-fiction, hi-tech, space, comics, cartoons and so on. They spent their time and money on these which also meant starving at school. They were living in the same neighbourhood; they attended the same school and were found everywhere together. At night they would gather on the roof of Alan’s house and talk of fantastic and imaginary adventures. As they gazed at the stars, they prayed earnestly and waited patiently for the fulfilment of their dreams.

A spaceship, JOEL XL, had to be launched from that city. As the four friends talked about it everyday, Noah came up with an idea. She proposed that they should sneak into the spaceship and hide there until it was launched. They all agreed on that as they reasoned out that it was their only chance of getting to space. They packed their things and made preparation for the journey. Since his father was working at the astronomy centre, Alan managed to get four air bottles from there. Noah brought provision while Zach and Ryan sort out a plan for their breakthrough.

On the day of the launch, they broke into the astronomy base and got into the spaceship. Ryan was the smart one to whom doors gave no resistance. And so it happened that these four friends were found in the third compartment of the spaceship at countdown. Full of expectation, they waited quietly for zero hour. When it was time, JOEL XL launched and these children headed for space.

They remained seated silently until JOEL XL moved out of the earth’s atmosphere and became steady in outer space. After some minutes of fear and anticipation, the children stood up and looked through the transparent window pane. There, they got the best of it. What a marvellous sight! Alan, Noah, Ryan and Zach were amazed as they gazed in wonder at the mystery that was space.

They made a mistake though. They failed to enquire about the shuttle’s stages of movement. JOEL XL’s mission was to provide the space station VEX M21 with materials for construction. It didn’t have to take a straightforward course. It had to make a detour along the way, moving towards Jupiter and then coming back to the position of the space station. What our friends did not know was that the compartment where they were found had to be cut off when the craft made that turn.

Near Jupiter effectively, the little compartment was severed from the main vessel and it followed its own path to unknown space. Realising this state of affairs, the children gave way to panic and feared that all was lost. But Ryan, with faith-filled words, reassured them and they were strengthened to face their predicament courageously.

Noah: “At least, we’ve seen space and we all agreed to accept whatever the consequences could be.”
Alan: “Isn’t it better to end this way; after reaching where we’ve always wanted to be?”
Zach: “Who talks of end when we are only at the beginning?”
Ryan: “And don’t we always look at the sky when we pray to Him? It’s now or never guys, let’s put Him to the test.”

They held each other’s hands, closed their eyes and prayed. As they were praying, a meteor advanced at high speed and hit the capsule. The impact was so great that the capsule was torn open and projected them to outer space. In this state of instability, they still managed to hold hands and to form a circle.

They then smiled broadly to one another. What they were experiencing at that moment was what they used to talk about almost every night: floating in space. They remained in that position for a few seconds. As they savoured the uniqueness of that hour, a bright light flashed from a distance and overwhelmed them, driving them into oblivion...

The unpleasantness of water splashed on a sleeper woke them out of coma. They got up and found themselves in a beautiful large field with lovely houses at the background. They knew it wasn’t Earth yet something still looked familiar. And they were spellbound when they turned around to see that the one standing behind them was actually… 1 2 3

1. Where are Zach, Alan, Noah and Ryan? How did they survive the accident? Who’s standing behind them? Get this and more in Another Dimension Chapter 1: Meeting Denver and Friends.

2. About Chapter 1:‘He and Alan closed their eyes hard to verify if they were dreaming or not. But Noah would not allow them mar this miraculous event. Noah: “Stop guys, don’t doubt what you see. Our dreams have come true. Remember the bright light, floating in space and our prayer.’

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After an accident in space, Noah, Alan, Ryan and Zach are taken to Another Dimension where they meet all their superheroes. An amazing adventure begins with Denver the last dinosaur and his companions who take them to Nootra, the city of comics and cartoon characters. Considered as intruders, they are rescued from the hands of Nootra’s security forces by Saiyans and later face difficulties in the Frightful Forest. Thanks to the help of Rahan and friends, they succeed to get to L4, the Secret Base, which is subsequently attacked by the Decepticons. They are taken to Cybertron by Optimus Prime but the painful cry of Son Goten wakens Broly, the legendary warrior, who comes to threaten the galaxy. At this state of affairs, Nootra’s forces are obliged to commit their cause into the hands of Son Goku.

