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The unprecedented had happened. Noah, Ryan, Alan and Zach landed in a world where cartoons’ and comics’ characters exist. Nootra, the city of Denver the dinosaur, yet not the last in Nootra, proved to be the realization of their craziest dreams. They believed that all things were possible, they loved beyond doubt, their cause was a just one; so they were counted worthy to see the desire of their hearts. That was how the supernatural world was unveiled to them and became their experience.
After Denver and his companions had helped the Earthlings enter the city of Nootra by cloning them as four of their football players, the group was hindered on the way by Cesare and Yann who didn’t find their copies any amusing. When Batman realized that he had been tricked by Denver, Mario, Wally, Jeremy, Shades and the Earthlings, he alerted Nootra Security Forces Headquarters. Superman and Captain Nootra were dispatched to apprehend the intruders but they were forced to face Trunks who came to rescue the Earthlings.

After Superman and Captain Nootra had fused their powers to become Super-Nootra, they and Trunks were crushed by Cesare and Yann. These two used a football technique to knock out the superheroes into unconsciousness. It was then that the Shredder captured Denver and tried to run away with the dinosaur. But the Ninja Turtles appeared on the scene to prevent the bladed villain from harming anyone. And along those lines went the clashes in the streets of Nootra.
The latest round of the fight between Shredder and his gang on one hand and the Ninja Turtles on the other began in the streets of Westside Nootra. Leonardo, the Turtle with the blue mask, displayed his twin ninja swords; Donatello, the purple-masked Turtle, revealed his bō staff; Raphael, the red-masked Turtle, released his twin ninja sais and Michelangelo, the Turtle with the orange mask, exhibited his whirling nunchakus.

Raphael: “Leave them to me bros. We don’t have to fight them together. I can chase them out in one second. Just watch me.”
Michelangelo: “I wish I had some popcorn. I’d really enjoy watching this round. Raph is in one of his moods there.”
Leonardo: “At least it’s directed towards our enemies and not against me. Put them down bro; you’re the best.”
Raphael separated himself from his brothers to fight Bebop and Rocksteady alone. He ran towards them, gained momentum and thrusted himself high up in the sky. With his ninja sais ready in his hands, he shot each of them at Bebop and Rocksteady and immobilized them by pinning their shoes to the ground.
Michelangelo: “That’s what I call precision. Raph’s ninja sais passed between their toes and froze them without wounding them. Who says better?”
Leonardo: “Raph has just dethroned Hawkeye there.”
Bebop and Rocksteady managed to break free somehow and took Raphael’s ninja sais and shot them at him. But these weapons only fell in the hands of their master.
Raphael: “Wrong calculation dudes. You cannot use my beauties against me.”
Donatello: “Those two don’t need any strain on your part bro. Just admire how I take them down without a sweat.”
Raphael: “Don, what are you doing? They are mine alone. Have you heard?”
Donatello didn’t pay heed to his brother’s words but appeared before Shredder’s mutants with his bō staff and made a show of how well he wielded his weapon. As he turned it in every direction, Bebop and Rocksteady became dizzy and saw stars. They could not stand the turns and before they understood anything, they were struck down simultaneously by Donatello and were beaten.
Donatello: “Sorry Raph, you were not going to have fun alone.”
Leonardo: “That was quite a demonstration Don. I don’t see anyone who can compete with you in handling the bō staff.”
Raphael: “Quit playing the sensei Leo. Donnie, you oustripped me on this one but I’ll give you no second for that next time.”
Michelangelo: “Now that we’re done with those two, let’s pass to the Shredder.”
Leonardo: “Oruku Saki, it’s between you and me. Brothers, now’s my turn.”
Shredder: “Come taste my blades Leonardo. I’ll shred you like paper is shredded into pieces.”
Excerpt from Another Dimension: The Ultimate Amalgam by Margaret Newmeli

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