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This happened two years after the forces of Nootra dealt with the menace of Legendary Super Saiyan Broly.[i] Galaxy Brave wasn’t prepared for what was coming against her. The ten inhabited planets found themselves under a danger far bigger than any their world had ever faced. It came from the Hidden Dimension and became the biggest menace of all-time.

The Hidden Dimension was the Closed Realm contrary to the Open Realm, which were the known parts of the universe. The mystery of the Hidden Dimension lay in that no radar from the Open Realm traced it. The Braves were aware of the existence of that dimension for there were irrefutable proofs confirming its reality. Still, they couldn’t locate it on the map of the universe.

People who ventured out of there called it Dimension 1J414. These were trapped in other dimensions, as the location of their world was unknown to the Open, the reason why it was named Hidden. Adventurers from the Hidden Dimension told stories of their magnificent world and its powerful leader. These stories sounded as fables in the ears of the Open Realmers, as the sublimity of that world seemed grossly exaggerated.

The mystery of the Hidden Dimension was disclosed when its emperor came to the Open Realm and announced his goal of conquering each planet, system, galaxy and dimension of the universe and rule as Emperor of the World. This man, Kainos Ablom and Emperor of Rak, was also known as Supreme Fighter.

Though his face was veiled to many, his fame had spread over all civilizations due to the ingenuity of his person, the dreadfulness of his techniques, the advanced quality of his technologies and the vastness of his empire. He was The Phenomenon. He alone boasted of not having only subdued a whole dimension, but also of maintaining its galaxies in a technological state unprecedented in the world.

After conquering his native planet Zoe and the Bold Galaxy, the Supreme Fighter took upon himself the audacious ambition of lording over the world. He launched a campaign of incorporating all galaxies of the Hidden Dimension into Ablom Empire. He achieved this when he conquered Telem, strongest and most advanced galaxy of the Hidden Dimension.

Despite its technologies and the fearlessness of its warriors, Telem was helpless in front of the might of the Emperor of Rak and of his fierce companions. At the report of the conquest of Telem and the desertion of Master Seth, the hearts of the people of the galaxies sank. Though they fought relentlessly against Rak domination, one after the other, the galaxies fell to the Ablom.

The Ablom was the warship of the Supreme Fighter, a created mobile sphere of the size of an asteroid, which harboured the might, power and ingenuity of the Emperor of Rak. After sweeping aside all galaxies of his dimension, the Supreme Fighter included them in his domain and sat as absolute monarch of Dimension 1J414.

Having consolidated his rule over the Hidden Dimension, Kainos Ablom turned to the outside world and launched the second phase of his expedition. He planned to achieve this in stages because of the vastness of the multiverse. Having observed the many dimensions of the world, he was attracted to one in particular. Dimension 2C519 gained his attention once he knew it harbored the most powerful warriors of the world. So he began his conquest there. The Supreme Fighter appeared in the Open Realm with a desire to prove his superiority over all other human, artificial or intellectual resource.

Dimension 2C519 sheltered nine galaxies and for this universal phase of the campaign, the Ablom embarked on a mission to subduing the nine galaxies. Instead of attacking the second galaxy directly, as was his desire, the Supreme Fighter went against Galaxy 7, most populated in the dimension. He fought there for three days and the galaxy fell under the superior war tactics of the Ablom.

One of his revolutionary technologies was a time bending gear, which distorted information. With this, the Ablom isolated the seventh galaxy from the rest of the world and the eight neighboring galaxies received false information on the situation of the seventh until the siege and conquest were over. Rak Empire consequently incorporated Galaxy 7 and Kainos Ablom became ruler of one of the galaxies of the Open Realm. When the rest of the galaxies saw how fast and how easily he subdued the biggest galaxy of their dimension, the rumors about the Hidden Dimension and its mighty leader were confirmed. Then the people feared for their world.

The Supreme Fighter published his victory to the rest of the galaxies and told them to surrender their sovereignty to him or face annihilation. He addressed himself particularly to the second galaxy, his next target. He gave the Braves six months to surrender, warning them that their refusal to comply would result in the destruction of their world.

In all of the campaigns of the Supreme Fighter, his elder brother Abel, and his younger sister and commander of his army Enam, accompanied him. A group of faithful companions from his childhood, from planet Zoe, and from his dimension, unreservedly adhered to his cause. Notable among them was Asvran of Rak, chief of the Special Forces of Ablom Empire. The Supreme Fighter also had a number of men walking by his side, some of whom were among the redoubtable warriors of the universe.

Now the fall of Galaxy 7 shook the entire dimension, particularly the second galaxy. The ten inhabited planets were troubled seeing their galaxy was the next on Ablom list. It was in Galaxy Brave, second galaxy of Dimension 2C519, that Nootra, home world of superheroes, was found. Having raised a civilization of four thousand years, which experimented freedom, justice, love and truth, the Supreme Fighter’s campaign principally affected the Nootrans, as his demands went against everything their city stood for.

Surrendering to him would mean the end of their culture and rendering obsolete everything their ancestors lived for. The Nootrans were a people not ruled by an individual, a system or entity. They were people who trusted in their civilization with their countless heroes as champions of their cause. These had committed themselves to upholding those values, which citizens practically experienced on a daily basis. Because of who they were, it was therefore impossible for them to let go their values by surrendering to someone whose will wasn’t the mind of their ancestors.

The essence of Nootra Civilization was their freedom. They wouldn’t relinquish what liberated them from all servitudes, which permitted them to enjoy the unlimited treasures of existence. So when the Supreme Fighter contacted NSF and gave them the ultimatum, the heroes left him no room for illusions. The Council stood as one and gave him a categorical no. Nootra’s response stimulated the other planets and they too refused to comply with the conqueror’s demands. Galaxy 2 then proceeded to launching a secret program to raise a fighting unit to frustrate the enemy’s plans.

After receiving the response of the Brave, the Supreme Fighter moved the Ablom to Galaxy 1, which was loosely populated. With his multifaceted technologies, Kainos Ablom conquered it in no time, and made it his base of operation. He shortened the deadline against the Brave to three months. Whenever he threatened the total destruction of a galaxy, the Emperor of Rak had this habit of issuing an ultimatum accompanied by a deadline. He considered himself strongest man of the world and none had proven him wrong so far; none of the fearsome fighters he confronted ever defeated him. So he never acted impulsively but gave time for his victims to weigh up the odds.

Following the present threat of the Supreme Fighter, the securities of the ten planets of Galaxy 2 convened a series of inter-planetary meetings, held in secret locations. They talked of attacking the Supreme Fighter in his ship. The most important point on the agenda was the creation of a galactic force to comprise warriors from the ten planets.

Representatives of the different worlds kept in absolute secrecy what was discussed in these meetings, as the success of the operation depended on the element of surprise. Their dealings were held in complete confidentiality until their actualization. The delegates returned home after any of such meetings and reported the conclusions in the ears of the prominent people of their worlds.

The delegates from Nootra returned home and NSF called a meeting with its renowned heroes. These made up the Council of that session: Captain Nootra, Son Goku,[ii] Superman,[iii] Ancient One of Heyas, Ms Marvel,[iv] J’onn J’onzz,[v] Iron Man,[vi] Invisible Woman,[vii] Mr Fantastic, Optimus Prime,[viii] Bulma, Cyclops,[ix] Storm, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Professor Charles Xavier, Batman,[x] Vegeta, Thor,[xi] Green Lantern,[xii] Wonder Woman[xiii] and other citizens. It was in the underground hall of Central Headquarters of Nootra Security Forces of Mid Nootra that they gathered.

No sooner had they opened the session than L5 contacted the Council. The agents working in the spatial secret base of Mid Nootra reported having sighted Galactus[xiv] approaching in their direction with a white flag tied to one of his fingers. The Council dissolved on hearing this and all agents present hurried to space, some using their flying abilities, others through anti-gravitationals. They rushed to the edge of their planet to stop Galactus before he entered Nootra’s atmosphere.

The five headquarters and secret bases among other bases, agencies and security centers of Nootra had their weapons targeting the incoming villain as they followed his progression through their snipers. J’onn J’onzz had ordered his commanders not to shoot until they knew the intention of the planet devourer.

A protective dome was activated the moment NSF captured the menace and a force field covered the whole planet, turning the sky over Nootra into yellow. This indicated to citizens to stay indoors. If the color changed to green, they were to carry out an evacuation plan they had been trained onto. This protection was only an indicator for NSF set up a greater defense since the time they heard of the menace of the Supreme Fighter. This invisible barrier enveloped the city to keep the people safe.

The agents reached the threshold of the planet and moved further away to keep Galactus as far off as possible from the city. Galactus collided with the superheroes while travelling to Nootra and NSF stood in his way and showed him they were not allowing him to gain any more space in that direction. Galactus stopped. He observed that the entire Council had displaced themselves to give him a cold welcome.

Captain Nootra, Storm, Cyclops, Batman, Son Goku, Invisible Woman, Piccolo, Vegeta, J’onn J’onzz, Jean Grey, Iron Man, Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Mr. Fantastic, Wonder Woman, Thor and Superman all stood on full alert and followed the least of the devourer’s movement through their techs and sensorial faculties. He too passed his eyes on each one of them, staring hard at them.

Captain Nootra separated from the group and stepped forward to get closer to Galactus. He addressed their guest in an unfriendly tone. Galactus’ visit was undesirable. NSF didn’t want another villain to deal with now that the Supreme Fighter was behind their back.

Captain Nootra: “Why are you here Galactus? Express your intention clearly and avoid any sarcasm for we’re not in the mood.”

Captain Nootra was impulsive so Piccolo followed him to the front to obtain a clear-cut reason for the coming of one of the dreaded super villains of the galaxy to the city.

Piccolo: “Let’s get to the point; make your stand clear Galactus. What’s the nature of your visit? Have you come to fight us or not? Answer by yes or by no.”

