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The unprecedented happened. Noah, Ryan, Alan and Zach landed in a world where cartoons’ and comics’ heroes exist. Nootra, the city of Denver the dinosaur, yet not the last in Nootra, proved to be the realization of their craziest dreams. They believed all things were possible, they loved beyond doubt, their cause was a just one, so they were counted worthy to see the desire of their hearts. The supernatural was unveiled to them and it became their reality.

After Denver and his companions helped the Earthlings enter the city of Nootra by disguising them as four of their football players, Cesare and Yann hindered them on the way. These two didn’t find their copies any amusing. Batman also uncovered the trick of Denver and his friends and he alerted Nootra Security Forces Headquarters. Superman and Captain Nootra took off immediately to apprehend the intruders. They however faced Trunks who came to rescue the Earthlings.

After Superman and Captain Nootra fused their powers and became one, Super-Nootra and Trunks were crushed by Cesare and Yann. These two used their footballs to knock out the superheroes into oblivion. Then the Shredder captured Denver and tried to run away with the dinosaur. But the Ninja Turtles appeared on the scene to prevent the bladed villain from harming anyone. So went the clashes in the streets of Nootra.

The latest round of the fight opposing Shredder and his gang to the Ninja Turtles began in the streets of Westside Nootra. Leonardo, the Turtle with the blue mask, displayed his twin ninja swords. Donatello, the purple-masked Turtle, revealed his bō staff. Raphael, the red-masked Turtle, released his twin ninja sais and Michelangelo, the Turtle with the orange mask, exhibited his whirling nunchakus.

Raphael: “Leave them to me bros. We don’t have to fight them together. I can chase them out in one second. Just watch me.”

Michelangelo: “I wish I had some popcorn. I’d enjoy watching this round. Raph is in one of his moods there.”

Leonardo: “At least it’s directed towards our enemies and not against me. (Shouting) Put them down bro; you’re the best.”

Raphael separated from his brothers to fight Bebop and Rocksteady alone. He ran towards them, gained momentum and thrust himself high in the air. With his ninja sais ready in his hands, he turned around and shot each at Bebop and Rocksteady, immobilizing them by pinning their shoes to the ground.

Michelangelo: “This is what I call precision. Raph’s ninja sais passed between their toes and froze them without wounding them. Who says better?”

Leonardo: “Raph just dethroned Hawkeye there.”

Bebop and Rocksteady somehow managed to break free. They took Raphael’s ninja sais and shot them at him. But these weapons only fell in the hands of their master.

Raphael: “Wrong calculation dudes. You can’t use my beauties against me.”

Donatello: “Those two need no strain on your part bro. Admire how I take them down without breaking a sweat.”

Raphael: “Donnie, what are you doing? They’re mine alone. Have you heard?”

Donatello didn’t listen to his brother He appeared before Shredder’s mutants with his bō staff and made a show of how well he wielded his weapon. As he turned it in every direction, Bebop and Rocksteady became dizzy and saw stars. They couldn’t stand the turns and before they understood anything, Donatello struck them down simultaneously and they were beaten.

Donatello: “Sorry Raph; you weren’t going to have fun alone.”

Leonardo: “That was quite a demonstration Don. I don’t see anyone competing with you in handling the bō staff.”

Raphael: “Quit playing the sensei Leo. Donnie, you outstripped me on this one, but I’ll give you no second for that next time.”

Michelangelo: “Now that we’re done with those two, let’s pass to the Shredder.”

Leonardo: “It’s between you and me Oruku Saki. Brothers, now’s my turn.”

Shredder: “Come taste my blades Leonardo. I’ll shred you like they shred paper into pieces.”

Leonardo released his katanas to attack the enemy. He used his twin swords simultaneously and attempted various strikes on the Shredder. This one dodged them by shifting and jumping swiftly and Leonardo’s strikes didn’t bruise him. The Shredder countered by coming with his left hand all decked with blades to cut Leonardo. That wasn’t counting the high speed and agility of Leonardo who ducked the attack acrobatically. Then the Turtle appeared behind Shredder with his two swords crossed before the enemy.

