Sunday, November 10, 2013


Greetings from Aegels to fans of Cartoon World and Another Dimension.

Hello Earth, this is Abarai Renji from Aegels. Aegels is another planet, but since we are found in the same galaxy as Nootra, I asked the page manager to transfer the management to us for today. I want to talk to you about Aegels. It is the largest planet of this galaxy and it consists of five worlds: the Shinobi World, the World of Elements, the World of the Knights and the Shinigami World of which I belong (Oops, I forgot the last one). When four of your people came here and told us they knew all of us, it marvelled us greatly. And when we heard that we could represent ourselves through this page to our fans on Earth, we did not hesitate.

Zach and his friends are awesome guys. They possessed no supernatural abilities but arrived to our dimension by means of their faith. This made us understand there was something to those punks than meets the eye. They helped us many times save our worlds, planets and galaxy. And that they are anonymous on Earth is what is baffling me even more. Yet someone met them and believed their story and wrote it in a book. That was ten years ago if we refer to chronological time but to us it was just yesterday since we are dealing with Kairos time. But now it is published in your world under the title Another Dimension: The Ultimate Amalgam and it is available on paperback at .

Check out the heroism of these brave children from your world whose deeds are now recounted everywhere in Nootra, Aegels, this galaxy and beyond. It's unfortunate many on Earth didn't believe their story but I know you fans of Cartoon World and Another Dimension will believe them when you read the book and you'll seek to meet them. They are superheroes here in Nootra and since we are known by the Earth, Earth should also know of theirs who are also superheroes.

Guys, I have to go, I hear my Captain calling. If you knew my captain, and I know you do, you'd understand I mustn't tarry when he gives an order. This is the Shinigami Renji Abarai signing off from Aegels. Make sure you stay happy on Earth as we do here in Aegels. Yet one thing; spread the word about our book. Don't tell me you didn't hear him yelling. He can yell until the heavens come down. So you understand that I must get out of here before he stops me from posting this message. Taicho Kuchiki, I'm on my way. See you next time guys.