Sunday, May 17, 2015


Vote for your favorite shadow villain in a manga, anime, comics series. Here are antagonists the author treats with sympathy though they are villains. They are not altogether bad and sometimes pass for heroes. Write the name of the shadow villain you admire the most in a series among the shadow villains of various series and write the name of the series in which they feature. You have only one vote so think twice and don’t forget your favorite. You can do it like this, except for the brackets: (ex Hisoka from Hunter X Hunter). This category is all time inclusive. The five most voted shadow villains of manga, anime, comics series will be nominated for the MAC Awards. Good luck.
NB: Anime here refers to every television cartoon as well as animated series adapted from comics, mangas which do not feature animals and objects as exclusive characters, except for mutants. All time inclusive means not limited to a particular year.

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