This work is dedicated to the characters of Another Dimension and to all those who’ve created them and made them possible to reach me. Thanks pals; I love these guys and I know I’ll meet them. My wish is that this book be turned into an animated movie. So Hollywood, I’m waiting for you.

Special thanks to all the characters that appear in this work, their creators, designers, writers, directors and their teams.

Copyright 2012 Margaret Newmeli & SOW Publishing

Writer: Newmeli Margaret
Drawings: Artists from the web; Yahoo Image; Google Image; Mbouma Tokoto etc.
Graphic Arts: K-olo Koncept
Reference: Wikipedia; websites etc.

Anyone who’s read this work has become my partner. Partner, pass it on and get us to Hollywood by a billion readership. We put together, are unstoppable. Thanks.
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Margaret Newmeli ‘newmar’ is a writer, a singer and a teacher. She has released a musical album ‘Saviour of the World’ and a novel, Another Dimension. Her life is to manifest the son of God that she is in Christ. She lives to give expression to the Father on Earth and to proclaim the gospel of grace which is the salvation of man by faith in Jesus Christ. “God was reconciling the world to Himself in Christ, not counting men's sins against them” 2 Corinthians 5 vs. 19. Her dream is the fulfillment of God’s will in 1 Timothy chapter 2 vs. 3 and 4: “God our Savior wants all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.” You are blessed in Christ.

NB: Apologies for any errors.

Naruto Shippuden Seamo - Mata Aimashou

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Après un accident dans l'espace, Noah, Alan, Ryan et Zach se retrouvent dans Une Autre Dimension où ils rencontrent tous leurs super héros. Une aventure extraordinaire commence avec Denver le dernier dinosaure et ses compagnons qui les amènent à Nootra, la ville des personnages de bandes dessinées et dessins animés. Considérés comme des intrus, ils sont sauvés des mains des forces de sécurité de Nootra par les Saiyans et font face à des difficultés dans l'Effroyable Forêt. Grâce à Rahan et ses amis, ils réussissent à se rendre à L4, la Base Secrète, qui par la suite est attaquée par les Decepticons. Ils sont amenés à Cybertron par Optimus Prime mais le cri douloureux de Son Goten réveille Broly, le guerrier légendaire, qui vient menacer la galaxie. A cet état des choses, les forces de Nootra sont obligées de commettre leur cause entre les mains de Son Goku.

Ce travail est dédié aux personnages d’Une Autre Dimension et à tous ceux qui les ont créés et ont rendu possible pour qu’ils m’atteignent. Merci les gars; j’aime ces personnages et je sais que je les rencontrerai. Mon vœu c’est que ce livre devient un film animé. Alors Hollywood, où êtes vous?

Un merci spécial à tous les personnages qui apparaissent dans cette œuvre, leurs créateurs, dessinateurs, scénaristes, réalisateurs et leurs équipes.

Copyright 2012 Margaret Newmeli & SOW Publishing

Scénariste: Newmeli Margaret
Dessins: Artistes from the web; Yahoo Image; Google Image; Mbouma Tokoto etc.
Graphic Arts: K-olo Koncept
Traduction: Google Translate; Margaret Newmeli; Medjeumou Huges.
Référence: Wikipedia; site web etc.

