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newmar: Have you read Another Dimension: The Ultimate Amal...

newmar: Have you read Another Dimension: The Ultimate Amal...: How can you talk of helping others when you haven’t helped yourself? Such sayings arise among us and I wonder why we keep hurting each other...

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Superman, Captain Nootra and Batman separated for their respective assignments. Meanwhile, the Earthlings were in total hysterics when their new friends took them to the sky.

Alan: “Splendid! We first floated in space, now we’re flying in the air. It’s refreshing to feel the breeze all around; nothing to do with outer space where everything was so cold.”

Shades: “This is nothing. Haven’t you seen anyone fly before?”

Wally: “This is nothing Shades? How come you don’t fly then?”

Shades: “I have my reasons. What I mean is that flying is too common in Nootra. Even football players fly nowadays.”

Ryan: “But no one flies on Earth; only vessels do. None has succeeded in defying the law of gravity and rising on their own without using engines.”

Mario: “What; the law? You’re dealing with that system? Earthlings must be a bunch of faithless folks who wouldn’t use their potentials to the fullest.”

Ryan: “What do you mean Mario?”

Gohan: “Mario means any system using the law only places obligations, prohibitions and restrictions on people, which prevent them from attaining their zenith. The knowledge of the law excludes faith and opposes manifestations of the supernatural.”

Mario: “Gohan, are you insinuating I can’t develop my point on my own?”

Gohan: “Sorry Mario. Please, have your way.”

Mario: “Ryan, I don’t understand why the people of Earth would like to fly but they don’t do it. It’s evident that when you want something, you have it.”

Jeremy: “You don’t understand, huh? Let me remind you Mario that you too can’t fly. It needed faith for superheroes to start flying.”

Shades: “And a lot of training too. Mario can’t fly because he’s lazy; I can’t fly because I don’t need to do everything. It would be silly if everybody flew in Nootra.”

Wally: “That’s only an excuse to cover up the fact that you can’t fly Shades. Why don’t you just admit only those with lots of energy do fly?”

Trunks: “I don’t agree Wally. I think the will makes all things possible. If you want something, as Mario said, and if you believe it with all your heart, it will manifest.”

Krilin: “It is true. I, for one, didn’t know how to fly, but all my friends did. I desired it, I believed it, and I imagined myself flying. I did train, yet without the will and faith, I wouldn’t have made it.”

Noah: “Me, I’ve always wanted to meet you superheroes. I believed all things were possible since the Agape said so. And here I am in the city of my heroes.”

Ryan: “The Agape is the force behind the manifestation of everything love and just. Whatever you want, if it is love, if it is just, He has already given it to you. You only have to appropriate it by believing.”

Zach: “Excuse me to interrupt you guys; Goten, can you tell me where I can find Son Goku?[5] I would like to challenge him to a duel.”

Goten: “You know my father?”

Shades: “Of course, they know all of us except Captain Nootra and his city, which they thought was some sort of cartoon world that didn’t exist.”

Ryan: “Son Goku is famous on Earth and is considered one of the strongest heroes.”

Trunks: “This isn’t surprising. Goten, your father’s fame has reached the furthermost parts of the universe.”

Zach: “We do know all of you but many don’t know you exist for real. What we’re experiencing is first-time. Some at home may find it hard to believe that we met you.”

Goten: “Your world is strange indeed. We do exist as you see. What do you people imagine on Earth? Things don’t exist except when people don’t know them, though there are things that exist without the knowledge of people. In our case however, if a number of people of your world can identify us, what more proof do you need to accept that we exist?”

Krilin: “I think you don’t have to force people to believe what you believe. Something doesn’t cease to be because some people don’t believe it, for nothing can change truth.”

Trunks: “Truth is absolute. It doesn’t depend on anything to be; not even on faith. Yet only those who believe can experience truth and make it their reality. Because you believed, you saw the manifestation. Don’t expect everyone to believe you for it isn’t their reality.”

Goten: “Trunks, did you take lessons from the Sages of Heyas or what? You’re now talking like some of their disciples.”

Trunks: “You started it Goten. Did you hear what you said before I spoke? One would think Piccolo[6] was speaking.”

Goten: “Ha, ha, ha. You know very well that Piccolo trained Gohan and in his turn, big brother passed down what he learnt to me. It isn’t surprising if I can say such things. Whereas you, Vegeta brought you up and I don’t see him saying anything coming from that direction.”

Trunks: “Don’t pretend you don’t know my father. He’s playing tough to mask what is indeed a heart of gold. I’m his son and I’m only expressing what my father is on the inside.”

Goten: “Sorry Zach; we’ve been carried away by this crummy talk. Sorry to disappoint you more for my father and his companions are not in the city. They’re on mission on planet Namek.”[7]

Going over the city through the locomotives that were the Saiyans and Krilin, Alan and his companions were struck by the immensity of Nootra.

Alan: “Nootra is a very big city. I’ve never seen one like this before. We walked the streets for hours and we’re flying over the city for quite some time now. It’s endless. By the way, what’s the name of this country?”

Krilin: “Country? There are no countries here. All the places you see are part of Nootra. This planet is the city of Nootra.”

Noah: “What? You mean this entire planet consists only of this city? How is such a thing possible?”

Gohan: “Nootra is vast and well organized. As Alan rightly noticed, it is an endless metropolis of several large quarters. The idea of the founding fathers when they came to this planet four thousand years ago was to build a civilization different from the ones they had known. They had witnessed wars and deception because people broke into factions and called themselves a particular people different from those who hitherto had been their neighbours. Yet it was the same people since there was no difference among them. Difference and division are only illusions to be surpassed in perception so that all things are viewed as one and linked together. Unfortunately, because of that misconception, they considered others as different and began hating and fighting each other until they brought chaos to their world.

’Refugees from many planets came here and discovered something special about this place. They founded the city of Nootra and decreed it as a civilization, which didn’t consider origin, race or any such things that cause division among men. Nootra was built on this mindset from that generation. The people who came later adopted the same values and had them implanted in the countless generations following. They saw themselves as one people with a common destiny; that of giving a new image to the world through the unity and freedom they enjoyed in Nootra.

’Nootrans soon realized that the planet prospered tremendously due to their attachment and commitment to one another. The people experienced wholeness and all sufficiency because they had this attitude of love, faith and justice with a determination to safeguard these treasures their ancestors passed down to them. Then supernatural things started to occur and the first people developed superhuman abilities. This made Nootrans even more conscious of their uniqueness and they were confident about the role they had to play in the world.

