Thursday, August 16, 2012


Another Dimension shall be published chapter after chapter, beginning with the Prelude and ending with the Epilogue. Due to the fact that sales of the book will officially begin in September, the online publication will advance at a slower pace. I can’t guarantee with precision the online publication since publication and distribution of the book regarding time aren’t precise. The pace at which the book will be sold shall directly affect the online publication.

For a start, ‘Another Dimension’ shall be published online once every month. This is the maximum time interval. This time interval will not be exceeded. The French version of the chapters will be released after the English version. The French version is under the title “Une Autre Dimension.” I’ll be grateful if someone could translate it to Spanish, German, Arab, Japanese, Chinese and other languages.

I really do apologize for the long interval of time but do bear with me. I’m starting something here and I need you to read it, send it to other people, distribute it as you can and most importantly, I need you to be patient enough for about 30 days or so to continue with the story. Are we partners or are we are we partners? You guys are great and are blessed in Christ.

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