Chaque personne qui a lu cette œuvre est devenue mon associé. Associé, fais le circuler et amène nous à Hollywood par un milliard de lecteurs. Ensemble, nous sommes irrésistibles. Merci.
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Margaret Newmeli ‘newmar’ est écrivaine, chanteuse et enseignante. Elle a un album de musique ‘Saviour of the World’ et un roman, Une Autre Dimension. Sa vie est de manifester le fils de Dieu qu’elle est en Christ. Elle vit pour donner expression au Père sur Terre et proclamer l'Évangile de la grâce qui est le salut de l’homme par la foi en Jésus Christ. « Dieu était en Christ, réconciliant le monde avec Lui-même, en n'imputant point aux hommes leurs offenses » 2 Corinthiens 5 vs 19. Son rêve est l'accomplissement de la volonté de Dieu dans 1 Timothée chapitre 2 vs 3 et 4: "Dieu notre Sauveur veut que tous les hommes soient sauvés et parviennent à la connaissance de la vérité." Vous êtes bénis en Christ.

Tel: +237 99 55 85 57

NB: Mes excuses pour toute erreur.

To Go Beyond By Enya

Skyward sword - The Legend Of Zelda

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Have you ever imagined Son Goku and Optimus Prime moving downtown? Have you ever seen Wolverine and Cesare playing football? Did you ever spy Superman and Tarzan having a cup of coffee? Have you ever seen Picollo try to teach Batman a song? Have you ever heard what Megatron has to say about Galactus? Did you ever see the Ninja Turtles playing with Spiderman? Have you ever spotted Denver and his companions walking alongside Broly? These connections are made in Nootra. If you want to get connected with Captain Nootra and his fellow citizens, enter “Another Dimension” starting with the Prelude in November at


Avez-vous déjà imaginé Son Goku et Optimus Prime se balader en ville ? Avez-vous déjà vu Wolverine et Cesare jouer au foot ? Avez-vous déjà attrapé Superman et Tarzan prendre un tas de thé ensemble ou écouté la chanson que Picollo essaie d’apprendre à Batman ? Avez-vous déjà entendu ce que Megatron a à dire à propos de Galactus ? Avez-vous déjà vu les Tortues Ninja jouer avec Spiderman ou attrapé Denver et ses compagnons fait la route avec Broly ? Ces connections se font à Nootra. Si vous voulez vous connectés avec le Capitaine Nootra et ses concitoyens, entrez dans ‘Une Autre Dimension’ qui commence avec le ‘Prélude’ en Novembre sur

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Nootra est un monde habité par des personnes étranges qui possèdent des habilités surnaturels. Plusieurs d’entre nous les connaissons parce que nous les avons vus dans des représentations appelées couramment des dessins animés, des bandes dessinés, des mangas. Mais ce que plusieurs ne savent pas c’est que ces personnes sont des êtres humains comme nous mais qui vivent dans Une Autre Dimension. Zach, Noah, Ryan et Alan ont refusé de voir le monde dans le naturel mais ont cru que tous leurs rêves – même ceux la que certains disent irrationnelle ou illogique – peuvent se réaliser. C’est ainsi qu’ils font la découverte la plus remarquable du siècle – les personnages des bandes dessinés sont réels et ils vivent ensemble dans ‘Une Autre Dimension’ Pour en savoir plus, jetez un regard sur le ‘Prélude’ qui sera disponible très bientôt sur


Nootra is a world inhabited by strange people who possess supernatural abilities. Many of us know these people because we’ve seen them in representations commonly called “comics, cartoons, animes.” But what many do not know is that these people are real human beings who live in Another Dimension. Zach, Noah, Alan and Ryan have refused to see the world only in the natural but have believed that all dreams- even the ones some call irrational or illogical - can come true. That is how they make the most remarkable discovery of the century – comics’ characters are real and all of them exist in “Another Dimension.” To know more, check out the ‘Prelude’ coming up very soon at


Vérifiez ‘Une Autre Dimension’ et entrez dans le monde réel des personnes vous aviez l’habitude d’appeler les personnages des bandes dessinés, dessins animés, mangas, animes. Ces personnes existent et co-habitent dans une dimension que seule la foi peut avoir accès. J’en ai des témoins pour affirmer ces choses car Zach, Ryan, Alan et Noah y sont allés et l’ont vu avec les propres yeux. Ils ont cru et n’ont pas douté que le Tout-Puissant avait le pouvoir de réaliser leurs rêves. Lisez alors ‘Une Autre Dimension’ et voyez ceci vous-mêmes. Exclusivement sur

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Check out “Another Dimension” and enter the real world of the people you used to call cartoons, comics, animes, mangas characters. These people do exist and live in a dimension that only faith can have access. I’ve got witnesses to assert these things for Zach, Ryan, Alan and Noah have been there and have seen with their very eyes. They believed and didn’t doubt that the Almighty had the power to fulfill their dreams. Read “Another Dimension” then and find out for yourself. Exclusively at

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Aventure, Aventure, Aventure!