’Super powers were a gift from this planet so the people who received them naturally didn’t keep them to themselves but they shared with the rest. Training bases opened to teach the supernatural arts to those willing. Other people transferred their powers to their children. Although supernatural powers are innate in some, they can’t be manifested without the working of faith, and a little training too.

’When Nootrans developed in the supernatural, people from other planets came to the city to learn the art. From her creation, Nootra has refused to live under fear. She has been prompt in offering citizenship to anyone willing. The line of reasoning was, if we all are in this universe, we should live wherever we want. And Nootra was like the best place in the world. So it would be good if everybody came and lived here. Nootra so remained open and she didn’t shut her doors for fear of opposition.

’People from the galaxies benefited from her openness and acquired super powers. However, some were not sincere but they took advantage of her hospitality to infiltrate the city with greedy purposes, pretending to share her values. Some citizens also rebelled and openly renounced those values. Others, due to ignorance, were unable to discern good and evil; others still, on going through hard times because of some negative occurrences, failed to uphold the love and justice this city stands for. These people, who are citizens as well as people from other planets, turned evil and became the band of villains.

’But the truth in everything like Ryan said is, when you love and your cause is just, you always prevail. So another group emerged, which exceeded the band of villains in terms of power and abilities. It was the superheroes. These noble and mighty men had a charismatic passion for this civilization and they were zealous to uphold its values. Captain Nootra, Son Goku and Superman are some of them. They stood on their indisputable honour to defend this city from all threats. Since they were fighting for the good cause, they acquired strength thousand times superior to that of villains.

’Though the villains may threaten us, we rest assured because we have faith in our superheroes whose strength surpasses that of villains. That’s how we live happy and secure every single day in this world, which is close to a paradise.”

At the end of this brief summary of the history of Nootra given by Son Gohan, Alan and his fellow Terrestrials were flabbergasted. It was the first time they found such gracefulness in the history of a people.

Alan: “Absolutely stunning! We just received a lecture on the origins of Nootra here. The history of this world is simply a reflection of its beauty. There’s so much nobility in the citizens and their ancestors. No wonder the best people live here and those of our spirituals who connected with your world represented it and its values on Earth. What was that again Gohan? Everything is one and linked together.”

Ryan: “Yet one thing doesn’t fit in. How is Nootra administered? I see it’s no anarchy. How do you manage a planet of only one city?”

Jeremy: “Nootra is divided into five Sides; East, North, South, West and Mid Nootra. Each Side has its own headquarters and security force with many divisions. There’s one Headquarters Central in Mid Nootra. Each Division encloses several large neighbourhoods peculiar in various aspects. There’s a variety of landscape and culture in every Division. Division here is for the purpose of administration and settlement, not in terms of human difference. The Sides are surrounded by the untamed, like the place you met us. Despite being part of Nootra, Headquarters doesn’t enforce its influence but defends anyone who might find themselves in danger there.”

Zach: “And who’s the president of this city, or shall I say of this planet?”

Goten: “This is the first time I hear that word. What is a president?”

Alan: “The one who rules, the leader, the master of this place.”

Wally: “There is no such person here.”

Noah: “This big planet has no leader? How is it governed then? Who gives orders; who takes decisions?”

Krilin: “We told you already; Nootra Security Forces take charge of everything. All Divisions are represented at Headquarters Central where citizens with powers as well as those without powers seat and discuss things.”

Trunks: “This system is based on mutual trust. The people have full confidence in NSF agents. These have proven their loyalty to the Nootrans for they freely volunteered to protect and defend the people every day. They’re fully convinced of the cause Nootra is upholding so they do everything to spread this civilization.”

Zach: “I still don’t get it. Someone must be at the controls. Something can’t work without a head. Who’s at Headquarters?”

Gohan: “I see you’re so worked up by this thing of leader. Are they so important on Earth?”

Mario: “They think the green man who’s always locked up at Headquarters Central is our leader?”

Noah: “I can’t believe this. Don’t tell me Piccolo is now at the technique with the machines and technologies?”

Ryan: “It isn’t Piccolo Noah; it’s J’onn. So J’onn J’onzz is the general here.”

Shades: “I think we told you no one commands us; we simply trust each other. I don’t know what type of system you have on Earth but this one is the best.”

Wally: “This is the only one you know Shades.”

Jeremy: “NSF and its many branches have commanders reserved for them as a security force yet these officers are in no wise leaders of the people.”

Krilin: “We’re almost there. We’ll take Denver and the boys home. As for you friends, you can’t stay with them or the security agents will find you. We suffered some setbacks these last times and security can’t take chances. They’ll come after you.”

Goten: “Niisan,[8] let’s take them to Secret Base L4 in the North. The agents can’t arrest them there. We only have to convince our friends over there.”

Gohan: “That’s also what I was thinking. Our friends over there can help them get back to Earth. But we’ll have to go over the Frightful Forest and that won’t be pleasant.”

Noah: “Who are ‘our friends over there’? More of my cartoons heroes, I suppose.”

Mario: “A little respect Noah. Stop calling us cartoons. It’s irritating. We’re human beings, okay?”

Noah: “Sorry Mario; but I’m excited about the many people I’m going to meet in this place. It’s unfortunate Vegeta isn’t around.”

Trunks: “Trust me Noah; remove from your head the idea of ​​meeting my father. You may be disappointed for he is nothing you can call ‘friendly’.”

Noah: “I won’t have it any other way Trunks. It’s because of his behaviour that he’s my favourite.”

The warriors dropped Denver and his companions at Wally’s place and said goodbye for the moment. Parting from Noah and her friends wasn’t easy for Denver but he had to let them go. Secret Base L4 was located beyond a forest inhabited by villains and ferocious beasts. Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Krilin, bearing Zach, Noah, Ryan and Alan, tried to cross the forest unobserved.

Goten: “Let’s be discreet so that the inhabitants of the Forest shouldn’t detect us. Otherwise, we’ll run into trouble.”

Noah: “You mean they would want to hurt us? Who are the people living in this forest anyway?”

Trunks: “Villains of all sorts. Some of us put them here and they won’t miss a chance of taking their revenge.”

