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Zach, Noah, Alan and Ryan did not stop looking at him. Noah was almost out of control when she passed near him but Denver warned her to keep her cool. The Earthlings were terribly excited about Batman and their attitude greatly surprised the Nootrans, causing them to whisper their doubts to one another.

Shades: “They’ll cause everything to fail.”
Wally (whispering to the Earthlings): “Control yourselves guys; Batman is no amateur.”

They had scarcely passed the gates when Batman, who had remained silent throughout, made a remark, still keeping his eyes on the birds.

Batman: “What in Nootra have Benjamin and his team-mates got to do with Denver and his friends?”
The children instantly panicked and opened their mouths and eyes wide as they turned looking at each other. They covered their mouths with their hands quickly enough to prevent any suspicious sound from coming out and betray them. Shades didn’t tarry to find some crafty answer for Batman.
Shades: “We are in the final so we have taken a liking for football lately. And our champions here were kind enough to give us some lessons. Bat, don’t you see our football? Denver, make a demonstration.”
Denver began to play with the ball and they all laughed as if what he was doing was funny. As they continued their way, Batman, who now had his eyes on them, wondered aloud.
Batman: “This is also strange. How can Cesare be so nice? I don’t remember ever seeing you smile except after scoring a goal.”
Now that his eyes were on them, it is their heart that trembled. This time, it was Mario’s turn to trick the Dark Knight. He gave a series of mild slaps on the back of the pseudo-Cesare as he answered the inquisitor.
Mario: “Well, what do you know? Cesare finally understood that friendship was worth more than anything, isn’t it buddy?”
Zach didn’t like Mario’s ways so he stopped him before he did anything silly.
Zach: “Keep your hands to yourself.”
When they thought they were almost done with him, Batman called out.
Batman: “And how is it possible for Papan to be quiet? Who ever thought someday you would be wise enough to keep that mouth of yours shut for some minutes?”
Ryan didn’t panic but found some words which the true Papan would likely use as a response to what was said concerning his personality.
Ryan: “Well Mister, don’t think you know everything about people. I might talk a lot but I know how to keep quiet when I should. You are instead the one who talk too much today.”

Excerpt from Another Dimension: The Ultimate Amalgam. The book is available on Paperback at
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