Découvrez le premier roman de Margaret Newmeli et laissez Zach, Ryan, Noah et Alan vous conduire dans « Une Autre Dimension » et rencontrez tous vos héros préférés. Retrouvez Denver le Dernier Dinosaure, Batman, Superman, Son Goku, Son Gohan, Trunks, Vegeta, Broly, Rahan, les Transformers, Iron Man, les Tortues Ninja, Spiderman, les joueurs de football de l’Ecole des Champions et bien d’autres encore dans une toute autre dimension où ils existent pour de vrai. Ne ratez sur aucun prétexte le ‘Prélude’ et commencez votre aventure dans Nootra, la ville des super héros. Connectez-vous sur Croyez-moi les gars, vous ne voudriez pas manquer ça.

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Check out the first novel of Margaret Newmeli and let Zach, Ryan, Noah and Alan take you to “Another Dimension” and meet your favorite heroes. Find Denver the last Dinosaur, Batman, Superman, Son Goku, Son Gohan, Trunks, Vegeta, Broly, Rahan, the Transformers, Iron Man, the Ninja Turtles, Spiderman, the football players of l’Ecole des Champions and a whole lot more in a dimension where they exist for real. Don’t miss the ‘Prelude’ for any reason and begin your adventure in Nootra, the city of superheroes. Get connected to Believe me guys; you don’t want to miss this one.

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Hey les gars, laissez un mot après avoir lu les chapitres d’Une Autrre Dimension’ sur pour que je sache que vous avez lu. Je serais heureuse de le savoir. Mon désir est qu‘Une Autre Dimension’ devienne un film animé. Ça serait génial de voir tous ces personnages communiqués ensemble dans un même film. Ça se fera car voici l’opération de la foi et dans le partenariat, toute chose sera manifestée en Christ.

Avant la publication d’Une Autre Dimension’ en commençant par le ‘Prélude’ il y’aura un bon nombre des bandes annonces du livre. Cette publicité vous donnera une idée du contenu du livre. Ceux-ci vont apparaître sous les titres ‘Une Autre Dimension Bande Annonce 1, 2, 3,4 etc.’. Pendant la longue intervalle d’un chapitre à l’autre, il y’aura une bande annonce sur le chapitre suivant pour que personne ne s’ennuie dans l’attente et oublie notre œuvre. Vendons notre produit pour qu’il ait une grande portée et qu’il ait un impact sur chaque personne sur terre. Nous sommes des associés pour la vie. Je suis Margaret Newmeli et vous êtes mes associés. Vous êtes bénis en Christ.

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Monday, August 27, 2012


Hey guys, you can leave a word when you’ve read ‘Another Dimension’ on so that I know you’ve read. I’ll be glad to know that. My desire is that “Another Dimension” be made into an animated movie. It’ll be great to see these characters interacting in a movie. I know it shall be done because this is the operation of faith and in partnership, all things shall be manifest in Christ.

Before the publication of “Another Dimension” beginning with the “Prelude”, there will be a number of previews. This advertisement is to give you an idea of its content. These will appear under titles: “Another Dimension Preview 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.” Within the long interval between chapters, there will be a preview to announce the next chapter so nobody gets bored of waiting and forgets. Let’s sell our product so that it has a wide scope and impact every one on planet earth. We are partners for life. I am Margaret Newmeli and you all are my partners. You are blessed in Christ.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Grace is more than unmerited favor. It can be defined as the new policy of God towards the new man in Christ – the believer of Jesus Christ. Grace causes God to deal with man as He has always wanted. God did not create man so the latter should suffer, and go through pains and misery. God created man to become His son so that He might indwell the latter and live His life through him.