Gohan: “They’re trapped in this forest until they reject their wicked ways.”

Alan: “A conscience detector? Can the security sense when people change?”

Goten: “It’s been reliable so far.”

Ryan: “So those here can’t get out of the forest?”

Krilin: “Yes. The distinctiveness of this civilization entails that nobody is killed. The evil ones are exiled into this forest. They can’t escape due to a stamp on their shoulders. People outside can get in yet those who’re supposed to be here can’t get out.”

Zach: “I see; it’s a kind of prison. So much for your civilization! I suppose your city isn’t as ‘good’ as you described it.”

Gohan: “What can you do? How do you solve the problem of people who want to destroy your world; who want to overthrow everything you uphold; whose objectives are to take over and impose a reign of chaos? If you can’t nurture in them the same values you defend, how do you stop them from harming?”

Ryan: “Maybe some find flaws in the system and the only way to denounce it is to oppose it by becoming villains.”

Goten: “Ryan, maybe you’re making a comparison with another system but this civilization has no equals. That’s why it is a civilization and not a system. We mean it when we talk of love, justice and faith as cornerstone of Nootra. My father and Piccolo have been to countless dimensions and they have testified of the uniqueness of this culture.”

Trunks: “And knowing who they are, we trust them, fully convinced they’re saying the truth.”

Krilin: “Because of their nobility and loyalty, some men deserve the title of sages. Their judgement and opinion have become divine and trustworthy. Yet in spite of this, they never impose their will on others. I’m privileged to be friends with one prominent among them and I can testify of his integrity. We have a large number of such people in this city and we trust them wholeheartedly.”

Gohan: “Nootra created this forest to give the villains a chance to make a new beginning. It’s just as nice as any place in the city. In fact, this is the best place for spirituals. The villains are the ones who turned it into the Frightful Forest. You may judge it otherwise but this is the only way NSF thought it best to rehabilitate the bad guys.”

Trunks: “I envy them sometimes. The Frightful Forest is a delight as to spirituality but you’ll go through tough times if you get there.”

The attempt of the Saiyans to be discreet was vain since Windfang,[9] the hideous creature, spotted them. Windfang, Wrath-Amon’s henchman, was at large while his master was trapped in the Forest. Wrath-Amon had left him with instructions to patrol the forest and bring him and his fellow villains any superhero who ventured that way. Windfang had once been a good man until Wrath-Amon transformed him into that horrible creature. He remained at Wrath-Amon’s service with the hope that the latter would give him back his human form as he promised.

Having sighted the Saiyans, Krilin and the Earthlings, Windfang spread his wings and attacked them in the sky. He came frontally in their direction and pushed them with great force. Destabilized in their movement, the children lost balance and fell onto the ground, landing in the heart of the Forest. A group of villains fast assembled and closed in on them. The terrible Freeza[10] and the awful Wrath-Amon were at the head.

Goten: “What misfortune! They appear to be really mad at us.”

Freeza: “Well, well! Aren’t these our beloved Saiyans? Who knew the sky would so generously serve us a succulent dessert for dinner?”

[1] Senzu Beans are mystical beans with immense rejuvenation properties in the Dragon Ball franchise.

[2] Son Gohan, Son Goten and Krilin appear in DBZ.

[3] Cell appears in DBZ.

[4] Gotenks is a powerful being that results from the successful fusion of Trunks and Son Goten using the Fusion Dance in Dragon Ball Z. It is used here as an abbreviation for the names Son Goten and Trunks though they are separate and have not fused their powers.

[5] Son Goku is the primary protagonist of the Dragon Ball franchise.

[6] Piccolo Jr. appears in DBZ.

[7] Namek is a planet in DBZ.

[8] Niisan means big brother.

[9] Windfang and Wrath-Amon are characters appearing in Conan, the Adventurer, an American animated TV series adaptation of Conan the Barbarian, the literary character created by Robert E. Howard that appeared in Weird Tales magazine in 1932. Conan, the Adventurer was produced by Jetlag Productions and Sunbow Productions. The series debuted on Sep. 12, 1992, ran for 65 episodes and concluded on Nov. 22, 1993. Christy Marx developed it.

[10] Freeza appears in DBZ.

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newmar: WE'RE HUMANS, NOT ADJECTIVES: Society tends to categorize people. Humans are just living their lives and society gives you a name, saying you’re lazy or whatever. You did...

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The unprecedented happened. Noah, Ryan, Alan and Zach landed in a world where cartoons’ and comics’ heroes exist. Nootra, the city of Denver the dinosaur, yet not the last in Nootra, proved to be the realization of their craziest dreams. They believed all things were possible, they loved beyond doubt, their cause was a just one, so they were counted worthy to see the desire of their hearts. The supernatural was unveiled to them and it became their reality.

After Denver and his companions helped the Earthlings enter the city of Nootra by disguising them as four of their football players, Cesare and Yann hindered them on the way. These two didn’t find their copies any amusing. Batman also uncovered the trick of Denver and his friends and he alerted Nootra Security Forces Headquarters. Superman and Captain Nootra took off immediately to apprehend the intruders. They however faced Trunks who came to rescue the Earthlings.

After Superman and Captain Nootra fused their powers and became one, Super-Nootra and Trunks were crushed by Cesare and Yann. These two used their footballs to knock out the superheroes into oblivion. Then the Shredder captured Denver and tried to run away with the dinosaur. But the Ninja Turtles appeared on the scene to prevent the bladed villain from harming anyone. So went the clashes in the streets of Nootra.

The latest round of the fight opposing Shredder and his gang to the Ninja Turtles began in the streets of Westside Nootra. Leonardo, the Turtle with the blue mask, displayed his twin ninja swords. Donatello, the purple-masked Turtle, revealed his bō staff. Raphael, the red-masked Turtle, released his twin ninja sais and Michelangelo, the Turtle with the orange mask, exhibited his whirling nunchakus.

Raphael: “Leave them to me bros. We don’t have to fight them together. I can chase them out in one second. Just watch me.”

Michelangelo: “I wish I had some popcorn. I’d enjoy watching this round. Raph is in one of his moods there.”

Leonardo: “At least it’s directed towards our enemies and not against me. (Shouting) Put them down bro; you’re the best.”

Raphael separated from his brothers to fight Bebop and Rocksteady alone. He ran towards them, gained momentum and thrust himself high in the air. With his ninja sais ready in his hands, he turned around and shot each at Bebop and Rocksteady, immobilizing them by pinning their shoes to the ground.