Shredder defended himself by using his hands, then his bladed arms to repel the swords. When Leonardo’s grip was loosened, Shredder pushed him backwards by stretching out a leg. He got out of Leonardo’s hold and jumped to a lamppost. Standing steadfast on the thin metallic chandelier, he made another long jump to the top of a high building. Leonardo followed him to the roof of the structure and they continued their fight under the gaze of the three Turtles.

When Leonardo was fighting Shredder, Noah, who had been in hiding, ran to her friends and shook them forcefully to awaken them from the sleep the soporific gas drove them into. Jeremy woke up and searched his sack for some Senzu Beans.[1] He forced them into the mouth of Trunks and the Saiyan regained consciousness after a few seconds. Once replenished through the immediate remedial effects of the Senzu Beans, Trunks sent a signal by emitting a large amount of energy from his body. He was calling some companions, and reinforcement came in a few minutes.

Realizing that he wasn’t going to win, Shredder climbed down the building by jumping from one part of it to another until he reached the ground. Then he called his two henchmen.

Shredder: “Bebop, Rocksteady, more Saiyans are coming! Run for it.”

Bebop: “What do we do with the dinosaur?”

Shredder: “Can’t you use your head for once? Don’t you see they’ll get us if we take him along? You two, board the vehicle and let’s disappear.”

Donatello: “The same old story. Shredder always takes to his heels.”

Leonardo: “Don’t let him get away.”

Raphael: “Whatever you say fearless leader.”

Michelangelo: “Here we are at it again: Shredder on the run.”

The Ninja Turtles went after the fleeing Shredder, leaving the rest behind. The Earthlings were disappointed they hadn’t chatted with them though Noah still shouted something before they disappeared.

Noah: “Thanks Michelangelo. I’ll bring some pizzas next time.”

Shades: “Don’t shout so loud; you’ll wake up the big guys.”

Wally: “Denver is hurt tied up like that. Everyone, come let’s loosen him.”

The Nootrans and their new friends freed Denver and when the dinosaur was back with his pals, he carried each of them and licked them lovingly. The Earthlings, however, were more excited about the Saiyan.

Noah: “You were spectacular Trunks. You shredded the cuffs better than the Shredder could do.”

Trunks: “Did you like it? That was only a beginner’s lesson. If Yann and Cesare had not butted in, you would have seen more of what me and my sword can do.”

Ryan: “Wait a minute; are you Future Trunks or Present Trunks? Now that you’re not small, I can’t tell which one of them you are. It’s true both of you have a sword but Present Trunks doesn’t use it often.”

Mario: “Of course, he’s present Trunks. What’s wrong with you Earthlings? I’m already fed up with your stupid remarks. What’s more; your logic is completely daft. How can someone be future when he’s here present?”

Alan: “There was a complication in the plot of the anime. Trunks had to come from the future to the present to save his timeline. Those episodes were epic.”

Trunks: “I like that script. Your stories sound interesting. We’ll listen to them after you’re taken to a safer place. Here they come. Guys, over here.”

Trunks was waving to his companions who appeared in the sky and were about to land in their midst.

Zach: “Guys, can you see what I see?”

Alan: “This is big. They’re exactly as we know them.”

Noah: “Son Gohan, Son Goten and Krilin!”[2]

Shades: “Snap out of it Earthies, or they’re going to take the big head.”

Mario: “Must you do that for everybody you see in Nootra? Yes, we’re what you call ‘cartoons.’ You know us and will probably see more of us. So why not stop playing ‘surprised’ each time you see a hero?”

Goten: “Don’t get upset Mario. It’s not like it’s a bad thing. I don’t mind admirers acclaiming me.”

Mario: “It wasn’t an acclamation Goten. Wait until you see it three or four times. Then you’ll tell me the burden.”

Trunks: “Gohan, we have to get these visitors out of the reach of the security forces. NSF is after them so I stopped Cap and Superman from arresting them.”

Gohan: “You did a good job Trunks. Hello friends. I see you know us already. So what do we call you?”

Noah: “My name is Noah. The laid-back guy there is Alan. The one with long dark hair and somewhat aggressive look is Zach. This last one with unparalleled assurance on his face is Ryan. We’re from planet Earth.”

Gohan: “Pleased to meet you Earthlings. Now we have to get you out of here before the big guys wake up.”

Krilin: “Gohan, can you carry Denver? He weighs a ton, you know.”