Galactus: “I don’t intend to respect any of your conditions Namek. I’m not a child that I should answer by yes or by no.”

Vegeta also dissociated from the mass and he spoke out, rather aggressively, to the visitor.

Vegeta: “If you came to play guess and see Galactus, we’re not interested. Our mightiest fighters are here present and your size doesn’t impress us. You have one minute and if you don’t show us your motive at its expiration, we’ll charge at you. So you’d better start talking villain.”

Galactus: “You should better stop giving me ultimatums or I’m going to make you my special case Vegeta. Continue if you want to incur my wrath. Nootra, I will obey none of your demands and whether you like it or not, you’ll listen to what I have to say. Yet I’m not the one who wants to speak to you. Here he is that seeks you.”

As the heroes kept their eyes on Galactus, they saw Broly emerge from his armor. He was in his normal human body; tall and averagely sturdy with his long dark hair and beautiful eyes. The sight of him put the heroes on full alert and they grew tenser. The least they wanted was the traditional case of Broly to encumber them at a time they were facing an external threat of the size of the Supreme Fighter.

They took position but launched no offensives yet for the enemy wasn’t in Legendary Super Saiyan mode and he hadn’t shown any hostility towards them. Broly was instead calm and his whole expression was gentle. He started moving towards the heroes but Son Goku transformed into Super Saiyan,[xv] and leaving his companions behind, he went past Captain Nootra. The movement of Son Goku stopped Broly and Son Goku had something for the planet devourer.

Son Goku: “Galactus, I warned you last time that I wanted this chapter closed for good, but you insisted on taking him with you. We have our hands full now and can’t be fighting on two fronts. You said you were responsible for this case, so what do you mean by this?”

Galactus: “If you want to know why we’re here, you’ll hear it from his own lips. You’d better be attentive for my Broly doesn’t talk so noisily as you bunch of badly brought up kids do. Broly, what do you want to say to Nootra?”

Cyclops: “I can’t believe this. Is he actually pampering him there?”

Broly finally got the audience of the heroes and he addressed them.

Broly: “Nootra, I am Broly, Legendary Super Saiyan. I am the one who caused you many troubles in the past. I almost destroyed your galaxy and home because of a complex I received in my childhood. I take full blame for what my actions cost you and today, I regret whatever I did. I wished I could wipe that history. Since our last confrontation where your champion defeated me, I’ve been with Galactus, and living in him these two years made me see some truths I was unaware of.

'Yet what caused what I can call ‘change’ in me are the words you, Son Goku, said to me when I was defeated. You said you admired me and had dreamt of seeing us fighting side by side. Though I brought suffering to you and your loved ones, you still found the love to speak kindly to me at that time, which was supposed to be my last, even before the miracle occurred through Galactus who saved me.

’Nootra, I have come to request something from you I know I don’t deserve. Yet when I learnt that your civilization was the most promising in the world, I resigned myself to asking you this, even if you might consider it impudent. I heard your city gave a man a new beginning though he has been the worst of men; that you’re a people who offer second chances and grant others the possibility of redeeming themselves. When I saw all of you fighting side by side and when the villains Megatron,[xvi] Magneto[xvii] and Galactus allied themselves with you, I perceived there was something in you, which I didn’t have.

’I want to belong to this civilization and live your dreams. I want to experience your friendship; and this love you have for each other, I want to be part of it. I haven’t always made life pleasant for myself and for the people around me. I have lived to destroy; planets and systems have been wrecked by me. Yet on seeing you stand as one to defeat me, it dawned on me that you were living something beautiful, which I didn’t know. I don’t want to fight the wrong fight anymore. Now I want to use my powers to protect the people of Nootra and the galaxy. This is what I’m asking from you. Since you didn’t kill me, give me the chance to live what you’re living in this city.

’Kakarot, I know it’s asking a lot but still, I have to make efforts to refuse to let guilt prevent me from living what was revealed to me as the beauty of friendship and family in the city of Nootra. I implore your forgiveness for what I did to you, to your children and friends, to your people and to those of the galaxy. My plea goes to you particularly because it was to you I did all these things. I considered you my enemy whereas you didn’t do me anything. But I sought to harm you in every way I could. Forgive me and allow me to join Nootra and be one of you.”

After saying this, Broly knelt down before Son Goku, bowed his head and implored his mercy. Son Goku, however, hardened his heart the moment he perceived what Broly was driving at and none of his words drew any compassion from him. He was too tense about all that was going on and he couldn’t stand his asking, let alone his gesture. He wanted that discomfiture to cease so he answered.

Son Goku: “Stand up Broly. We have heard you and seen your gesture. Our answer is, if you don’t attack us, we’ll let you live. You shouldn’t expect anything more from us. After what you did to my family, I refuse to forgive you and take you home. That would be equivalent to treason in my judgment. Understand that if you had had your way in the past, we wouldn’t be here talking.

'Thanks to the Agape, we’re alive and what you did wasn’t fatal to us. That, however, doesn’t change the fact that it pained us and continues to for the scars are still here. You said it yourself; it’s asking a lot. Be content to live a quiet life with Galactus. I say this clearly for there to be no misunderstanding: Broly, you’re not part of us. If that was all you wanted to say, then we’ll ask you and Galactus to leave and depart from our space field now.”

The other agents heard Son Goku and though some didn’t approve what he said, they let him speak for them. How could they reproach him? It was Goku who was personally hurt by Broly and he saved Nootra the three times Broly attacked the city. Though that response was contrary to what their civilization would normally give, the Council of Heroes let Son Goku’s case be as he said given the things he suffered at the hands of Broly.

Broly raised his head and gave Son Goku an imploring look. The hero was, however, intransigent. He stared hard at Broly, impatiently waiting for him to depart. Broly rose and turned around shyly, moving back towards Galactus. None of the heroes stirred for they all stood behind Son Goku who was their spokesman in this case. Nevertheless, their attitude enraged Galactus and he drew closer and said.

Monday, December 12, 2016


The Legendary Super Saiyan Broly appeared on Agnam where a number of heroes and villains were gathered. He defeated all of Nootra’s agents who came to fight Megatron and his allies. After crushing the Autobots, X-Men, the Saiyans Trunks, Goten and Gohan, Megatron enslaved him with a crystal chain. As Megatron, Starscream, Astrotrain and Soundwave were congratulating themselves on their victory over Nootra, the whole band of Son Goku appeared.

It was at this critical moment that Zach and Ryan reached Agnam. They heard their friends calling from within the invisible dome and Ryan flew to Cliffjumper and got the remote. He suspended the dome and Noah and Alan became visible. As they floated in space, the four Earthlings witnessed together the climax of their incredible journey with the arrival of the greatest fighters of the universe.

Noah: “Son Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Tenshinhan, Chaozu and Dende.”

Zach: “What do you know? My dream just got real.”

Ryan: “I never doubted a second the fulfilment of our dreams Zach.”

The Earthlings could see him. There he was in front of them; him and no other - Son Goku. He looked the same with his traditional orange and blue apparel, and long black hair. He was bursting with energy and Alan, Zach, Noah and Ryan could feel it. It was enormous and at the same time, pure and friendly. This was the first time they were experiencing such a sensation.

The atmosphere was overflowing with an aura of immense power, which, unlike that of Broly, wasn’t destructive. It instead made the children feel confident and secure. Though such mighty power could frighten because it was impressively great, that wasn’t the case. A visible kindness emanated from the one who was in its possession, and his presence gave the assurance of his goodwill. Son Goku’s countenance was a mixture of might and humanitarianism, blended together to produce an impression that made his people have unfailing trust in him.

Alan: “This is the grand finale.”

Zach: “His aura is almost touchable. It’s phenomenal.”

Noah: “Can a man with such overwhelming powers exist in this world?”

Ryan: “The good thing is that he’s on our side.”

Yamcha arrived on Agnam at that instant and hastened to feed the fallen with Senzu Beans. He energized the Autobots with Energon he got from L4 whose fighters overcame the Insecticons and Stunticons and repaired the base, leaving it standing as strong as ever. Yamcha could get anyway within seconds with Teleport Unlimited. And so in no time, the heroes were back on their feet and ready for a rematch against the enemies of Cybertron. After this moment of extreme sensations, the Earthlings finally came back to themselves and embraced each other for their reunion.

Alan: “You succeeded guys. I’m glad you’re fine.”

Noah: “You can’t imagine what we witnessed. Broly defeated all of our heroes; not even Optimus Prime could stand against him. It was horrible. I thought I was going through a nightmare.”

Ryan: “But now Son Goku is here and Nootra will take control over this battle.”

Alan: “Yea. Now we’re going to see Broly and Megatron shredded.”

Ryan: “Al, that word is reserved for the Shredder. You don’t shred Megatron, you deceive him.”

Noah: “Hey guys, check out Zach. He’s finally met Dende.”

Zach had a particular liking for the little Namek. He appreciated Dende the most in the anime. Once he saw him, he left his companions and hastened to talk to him before any fighting broke out. The two greeted each other and became friends.

Zach: “It’s years I’ve wanted to meet you Dende. I hope we’ll have time to know each other better after the battle.”

Dende: “Thanks for wanting to be my friend Zach. Sure; when we finish here, I’ll show you around my palace. It’s beyond Korin’s Tower.”

Piccolo, the big green Namek, contacted Dende telepathically and the boy left Zach and went to him. Piccolo had been the enemy of Son Goku until he was undeniably converted to the good cause. He was the one who trained the first son of the Saiyan and acted as his guardian the many times Son Goku was absent.

Piccolo: “Who’s that person you were talking with? Let me extract information from him. He’s from planet Earth and there are four of them here on Agnam. They really come from afar. I didn’t know Earth possessed a technology that transported people to other dimensions.”

Dende: “Piccolo, the people of planet Earth, they’re noble, aren’t they?”