Michelangelo: “This is what I call precision. Raph’s ninja sais passed between their toes and froze them without wounding them. Who says better?”

Leonardo: “Raph just dethroned Hawkeye there.”

Bebop and Rocksteady somehow managed to break free. They took Raphael’s ninja sais and shot them at him. But these weapons only fell in the hands of their master.

Raphael: “Wrong calculation dudes. You can’t use my beauties against me.”

Donatello: “Those two need no strain on your part bro. Admire how I take them down without breaking a sweat.”

Raphael: “Donnie, what are you doing? They’re mine alone. Have you heard?”

Donatello didn’t listen to his brother He appeared before Shredder’s mutants with his bō staff and made a show of how well he wielded his weapon. As he turned it in every direction, Bebop and Rocksteady became dizzy and saw stars. They couldn’t stand the turns and before they understood anything, Donatello struck them down simultaneously and they were beaten.

Donatello: “Sorry Raph; you weren’t going to have fun alone.”

Leonardo: “That was quite a demonstration Don. I don’t see anyone competing with you in handling the bō staff.”

Raphael: “Quit playing the sensei Leo. Donnie, you outstripped me on this one, but I’ll give you no second for that next time.”

Michelangelo: “Now that we’re done with those two, let’s pass to the Shredder.”

Leonardo: “It’s between you and me Oruku Saki. Brothers, now’s my turn.”

Shredder: “Come taste my blades Leonardo. I’ll shred you like they shred paper into pieces.”

Leonardo released his katanas to attack the enemy. He used his twin swords simultaneously and attempted various strikes on the Shredder. This one dodged them by shifting and jumping swiftly and Leonardo’s strikes didn’t bruise him. The Shredder countered by coming with his left hand all decked with blades to cut Leonardo. That wasn’t counting the high speed and agility of Leonardo who ducked the attack acrobatically. Then the Turtle appeared behind Shredder with his two swords crossed before the enemy.

Shredder defended himself by using his hands, then his bladed arms to repel the swords. When Leonardo’s grip was loosened, Shredder pushed him backwards by stretching out a leg. He got out of Leonardo’s hold and jumped to a lamppost. Standing steadfast on the thin metallic chandelier, he made another long jump to the top of a high building. Leonardo followed him to the roof of the structure and they continued their fight under the gaze of the three Turtles.

When Leonardo was fighting Shredder, Noah, who had been in hiding, ran to her friends and shook them forcefully to awaken them from the sleep the soporific gas drove them into. Jeremy woke up and searched his sack for some Senzu Beans.[1] He forced them into the mouth of Trunks and the Saiyan regained consciousness after a few seconds. Once replenished through the immediate remedial effects of the Senzu Beans, Trunks sent a signal by emitting a large amount of energy from his body. He was calling some companions, and reinforcement came in a few minutes.

Realizing that he wasn’t going to win, Shredder climbed down the building by jumping from one part of it to another until he reached the ground. Then he called his two henchmen.

Shredder: “Bebop, Rocksteady, more Saiyans are coming! Run for it.”

Bebop: “What do we do with the dinosaur?”

Shredder: “Can’t you use your head for once? Don’t you see they’ll get us if we take him along? You two, board the vehicle and let’s disappear.”

Donatello: “The same old story. Shredder always takes to his heels.”

Leonardo: “Don’t let him get away.”

Raphael: “Whatever you say fearless leader.”

Michelangelo: “Here we are at it again: Shredder on the run.”

The Ninja Turtles went after the fleeing Shredder, leaving the rest behind. The Earthlings were disappointed they hadn’t chatted with them though Noah still shouted something before they disappeared.

Noah: “Thanks Michelangelo. I’ll bring some pizzas next time.”

Shades: “Don’t shout so loud; you’ll wake up the big guys.”

Wally: “Denver is hurt tied up like that. Everyone, come let’s loosen him.”

The Nootrans and their new friends freed Denver and when the dinosaur was back with his pals, he carried each of them and licked them lovingly. The Earthlings, however, were more excited about the Saiyan.

Noah: “You were spectacular Trunks. You shredded the cuffs better than the Shredder could do.”

Trunks: “Did you like it? That was only a beginner’s lesson. If Yann and Cesare had not butted in, you would have seen more of what me and my sword can do.”

Ryan: “Wait a minute; are you Future Trunks or Present Trunks? Now that you’re not small, I can’t tell which one of them you are. It’s true both of you have a sword but Present Trunks doesn’t use it often.”

Mario: “Of course, he’s present Trunks. What’s wrong with you Earthlings? I’m already fed up with your stupid remarks. What’s more; your logic is completely daft. How can someone be future when he’s here present?”

Alan: “There was a complication in the plot of the anime. Trunks had to come from the future to the present to save his timeline. Those episodes were epic.”

Trunks: “I like that script. Your stories sound interesting. We’ll listen to them after you’re taken to a safer place. Here they come. Guys, over here.”

Trunks was waving to his companions who appeared in the sky and were about to land in their midst.

Zach: “Guys, can you see what I see?”

Alan: “This is big. They’re exactly as we know them.”

Noah: “Son Gohan, Son Goten and Krilin!”[2]

Shades: “Snap out of it Earthies, or they’re going to take the big head.”

Mario: “Must you do that for everybody you see in Nootra? Yes, we’re what you call ‘cartoons.’ You know us and will probably see more of us. So why not stop playing ‘surprised’ each time you see a hero?”

Goten: “Don’t get upset Mario. It’s not like it’s a bad thing. I don’t mind admirers acclaiming me.”

Mario: “It wasn’t an acclamation Goten. Wait until you see it three or four times. Then you’ll tell me the burden.”

Trunks: “Gohan, we have to get these visitors out of the reach of the security forces. NSF is after them so I stopped Cap and Superman from arresting them.”

Gohan: “You did a good job Trunks. Hello friends. I see you know us already. So what do we call you?”

Noah: “My name is Noah. The laid-back guy there is Alan. The one with long dark hair and somewhat aggressive look is Zach. This last one with unparalleled assurance on his face is Ryan. We’re from planet Earth.”

Gohan: “Pleased to meet you Earthlings. Now we have to get you out of here before the big guys wake up.”