Goten: “Sure Gohan can. He took out Cell,[3] remember? Denver would be as light as a feather to him.”

Krilin: “Those were the good old days you missed Gotenks.”[4]

Gohan: “Thanks for the compliment little brother, though you did it just to free yourself from the burden. Anyway, I’m the oldest Saiyan among you so it’s my responsibility. Come on, let’s take off.”

Son Gohan took Denver on both hands. Trunks had Mario and Alan on his left and right hands while Wally was behind his back. Son Goten carried Noah behind his back and Zach and Shades clung to either of his hands. Krilin held the hands of Ryan and Jeremy. They all took to the sky and flew away.

They were already far off when Batman arrived at the site that had been the scene of clashes some minutes earlier. His colleagues were still lying down in a state of unconsciousness. He revived them with an energizing gadget and they woke up with a start.

Batman: “What exactly are you doing? Where are the intruders?”

Superman: “We couldn’t arrest them. Cesare and Yann smote us hard with their football and I sense the Saiyans took them away.”

Batman knitted his brows and scowled at the two on hearing that.

Batman: “Cesare and Yann? Don’t make me laugh.”

Captain Nootra: “I’d be glad if I could and see how you look like when you laugh with that mask on. The laughing bat won’t be a small joke to tell my friends. Yet the truth is, Cesare and Yann got the better of us.”

Batman: “This isn’t serious. Those ordinary kids can’t deal a scratch on superheroes like you two.”

Captain Nootra: “You call Cesare and Yann ordinary kids? I see you don’t watch Nootra’s Wings football team play.”

Superman: “Yea. That shot was more powerful than any punch I’ve ever received. Not even Super-Nootra could do a thing.”

Batman: “I understand Cap can be irresponsible but Superman, it’s not because you partner with him that you’re going to let him drag you into the recklessness. It’s probably the enemy we’ve been watching for who penetrated right into the heart of the city. They must be arrested and interrogated on their motives. You can’t tell what the enemies of Nootra are up to.”

Captain Nootra: “There you go on your guesswork again. You’re always assuming the worst but I saw their faces and nothing showed they’re any menace. And you’re making us reproaches when you’re the one who was defective in the first place. To add injury to crime, you have the guts to say I’m irresponsible. Answer me Batman, how come you let intruders enter the city when you were supposed to be vigilant?”

Batman: “What’s the point Cap; are you looking for a fight?”

Superman: “Quit messing around you two. We have to find those extra-Nootrans.”

Captain Nootra: “They’re kids after all. What harm can they do?”

Batman: “We paid a high price last time because we underestimated the threat the intruders posed. We might still repeat the same mistake. And I wonder why Captain Nootra, protector of the city, takes it lightly.”

Captain Nootra: “You may be right but not everybody needs to wear such stern look and talk so scary to show they’re concerned. You’re over-suspicious bats. There’s a reasoning here. Jeremy and Wally are smart and they trusted the alleged ‘intruders’. The Saiyans are also keepers of the city and they can’t betray her by helping our enemies. Instead of suspecting those children, why not trust our men?”

Batman: “Nootra should have known better than making you Captain of this city. You compromise too easily. The Saiyans, the green dino and his friends are all children and though the former may be agents, they don’t have responsibility enough to perceive the gravity of the situation. That’s why NSF didn’t deem it necessary to tell them about the menace. When the enemy strikes, they don’t look back or think twice. Create an opening for them and you’ll see your whole world crumble into dust. I’ve been in this business for years and I’ve never seen the enemy capitulate. If you’re captain of this city, it’s high time you acted like one.”

Captain Nootra: “This is no business Mr. Billionaire. Let this be clear to you: NSF didn’t make me Captain Nootra. I became captain of this city because I live here, I love this civilization and the Nootra Shield chose me. The will of my predecessors in the shield gave me this title. They wanted me because they trusted me. And they’re right for I’ll do everything to protect the people. I’m not all brain like you Bruce; I have a heart as well. I see things from both angles before passing judgement. It’s time you asked yourself why the Nootra Shield chose me instead of you.”

Batman: “Do you think I care anything about that title you carry? That’s the least of my concern. I don’t need the recognition of anyone to do what I’m doing. All I want is to keep this city secure so that no one tampers with this unique civilization, which is an emblem of hope across the universe. And people like you shouldn’t be in my way.”

