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Denver, the Last Dinosaur, and his friends were playing in the fields. They lost their ball and Denver went looking for it. He found four people strange to him, lying on the other side of the field. He was frightened at first since he had never seen them before. He drew nearer, looked closer and realized that they were unconscious. He went to the nearby stream and carried some water in his mouth which he splashed on their faces to wake them up. The four children from planet Earth revived and couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw Denver standing in front of them.

Alan: “Whoa! Is this your dream Noah? Fascinating! Denver looks almost real.”
Ryan: “How come we all are found in your dream?”
Zach: “Maybe we should close our eyes and everything will return to normal when we open them again.”
Zach and Alan closed their eyes hard to verify whether they were dreaming or not but Noah would not let them mar the miraculous encounter.
Noah: “Guys, our dreams have come true. Remember the bright light, floating in space, our prayer and the certainty of the outcome? This is really Denver, the last dinosaur.”

Meanwhile Denver had taken some steps back and hid himself behind a tree because of the strange attitude of the Earthlings. But Noah put aside every emotion of fear because she wanted what she saw. She walked confidently towards the green dinosaur and when she was close to him, she stopped and greeted.

Noah: “Hi Denver. I am Noah and I want to be your friend. My buddies there are Ryan, Zach and Alan. We come from Earth and we’re very glad to meet you.”
Noah stretched out a hand to Denver, and Denver a little suspicious at first, soon carried her to his bosom and kissed her.

Noah: “Come on now guys; what are you waiting for?”
Her friends marvelled at what appeared as their crossing over to a different reality.
Alan: “Hey, Noah is right. He’s answered our prayers. I think we’ve passed into another dimension.”
Zach: “You mean to Noah’s dimension? I didn’t know she loved that dinosaur so much that He would grant her that wish.”
Alan: “This is wild. It’s Denver as we know him in the cartoon. The guys back home are totally not going to believe us when we tell them this.”
Ryan: “We four have seen it and that’s enough for the whole world to believe.”
Zach: “Look at him playing with Noah. He’s friendly like in the show.”
Alan: “I’ve met a dinosaur like I’ve always wanted and it is Denver the cartoon dinosaur as an added bonus. Gigantic! This is what I mean.”

They all moved to Denver and he carried them in turn, licking each of them like he used to do. After these affectionate greetings, Denver spoke to them with gestures and words hard to understand and they soon perceived that he wanted them to follow him. They obeyed and he took them to his companions - Mario, Wally, Shades and Jeremy.

Ryan: “Well, what do you know? You might as well meet some people you never loved in the series.”
Denver’s companions, Mario and Shades, didn’t take any liking to their dinosaur’s new friends. They walked straight to Denver and put him under interrogation.
Mario: “Who are these clowns Denver?”
Shades: “And where are they from?”
Mario: “And we want answers immediately.”

After presenting the Earthlings to his companions, Denver tried to make them understand that his new friends were going to stay with them.
Mario: “Are you out of your mind? Let me remind you that we do not own a villa to house these aliens. But that’s not even the issue. The issue is that I don’t like their looks in the first place; and finally, they’re not coming with us. End of the matter.”
Shades: “Yea; full stop, period, conclusion and sealed. We’re not coming back to this.”
Excerpt from Another Dimension: The Ultimate Amalgam by Margaret Newmeli

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