In other words, man created in the image of God, was intended to be the physical expression of God. For man to be indwelt by God, he had to possess the same nature as God. And how do you possess the nature of someone? By fathering him so his gene dwells in you and so you are of the same nature. God, (the logos) came out of Himself (expressed in another dimension) and became a man, carrying the gene of God in Him. He was born of a virgin, meaning the seed was not from a man (thus He was born without the sin nature).

Every man is born with the sin nature and transfers it from his gene to his children and thus every man fathered by a man is a sinner not out of performance but by inheritance. Man doesn’t sin to become a sinner; man sins because he is a sinner; that’s his nature. Man was not created to have a nature of his own. He was created to be the expression of another. There’s no human nature. There are only two natures: the sin nature and the God nature.

Jesus Christ of Nazareth accomplished the law and on the cross, there was an exchanged that took place. Jesus Christ for every man. He was handed over by His own Father to be the substitute of every man. He took the sins of man with all its consequences - sickness, poverty, pains etc - and died with these on the cross. In the eyes of God, when Jesus died, it was every man that was paying the punishment for his sins, for the wages of sin is death. That’s what is referred to as substitution – the victim here was Jesus but He was standing as every man that has lived, is living and will ever live.

After that Jesus died and went to hell, God justified Him since God was pleased by Jesus’ sacrifice and thus Jesus was declared righteous. God elevated Jesus high above all else and gave Him the name above all names – the only name given to men to be saved. Since He died for everyman, He became the only Savior of every man. And then, God set a policy for the salvation of mankind – grace.

Grace is receiving the best of God; living the predestined life God had towards man. Grace grants you the nature of God because the gene of God, Jesus, comes and indwells your spirit and makes you a son of God. Grace grants you the gift of righteousness with its fruits which are health, wealth, joy, happiness, peace, all things. Since you are son of God, you are heir of God, co-heir with Christ. You are heir because you are firstborn son of God since being born again from the unique gene of God, Jesus Christ, as He is, so are you. Heir of God means you’re possessor of heaven and earth, the universe; its resources are yours. God’s calling for you is that you subdue all things. All things are placed under the feet of Christ and Christ is the head of his body, which you are. Consequently, all things are placed under your feet.

But these things were done not only to be heard as good stories. They were done to be appropriated, to be lived, to be experienced by every man. Jesus didn’t do that for His own sake. He was not a man so He needed not to be justified and made righteous. He is God and possesses the nature of righteousness. The substitution was done for our sake – to be appropriated by man since man left to himself, could not save himself. God came down in the likeness of man and performed all that was needed for our salvation and offered it to us as a gift.

Grace has supplied all things but only faith can appropriate what grace has supplied. Salvation is receiving the righteousness of God by believing in someone, Jesus Christ, the savior of every man. Righteousness cannot be attained by any other means. Self-righteousness is an abomination before God. Self righteousness is man trying to attain salvation through his own works and efforts, even from the sincerity of his heart. These works are considered dead works before God for our righteousness are like filthy rags; man in his best has not attained the least of what God wants. The only means to be saved which includes to be righteous, to be prosperous, to be whole, to be happy is not by doing things to please God but is by believing in Jesus Christ. Faith alone in Christ alone is what is acceptable to God. All the rest is useless.

The new policy of God, grace, is receiving the gift of righteousness, the righteousness of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. By faith alone in Jesus Christ alone, we are justified from all the things that we could not be justified from from the law and commandments. Grace is the substance for the fulfillment of man’s destiny.Man’s destiny is to be born on earth (that’s when he becomes man), to be fathered by God and become son of God. To be son of God means to be placed in Christ and Christ in you.

The destiny of man is to give expression to God on earth; to be the vessel wherein God can be physically manifested on earth. The destiny of man is to be Christ. Christ is the fullness of the Godhead – Father, Son and Holy Spirit, living in a man. The future of Christ is to subdue all things and having subdued all things, God shall be all in all. That’s true happiness.