Krilin: “Gohan, can you carry Denver? He weighs a ton, you know.”

Goten: “Sure Gohan can. He took out Cell,[3] remember? Denver would be as light as a feather to him.”

Krilin: “Those were the good old days you missed Gotenks.”[4]

Gohan: “Thanks for the compliment little brother, though you did it just to free yourself from the burden. Anyway, I’m the oldest Saiyan among you so it’s my responsibility. Come on, let’s take off.”

Son Gohan took Denver on both hands. Trunks had Mario and Alan on his left and right hands while Wally was behind his back. Son Goten carried Noah behind his back and Zach and Shades clung to either of his hands. Krilin held the hands of Ryan and Jeremy. They all took to the sky and flew away.

They were already far off when Batman arrived at the site that had been the scene of clashes some minutes earlier. His colleagues were still lying down in a state of unconsciousness. He revived them with an energizing gadget and they woke up with a start.

Batman: “What exactly are you doing? Where are the intruders?”

Superman: “We couldn’t arrest them. Cesare and Yann smote us hard with their football and I sense the Saiyans took them away.”

Batman knitted his brows and scowled at the two on hearing that.

Batman: “Cesare and Yann? Don’t make me laugh.”

Captain Nootra: “I’d be glad if I could and see how you look like when you laugh with that mask on. The laughing bat won’t be a small joke to tell my friends. Yet the truth is, Cesare and Yann got the better of us.”

Batman: “This isn’t serious. Those ordinary kids can’t deal a scratch on superheroes like you two.”

Captain Nootra: “You call Cesare and Yann ordinary kids? I see you don’t watch Nootra’s Wings football team play.”

Superman: “Yea. That shot was more powerful than any punch I’ve ever received. Not even Super-Nootra could do a thing.”

Batman: “I understand Cap can be irresponsible but Superman, it’s not because you partner with him that you’re going to let him drag you into the recklessness. It’s probably the enemy we’ve been watching for who penetrated right into the heart of the city. They must be arrested and interrogated on their motives. You can’t tell what the enemies of Nootra are up to.”

Captain Nootra: “There you go on your guesswork again. You’re always assuming the worst but I saw their faces and nothing showed they’re any menace. And you’re making us reproaches when you’re the one who was defective in the first place. To add injury to crime, you have the guts to say I’m irresponsible. Answer me Batman, how come you let intruders enter the city when you were supposed to be vigilant?”

Batman: “What’s the point Cap; are you looking for a fight?”

Superman: “Quit messing around you two. We have to find those extra-Nootrans.”

Captain Nootra: “They’re kids after all. What harm can they do?”

Batman: “We paid a high price last time because we underestimated the threat the intruders posed. We might still repeat the same mistake. And I wonder why Captain Nootra, protector of the city, takes it lightly.”

Captain Nootra: “You may be right but not everybody needs to wear such stern look and talk so scary to show they’re concerned. You’re over-suspicious bats. There’s a reasoning here. Jeremy and Wally are smart and they trusted the alleged ‘intruders’. The Saiyans are also keepers of the city and they can’t betray her by helping our enemies. Instead of suspecting those children, why not trust our men?”

Batman: “Nootra should have known better than making you Captain of this city. You compromise too easily. The Saiyans, the green dino and his friends are all children and though the former may be agents, they don’t have responsibility enough to perceive the gravity of the situation. That’s why NSF didn’t deem it necessary to tell them about the menace. When the enemy strikes, they don’t look back or think twice. Create an opening for them and you’ll see your whole world crumble into dust. I’ve been in this business for years and I’ve never seen the enemy capitulate. If you’re captain of this city, it’s high time you acted like one.”

Captain Nootra: “This is no business Mr. Billionaire. Let this be clear to you: NSF didn’t make me Captain Nootra. I became captain of this city because I live here, I love this civilization and the Nootra Shield chose me. The will of my predecessors in the shield gave me this title. They wanted me because they trusted me. And they’re right for I’ll do everything to protect the people. I’m not all brain like you Bruce; I have a heart as well. I see things from both angles before passing judgement. It’s time you asked yourself why the Nootra Shield chose me instead of you.”

Batman: “Do you think I care anything about that title you carry? That’s the least of my concern. I don’t need the recognition of anyone to do what I’m doing. All I want is to keep this city secure so that no one tampers with this unique civilization, which is an emblem of hope across the universe. And people like you shouldn’t be in my way.”

Captain Nootra: “If you’re so eager to defend this city, why not get some powers? You continue to depend on rudimentary weapons and you can’t be one hundred per cent efficient in combat. The training bases are open to everybody, even to you, but Mister thinks he can fight super villains his own way without using super powers. Superheroes won’t always be there to save your hide Batman.”

Batman: “Are you done already? Now store this in your brain. Super powers don’t define anyone. Having them isn’t the issue. It’s what you do with them that matters. If you can do what you’re supposed to do without them, it’s useless having them. All is about strategy. To have a good strategy, you need to gather information and analyse the situation carefully by taking into consideration every minute detail. Having thus worked on your intelligence, you set up offensive and defensive tactics, and launch an operation with utmost precision, in conformity with the plan you put in place. If you conduct things this way, even with any crude gadgets, you’ll defeat the enemy no matter the amount of power they possess. Regrettably, people like you will never understand these things.”

Superman: “Batman has a point. I’ve never seen anyone with no super powers as skilful in combat as Batman is. Cap, I won’t hide you the fact that I’m not sure to beat him if it came to single combat. He’s dexterous, crafty and proficient so that in his own unique way, he outsmarts villains and defeats them. Everything comes from the heart. If you desire to do something, you’ll do it regardless of whether you possess supernatural abilities or not. Batman has chosen to protect the people and that’s what he’s doing, though with no super powers.”

Batman: “Stop that nonsense Superman. I don’t need you to shower me with compliments. And leave the issue of heart to Cap; kids are so fond of that stuff. Yet there must be something you have to be doing if you’re in this world. I’ve chosen to uphold this civilization without relying on supernatural abilities. Not all people want to possess those powers. It’s not because I can have them that I should have them. They don’t add anything to or subtract anything from anyone. I’m comfortable with my way of doing things and I don’t know why others are upset about it.”