Piccolo: “It’s you who say so Dende. You made one of them your friend already and you didn’t need my opinion. But come; Gohan needs that you treat him. I prefer you to treat him instead of him eating the Senzu Beans. Your newly acquired healing powers will make him stronger.”

Piccolo and Dende went to see Gohan who was lying on the surface of Agnam. Dende placed his hands on him and started treating his body.

Gohan: “Sorry Piccolo, I failed. I couldn’t defend Nootra in your absence. If you, dad and our faithful companions hadn’t come in time, the heroes would all be gone.”

Piccolo: “I don’t think you failed at any point Gohan. Don’t you see? Everybody is standing and we’ve lost none in our ranks. Dende will get you back to your feet quickly enough. Join us immediately after. This is going to be the greatest battle we’ve ever fought and we must give our best. See you later.”

Gohan: “Thanks Piccolo. Dende, how long will it last? I’m impatient to go and take my place alongside my father, master and friends and fight for my city.”

Dende: “You’ll join them in less than five minutes. You know Gohan, I improved my skill in medicine in Namek. It’s my home planet and I learnt a lot the short time we’ve been there.”

When Son Goku and his band arrived at the battle site, Megatron hastened to call back his allies by emitting sonic waves through the abilities of Soundwave. Meanwhile in the camp of the heroes, the fallen had recovered and they reported the situation to the newly arrived.

Son Goku: “Prime, you and your teams have been excellent but it was Broly. I’ll take it from here.”

Vegeta: “Nonsense. This time, it’s my turn to fight Broly and defeat him.”

Optimus Prime: “Broly isn’t the only one we have to fight Vegeta. Megatron sent a signal, calling back his allies. We must be alert lest they take us by surprise.”

Piccolo: “I see their situation; they’ll be here at any moment. Prime, post the Autobots against the Decepticons on the left. Cyclops, keep the X-Men ready at my right; Galactus is coming from there. Trunks, Goten, hold your positions and stay alert.”

Cyclops: “The Silver Surfer is one of us. Yamcha, track him with Teleport Unlimited and bring him here. Superman got rid of Thanoseid; now’s left only Magneto.”

Monday, December 5, 2016


Yamcha: “No time for explanation Chaozu. We have a terrible situation in the galaxy. Broly is back and he threatens Cybertron and our fighters.”

Chaozu trembled with fear on hearing the bad news.

Chaozu: “Broly? We’re lost. How shall we defeat him this time?”

Yamcha: “Good we found you. Quick, use your communication ability to find Goku and the rest of our companions. Tell them Optimus Prime wants them back immediately. Puar and I are heading for Korin’s[2] Tower for some Senzu Beans; our fighters on Agnam will have need of them. Chaozu, it’s an emergency of the utmost order. Find Goku and tell him we’re on Code Red. Let him use the Instant Transmission[3] to get you all to Agnam.”

Puar: “We trust you Chaozu.”

Chaozu: “Count on me friends. And be careful out there.”

Yamcha: “Sure, we shall. Puar, come in and let’s get to the tower.”

Yamcha and Puar left and Chaozu hastened to find Son Goku and transmitted the information. Meanwhile on Agnam, the situation was disastrous in the camp of Nootra. Although Optimus Prime struggled hard, it was game over for him, the Autobots, X-Men and two young Saiyans. Broly overcame each one of them and left them unconscious on the surface of Agnam. Before going offline, Cliffjumper activated an invisible dome with a remote control, which hid Noah and Alan from the enemy. The two Earthlings watched the scene from the force field and they were startled by what unfolded before their eyes.

Noah: “It can’t be happening. Trunks and Goten are knocked out; so are Prime, the Autobots and X-Men. All of our heroes have fallen. Not even Superman could fight him. What shall we do Al?”

Alan: “Until I saw this, I never thought Broly could be as strong as to defeat even the Autobots and frighten the Man of Steel. Did we come here only to see the destruction of our heroes and of their world? It’s so unfair.”

The place that had witnessed intense fighting some minutes earlier was calm again. Only the devastation was left as evidence of the ravage that had taken place. After making short work of his opponents, Broly landed on the ground of Agnam. He moved his eyes here and there and everywhere was filled with fallen heroes. He seemed disappointed because there was no one left for him to crush. After scanning the agents one by one, he fell again on Son Goten. He smiled satisfactorily on noticing that the young Nootran was still conscious. Rekindling his energy, he moved towards him to exterminate him.

Noah: “No, this can’t happen; not before my eyes. This one is real and no manga. Goten will be gone if we don’t do anything. Find something Alan.”

Alan: “If I had known it would come to this, I would have trained with Zach and Ryan. And what’s keeping them so long?”

Noah: “Ryan used to say there’s a better way of fighting instead of doing it physically. What would he do in such a situation?”

They looked at each other and it resurfaced on their minds. Alan and Noah knew what to do to help Son Goten. They held each other’s hands, closed their eyes and called on His name. By this time, Broly had reached Son Goten. The young Saiyan had seen him coming but he was unable to make a move. Broly stretched out a hand, grabbed Goten on the neck and raised him up. While contemplating the scene, Broly didn’t stop letting out peals of laughter for it was forever he had longed for that moment. Yet when he was about to strike Goten with his energy fist, Son Gohan arrived and struck him with an energy wave. Alan and Noah jumped up of relief.

Gohan: “Get your hands off my little brother Broly.”

Broly turned around and on seeing Son Gohan, he once more uttered the only word he had pronounced so far.

Broly: “Kakarot.”

Broly looked happy to have another opponent who was no other than the first son of Goku, his enemy. He threw Goten away and went straight for Gohan.

Noah: “Gee, maybe we should hold hands again.”

The Battle of Agnam continued with the fight opposing Broly to Son Gohan. Son Gohan transformed into Super Saiyan and created numerous energy waves from his palms. He threw them continuously at Broly and smoke covered the whole place, completely hiding Broly from sight. While Son Gohan waited for the smoke to disperse to see whether his attack had amounted to anything, Broly came out of the midst and struck Gohan with a mighty punch, putting him out of combat instantly.

Before the defeat of Son Gohan, Megatron and the Decepticons, being not far away, suspended the force field, which was keeping them invisible, and they witnessed the battle at a reasonable distance.

Megatron: “Excellent. See Soundwave, I told you the boy would do the whole task for us. When he finishes with the last one of the band, we’ll put this crystal around his neck to control him and the job will be done.”

Soundwave: “Nice work Megatron.”

Starscream: “I don’t believe you. Can this enormous power be controlled?”

Megatron: “Trust me Starscream; I’m not leader of the Decepticons for nothing. I have dealings you don’t know of.”

Starscream: “I’m your right-hand robot Megatron; I must know whatever you’re doing. Tell me about your dealings.”

Megatron: “Look at this crystal; Broly’s father himself gave it to me. When I put it around his neck, that unruly boy will become as gentle as a little baby.”

As Broly fixed his gaze on Son Gohan, holding him up as trophy to display his victory over Nootra, Megatron came behind him and put the crystal around his neck. Broly immediately let go of Son Gohan and he struggled to take off the chain; but the effects were instantaneous. He all of a sudden calmed down, changed from Legendary Super Saiyan to his normal human form and bowed down to Megatron. When Broly was subjected, the Decepticons celebrated.

Astrotrain: “Megatron has succeeded.”

Soundwave: “Megatron is the true leader of the Decepticons.”

Starscream: “Shut up Soundwave; there was no need for making such incongruous comment. Even so, we shall now conquer Cybertron and Nootra.”

While the Decepticons were talking about their presumed victory, a voice spoke to them from above.

Voice: “Your rejoicing is premature Megatron. The real battle hasn’t begun yet.”

As they looked up, they saw them. It was the whole band, and they were floating in space over Agnam. Alan and Noah gently rose and gazed at the best moment of their miraculous adventure.

Alan: “We’re seeing it live, with our very own eyes.”

Noah: “It was true the order was, believe first and then see His power.”

Alan: “This is the ultimate: Son Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Tenshinhan, Chaozu and Dende.”[4]

[1] Chaozu appears in DBZ.

[2] Korin appears in DBZ.

[3] Instant Transmission is a teleporting technique in Dragon Ball.

[4] Son Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Tenshinhan and Dende appear in DBZ.

Monday, November 28, 2016


Shades: “Wow! I’ve received revelation on faith. Henceforth, I’m going to use my faith to get everything solved.”

Zach: “Guys, we can’t stay. We have to get back to Cybertron to back up the fighters.”

Jeremy: “Man, is it really true Broly is on Agnam?”

Wally: “We’re doomed if he’s back.”

Zach: “Wally, Son Goku will defeat him.”

Mario: “How will he do that when he isn’t around?”

Ryan: “Have a little faith Mario. Reflect on the revelation we just received.”

Mario: “But I’m afraid of Broly. And what am I supposed to do to have faith in the first place?”

Ryan: “Faith is present in every human. Our faith in reality is the faith of the Agape, which He has deposited in every one of us. We’re not supposed to have faith or have more faith; we only need to acknowledge that we have it. We get our faith working by simply accepting all the good things in us since all good things are in Him and He is in us.”

Shades: “I’ve just come up with a simpler way to activate my faith. It’s my own way of doing it and you’d better learn from me.”

Jeremy: “What’s that Shades? I need it too.”

Shades: “If you want our city out of trouble, think and talk positive like, ‘Megatron shall be busted and disassembled. His parts shall be used for making toys and other tools. When next time you see me with a new pair of glasses, I bet you some elements of his parts will be there.’”

Jeremy: “Is that what you meant? It isn’t positive at all Shades. It’s rather negative.”

Wally: “If your glasses are made from his parts, he might revive and capture you with an eye technique and use you as puppet to carry out his conquest of Cybertron.”