The future of the world is that everything comes under the obedience of the will of God. God has placed His sons on earth to occupy the earth, its resources, to take over its systems, to deliver creation from bondage and corruption, to eradicate evil on earth. The mission of the sons of God is to bring everything under the jurisdiction and the obedience of the kingdom of God. Once this is done, then Jesus, the king of the kingdom, who is living in the believers, will appear from within them. Then all things shall be placed under Him and He Himself shall subject the kingdom to God, the Father. Then God shall be all in all.

If you want to know more, follow the teachings of Dr Shawn Smith


‘Une Autre Dimension’ sera publier chapitre après chapitre, en commençant par le prélude et terminant par l’épilogue. En raison du fait que les ventes du livre vont officiellement commencés en septembre, la publication en ligne va avancer lentement. Je ne peux pas garanti la précision du temps sur la publication en ligne puisque la publication et la distribution du livre (manuel) par apport au temps ne sont pas précis.

Pour commencer, ‘Une Autre Dimension’ va être publié en ligne une fois chaque mois. Voici le temps maximal. La version anglaise, la version originale, est sous le titre ‘Another Dimension.’ Je serais reconnaissante si quelqu’un pouvait le traduire en Espagnole, en Allemand, en Japonais, en Chinois, en Arabe et en d’autres langues.

Je m’excuse pour l’écart entre les chapitres par rapport au temps mais je vous prie d’être indulgent avec moi. Je commence quelque chose ici et j’ai besoin que vous le lisiez, l’envoyiez à d’autres personnes, le distribuez comme vous le pouvez, et surtout, j’ai besoin que vous soyez assez patients pendant 30 jours pour continuer avec l’histoire. Nous sommes des associés, n’est-ce pas ? Vous êtes chouettes les gars et êtes bénis en Christ.

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Another Dimension shall be published chapter after chapter, beginning with the Prelude and ending with the Epilogue. Due to the fact that sales of the book will officially begin in September, the online publication will advance at a slower pace. I can’t guarantee with precision the online publication since publication and distribution of the book regarding time aren’t precise. The pace at which the book will be sold shall directly affect the online publication.

For a start, ‘Another Dimension’ shall be published online once every month. This is the maximum time interval. This time interval will not be exceeded. The French version of the chapters will be released after the English version. The French version is under the title “Une Autre Dimension.” I’ll be grateful if someone could translate it to Spanish, German, Arab, Japanese, Chinese and other languages.

I really do apologize for the long interval of time but do bear with me. I’m starting something here and I need you to read it, send it to other people, distribute it as you can and most importantly, I need you to be patient enough for about 30 days or so to continue with the story. Are we partners or are we are we partners? You guys are great and are blessed in Christ.

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Salut les gars, je voudrais que vous m’aidiez là. Mon livre « Une Autre Dimension » qui consiste d’un prélude, 20 chapitres et un épilogue va être publié en ligne à partir de Septembre à travers mon compte facebook et mes blogs et

Je vais coller les liens sur vos murs et je voudrais que à votre tour, vos les publiez sur les murs d’au moins 10 personnes et si possible sur les murs d’autant des personnes que vous le pouvez – le nombre est illimité. Vous pouvez allez plus loin en publiant les liens sur d’autres sitewebs, blogs, pages, serveurs etc. Mon objective est d’obtenir un grand nombre de lecteurs partout dans le monde. Je voudrais que vous soyez mes associés directs dans la distribution de cet œuvre.

Vous êtes impliqués dans ce projet. Vous êtes mes associés. Qui a dit que quelqu’un a déjà réussi quelque chose sans l’aide de personne ? Vous êtes indispensable pour la réussite de ce projet. Qu’est-ce que vous gagner ? Vous avez contribué pour la réalisation de mon rêve. Nous avons été faits plusieurs non pas seulement pour s’unir malgré nos différences mais aussi pour soutenir les uns les autres. Nous sommes tenus par Dieu à travers chaque homme dans ce monde. Je sais que vous connaissez ces choses mais je dois le dire – comment quelque chose peut-il avoir lieu sans un discours ?