Captain Nootra: “If you’re so eager to defend this city, why not get some powers? You continue to depend on rudimentary weapons and you can’t be one hundred per cent efficient in combat. The training bases are open to everybody, even to you, but Mister thinks he can fight super villains his own way without using super powers. Superheroes won’t always be there to save your hide Batman.”

Batman: “Are you done already? Now store this in your brain. Super powers don’t define anyone. Having them isn’t the issue. It’s what you do with them that matters. If you can do what you’re supposed to do without them, it’s useless having them. All is about strategy. To have a good strategy, you need to gather information and analyse the situation carefully by taking into consideration every minute detail. Having thus worked on your intelligence, you set up offensive and defensive tactics, and launch an operation with utmost precision, in conformity with the plan you put in place. If you conduct things this way, even with any crude gadgets, you’ll defeat the enemy no matter the amount of power they possess. Regrettably, people like you will never understand these things.”

Superman: “Batman has a point. I’ve never seen anyone with no super powers as skilful in combat as Batman is. Cap, I won’t hide you the fact that I’m not sure to beat him if it came to single combat. He’s dexterous, crafty and proficient so that in his own unique way, he outsmarts villains and defeats them. Everything comes from the heart. If you desire to do something, you’ll do it regardless of whether you possess supernatural abilities or not. Batman has chosen to protect the people and that’s what he’s doing, though with no super powers.”

Batman: “Stop that nonsense Superman. I don’t need you to shower me with compliments. And leave the issue of heart to Cap; kids are so fond of that stuff. Yet there must be something you have to be doing if you’re in this world. I’ve chosen to uphold this civilization without relying on supernatural abilities. Not all people want to possess those powers. It’s not because I can have them that I should have them. They don’t add anything to or subtract anything from anyone. I’m comfortable with my way of doing things and I don’t know why others are upset about it.”

Captain Nootra: “Spit it out bats. Instead of hiding behind the slogan ‘uphold this civilization’, why don’t you simply admit you give yourself so much trouble for this city because you love the people? Someone you know told me love is nothing to be ashamed of. But you’re lucky I choose to forget all disrespectful remarks you made about me. Captain Nootra has vowed to protect citizens and that’s what he’s doing. Why not do the same by being effective in your post instead of having others clean up your mess?”

Superman: “I’ve had enough of you two. Cap, don’t you ever stop? Batman is an elder and my best friend. You shouldn’t speak to him like that. You ought to apologize immediately.”

Batman: “Apologize to me? I want no such thing from him. His words don’t disturb me at all Superman. These very words enabled him to become stronger. I’ll let him be as long as he continues to challenge me in areas I never considered of note in security, strategy and combat. Yet count on me to rebuke him anytime he misses the mark.”

Captain Nootra: “Only in your nightmares.”

Superman: “You two are so weird. Well, it’s your family affair and though I’m familiar with it, I still don’t understand anything about it.”

Captain Nootra: “Superman, never mention again that I’m related to this guy. Before I forget bats, I want a new pair of boots. What are these shoes kids make fun of all the time?”

Batman: “That has nothing to do with me Captain. Remember, mode Captain Nootra gives you your outfit, build and appearance. And when will you quit worrying over every unnecessary remark people make about you?”

Superman: “Quite a big show you two are staging here. I would have a good laugh if you were not so serious.”

Captain Nootra: “If that was meant as a joke Superman, it wasn’t funny. The offstage is over and here are your orders: Batman, return to your post and Superman, come with me and let’s find the intruders.”

Superman (to himself): “I guess I shall miss the party again this year. I didn’t want to attend it; now I have a good excuse. Lucky me; mom won’t scold me for being absent.”

Superman, Captain Nootra and Batman separated for their respective assignments. Meanwhile, the Earthlings were in total hysterics when their new friends took them to the sky.

[1] Senzu Beans are mystical beans with immense rejuvenation properties in the Dragon Ball franchise.

[2] Son Gohan, Son Goten and Krilin appear in DBZ.

[3] Cell appears in DBZ.

[4] Gotenks is a powerful being that results from the successful fusion of Trunks and Son Goten using the Fusion Dance in Dragon Ball Z. It is used here as an abbreviation for the names Son Goten and Trunks though they are separate and have not fused their powers.