Zach: “We’ll do with what Shades offers Wally, and it’s quite positive to me Jeremy. Listen to this: ‘Decepticons shall flee in different directions when we finish with them and you won’t find two going together like it’s the case with that one up there.’”

Zach pointed at Blitzwing who was fleeing from the stadium after NSF’s agents defeated his companions.

Shades: “That’s it Zach. What about you Mario? Try one.”

Mario: “Yes, I can. Check this out: ‘Broly shall serve as my mother’s brolly after Son Goku had smashed him.’”

Zach: “Way to go Mario. I prefer you like this instead of you playing the scared. Jeremy, now’s your turn.”

Jeremy: “I’m only trying; if it isn’t funny, it’s not my fault.”

Shades: “Relax brain head; we’re not in a contest.”

Jeremy: “Here I come: ‘When the battle is over, Starscream shall switch to vending ice-cream in the streets. Imagine the treatment the little brats shall give him.’”

Shades: “For nothing will I want to be in his place.”

Zach: “See, it wasn’t that hard Jeremy. Over to you Wally.”

Wally: “Can someone solve this riddle: ‘What’s the difference between Broly and broccoli?’”

Mario: “None, since both finish up squashed by Son Goku and end up, you know where.”

The children dissolved into laughter after this one from Mario. Shades and Zach tapped each other’s hands in accord, knowing their friends had assimilated the message.

Zach: “You got it guys. Stay positive and you’ll see we’ll be out of trouble.”

Ryan: “This isn’t what I meant about having faith but if you’ll have it this way, fine.”

Denver pulled a long face when the two Earthlings were about to leave. He was also depressed because Noah wasn’t with them. Zach and Ryan gave him a big hug and reassured him.

Zach: “Cheer up big dino; Noah is in good hands. The Agape watches over her; Alan too, and Cliffjumper three.”

Ryan: “I promise we’ll be back with those clowns once this is over. Trust Him and trust Nootra. We’ll overcome Broly.”

Denver was comforted on those words and he allowed them to go. After saying goodbye to their friends, Ryan and Zach took off to Secret Base L5. The Earthlings’ courage provoked the five Nootrans and they followed their example.

Jeremy: “Since our friends from Earth are committed to saving our galaxy, let’s do the same by helping these people around.”

Mario: “Don’t worry everyone for now enters super Mario the magnificent. All your problems will be solved instantly.”

Shades: “Did somebody say the loser was back?”

Mario: “Speak for yourself Shades.”

Wally: “Remember what Ryan said. We can rely on the faith of the Agape to become heroes. Let’s start living it now.”

Shades, Wally, Mario, Denver and Jeremy joined NSF’s agents in assisting the people traumatized by the Decepticons’ aggression. None of them was seriously wounded; never in the presence of their beloved Captain. Now Yamcha and Puar reached Namek. They were lucky to meet Chaozu[1] as they got out of the teleporter. Chaozu flew to them and they embraced each other.

Chaozu: “I’m glad to see you Yamcha, Puar! What is this machine?”

Yamcha: “No time for explanation Chaozu. We have a terrible situation in the galaxy. Broly is back and he threatens Cybertron and our fighters.”

Saturday, November 12, 2016


Nootra and Cybertron were under attack from the Decepticons and their allies. This organized campaign against Nootra was carried out on many fronts. Before launching an assault on L4, the Decepticons had already started invading Cybertron. Nootra Security Forces didn’t delay to deploy Autobots and X-Men in space to stop Megatron and his friends. Unfortunately for the heroes, Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan, awakened and appeared on the battlefield of Agnam and became the main menace to Nootra’s fighters.

Optimus Prime and Cyclops subsequently sent Zach and Ryan to find Son Gohan. Thanks to the help of Benjamin and his teammates of Nootra’s Wings, the Earthlings found him on Seth, an island keeping people isolated from the outside world. Son Gohan sent Yamcha and Puar onboard Teleport Unlimited, the fastest teleporting craft of their galaxy. These two had as mission to get Son Goku back from planet Namek.

The Decepticons later deployed their troops in strategic places in the city. One of the targeted zones was Nootra Inter-Galactic Stadium. NSF’s agents countered and defeated the enemy, including the gigantic Devastator and Shockwave, some of the Decepticons’ best cards. When Nootra’s agents were dealing with the enemy in the stadium, Zach and Ryan got there to rescue Denver and his friends.

The two Earthlings reached the stadium when intense fighting was going on. They went searching for Denver and his companions. These had taken refuge in some sheltered place. Zach and Ryan passed over the Nootrans and Wally noticed them and showed them to his companions.

Wally: “Hey guys, look! Aren’t those Ryan and Zach up there in the sky?”

Mario: “Can’t be. Probably some new NSF recruits.”

Jeremy: “It’s them, and it seems they’re looking for us. Come on; let’s give them a sign.”

Jeremy came out to the open, shouting and waving to the Earthlings. His companions joined him and they shouted until they attracted the attention of Ryan and Zach.

Zach: “There they are.”

Once Ryan and Zach landed in their midst, Denver carried them in his arms and kissed them.

Zach: “Save this for later Denver. You must leave the stadium right away.”

Shades: “How have you learned how to fly in no time?”

Ryan: “Shades, all things are possible for those who believe.”

Ryan and Zach carried the four Nootrans to a safe place some distance from the stadium. But Denver was too big and they couldn’t lift him up. They went to Omega Supreme for help. The Autobot had just disassembled Devastator into the individual members of the Constructicons and the five Decepticons fled before he shut them down. Omega Supreme heeded to the Earthlings and transported Denver to the place where his companions were. After the Autobot left, Mario and Shades wondered again at the Earthlings’ ability to fly.

Mario: “It can’t be that simple. Let’s say you have some special energy because I tried several times but I couldn’t do it, though I had faith.”

Shades: “Next visit to L4, count me in. Then I’ll fly Denver to Aegels.”

Wally: “If you’re ready to make all the sacrifices that go with it.”

Shades: “Can’t be so hard; even the Earthlings did it. What more of a born Nootran?”

Jeremy: “Shades, there’re only three things in L4 and you don’t like them.”

Shades: “What’s that?”

Wally: “Training, training and training.”

Shades: “Shish. That place must be horrible.”

Jeremy: “But Ryan, you said faith could do it better than training.”

Wally: “Sometimes, I don’t understand what faith is all about. We talk about it as if we knew what it is whereas it’s an abstract concept hard to grasp. What’s faith in reality?”

Ryan: “It’s challenging to give a definition Wally. Let’s say faith is the invisible possession of what you want before it becomes visible. It’s like you having the thing yet being unable to see it. Faith is a guarantee because once you have assurance of being or possessing something, you’ll see the manifestation. Not so Zach?”

Zach: “What I can say is that faith is something standing for another. It’s a token, a pledge, a promise you’re certain about, though you can’t see the real thing. Like Ryan said, it stands as something in the visible absence of the thing and proves the existence of the thing even though the thing isn’t seen. Once the desired thing appears, there’s no longer need to have faith in it for faith disappears with the materialization of the desired substance. Faith is operational when there’re two realms; the invisible and visible. Since all things are in the invisible, it requires faith to bring them from there to the visible.”

Ryan: “It isn’t because something is invisible that it doesn’t exist. Sight is not the only mode of perception of truth. Even our sense organs are subjective and we sometimes perceive reality according to the reflection of some elements on others. We can’t see the wind yet we know it exists because we feel it. Hearing too is another form of perception. When you hear truth, you use faith to appropriate the invisible asset after receiving the revelation contained in what has been proclaimed to you.”

Mario: “Here’s my riddle: I hate training and I have faith to fly yet I still can’t fly. What’s your answer to this believers?”

Ryan: “Mario, faith on its own has no power to do anything. Having faith in faith is useless. It is faith in the object you believe in that changes everything. You don’t believe in faith; your faith is in someone you trust has the power to fulfil your wishes.”

Zach: “We believe in the Agape who is almighty because He is Love, the supreme power. The Agape being the Almighty means He has the power to do far above whatever a man can think. If you have faith in something or someone who doesn’t have the power to do what you want, your wishes might not be fulfilled since the object of your faith would be powerless.”

Wally: “This is enlightening. The ability of the object of faith determines the realization of wishes and dreams. Now that our object of faith is the Almighty, it goes without saying that we’re unstoppable.”

Shades: “From today, guess who’s going to be my object of faith?”

Jeremy: “The Agape, of course. You guys have got philosophers on Earth. I want to know more of these things.”

Mario: “You can be stupid at times brainiac. This isn’t philosophy Jeremy; it’s revelation and according to Ryan’s explanation, it’s the only thing we need.”

Shades: “Wow! I’ve received revelation on faith. Henceforth, I’m going to use my faith to get everything solved.”

Saturday, November 5, 2016


That was when four giant turtles appeared in the stadium and gave the Decepticon a befitting answer.

Michelangelo: “I’d try to keep that big mouth shut sometimes if I were you Shockwave.”

Donatello: “Mikey, I don’t think he has a big mouth. You’d better look before you speak.”

Michelangelo: “Donnie, it’s one of my intros; don’t care whether the machine has a mouth or not. Suppose he doesn’t have a mouth, how then does he speak?”

Raphael: “You make me sick with all this talk Mikey. Somebody wants to kick some butts or what?”

Shockwave took back his human robotic form. The presumptuousness of the ones standing before him as his adversaries surprised him.

Shockwave: “Little green frogs? What do you think you can do to me?”

Leonardo: “Give you a shock, what else?”

Donatello: “Point of correction; we’re no frogs: we’re the Ninja Turtles.”

Batman: “Leonardo, you and your brothers are no match for him.”

Raphael: “I think the bat meant he’s no match for us. Don’t underrate the powers of ninjas manbat.”

Leonardo: “Batman, allow Super-Nootra to play with warpsky and wingblitz. We’ll look after this giant computer.”

Donatello: “And computers, I just know a lot about them.”