Captain Nootra: “Spit it out bats. Instead of hiding behind the slogan ‘uphold this civilization’, why don’t you simply admit you give yourself so much trouble for this city because you love the people? Someone you know told me love is nothing to be ashamed of. But you’re lucky I choose to forget all disrespectful remarks you made about me. Captain Nootra has vowed to protect citizens and that’s what he’s doing. Why not do the same by being effective in your post instead of having others clean up your mess?”

Superman: “I’ve had enough of you two. Cap, don’t you ever stop? Batman is an elder and my best friend. You shouldn’t speak to him like that. You ought to apologize immediately.”

Batman: “Apologize to me? I want no such thing from him. His words don’t disturb me at all Superman. These very words enabled him to become stronger. I’ll let him be as long as he continues to challenge me in areas I never considered of note in security, strategy and combat. Yet count on me to rebuke him anytime he misses the mark.”

Captain Nootra: “Only in your nightmares.”

Superman: “You two are so weird. Well, it’s your family affair and though I’m familiar with it, I still don’t understand anything about it.”

Captain Nootra: “Superman, never mention again that I’m related to this guy. Before I forget bats, I want a new pair of boots. What are these shoes kids make fun of all the time?”

Batman: “That has nothing to do with me Captain. Remember, mode Captain Nootra gives you your outfit, build and appearance. And when will you quit worrying over every unnecessary remark people make about you?”

Superman: “Quite a big show you two are staging here. I would have a good laugh if you were not so serious.”

Captain Nootra: “If that was meant as a joke Superman, it wasn’t funny. The offstage is over and here are your orders: Batman, return to your post and Superman, come with me and let’s find the intruders.”

Superman (to himself): “I guess I shall miss the party again this year. I didn’t want to attend it; now I have a good excuse. Lucky me; mom won’t scold me for being absent.”

Superman, Captain Nootra and Batman separated for their respective assignments. Meanwhile, the Earthlings were in total hysterics when their new friends took them to the sky.

[1] Senzu Beans are mystical beans with immense rejuvenation properties in the Dragon Ball franchise.

[2] Son Gohan, Son Goten and Krilin appear in DBZ.

[3] Cell appears in DBZ.

[4] Gotenks is a powerful being that results from the successful fusion of Trunks and Son Goten using the Fusion Dance in Dragon Ball Z. It is used here as an abbreviation for the names Son Goten and Trunks though they are separate and have not fused their powers.

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newmar: FEAR OF BLISS?

newmar: FEAR OF BLISS?: Generally, people seem to be afraid of bliss or to enter a state of bliss. People may have all things they desire but they’re still sad like...

Saturday, June 11, 2016


Noah, Alan, Zach and Ryan left their home planet Earth aboard a space shuttle that launched from their city Aven. Once in space, they were victims of an accident and ejected from the shuttle into outer space. Then they supernaturally reached a dimension, which proved to be the fulfilment of their dreams. There, they made the discovery of the century – the people featuring as characters in comics and cartoons exist.

The first person they met in Nootra, city of superheroes, was Denver, the Last Dinosaur. Denver and his companions, Wally, Shades, Jeremy and Mario, accepted to help them find their way back home. The Green Dino Band disguised the Earthlings as four football players of Nootra. Zach was camouflaged as Cesare, Alan as Yann, Noah as Benjamin and Ryan as Papan. So they outsmarted the vigilante Batman and entered the city.

Though nearly unmasked by Hawkeye and his daughter Rain, things rather went well for them and they visited some neighbourhoods of Westside Nootra. They fell into real trouble when the true Cesare and Yann met them in the streets. These were angry that their images were used for the cloning. Cesare and Yann stood against Zach and Ryan to fight them. Noah watched the unfortunate scene and she was sorry. Her friends were about to fight her football heroes.

Some minutes before this took place, the true Benjamin and the true Papan with Eric, Lucas, Roberto, Bruno, Ach, Voltz and other teammates of Nootra’s Wings made their way to the city after their training. They reached the city gates and thought of teasing Batman to chase the seriousness away from him.

Ach: “Hello bat head, what’s up? Are you still at this boring thing you call a job?”
Lucas: “I don’t want to be in your place. You stand here for hours while we’re having all the fun. You should come and play with us sometimes.”

Batman: “How can your training be fun? You’re in the final and you mustn’t take it lightly children.”
Benjamin: “We’re only doing the work we love; that’s why it’s such a fun. We want you to join us in our next session.”
Voltz: “Can Batman play football? Superheroes are hopeless when it comes to playing football.”
Bruno: “They may be superheroes but they stand no chance against me in the ball game.”
Batman: “Don’t underestimate my abilities children. I can do many things. I used to play with some good old friends when I was younger.”
Roberto: “Batman a kid? You must be joking. I bet you he appeared in this world exactly as he is now.”
Voltz: “Yea; because if ever he had been a kid, it would be something like a Batkid; all dressed up in his batsuit ready to fight crime.”

Roberto: “Yea; and he talked about friends. Who would want to be friends with a guy whose attitude drives everyone away?”
Bruno: “An unwelcoming aura, you mean.”
Eric: “That’s not true. Batman has many friends in the city. He’s in the Justice League and his teammates are his friends.”
Bruno: “The ‘just us league’, you meant.”

Ach: “What a team! It comprises only the mightiest among the mighty. They’re unbeatable except for the unprecedented.”
Batman: “And the unprecedented always occurs Ach. Thanks for taking my defence Eric though having friends isn’t my priority. My main concern is to protect Nootra against any internal or external threat. The rest doesn’t matter.”
Benjamin: “I disagree with you there Day Knight. The rest is what makes the former possible. You can’t protect the city if you don’t care about its people.”

Eric: “You mentioned some friends of yours. It’s obvious they’re the ones because of whom you’re a fighter. To me, everything is worthless if not done out of love for people.”
Lucas: “Look at me batty, I play football not only for myself, but also for my friends. I used to play alone but I wasn’t happy. It’s great fun when we’re playing together as a team. You’re in the JL and you certainly know what I’m talking about.”
Ach: “If you think Batman doesn’t know about friendship in a team, then you’re one ignorant Nootran. The Caped Champion is the brain behind the Justice League and most of the teams of NSF.”

Papan interrupted the flow of the discussion to have it suit his taste.
Papan: “You guys are too boring with all this reasoning. We won’t get anywhere if you continue talking this serious.”
Roberto: “Papan has a point. Have you ever been with people who act as though everything was ‘don’t joke with this subject; it’s a delicate issue’?”
Voltz: “They’re boring to tears.”