Voici le commencement de l’influence du livre le plus fascinant de cette décennie. ‘Une Autre Dimension’ est un monde où vos personnages préférés de bande dessinés, des dessins animés, des mangas, des animes co-existent et sont réels comme vous et moi. C’est un remarquable œuvre de l’imagination – ça vient de moi et c’est a propos de ma vie – mes rêves, ma foi, mon amour. Des plus amples informations concernant la publication sera dévoilée par la suite.

Vous avez déjà beaucoup fait là – vous avez lu jusqu’à la fin. Vous pouvez passer le message en collant ceci quelque part(s) et c’est ainsi que nous serons irrésistible. Appuyez sur ‘Aime’ ou laissez un mot si vous pensez que vous pouvez faire ceci pour moi, associé. Les gars, vous êtes bénis en Christ.

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Religion is the act of attempting to gain righteousness by accomplishing the works of the law in order to please God so that He might save you. This is self righteousness and it is impossible to attain and unacceptable before God.

Christianity is receiving the gift of righteousness by believing in Jesus Christ, the righteous one. Jesus fulfilled the law and all that God demanded and transferred His righteousness to one who believes in Him. This gift of righteousness received by faith in Jesus Christ is the only righteousness that is acceptable to God and determines the salvation of man.

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Hey guys, I want you to really help me here. My book ‘Another Dimension,’ which consists of a prelude, 20 chapters and an epilogue, shall be published online as from September through my facebook account, my blogs and .

I’ll paste the links on your walls and I’d like you to paste the same on those of at least 10 of your friends and if possible on those of as many people as you can – the number is unlimited. And you can even go further by publishing the links on other websites, blogs, pages, servers etc. My objective is to get a wide readership all over the world. I’d like you to be my direct partners in the distribution of this work.

You are involved in this project. You’re my partners. Who told you anyone ever amounted to anything alone? You’re indispensable for the success of this work. Your gain – you have contributed for the realization of my dream. We were made many, not only to be united despite our differences, but also to sustain each other. We are held by God through every man in this world. I know you know these things but I must say them – how can something take place without a speech?

This is the beginning of the influence of the most fascinating book of the decade. “Another Dimension” is a world where your favorite comics, cartoons, mangas, animes characters co-exist and they are real as you and I. It’s a remarkable work of imagination. It’s from me – my dreams, my faith, my love. More ample information about the publication will be revealed subsequently. You can just pass it on by pasting this somewhere(s) and that’s how we shall be unstoppable.

Hit ‘Like’ or leave a word if you think you can do this for me partner. You guys have done a lot here – you’ve read this till the end. You are blessed in Christ.


If you are seeking the truth in this world, if you’re curious to know anything new, if you are concerned to hear what someone can say regarding the purpose of your life on earth, if you care about seeing the world saved, if you want to know your identity, make a little time and listen to Dr Shawn Smith.

Don’t be quick to judge it as religion or think you know it already. If you want to learn something new in this world, if you want to hear something you’ve never heard before, waste a little bit of your time and listen to this gospel.

Believe me; you’ve never heard anything like this before. There’s something new under the sun – grace has been revealed and you can now, not only know what it really means but you can experience it today. Scientists, researchers, philosophers, doctors, intellectuals, people of the earth, get the latest news; it is good.

Listen to Dr Shawn Smith revealing the true gospel of Jesus Christ and tell me it’s the first time you’ve ever heard the gospel.


God's justice was completely satisfied with the substitution of Christ. He is now free to express Himself in blessing man without any notion of sin. For those of us who have accepted Jesus as our Savior have received Him as our life, God no longer considers us as imperfect or undeserving. Now we are under grace ... God is free to deal with us on the basis (not on who we are or on what we deserve but on who Christ is and on what He has done) of what happened at the cross. There is now no condemnation, no consciousness of sin or fear of impending judgment. (Dr Shawn Smith, In Christ Devotions, July)