Raphael: “Donnie, what are you going to do to fix this giant computer? It isn’t one of your many toys, you know. This one is big and scary.”

Donatello: “I might throw in some viruses or release a big bug. What do you prefer?”

Leonardo: “I’d rather shut him down permanently.”

Michelangelo: “Do they still make computers like this nowadays? Shockwave, you’re outdated and fit for the trash.”

Raphael: “I’ll enjoy cutting through this machine with my fine twin sais. I got them sharpened yesterday in case, and I was right; this is just the occasion. Lovelies, we’ll be having a party right away.”

Hawkeye: “Don’t start the party without me Raph. I can’t believe you wanted to keep me out of the show.”

Leonardo: “Hawkeye, target the central processing unit and empty him of his energy reserve like Thor did to Thundercracker.”

The insatiable Asgardian was still present for this other task.

Thor: “Turtles, I’ll give you a hand from the sky. If you hear thunder, don’t fear; it’s only the power of the mighty Thor, son of Odin.”

Hawkeye: “Stop bragging about yourself thunder man; just let it rain.”

Michelangelo: “Now bros, is it ninja time or is it ninja time?”

Flash: “They’ll need my speed to give that wave a shock. Bats, what are you waiting for? Is it ninja time or is it ninja time?”

Batman: “I’m no ninja and I’d prefer Batman style. Now comrades, let’s do this together.”

The Ninja Turtles, Batman, The Flash, Hawkeye and Thor engaged Shockwave in a fight. The Turtles climbed on different parts of his members and hit him with their various weapons. Batman pulled himself up to the level of the Decepticon’s shoulder and placed bombs all over that area, which he caused to explode at the opportune moment. The Flash remained on the ground and passed a rope of Vibranium a million times around the ankles of Shockwave, fastening his legs.

Hawkeye stood at a distance and shot arrows at any opening he saw on Shockwave’s body. Thor, the son of thunder, went high in the sky and invoked thunder with his hammer. He diverted the lightning to Shockwave and when it struck him, Shockwave lost half of his powers and the attacks the other fighters inflicted on him had their effects. He went down and couldn’t stand up again for his legs were bound. That was how Nootra Security Forces’ agents overcame the Decepticons in the stadium. On seeing his peers defeated, Blitzwing threw in the towel and took to flight.

Another Dimension: The Ultimate Amalgam (ANDTUA) by Margaret Newmeli is a book relating the story of Noah, Alan, Ryan and Zach, who grew up believing that cartoons are real. These 4 teenagers intrude into an airship and are accidentally projected into outer space.

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ANDTUA brings all cartoons’ and animes’ heroes in one world. Super powers, fantasy, humor, debates on questions of human existence are its subjects. It’s friendship, family, identity, purpose, villains, heroes… the sacred blended with the secular to produce the masterpiece which is MAN. In ANDTUA, we believe in a world where the dreams of the child we all are are realized. For adults & children.

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Saturday, October 22, 2016


Skywarp transformed into a jet fighter. He enabled his speed, set it at maximum and went high in the sky. Super-Nootra was annoyed about the comments he made on his person and his pride would allow no one to limit his abilities. He took off instantly and followed Skywarp sky high. Skywarp flew by weaving over the sky so as to leave Super-Nootra behind, but the latter was always at his heels.

When Super-Nootra had Skywarp in his line of fire, he put a pair of his fingers on either side of his head and released several sharp green rays from his eyes. These hit Skywarp and blasted him, sending him crashing into the ground.

After disposing of Skywarp, Super-Nootra went for Blitzwing who was fighting NSF agents in the courtyard of the stadium. At the sight of the hero approaching, Blitzwing opened fire while Super-Nootra was still in the air. The defender of the city dodged them all and landed on the ground before the Decepticon.

Super-Nootra: “Agents, retreat and cover the citizens; he’s a done deal for me. Blitzwing, you’ll regret attacking my city. I’ve come for you and ready or not, you’re going down.”

Blitzwing: “I see you still have that attitude when you wear Super-Nootra. The combination of Captain Nootra’s complexes and Superman’s pride gives a badly brought up kid. Behave sometimes Nootra; that’s no good example for children.”

Super-Nootra: “It’s to protect them that I’m going to crush you and thwart whatever ignoble thing the Decepticons are planning.”

Blitzwing: “I’m a triple changer, one of the strongest Decepticons and second only to Megatron. I’ll demonstrate my full potentials and when I defeat Super-Nootra, Decepticons will acknowledge my power and make me their leader. Super-Nootra, be privileged to fight the future boss of the Decepticons.”

Super-Nootra: “Always designing ways to overthrow your master? I’m no fan of his but having fought Megatron before, I assure you you’re far from holding a candle to him.”

Blitzwing: “Nonsense! You’ll go through your darkest hour because of that impertinent remark super-loser.”

Super-Nootra: “You have no idea of what my powers are Decepticon. I’ll put a bulk of them aside while fighting you to prove that you’re nothing compared to me.”

Blitzwing: “That proud attitude again. You should have joined our band Nootra for when I hear you, it’s like hearing a villain talking. To make you also have an idea of my powers, I’ll only transform into a tank to fight you. That will be enough to stop you.”

Super-Nootra: “Stop making promises you can’t keep Decepticon.”

Blitzwing transformed into a tank and launched several shots at Super-Nootra from his cannon. Super-Nootra rapidly blew air from his mouth, which solidified into ice, thus raising a defensive wall. He barricaded himself inside and the projectiles didn’t attain him.

Super-Nootra (to himself): “Superman, let me use my shield to neutralize the cannon and shut down his firing abilities.”

Super-Nootra (to himself): “I leave him to you for the moment Cap.”

Super-Nootra revealed the legendary weapon of Captain Nootra, the Nootra Shield. Targeting Blitzwing, he hurled it at him with a hand of steel. The shield hit Blitzwing’s cannon and came back to Super-Nootra like a boomerang. At the contact of the shield with the Decepticon, the weapon released an explosive metallic log, which plugged the opening of Blitzwing’s cannon and subsequently smashed up his firing gear. Enraged because deprived of offensive means, Blitzwing speeded up and came in full force against Super-Nootra.

Super-Nootra, however, let his cape roll down behind his back. When it expanded to its full measure, it created a tempest, which pushed back the Decepticon tank, forcing him to retrace his steps. The triple changer couldn’t stand the humiliation so he transformed into a jet and going over Super-Nootra, he retransformed back into a human robot, and fell on his adversary. Then the two clashed it out man to robot.

Meanwhile in the stadium, Thor was unhappy because Super-Nootra stole his opponent from him.

Thor: “This isn’t fair Super-Cap. Who shall I take out now?”

In the heat of the action, Batman had a talk with Thundercracker where he tried to persuade him to stop the Decepticon attack on the city.

Batman: “You Decepticons have no sense or what? It’s silly for us to fight each other when a greater menace is up there on Agnam. We put aside our differences in such an emergency and come together to fight our common enemy. If we don’t, both of us will lose everything.”

Thundercracker: “You think you can convince a Decepticon Batman? We take orders from no one except Megatron. Until he says so, we’re not standing down.”

Thor had made Thundercracker his objective and he interrupted the exchange.

Thor: “You’d better learn to reason out things yourself. I’ve got you in my range and you’ll tell me news about the power of Mjolnir after this.”

Thundercracker: “You can’t hit me with your hammer Thor. I’m a jet and when I take off, your hammer with a stupid name won’t be able to follow me to the sky.”

But when Thundercracker wanted to transform, he realized he couldn’t make a move. Batman wasn’t in fact trying to persuade him into anything. He had sneakily passed a rope of Vibranium[9] around the robot, which immobilized him on the spot.

Batman: “You don’t convince a Decepticon, you deceive him. He’s all yours Thor.”

Thor: “You may be Thundercracker, but I am Thor, master of thunder. You won’t have the privilege to hear thunder today ’cause my Mjolnir shall crack you down.”

Thor wound his hammer several times in the air with great force, and shot it at Thundercracker. Mjolnir hit the Decepticon hard and his Energon reserve broke, and he went off. The weapon then returned to its wielder.

Thor: “Now I’m satisfied. There’s no group of villains in this city my Mjolnir hasn’t taken out. Thundercracker will pass the news to his comrades and they’ll tremble at my mighty hammer. Mjolnir, I’m proud of you. Thanks for the teaming bats.”

Batman: “Nice job Thor. Omega is taking care of Devastator, Super-Nootra must be through with Skywarp by now, Thundercracker is out. Who’s left? Blitzwing. Where’s that one?”

Flash: “Nootra, we have a problem.”

At those words from The Flash, Batman turned around and saw Shockwave[10] making his entrance to the stadium. Shockwave was a colossal Decepticon who could transform into a laser cannon and a gun. He decided to transform into a giant gun right there and opened fire on everyone indiscriminately. There was panic everywhere and the security agents did everything to protect the people.

Captain Nootra’s unconscious protection was over the city and as long as he was there, the people were out of harm. But the agents needed their champion to defeat Shockwave.

Batman (using communicator): “Batman to Super-Nootra: come in. What are you doing toying with Skywarp? Get rid of him now and come back here.”

Super-Nootra (through communicator): “Negative. I’m going head-on with Blitzwing. You’ll have to take care of Shockwave on your own. Nootra out.”

Shockwave: “Super-Nootra can do nothing to me. I’m indestructible.”

That was when four giant turtles appeared in the stadium and gave the Decepticon a befitting answer.

Michelangelo: “I’d try to keep that big mouth shut sometimes if I were you Shockwave.”

Donatello: “Mikey, I don’t think he has a big mouth. You’d better look before you speak.”

[9] Vibranium is a metal that appears in the Marvel Universe. It was created by Stan Lee and John Romita and first appeared in Daredevil #13 (February 1966).

[10] Shockwave is the name of several characters in the various Transformers series.

