Friday, December 7, 2012


After an accident in space, Noah, Alan, Ryan and Zach are taken to Another Dimension where they meet all their superheroes. An amazing adventure begins with Denver the last dinosaur and his companions who take them to Nootra, the city of comics and cartoon characters. Considered as intruders, they are rescued from the hands of Nootra’s security forces by Saiyans and later face difficulties in the Frightful Forest. Thanks to the help of Rahan and friends, they succeed to get to L4, the Secret Base, which is subsequently attacked by the Decepticons. They are taken to Cybertron by Optimus Prime but the painful cry of Son Goten wakens Broly, the legendary warrior, who comes to threaten the galaxy. At this state of affairs, Nootra’s forces are obliged to commit their cause into the hands of Son Goku.

This work is dedicated to the characters of Another Dimension and to all those who’ve created them and made them possible to reach me. Thanks pals; I love these guys and I know I’ll meet them. My wish is that this book be turned into an animated movie. So Hollywood, I’m waiting for you.

Special thanks to all the characters that appear in this work, their creators, designers, writers, directors and their teams.

Copyright 2012 Margaret Newmeli & SOW Publishing

Writer: Newmeli Margaret
Drawings: Artists from the web; Yahoo Image; Google Image; Mbouma Tokoto etc.
Graphic Arts: K-olo Koncept
Reference: Wikipedia; websites etc.

Anyone who’s read this work has become my partner. Partner, pass it on and get us to Hollywood by a billion readership. We put together, are unstoppable. Thanks.
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Margaret Newmeli ‘newmar’ is a writer, a singer and a teacher. She has released a musical album ‘Saviour of the World’ and a novel, Another Dimension. Her life is to manifest the son of God that she is in Christ. She lives to give expression to the Father on Earth and to proclaim the gospel of grace which is the salvation of man by faith in Jesus Christ. “God was reconciling the world to Himself in Christ, not counting men's sins against them” 2 Corinthians 5 vs. 19. Her dream is the fulfillment of God’s will in 1 Timothy chapter 2 vs. 3 and 4: “God our Savior wants all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.” You are blessed in Christ.

NB: Apologies for any errors.