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The administrator of this page and blog receives the celebrated hero of all times; the Caped Crusader, the world’s greatest detective, the coolest superhero ever….

Stop that J’onn; you know it doesn’t do anything to me.

I wasn’t doing it for you; this is publicity. Whatever the case, you’re online.

Hello fans, I’m doing this featuring for my buddy Alan, who said even a few words from me can boost the sales. Yea, I am in the first novel of Margaret Newmeli Another Dimension: The Ultimate Amalgam. Alan and his friends met me in my homeworld and they wanted that world to be presented to fans on their planet. So the book talks about all the heroes they met here. It’s true their adventure was unique and it brought great luck to our world for they helped us contain the super villain Broly that threatened the citizens. It was one of the most perilous battles we ever had before the decisive battle against the Supreme Fighter which I have heard Margaret is reproducing in the second volume of Another Dimension. I wish to encourage you to buy the book and know what your fellow Earthlings did for us Nootrans. Our world got transformed and we’re glad to share with the entire multiverse the complete story of how it happened. And I have a special present for you in the third volume. But let’s start by reading this one. On Paperback at

And before I forget, thanks Earth, for making me one of your heroes. Special greetings to Bob Kane and Bill Finger; these guys just know me too well though following Alan’s report, they didn’t get me all; what can you do – I am inexhaustible. What I can guarantee is that if you get the three volumes of Another Dimension starting with the Ultimate Amalgam, you’ll know other things about me. I bless you all fans; in Nootra, I’m an ancient one and a sage. J’onn, I have finished.

Though you didn’t present yourself, I’m certain cartoons fans of Cartoon World and Another Dimension have demystified you. That’s all we had for you today from Nootra but don’t forget; get your copy of Another Dimension: The Ultimate Amalgam and meet us all. Hey Bruce, why again did she call it the Ultimate Amalgam?

I don’t remember but Alan said it was because she put in everything she wanted to say to the world. Wayne Industries has already ordered some copies. Tell the rest that they should buy their own copies for I’m not lending mine to anyone. If we did that, she might not publish the third volume which you know is the story I narrated personally to Chris and his fellow Earthlings.


Christmas came early this year. With a 30% reduction, get your copy of Another Dimension: The Ultimate Amalgam at and live your wildest dream. Do yourself a favour just this once.

When Zach, Ryan, Alan and Noah secretly sneaked into the spaceship that launched from their city Aven, little did they know that bold step would mix with their faith to produce the manifestation of the supernatural and give them access into the world of their dreams.

After an accident in space, these four teenagers from Earth are transported to a dimension where they meet their favourite heroes. An amazing adventure begins with Denver and his companions which takes Noah and her friends through awe and dangers as they come in contact with the heroes and villains of Nootra. Considered as intruders, they are rescued from the hands of Security Forces by Saiyans but face difficulties in the Forest. Thanks to the help of Rahan, they succeed to get to the Secret Base L4 which is subsequently attacked by Decepticons. Together with the Autobots, they try to stop Megatron and his allies from invading Cybertron. The battle of Agnam turns into a nightmare when Son Goten’s cry wakens Broly, the legendary Saiyan, who comes to threaten the galaxy. At this state of affairs, Nootra’s forces are obliged to commit their cause into the hands of Son Goku.

Another Dimension: The Ultimate Amalgam is the first of a trilogy which is a festival of the century’s celebrated heroes and villains from different universes. In Nootra, superheroes are real; they coexist in what looks like a melting pot of comics, cartoons, manga and anime. Meet Denver, Batman, Superman, Son Goku, Broly, Tarzan, Rahan, the Transformers, Iron Man, the Ninja Turtles, Spider-Man, Thor, the football players of l’Ecole des Champions and your favorite heroes in their real universe only in Another Dimension: The Ultimate Amalgam. Super powers, fantasy, debates on the most sensitive questions of human existence are its subjects. A very lively novel in the form of a script with a dramatic style available on Paperback at .