Papan: “Check this one guys; it’s like Batman hasn’t slept for days. He does have a nasty face there. Did you know he chose to be a bat so he could stay up late and his parents wouldn’t scold him for that? It doesn’t surprise me coming from him. Look; he’s almost dead tired judging from his eyes. Bats, what do you mean staying up late again when you’re now working in the day?”
Batman: “Only you can make such comments Papan. You can’t see my face, how can you say anything about my look?”
Eric: “Speaking of your looks Batman, if you want people to come any closer, try changing your costume. You won’t become popular dressed like that with those white eyes that scare many.”

Bruno: “It’s an outrage. My little brother had a nightmare after seeing you. NSF should know better than posting you here to frighten kids.”
Lucas: “Ha, ha, ha. Frighten troublemakers like your little brother. Slow down boys; you’re too hard on the guy. I think he’s pretty cool the way he is. Don’t mind them bats. I like your style and your costume is great. You’re doing a good job agent.”
Benjamin: “I don’t understand why you would rather guard the city during the day when you’re ten times more efficient at night. You did it so well before you became the Bright Knight.”
Batman: “It was only last month I stopped being the Dark Knight. Things have changed since then and I must adapt to the present situation.”

Papan: “Don’t bother yourself trying to understand him Benjamin. Everybody in Westside knows Batman spends the night partying with some strange company. That’s why he’s ineffective during the day. Listen to a friend’s advice bats; quit this job or someday, somebody will get hurt through your lack of vigilance.”
Batman: “Papan talks of responsibility? Your advice must be in reflexive mode. Wait a minute; didn’t I hear you a couple of hours ago say something about keeping your mouth shut?”

Papan: “Me, silent? I’m so disappointed. I thought you knew me better than that vigilante. I can’t keep quiet as long as you have that grave look on your face. When you let your hair down, then I’ll spare you.”
Batman: “Who are those who entered the city with Denver then? Impostors!”
Papan: “You guys see what I was just saying?”

Batman immediately called Nootra Security Forces with his communicator.
Batman: “Batman to J’onn: come in. I have a case of intruders here. They’re four of them disguised as Benjamin, Papan, Cesare and Yann and they’re with Denver and his four companions.”

J’onn J’onzz (through communicator): “Copy that. I’m sending agents right away. J’onn out.”
J’onn J’onzz dispatched two heroes to apprehend the intruders. Once these received the coordinates, they left NSF Central and set out for the chase. It only took few minutes for them to find the Earthlings whom Cesare and Yann blocked on the way. The agents landed and prevented Cesare and Zach, on one hand, and Yann and Ryan, on the other, from fighting each other.
Noah: “Look up in the sky; it’s Superman, the prototype superhero on Earth.”

Alan: “You shouldn’t be so excited about him Noah. I fear his friend the bat realized his mistake and sent him here to arrest us.”
Superman: “So you’re intruders from Earth? Still, it’s good to see everyone knows me; even on Earth.”
Captain Nootra: “What about me? I’m the captain of Nootra yet everybody is only talking about Superman.”
Cesare wasn’t happy that the agents of NSF interfered in his affairs, so he warned them.
Cesare: “No way costumed men. You won’t stop me from correcting this punk.”

Captain Nootra: “O yes, we will. Kid, you can’t take issues into your own hands. We’re here for that.”
Cesare: “Call me kid again and I’ll smash you with my football.”
Captain Nootra: “That’s no way to speak to an elder, and less to Captain Nootra. What have I done to deserve such scorn from my citizens?”

Mario: “Your shoes are a mess. If I were you Cap, I’d get myself new ones.”
Jeremy: “Stop provoking him Mario; you’ll only make him angrier.”
Wally: “Or more depressed. Look, he’s already complaining to Superman.”
Captain Nootra: “Is that true Superman? And you never mentioned anything about my shoes.”

Superman: “There’s nothing wrong with them. They’re like mine, see? I can’t believe you fall for every criticism.”
Captain Nootra: “You can say that since you’re Superman and nobody criticizes you. Even people from an unknown planet have you as prototype superhero. But after we’re done here, I’ll ask my designer to make me a new pair of shoes.”
Shades: “Don’t change anything Cap; Mario was only teasing. You’re our Captain and we’re proud of you. Can we now go with our friends?”
Cesare: “Not until I’ve finished with the impostor. Get out of my way super freak.”

Superman: “One doesn’t need special abilities to see that you’re the real Cesare. You and Yann will leave these children to us. They’re henceforth in the custody of Nootra Security Forces.”
Superman and Captain Nootra unmasked the Earthlings by vaporising them with a digital gear. Once the children regained their true appearances, the agents immobilized their hands with cuffs. Denver and his companions tried to explain themselves but the security agents wouldn’t listen.

Captain Nootra: “Sorry friends; I’m not keen on arresting children, but orders are orders, (aside) especially when they indirectly come from the bat. Rest assured though. Your buddies are coming back to you if they’re found to be of no threat to Nootra.”

It happened that before Superman and Captain Nootra took the Earthlings away, a sword stretched out and in one go, shattered the four metallic objects fastening the Earthlings’ hands. To the horror of the agents and the jubilation of the children, Trunks, the son of Vegeta the Saiyan, appeared. Superman and Captain Nootra realized the odds had changed.

Wally: “Whoa. Trunks the Saiyan has come to the rescue.”
Mario: “Things are starting to get more interesting now.”
Captain Nootra: “Trunks, you have no right to meddle here.”
Superman: “When he has that look on his face, that tells me he won’t listen to anything. I’m expected at my mom’s birthday party and I don’t intend to waste time here. Cap, let’s finish this fast.”

Superman and Captain Nootra merged their powers and the result was colossal. It was the creation of a mighty being possessing both the powers of Captain Nootra and Superman. What followed was a spectacular confrontation between Trunks and Super-Nootra.

Alan: “Huge! Fusion also exists here. I used to wonder how such a thing could be possible, but now I know.”
Shades: “These men are crazy. Why do they merge their powers against an adversary like Trunks?”

