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In the city of Eden, there lived four teenagers who were the best friends in the world. They were exceptional because of their extravagant dreams. Alan’s passion was the stars and space travel, Noah longed to meet her superheroes, Zach wanted to challenge the strongest man in the world and Ryan yearned to see the Almighty.

They were children of modern times; count them in for any thing science-fiction, hi-tech, space, comics, cartoons and so on. They spent their time and money on these which also meant starving at school. They were living in the same neighbourhood; they attended the same school and were found everywhere together. At night they would gather on the roof of Alan’s house and talk of fantastic and imaginary adventures. As they gazed at the stars, they prayed earnestly and waited patiently for the fulfilment of their dreams.

A spaceship, JOEL XL, had to be launched from that city. As the four friends talked about it everyday, Noah came up with an idea. She proposed that they should sneak into the spaceship and hide there until it was launched. They all agreed on that as they reasoned out that it was their only chance of getting to space. They packed their things and made preparation for the journey. Since his father was working at the astronomy centre, Alan managed to get four air bottles from there. Noah brought provision while Zach and Ryan sort out a plan for their breakthrough.

On the day of the launch, they broke into the astronomy base and got into the spaceship. Ryan was the smart one to whom doors gave no resistance. And so it happened that these four friends were found in the third compartment of the spaceship at countdown. Full of expectation, they waited quietly for zero hour. When it was time, JOEL XL launched and these children headed for space.

They remained seated silently until JOEL XL moved out of the earth’s atmosphere and became steady in outer space. After some minutes of fear and anticipation, the children stood up and looked through the transparent window pane. There, they got the best of it. What a marvellous sight! Alan, Noah, Ryan and Zach were amazed as they gazed in wonder at the mystery that was space.

They made a mistake though. They failed to enquire about the shuttle’s stages of movement. JOEL XL’s mission was to provide the space station VEX M21 with materials for construction. It didn’t have to take a straightforward course. It had to make a detour along the way, moving towards Jupiter and then coming back to the position of the space station. What our friends did not know was that the compartment where they were found had to be cut off when the craft made that turn.

Near Jupiter effectively, the little compartment was severed from the main vessel and it followed its own path to unknown space. Realising this state of affairs, the children gave way to panic and feared that all was lost. But Ryan, with faith-filled words, reassured them and they were strengthened to face their predicament courageously.

Noah: “At least, we’ve seen space and we all agreed to accept whatever the consequences could be.”
Alan: “Isn’t it better to end this way; after reaching where we’ve always wanted to be?”
Zach: “Who talks of end when we are only at the beginning?”
Ryan: “And don’t we always look at the sky when we pray to Him? It’s now or never guys, let’s put Him to the test.”

They held each other’s hands, closed their eyes and prayed. As they were praying, a meteor advanced at high speed and hit the capsule. The impact was so great that the capsule was torn open and projected them to outer space. In this state of instability, they still managed to hold hands and to form a circle.

They then smiled broadly to one another. What they were experiencing at that moment was what they used to talk about almost every night: floating in space. They remained in that position for a few seconds. As they savoured the uniqueness of that hour, a bright light flashed from a distance and overwhelmed them, driving them into oblivion...

The unpleasantness of water splashed on a sleeper woke them out of coma. They got up and found themselves in a beautiful large field with lovely houses at the background. They knew it wasn’t Earth yet something still looked familiar. And they were spellbound when they turned around to see that the one standing behind them was actually… 1 2 3

1. Where are Zach, Alan, Noah and Ryan? How did they survive the accident? Who’s standing behind them? Get this and more in Another Dimension Chapter 1: Meeting Denver and Friends.

2. About Chapter 1:‘He and Alan closed their eyes hard to verify if they were dreaming or not. But Noah would not allow them mar this miraculous event. Noah: “Stop guys, don’t doubt what you see. Our dreams have come true. Remember the bright light, floating in space and our prayer.’

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