Available on Paperback at



Zach, Noah, Alan and Ryan did not stop looking at him. Noah was almost out of control when she passed near him but Denver warned her to keep her cool. The Earthlings were terribly excited about Batman and their attitude greatly surprised the Nootrans, causing them to whisper their doubts to one another.

Shades: “They’ll cause everything to fail.”
Wally (whispering to the Earthlings): “Control yourselves guys; Batman is no amateur.”

They had scarcely passed the gates when Batman, who had remained silent throughout, made a remark, still keeping his eyes on the birds.

Batman: “What in Nootra have Benjamin and his team-mates got to do with Denver and his friends?”
The children instantly panicked and opened their mouths and eyes wide as they turned looking at each other. They covered their mouths with their hands quickly enough to prevent any suspicious sound from coming out and betray them. Shades didn’t tarry to find some crafty answer for Batman.
Shades: “We are in the final so we have taken a liking for football lately. And our champions here were kind enough to give us some lessons. Bat, don’t you see our football? Denver, make a demonstration.”
Denver began to play with the ball and they all laughed as if what he was doing was funny. As they continued their way, Batman, who now had his eyes on them, wondered aloud.
Batman: “This is also strange. How can Cesare be so nice? I don’t remember ever seeing you smile except after scoring a goal.”
Now that his eyes were on them, it is their heart that trembled. This time, it was Mario’s turn to trick the Dark Knight. He gave a series of mild slaps on the back of the pseudo-Cesare as he answered the inquisitor.
Mario: “Well, what do you know? Cesare finally understood that friendship was worth more than anything, isn’t it buddy?”
Zach didn’t like Mario’s ways so he stopped him before he did anything silly.
Zach: “Keep your hands to yourself.”
When they thought they were almost done with him, Batman called out.
Batman: “And how is it possible for Papan to be quiet? Who ever thought someday you would be wise enough to keep that mouth of yours shut for some minutes?”
Ryan didn’t panic but found some words which the true Papan would likely use as a response to what was said concerning his personality.
Ryan: “Well Mister, don’t think you know everything about people. I might talk a lot but I know how to keep quiet when I should. You are instead the one who talk too much today.”

Excerpt from Another Dimension: The Ultimate Amalgam. The book is available on Paperback at
© Margaret Newmeli

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Available on Paperback at


(Start Reading from Chapter 1)

Zach, Ryan, Alan and Noah secretly embarked on a risky journey aboard the shuttle RM XIX that left Earth and their home city Aven and took them to space. Once in space, they were glad to live one of their biggest dreams. But an accident occurred on the way and they were thrown out of the shuttle to outer space. Thanks to their faith, they were transported to a world where they met Denver,1 the Last Dinosaur, and his companions, Wally, Shades, Jeremy and Mario. These lived in a city called Nootra.

After having accepted to help them, Denver and his friends were in a strait. They did not know how to get the Earthlings into the city without them being noticed as extra-Nootrans. That was when Wally suggested that the Earthlings be disguised as four teenaged football players of Nootra. Noah was thus cloned as Benjamin, Zach as Cesare, Alan as Yann and Ryan as Papan.

The Earthlings led by Denver, Mario, Wally, Shades and Jeremy advanced towards the west gates of the city of Nootra. As they approached the city, they saw the shadow of the Dark Knight who, surprisingly, was guarding the city in the daytime. The Earthlings could not contain their excitement when they recognized Batman from afar. He looked serious, quiet and meditative.