Friday, October 14, 2016


Superman, the Man of Steel,[5] came from the sky and took his place to fight by their side. But the presence of this last one raised some doubts.

Flash: “Gee, you’re back already? But the threat is ten times higher up there.”

Thor: “Superman, you’re needed more on Agnam than here. The enemy hasn’t been neutralized and given that it’s Broly, I don’t expect it to happen so soon.”

Superman: “Don’t worry agents. I defeated Thanoseid and the fusion ceased. Darkseid and Thanos were wounded and they left. The Decepticons and their allies also withdrew and I found no one to fight. I trust the X-Men, Saiyans and Autobots to contain Broly before Goku comes in. My primary mission now is to protect the citizens here in Nootra.”

Captain Nootra: “I hope that confidence of yours proves right. You’re our strongest fighter but you forsake our men and leave them to fight Broly on their own?”

Superman: “You all know my powers are ineffective when it comes to Broly. I never fell upon a single person in the world immune to my powers until I encountered him. Don’t you remember when I fought him three years ago? There seems to be some Kryptonite[6] on his body, which converts my most powerful punch into a mild tap on him. That’s the strangest thing that ever happened to me. I feel useless when he’s around, so I left the fighting to our comrades while I render myself useful here.”

Batman: “They ought to have known that as agents but these big kids pay no attention to what they see or hear. It’s good you’re here. You shall fuse with Cap and Super-Nootra shall take down Devastator.”

Captain Nootra: “It’s become frequent lately. Not that it isn’t good but I’d like to use my powers this time. Besides, Superman and I seem not to be in harmony these days.”

Superman: “Cap is right. The last time Super-Nootra came out, the two kids overpowered him with their footballs.”

Thor: “Cap, our gaming will be unfair if you continue fusing with Superman. Know that it doesn’t count when you win as Super-Nootra for we can’t tell whether it’s you or Superman who did it. Whereas my points will keep on adding whenever I win a fight; and I’ll soon take the lead. Today, I’m going to squash more than one Decepticon and distance myself from you.”

Captain Nootra: “No Thor. The gaming is suspended when I’m in fusion. Don’t you see it’s Batman who wants me to wear Super-Nootra?”

Batman: “There’s no room for doubts, remorse and play talk from all of you. These machines call for a show-off. Hurry up men; Cap, Superman, bring forth Super-Nootra.”

Captain Nootra: “Wait a minute; you aren’t J’onn to give me orders. You may be an elder but I’m Captain Nootra and I don’t want you to talk to me like that.”

Batman: “Stop being childish and grow up Captain. Keep the complex for after the battle.”

Flash: “When are you two going to come through your endless grudges? I can’t believe you do this every time, even when we’re in the middle of a crisis. I can behave better than you sometimes.”

Captain Nootra: “It’s Batman. He takes me for an inferior and treats me like a child. I can’t stand his air of superiority.”

Batman: “Air of superiority? I’m only trying to do my job here. Some other people should be doing the same.”

Thor: “Allow me to smite him while you talk complexes. I haven’t tested Mjolnir[7] on big Constructicon yet. Devastator, prepare yourself to be punished by the mighty Thor, son of Odin.”

These words reached the ears of Devastator and he smirked unpleasantly.

Devastator: “You fool. When the Constructicons merge to become Devastator, they’re unstoppable. Your hammer can’t do anything to me. I’ll instead shatter it into pieces.”

Thor: “Not my Mjolnir. Here, have a foretaste of what this beauty can do.”

Thor lifted up his hammer and turned it several times in the air. He aimed for Devastator and shot the hammer at him. Mjolnir hit the giant robot on the forehead and pushed him to the ground.

Thor: “No one can resist the power of Mjolnir. And I warned him but he wouldn’t listen.”

Before Thor finished his comment, Devastator was back on his feet. Noticing that Mjolnir had fallen just beside him, the Decepticon stretched out a hand to grab the hammer; but no one could wield Mjolnir except its master. Yet for some unknown reason, the hammer didn’t respond to Thor when he called it to him. Devastator had trampled it underfoot and neutralized Thor’s power over it. Thor moved closer and tried to trick the robot into letting Mjolnir go but when the Asgardian was near, Devastator caught him and threw him down. Then he smashed him under his other foot. On seeing what happened to the thunderer, the agents heroed up.

Captain Nootra: “Hang on Thor; Super-Nootra will get you out of there. Kal, let’s fuse and save Thor.”

Batman: “Flash, find a way to distract Devastator until Cap and Superman merge to get Thor out of his hold.”

The Flash rushed towards Devastator and did everything to attract his attention. Having got it, he moved in circles and Devastator followed his movements. The Flash ran very fast and as Devastator trailed him with his eyes, he got dizzy and wavered so that he couldn’t keep his feet firm on the ground. His hold on Thor weakened and the Asgardian freed himself and recovered his hammer.

Then Omega Supreme[8] made his entrance to the stadium. Omega Supreme was the most colossal Autobot in Nootra. He held an old grudge against the Constructicons and he was bent on taking his revenge.

Omega Supreme: “Devastator is mine. It’s an unsettled matter for thousands of astro-years. Give way little ones and I’ll deal with these treacherous Constructicons.”

Thor: “At your command supreme. Let the giants take out each other while I find Skywarp.”

Skywarp: “Are you looking for me? The treatment Devastator inflicted on you doesn’t satisfy you Thor? Here you are then. Have my welcome gift.”

Skywarp shot a missile at Thor but the wonderful Super-Nootra was now revealed. He intercepted the missile and delicately brought it down with a smoky substance from his cape.

Super-Nootra: “I’m your man Skywarp. My rays will blow you up fast enough and I’ll do the same to your brother.”

Skywarp: “I know your weakness Super-Nootra; you’re less efficient in altitudes. But what you don’t know is that altitudes are my domain. You can fly but you can’t outdo me in the blue. Try to catch me and see if you can, yet remember that my name is Skywarp.”

Skywarp transformed into a jet fighter. He enabled his speed, set it at maximum and went high in the sky. Super-Nootra was annoyed about the comments he made on his person and his pride would allow no one to limit his abilities. He took off instantly and followed Skywarp sky high. Skywarp flew by weaving over the sky so as to leave Super-Nootra behind, but the latter was always at his heels.

[8] Omega Supreme appears in The Transformers franchise. He’s always an Autobot and often depicted as a gigantic transformer with vast strength and/or overwhelming firepower.

[9] Vibranium is a metal that appears in the Marvel Universe. It was created by Stan Lee and John Romita and first appeared in Daredevil #13 (February 1966).

[10] Shockwave is the name of several characters in the various Transformers series.

Friday, September 30, 2016


Yann didn’t land to tell the heroes anything. He only sent a signal by creating a small explosion from a gadget he carried along for the other search groups to locate their position. Having thus alerted them, the two footballers left. Gohan took note of their gesture and reasoned it out.

Gohan: “If those two can miss a match just to find us, then there must be trouble. Krilin, Yamcha hurry; dress up and let’s get ready.”

The other groups of searchers saw the explosion and followed the signal. Zach and Ryan landed on the island after a few minutes. Having arrived there the first, they contacted the rest and announced the accomplishment of the mission. Ryan explained the situation on Agnam to Son Gohan and his companions.

Gohan: “Broly has returned? It’s true the only agent who can defeat him is my father.”

Zach: “Why didn’t you sense his presence? He emitted a lot of energy that was felt even till the next galaxy.”

Krilin: “Seth Island isolates people from the outside world. Nothing penetrates this atmosphere. It’s a sort of refuge from the tumults and stress of life. People come here to find peace and rest.”

Yamcha: “You forgot to mention one thing Krilin; that it’s the best place for a picnic.”

Ryan: “If that’s the case, how did Cesare and Yann find you? Those two are resourceful, we must admit.”

Gohan: “We’re lucky I have the teleporter here with me. Let’s get it working.”

The six flew out of Seth’s atmosphere and landed on the surrounding sea. Standing on water with his companions and the Earthlings, Son Gohan opened his sack and removed a small capsule. He threw it some distance away and it exploded and became a small spaceship.

Gohan: “Friends, I have the honour to present to you Teleport Unlimited, masterpiece of Bulma and latest invention of Capsule Corporation. This one you’re seeing is the prototype. Yamcha and Puar here present will use it to travel to Namek in the fifth Galaxy. Yamcha, it’ll take you to destination in less than an hour. When you get there, tell Son Goku and his companions that we’re on Code Red and Optimus Prime orders them back. I can sense Decepticons’ presence all over Nootra. Krilin, get to NSF HQ; they’ll need all agents available. I’ll go and assist the fighters on Agnam. Friends, you know what to do. Be brave and keep Nootra safe.”

Yamcha and Puar boarded Teleport Unlimited immediately and they left for Namek. Son Gohan, Zach and Ryan headed for space while Krilin took the direction of NSF Headquarters East.

Gohan: “Zach, Ryan, follow me to Secret Base L5; it’s in the sky of Mid Nootra. We shall be teleported to Agnam from there.”

Zach: “Why did the Autobots travel on Skyfire when they could have instantly been teleported to Cybertron?”

Gohan: “The Autobots prefer travelling as a group and all of them can’t get in one teleporting machine. Besides, Skyfire is fast enough and rivals teleporting devices. It’s in the case of an emergency that we use teleporters. Yet in this case as you explained, Cybertron is under enemy occupation and NSF has surely lost right of entry to the planet. Generally in Nootra, everyone prefers travelling on their own or on shuttles rather than have themselves teleported. A journey is an exciting thing to be savoured like a good meal; though my father is one of those who never take time to savour their meals. What I mean is that teleporters spoil the fun of the journey.”

Before attaining L5 in Nootra’s last atmospheric layer, Son Gohan and his new companions heard an explosion in the city.

Ryan: “Oh no! It’s coming from the stadium and Denver was there when we left. We must rush to his rescue.”

