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Two of Denver’s companions, Mario and Shades, didn’t take any liking for Denver’s new friends either. They walked straight to Denver and put him under interrogation.
Mario: “Who are these clowns Denver?”
Shades: “And where are they from?”
Mario: “And we want straight answers.”
After presenting them to his companions, Denver tried to make these understand that his new friends were going to stay with them.
Mario: “Are you out of your mind? Let me remind you that we do not own a villa to house these aliens. But first of all, I don’t like their looks and finally, they’re not coming with us. End of discussion.”
Shades: “Yea; full stop, period, conclusion and sealed. We’re not coming back to this.”

The Earthlings were surprised by the attitude of Mario and Shades. They tried to explain their situation further but these two wouldn’t listen to anything. They refused to be shaken until Denver had to get angry and rebuke them; he didn’t want to let Noah go. This discord between the green dinosaur and his two friends pushed Zach to speak out.

Zach: “We wouldn’t like to bother you either but we’ve got no choice. You must understand. We come from Aven on planet Earth and we’re here by faith. We were travelling in space when a light shone on us and covered us. We awoke and we found ourselves in this place. We don’t know if this is another part of Earth or another planet altogether. Please, allow us to come with you and find how we can get back home. What’s your response Jeremy?”
Jeremy: “You know my name? I’m also baffled by your story. Well Wally, they’re in a situation.”

Wally: “Since they don’t know how to return to their world, we can just keep them with us for a while until we find a solution.”
Mario: “Where do you brains want to keep them? Certainly not in your house Wally! You have difficulties harbouring Denver already; how are you going to cope with these four? What if your parents see them and find out at the same time that Denver is still in their house? All our efforts to hide that from them would prove useless. Denver will be taken away from us and be exposed at the Reserve in the South. The worst-case scenario is too nightmarish to conceive. Noooooo.”
Wally: “Wake up Mario; you know none of that will happen. Let’s first get to the city and then we shall figure out what to do.”

Jeremy: “Welcome to Nootra Alan, Noah, Zach, Ryan. These are the outskirts of the West Side of our city. We’ve never heard of the planet you mentioned but we’d be glad to learn about your world. Don’t worry; there are many who’ve studied space and teleportation in our city. If you’re lucky, they’ll help you get back to your home. But surely you look strange. We’ve never seen people like you before though there are many races in this galaxy.”
Shades: “Hey brainiacs, how will you get these extra-Nootrans into the city? Remember the recent events. The bat guards the city day and night though he pretends he’s doing that only under sunshine. He won’t let any stranger in.”
Mario: “Why worry Shades; super Mario has the solution to every problem. Let’s tell the big guy they are our ancestors’ children who got lost in the woods long ago as the legend says.”
Jeremy: “That won’t work Mario; at least not on the bat. And legend often means it’s a story that never really happened exactly as it is told.”
Wally: “I’ve got an idea though it sounds dishonest on another angle. I think our football champions are out of the city for their training. Why not disguise these guys like them?”
Jeremy: “That’s a brilliant one Wally. I think I can do that. I need tools from Casey’s super bag and I will be able to clone1 them.”

Jeremy went to work and his four companions helped him. And the trick was done after two hours of advanced hi-tech surgery. Ryan was cloned as Papan, Noah was transformed into Benjamin, Zach became Cesare and Alan was turned into Yann.2 The four Earthlings looked exactly like Papan, Benjamin, Cesare and Yann.

Alan: “Incredible! How did you guys do this?”
Shades: “Jeremy is the smart one here; he can do anything. Not like the sluggard over there who calls himself ‘super’.”
Mario: “I thought I heard Shades speaking about himself.”

Batman3 was standing on the city gates and he greeted the children as they approached the city.

Excerpt from Another Dimension: The Ultimate Amalgam. The book is available on Paperback at http://ar.gy/58tJ

© Margaret Newmeli


1. Cloning is a technique that is used to transform a person into another.

2. Papan, Benjamin, Cesare and Yann are characters in l’Ecole des Champions. L’École des Champions (original title: Moero! Top Striker) is an anime on football. According to Studio Animage, it is a French production, directed by Ryô Yasumura and Thibaut Chatel. It was broadcasted in France for the first time in November 1992 on TF1

3. Batman (Bruce Wayne, the Dark Knight) is a fictional character created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger. He first appeared in Detective Comics #27 (May 1939), and since then has appeared primarily in publications by DC Comics.