Zach: “So the bat you were referring to was Batman? Guys, this is really the world of cartoons.”
Ryan: “If only his designers could see this! They never knew they would give life to someone when they conceived him.”
Noah: “He is big and sturdy. The real Batman is even more imperial than he has been presented on Earth.”
Alan: “It looks like he still has that flaw of his. I had hoped he would be less sinister in another world.”
Ryan: “Always as cold and distant as we know him.”
Zach: “Not as we know him Ryan. What is he doing here in broad daylight at the sight of everybody? Batman used to appear only at night like all bats do.”
Wally: “Hey, Batman is making a lot of efforts there. He is trying to win the trust of the people. They used to doubt him because of his ways some call weird. He chose to work during the day in order to get acquainted with the citizens. People can now talk with him without fear.”
Jeremy: “He’ll need time to get accustomed to this new life. He still remains mysterious to many though he’s doing his best to please everybody.”
Alan: “Don’t tell me about it. I can feel a coldness coming from him even at this distance. If I had the chance, I would tell him one or two things that will erase that proud look from his face. That guy thinks he knows everything and doesn’t want to fellowship with his friends.”
Shades: “Calm down dude. What’s the big deal? Why are you so restless because of him?”
Mario: “Hahahahaha. Like the other big guy, you too have a bone to pick with him, right?”
Zach: “Batman is a favourite of Alan but he can’t stand his behaviour.”
Alan: “Zach, number one, he isn’t my favourite and number two, you didn’t have to say that in front of everybody.”
Mario: “Now we’re getting close. Try not to look at him.”
Noah: “I meet Batman and you tell me not to look at him? Im-pos-si-ble.”
Jeremy: “You must behave like the characters you’re wearing. Some have nothing you could call tender in them. If you act otherwise, you will be unmasked by Batman and shall be arrested.”
Shades: “Nice work Jeremy. Of all the people in Nootra, you had to choose the images of those hot-tempered guys to clone the aliens with.”
Jeremy: “Shades, it’s because they are the only ones out of town at this hour and these guys just have the same shape and size like them. I wanted to do something credible not just anything that will be uncovered by the Dark Knight from afar. Remember that he is also a detective.”
Wally: “It’ll work Shades. Earthlings, just try to be normal if you can’t mimic the players. I think they’ll be no problem since Batman himself doesn’t want any clash with citizens.”

Batman was standing on top of the gates with his arms folded and he looked intently at the nine children as they approached. Fixing his gaze on them, he lifted up a hand and greeted them with a wave from afar. He opened the gates and turned his white eyes towards the sky. He was admiring some birds that had first rested on his shoulders but that flew away when he shook. See the previous chapter for recurring characters.

Excerpt from Another Dimension: The Ultimate Amalgam. The book is available on Paperback at
© Margaret Newmeli

1. See the previous chapter for recurring characters.


Greetings from Aegels to fans of Cartoon World and Another Dimension.

Hello Earth, this is Abarai Renji from Aegels. Aegels is another planet, but since we are found in the same galaxy as Nootra, I asked the page manager to transfer the management to us for today. I want to talk to you about Aegels. It is the largest planet of this galaxy and it consists of five worlds: the Shinobi World, the World of Elements, the World of the Knights and the Shinigami World of which I belong (Oops, I forgot the last one). When four of your people came here and told us they knew all of us, it marvelled us greatly. And when we heard that we could represent ourselves through this page to our fans on Earth, we did not hesitate.

Zach and his friends are awesome guys. They possessed no supernatural abilities but arrived to our dimension by means of their faith. This made us understand there was something to those punks than meets the eye. They helped us many times save our worlds, planets and galaxy. And that they are anonymous on Earth is what is baffling me even more. Yet someone met them and believed their story and wrote it in a book. That was ten years ago if we refer to chronological time but to us it was just yesterday since we are dealing with Kairos time. But now it is published in your world under the title Another Dimension: The Ultimate Amalgam and it is available on paperback at .

Check out the heroism of these brave children from your world whose deeds are now recounted everywhere in Nootra, Aegels, this galaxy and beyond. It's unfortunate many on Earth didn't believe their story but I know you fans of Cartoon World and Another Dimension will believe them when you read the book and you'll seek to meet them. They are superheroes here in Nootra and since we are known by the Earth, Earth should also know of theirs who are also superheroes.

Guys, I have to go, I hear my Captain calling. If you knew my captain, and I know you do, you'd understand I mustn't tarry when he gives an order. This is the Shinigami Renji Abarai signing off from Aegels. Make sure you stay happy on Earth as we do here in Aegels. Yet one thing; spread the word about our book. Don't tell me you didn't hear him yelling. He can yell until the heavens come down. So you understand that I must get out of here before he stops me from posting this message. Taicho Kuchiki, I'm on my way. See you next time guys.


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