Gohan: “Sorry friends but you’ll have to do it on your own. My brother is in danger and he needs me.”

Zach: “We understand Gohan. Go ahead and get to the rest. We’ll catch up with you later.”

Gohan: “Be careful; you’ll find tough guys there.”

Ryan: “We know, but it’s our duty to help our friends. See you in a while.”

Zach: “Gohan, buy Son Goku some time. I know he’ll get rid of Broly.”

The two Earthlings parted from Son Gohan who flew to L5 while Ryan and Zach went to rescue Denver and his companions. A few minutes after Benjamin and his teammates of Nootra’s Wings left the Inter-Galactic Stadium, some Decepticons landed on the pitch and took the place of the football players as the main actors on the scene. Then they started wreaking havoc in the stadium. The news reached Nootra Security Forces and agents like Hawkeye, who were present for the match, commenced the evacuation of the stadium. He left his daughter in the care of a trustworthy friend and this one took her to safety out of the stadium. Clint Barton then went on full duty as Hawkeye, agent of Nootra.

More NSF’s agents arrived at the stadium to stop the Decepticons from pursuing their disgusting act. Some joined Hawkeye in evacuating the people while others confronted the enemy. Their adversaries were Devastator, a giant Decepticon robot who manifested when the five Constructicons combined; Thundercracker and Skywarp, who like Starscream, turned into jet fighters; and Blitzwing, a Decepticon changing to a tank and a jet.[2]

As much as the size of this group was imposing, they were challenged by another made of prominent heroes who were the pride of Nootra. These landed in the stadium and took their stand to confront the giant robots. Among them were The Flash,[3] fastest man in the city; Thor[4] the Asgardian, who wielded a hammer commanding thunder; Batman, smartest and most cunning of the agents; and Captain Nootra, emblematic figure of the civilization of Nootra - the man endowed with all spectacular abilities due to his zeal for his city.

He inherited the legendary weapon of his ancestors, the Nootra Shield and possessed a cape, which enabled him to materialize air and all kinds of winds. Superman, the Man of Steel,[5] came from the sky and took his place to fight by their side. But the presence of this last one raised some doubts.

[2] Devastator is the combined form of the Constructicons. The Constructicons are Decepticons and they appear in the various Transformers continuities. When they merge, they become Devastator, a giant robot. Thundercracker, Skywarp, and Blitzwing are Decepticons in The Transformers.

[3] The Flash is a name shared by several superheroes from the DC Comics universe. Created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Harry Lampert, the original Flash first appeared in Flash Comics #1 (January 1940).

[4] Thor (the son of Odin, the Asgardian) is a superhero who appears in publications by Marvel Comics. He first appeared in Journey into Mystery #83 (Aug. 1962) and was created by plotter Stan Lee, scripter Larry Lieber, and penciller Jack Kirby.

[5]The Man of Steel is a 1986 comic book limited series featuring DC Comics character Superman. It was written and drawn by John Byrne and inked by Dick Giordano.

[6] Kryptonite is a material from the Superman mythos — the ore form of a radioactive element from Superman’s home planet of Krypton. It appears in publications from DC Comics.

[7] Mjolnir is a weapon that appears in publications from Marvel Comics. It first appears in Journey into Mystery #83 (August 1962) and was created by writer Stan Lee and designed by artists Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott.

Saturday, September 24, 2016


Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan, appeared on the battlefield of Agnam where Nootra Security Forces’ agents, headed by the Autobot Optimus Prime, were fighting to prevent Decepticons’ invasion of Cybertron. His presence on Agnam favoured Megatron and his allies, namely Galactus, Magneto and Thanoseid. These retreated with the confidence that Broly would dispose of Nootra’s forces and they would return to reap the fruits of his disastrous work.

Following this turn of events, Cyclops and Optimus Prime sent Zach and Ryan to Nootra to look for Son Gohan, who was in possession of a prototype teleporting craft, which could travel billions of light years distance in an instant. That was the only means to reach planet Namek and bring back Son Goku, who alone had a chance of defeating Broly.

Zach and Ryan got the help of Benjamin and his teammates of Nootra’s Wings football team. These were having a decisive football encounter with the Gauntlet of Nootra and they were leading by two goals to one. Ryan and Zach met them during half time and told them about the situation on Agnam. Despite opposition from Cesare, Nootra’s Wings accepted to help the Earthlings and the whole team embarked on a search for Gohan. When they were gone, Cesare thought it wise to deal with Yann who prevented him from stopping his teammates from undertaking that mission.

Cesare stared fixedly at Yann in complete outrage. He couldn’t believe what just happened. His teammates were gone and there was no longer any possibility of him winning the match. He walked steadily towards Yann and collared him, threatening him with a punch.

Cesare: “Why did you do that? We’ve been training all year for this and you abandon everything for some impostors trying to set us up?”

Yann: “Hands off Cesare or you’re going to regret it.”

Cesare: “I doubt it. You have no idea of what you’ve done but I’ll show it to you right now.”

Yann: “You think you can beat me? How many tries have you got in your account, and how many times have you failed?”

Cesare didn’t answer but he maintained his grip on Yann, and raised his fist to punch him. Yann restrained the blow with a hand. This state of tension lasted a few seconds before Cesare released his grip and let him go.

Yann: “The best thing you can do is join me find the Saiyan.”

Yann launched after saying this, and flew off. He was one of those football players who could fly on their own. Cesare remained on the pitch alone. He twisted his hands and cried out with rage, feeling helpless because of his incapacity to change the unwelcome reality. He spent a few seconds in reflection after which a glimpse of light appeared on his face. He took off and flying at maximum speed, he caught up with Yann in the sky.

Yann: “Surprise, surprise! I thought you cared about nothing except the match.”

Cesare: “You band of weaklings will amount to nought without my help. I can sense Gohan’s aura on Seth Island.”

Yann: “Now that you’ve said it, I can sense it too. How did you detect him there?”

Cesare: “If the Saiyan isn’t aware of the situation when he’s in Nootra, it’s most likely because he’s in the place where no energy escapes either from within or from without. When I directed my chakra towards the East, I sensed he was in Seth recently.”

Yann smiled on hearing that. He aligned with Cesare and they flew together eastward.

Yann: “Aha Cesare. Don’t play the tough guy when you have a soft heart.”

Cesare: “Enough of your comment.”

Yann: “Why do you always have to make a whole scene of everything? You knew Broly was on Agnam yet you still wanted to continue with the match? How unfeeling!”

Cesare: “There are millions superheroes in Nootra; they’ll beat Broly as they’ve always beaten the villains. But this match would have proven to everyone that I was better than Eric. I would have won my place in the Galaxy Brave team and participated in the Inter-Galactic Tournament. Now the hard work I endured would be for nothing; all because of some impostors from planet Earth. I bet you they don’t play football there.”

Yann: “What those Earthlings are doing isn’t bad; they’re not from here but they’re helping us. I don’t understand why you’re still mad at them.”

Cesare: “I would have settled matters with the one called Zach. If he imagines he can vie with me in combat, I’m sorry for him. As for you Yann, don’t think I’ll forgive you. You humiliated me in front of everybody. We’re no more friends from now on.”

Yann: “Point of correction Cesare; we’ve never been friends.”

Cesare: “I’m faster than you; even faster than Trunks and Goten who call themselves Saiyans. Who said Saiyans were the strongest in the universe?”

Yann: “Faster than who? Don’t put me in that bunch of apprentices. See instead if you can catch up with me.”

Yann put on full speed and Cesare followed him with the same velocity, and they went in for a race while travelling to East Nootra. On Seth Island, Gohan, Yamcha, Puar[1] and Krilin were having a picnic on the beach. They were playing in the water when Cesare and Yann found them.

Cesare: “Aren’t those the people you’re looking for? Think you lost the final for these clowns. Just watch them making fools of themselves.”

Yann kept his outward calm though he was incensed on seeing Gohan and his companions partying. These noticed the two football players and feared for their fiesta.

Yamcha: “Oh, oh; trouble may come from the sky. It isn’t the rain but these guys may want to ruin our fun.”

Gohan: “The final was today, I suppose. If these two are here at this hour, then something must be wrong.”

Krilin: “Hope they haven’t come for revenge. Remember, they tried to take down the Earthlings when Trunks stopped them.”

Yamcha: “Those two never give anything a rest as far as I know.”

Cesare and Yann didn’t approach the Saiyan and his friends. Neither of them would take the responsibility to go down and speak with them.

Cesare: “I’m talking to these suckers for nothing. Go tell the Saiyan yourself Yann. After all, it was your idea that we should find him.”

Yann didn’t land to tell the heroes anything. He only sent a signal by creating a small explosion from a gadget he carried along for the other search groups to locate their position. Having thus alerted them, the two footballers left. Gohan took note of their gesture and reasoned it out.

Gohan: “If those two can miss a match just to find us, then there must be trouble. Krilin, Yamcha hurry; dress up and let’s get ready.”

[1] Yamcha and Puar (Puar is a shape shifting animal) appear in DBZ.

Sunday, September 18, 2016


The football final of the Nootra Tournament opposing Nootra’s Wings to the Gauntlet of Nootra was holding at that moment. Some minutes before half time, the Wings and Gauntlet were in a draw, each having a goal in their account. After making an important safe for his team, Voltz, goalkeeper of Nootra’s Wings, made a long clearance until the other half of the field. A midfielder of the Gauntlet trapped the ball on his chest. He passed it to another teammate and they ran together towards the Wings’ defence. Bruno, a defender of the Wings, tackled the striker and took the ball from him. He launched the counterattack by passing the ball to Papan.