Jeremy: “Superman talked of a party he must attend. He wouldn’t waste time with Trunks that’s why he wants to finish it fast.”
Shades: “I heard what he said Jeremy. What I meant is that Superman and Captain Nootra are grown-ups and each of them is superior to Trunks. Trunks is good but they’ll have him like a beginner.”
Mario: “Nonsense Shades. Trunks can take down the two of them in a single round. You underestimate the powers of Saiyans. These guys are born fighters.”
Jeremy: “It isn’t logical Mario. Trunks is no match for Super-Nootra.”
Alan: “The illogical becomes actuality when you believe. Our being here is illogical; cartoons existing is illogical. Trunks came to help us, let’s give him a hand.”

Shades: “You must be nuts thinking you can do a thing to Superman and Captain Nootra combined. It’s Super-Nootra we’re talking about.”
Ryan: “I believe for the manifestation of the impossible. None is invulnerable except one, and it’s by faith in Him I do everything. If we come together, with Denver’s strength, our determination and my faith, we’ll help Trunks out.”

Wally: “You said it Ryan. I’ve always wanted to take part in a fight where I would trample on Superman’s boot.”
Mario: “Quite ordinary Wally; I’ve seen kids do that way too often. What would be something is to pinch the nose of Cap. O boy, I’m so going to enjoy this. What are we waiting for?”
Jeremy: “But Denver can’t stand violence.”

Zach: “Denver, we must rescue Trunks. We’re the good guys.”
Denver accepted to join his friends but Noah was now being reluctant.
Noah: “You want me to attack Superman? How could you possibly ask me such a thing? What if he hates me after? He might be angry with me and I wouldn’t be able to live with that.”

Alan: “If your Superman is as heartless as this one, he doesn’t deserve your love.”
Noah: “That doesn’t count. What matters is that I love him.”
Ryan: “Everything is settled then. You can attack him knowing you have a good reason for doing so and without worrying about whether he might hate you or not.”

Zach: “What is important here Noah? Is it that you’re convinced you’re right or what he might think about you?”
Noah: “Say no more guys; I got your point. Everything my companions are on, I’m game for it.”
Shades: “Here we go. Mission: Nootra 4West N3S7. Objective: Rescue Trunks. Target: Super-Nootra. Time: 14H 75. Action: Everybody charge anyhow you can.”

Zach: “Everybody charge anyhow you can? That isn’t strategic Shades. All the same: go, go, go.”
The Earthlings and their new friends were determined to help Trunks but that wasn’t counting what Cesare and Yann had in mind. Before they could take any action against Super-Nootra, Cesare and Yann outstripped them. These two were enraged at the intrusion of Trunks and Super-Nootra in their intended fight against Zach and Ryan. So they decided to give the heroes a good punishment.

Cesare: “How mean! Why should these three prevent us from handling the usurpers?”
Yann: “Let’s show them they have no right to mess with us.”

Cesare and Yann had their footballs with them and each played with his ball. As they did so, the balls were filled with power. After taking a deep breath, Yann kicked his ball high in the air and used his right foot and Cesare used his left, to shoot Cesare’s ball together and violently at Trunks and Super-Nootra. The ball became a fire mass and it hit the superheroes straight on. Cesare’s ball put Super-Nootra down and when Trunks turned around to see what happened, he received Yann’s ball on the face. These violent shots knocked out Super-Nootra and the Saiyan and they lost consciousness. The effect of the fusion ceased and Super-Nootra was gone. What remained was Superman and Captain Nootra caught in oblivion. Then Cesare and Yann fled and disappeared from sight.

Someone made his entrance when Super-Nootra and Trunks were down. The Shredder. He profited from the chaos in the streets to capture Denver. But the children couldn’t let this happen.

Noah, Wally: “Somebody save Denver!”
Zach: “Allow me. Friends, are you with me?”
Alan: “Count me in. Shredder will be a piece of cake.”
Mario: “Serve the same thing here Alan.”
Shades: “Let’s crush Shredder and make up for losing Super-Nootra.”

Zach, Alan, Ryan, Mario, Shades, Jeremy and Wally attacked the Shredder. They all charged at him together, some having sticks in their hands. It was a bungle and none saw whom he brawled. Shredder however sneaked out of the fray. He looked at them from a distance and burst into laughter. The children soon realized they were fighting each other.

Shredder: “You kids think you can stop me? I am the Shredder. Why don’t you go play with your toys before somebody gets hurt?”
Ryan: “The only one to get hurt here is you Shredder. Free Denver immediately and we might think of sparing you.”
Shredder: “Don’t make me laugh again. Seriously, I have no time to play with kids.”

Shredder had something with him - a soporific gas. He wore a mask, unlid the bottle and tossed it in the children’s direction. The smoke caused the children to grow drowsy and they fell into deep sleep. Shredder tied up Denver and forced him to move towards his vehicle. What the Shredder didn’t know was that the Ninja Turtles were just behind him.
Raphael: “Hey shred head, how about facing someone of your size?”
Shredder: “The Turtles! You won’t dispossess me of my loot.”

Leonardo: “What are you talking about? Denver isn’t yours. Release him or we’ll finish you this time around.”
Shredder: “Seriously Leonardo, do you think I’m going to obey you when not even your brothers do? It’s time you stopped giving me useless orders.”

Leonardo: “Quit playing ugly if you don’t want such addresses. You have one last chance to surrender.”
Michelangelo: “No one attacks my lovely Green Dino and goes unharmed.”
Donatello: “Mikey, I thought the grey one was your favourite.”
Raphael: “Never mind Donnie. Whether it’s the red or pink one, the good thing is that there’s going to be some action in the air and I needed just that to get warmed up before the contest.”

Michelangelo: “And I know of one who’s going to get warmed down.”
Shredder: “Me, I only know of four who will be destroyed in the next minutes. Bebop, Rocksteady, wipe them out.”
Bebop and Rocksteady, two of Shredder’s mutants, stepped in and stood as the adversaries of the Turtles.
Donatello: “He sends Bebop and Rocksteady to fight us? The Shredder is irretrievable. He should have known those two stand no chance against us.”

Raphael: “Is it too much asking you to have respect for your opponents and give us less worthless fighters? We’ll have those two in no time and guess what; we’ll be coming for you Saki.”
Shredder: “Joke as you wish since you love to. I’m letting go this dinosaur for nothing.”
Leonardo: “Enough of the talking. Show me what you’ve got villain.”

Raphael: “Well done fearless leader. Shredder and Co., prepare to get a smacking from the Ninja Turtles.”