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Near Jupiter effectively, the small compartment was severed from the main vessel and the lone capsule drifted on its own to unknown space. Realizing this state of affairs, the children gave way to panic and feared all was lost. But Ryan, with faith-filled words, reassured them and they were strengthened to face their predicament courageously.

Noah: “At least we’ve seen space and we all agreed to accept the consequences of our action.”
Alan: “This is epic. We’re living our dreams presently. I don’t know about you guys, but this is the best end for me. I’ve reached where I’ve always wanted to be.”
Zach: “Don’t talk of end when we are only at the beginning. I feel something even greater will happen to us.”
Ryan: “And don’t we always look at the sky when we pray to Him? It’s now or never guys; let’s put our faith to work.”
Noah: “Easy to say but how do we do that?”
Ryan: “By imagining and declaring what we want to happen to us and be certain of the outcome. Remember, we only need faith alone in Him alone.”
Alan: “I knew this journey was going to be out of the ordinary. I’m ready; so let’s get started.”

They put on their space helmets, held each other’s hands, closed their eyes and prayed. As they were praying, a small meteor advanced at high speed straight towards them and hit the capsule forcefully. The impact was so great that the capsule was torn open and the children were projected into outer space. In this state of instability, they struggled and succeeded to hold hands and form a circle.

They were smiling broadly to each other. What they were experiencing at that moment was what they used to talk about almost every night - floating in space. They remained in that position for a few seconds. As they savoured the uniqueness of that hour, a bright light flashed from a distance and moved gradually towards them. They remained silent and pressed each other’s hands tight as they gazed at the approaching brightness. When it caught them, they were overwhelmed by its luminosity and driven into oblivion…

The unpleasant sensation of water splashed on the face of a sleeper woke them out of coma. They got up and realized that their space overalls were gone and they were in their normal clothes. When they stood up, they found themselves in a beautiful large field with magnificent scenery at the background. They knew it wasn’t Earth yet something still looked familiar. They were awestruck when they turned around to see that the one standing behind them was actually…

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