When the ball was in Papan’s possession, instead of counterattacking, he juggled with the ball, tapping it with his feet many times, then with his knees and head. He continued by going in between two opponents and tricking them with a subtle handling of the ball. He bounced the ball repeatedly amidst other adversaries while maintaining total control of it. Papan was holding a show of his spectacular abilities in playing football and the spectators were well pleased, and they gave him an ovation of cheers and applauses. But his teammates were annoyed about what he was doing and they asked him to send the ball to them. He finally complied and passed the ball to Lucas.

Lucas and Ach continued the counterattack together. They kept on exchanging passes as they moved forward, which tactic destabilized the opponents. When the ball was with Ach, three adversaries came against him and Ach, with his hands in his pockets, dribbled them and came out of their midst without losing the ball. He passed the ball to Lucas and this time, Lucas ran fast forward, leaving Ach behind. When two midfielders of the adverse team tried to tackle him, Lucas jumped high with the ball on his feet as if it was tied to them. He made some acrobatic moves as he dribbled past several midfielders of the Gauntlet. Yann and Cesare shouldered him on both sides and when he saw an opening, he passed the ball to Cesare.

Knowing the potentials of Cesare, three defenders of the Gauntlet blocked him on the corner and he found no opening to shoot the ball to the goal. He tried to make a breach but there was no way for him to pass. He noticed that Benjamin had gone ahead of him and was waiting for his pass. Cesare made a long pass to Benjamin and the ball landed on the foot of the captain of Nootra’s Wings and clung to it. Benjamin tempered the game for a while to assess the situation. He observed that the Gauntlet surrounded him on all sides, having raised a wall in front of their goal. Most of the players of the Gauntlet were in the last twenty metres of their goal so Benjamin used his famous eagle’s wings technique and sent the ball to Roberto who was far away in the midfield. Roberto received the ball and made a sign to Eric who ran ahead to take position on the right side of the area.

Yann was on the right corner. He understood what Roberto and Eric wanted to do and having freed himself from all markers, he was in the ideal position for that combination to succeed. He made a sign to Roberto and this one shot the ball to him. Yann volleyed the ball, deflecting its trajectory sky high in the direction of Eric. Eric was in the middle of two defenders but he out-jumped them, and with a header, he hit the ball into the nets. The goalkeeper of the Gauntlet thought he had the ball but as he stretched out a hand to catch it, the ball multiplied and he couldn’t tell which one was real. So he was deceived by the notorious technique of Eric and conceded a goal. This was the second goal of Nootra’s Wings after the one of Cesare, and it gave them a lead in the final.

The referee’s whistle sounded a few minutes later and the two teams entered the changing room, and afterwards, went to the training pitch to prepare for the second half. It was still half time when Ryan and Zach landed on the training pitch and met Benjamin and his teammates. They informed them about the situation on Agnam and asked for their help in finding Son Gohan.

Benjamin: “You mean Broly has returned? He would have exterminated everybody three years ago if Son Goku hadn’t stopped him. This is an emergency Nootra’s Wings. We must help them find Gohan or this match is going to be our last.”

Roberto: “You can’t be serious! We can’t quit the match after all the hard work we’ve been through because of it.”

Voltz: “We’re leading Ben, and we’re playing well; we’ll definitely win the match. Let them go find other people to help them. Extra-Nootrans, in case you didn’t notice, we’re busy here and can’t assist you. Excuse us now.”

Voltz said this in a commanding tone to make it clear to the Earthlings that they had to leave. But not all of his teammates agreed with him.

Ach: “It’s Broly we’re talking about Voltz. We can’t pretend like it’s nothing. If he’s still mad at Goku as always, then we must prepare for the worst.”

Papan: “Did somebody say quit the match? You guys are nuts. The spectators will never forgive us for doing such a thing. And my trophy, the cheers, and ovation - all will be gone. I don’t want this to happen. Nooo.”

Benjamin: “Don’t make it a public show Papan; imagine that Cesare hears you. As for the match, there’s going to be a rematch when the organizers learn what was at stake.”

Eric: “Listen teammates, as citizens of this city, our priority should be the welfare of Nootra; not only by entertaining fellow citizens, but also by protecting them, like the agents. It’s just a matter of time before NSF announces the bad news to everybody. But time is running out for our heroes up there. A minute lost here is a heck of a problem to them.”

Though the players were speaking in a low tone so as not to attract the attention of two of their teammates, the ones they were trying to avoid had some long ears and they knew of what their comrades were preparing.

Cesare: “This can’t be done. So that’s what you had been planning all along Eric. Get me straight: no one leaves this place until the match is over. Nobody will rob me once again of my victory.”

Benjamin: “The galaxy is in danger and your only concern is this match?”

Cesare: “Exactly. Nothing is more important to me than winning this match. Understood?”

Eric: “Cesare, the orders are from Optimus Prime and Cyclops.”

Cesare: “I take orders from no one, and less from that lot of metallic men and mutants. They even violate the values of their so-called civilization. I thought living in this city meant to be free from being under orders.”

Benjamin: “I’m captain of this team and I say we go look for Gohan. We, players of Nootra’s Wings, are not only footballers but we represent this city as well. We’re a symbol of this civilization when we visit other planets to play football. Nootra’s Wings isn’t only about winning a match, it’s about upholding this civilization, which is nothing but the people of this city. We are of Nootra and we’re protecting our people with our Wings. That’s why as captain, I say we all go and find Son Gohan and do our part in saving our city. If you belong to this team Cesare, you do the same.”

Cesare: “I’ve heard speeches of that sort, full of choicest vocabulary yet all trash in the end. That grand talk doesn’t move me a whit. They’re just words used to manipulate those who lack faith in themselves. I never fall for that kind of trick. And I haven’t yet finished with this band of impostors from Earth.”

Ach: “You’re overstepping the limits Cesare. You can’t go against the expressed will of your captain. It’s out of proportion what you’ve done and I won’t allow you to disrespect Benjamin any further.”

Cesare: “I wasn’t addressing myself to you Ach but if you’re looking for me, you’ll find me. Don’t you see this is a set-up? How come intruders are now dealing with the vehicles? I warn you all: anyone who stands between this trophy and me will pay for it. As for you Benjamin, try to leave this pitch and you’re going to feel the hardness of my fist.”

The attitude of Cesare infuriated Zach and he raised his voice, and spoke aggressively to the haughty footballer.

Zach: “Look at the arrogant punk. It’s time someone got that out of you.”

Cesare turned away from Benjamin and faced Zach directly.

Cesare: “Well, the little kid has grown. Maybe we should finish with the impostor first before coming to Benjamin.”

Zach: “Good enough. Let’s see if your punch is as hard as your words.”

Ryan: “Knock it off guys; that can wait. Zach, control yourself; we have more important to do. Listen Cesare, if Son Goku doesn’t step in on time, there’ll be no more matches to play.”

Cesare: “Don’t care impostor. None gets in my way and goes unharmed.”

Bruno: “If you guys are going in for a fight, count me in.”

Voltz: “Cesare is relentless; there’s no reasoning with him. I’m not interfering this time. I’ll only watch and see how this turns out.”

Papan: “This is wastage. Instead of playing, winning and receiving applauses from the public, we’re here fighting each other. When you guys are done with the warfare, send me a note ’cause I’m out of here.”

Roberto: “You’re going nowhere Papan. Didn’t you hear the captain? We’re finding Gohan together. If you walk away, I’ll call you a coward.”

Papan: “Do as you please Roberto. You aren’t the one defining me. I am who I am irrespective of your opinion. Bye-bye squadies.”

Lucas: “I know who’s going to cry when Captain Nootra honours us and the public cheers us for saving the city from Broly.”

Papan: “You mean they’ll recognize me as someone who fought bravely for my city? You should have said that earlier. Benjamin, let’s go find the big green guy’s protégé.”

That wasn’t counting Cesare who was about fighting Zach. He was determined to stop his teammates from leaving the pitch. When Zach and Cesare were almost at it, Yann rushed in and stopped them before any one hurt the other.

Yann: “You won’t hit anybody here Cesare.”

Cesare: “Get out of my way. Don’t you see these aliens want to steal our victory?”

Yann: “Ben, take Nootra’s Wings with you and execute the mission. I’ll take care of him.”

Cesare: “Watch your words Yann. Take care of who?”

Yann: “Of you, of course. Is there any one odder in this place?”

Cesare: “You have no idea of what you’re doing. This is my match and I’m not losing it. This is also the last time I’m warning you; or you’ll regret it the rest of your life.”

Yann: “You used to boast of your chakra alerting you of impending danger. I guess you were only spinning yarns. Open your eyes for a while and look at the sky; Broly has returned.”

Cesare: “Don’t try to denigrate me Yann. I know very well that Broly is on Agnam. I also know Megatron and his deceptive creeps are there, with Thanoseid, Magneto and the cosmic horror. But that’s the least of my concern. What I know for sure is that I’m winning this final.”

Yann: “Then you’ll have to win it alone. And since you know everything, you certainly know this too. The moment you step on the main pitch without your teammates, the adverse team will win by default and there’ll be no rematch. It will be your fault if we don’t brandish the trophy. Then you would say bye-bye to your dreams of playing in the Galaxy Brave team until next year or maybe never. And worst of all, when people discover you were partly responsible for the destruction of the world, I don’t want to imagine what will become of you. Benjamin, you’re captain of the Wings; do what you have to do. Take your team and find Gohan.”

Benjamin and his teammates of Nootra’s Wings split into five groups of twos. Ryan and Zach equipped them with anti-gravitational gadgets, which the Autobots gave them as tools to fulfil their mission. They all took off and went for the search, leaving Yann and Cesare behind.

[1] Broly is a Saiyan who makes his debut in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan (1993), the eighth Dragon Ball Z feature movie.

[2] Bulma appears in DBZ. Capsule Corporation is a structure in DBZ.

[3] Adamantium is a hard metal used in publications by Marvel Comics. It was created by Roy Thomas, Barry Windsor-Smith and Stan Lee and first featured in Avengers #66 (July 1969).