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Ryan, Alan, Zach, Noah, Trunks and Goten were in Secret Base L4. Iron Man, guard of the base, was convinced of their nobility and he granted them the privilege of visiting the most prominent training centre of Nootra. Son Gohan and Krilin left them in the care of the heroes of L4, knowing their new friends were in good hands. Ryan and Zach took advantage of the situation and trained with Trunks and Goten in the art of flying.

While their companions were training, Alan and Noah went on an excursion to the many units L4 contained. In the course of visiting, they came to the tallest building of the construction. Then they sensed him coming behind them. They turned around and he was walking in their direction. When he reached them, he stopped. His height was enormous and they appeared tiny before him. Yet he condescended and attended to them. He went down on one knee and saluted.

Alan: “Whoa! This is what it means to be immense.”

Noah: “The guys got to see this. Optimus Prime,[1] leader of the Autobots.”

Optimus Prime: “Affirmative! I salute you visitors. I’m highly honoured to meet citizens from planet Earth. Iron Man briefed me on your visit. You’re welcome to L4. We’ll do everything at our disposal to send you back home to Earth.”

Optimus Prime stretched out a hand and they touched his finger in greeting.

Alan: “We’re greatly privileged to talk with you Sir. I am Alan and my friend is Noah. We’re not in a haste to go back home. Our coming here is a blessing and Nootra is the world we’ve always wanted to be.”

Optimus Prime: “Thanks for liking our city. I heard there were four of you. Where are Ryan and Zach?”

Noah (whispering to Alan): “He knows our names already.”

Alan: “Zach and Ryan are training with Goten and Trunks Sir.”

Optimus Prime: “Be my guests Alan, Noah. I’d be delighted to introduce you to my fellow Autobots. And will you stop calling me sir? I’m not used to that. We’re comrades here and there’s no need for formality among friends.”

Noah (whispering to Alan): “His humility is striking. He’s just Optimus Prime.”

Alan (whispering to Noah): “You can’t say he’s a machine. His body is metal but he has a heart of gold. Noah, this city of Nootra has taken my breath away.”

Optimus Prime escorted his guests for a tour of the unit. He carried the children in his hand and they went through the various quarters of the building. Every equipment, machine and gadget in that block was of extra-large size and considerable height. It was a true world of giants in there. Optimus Prime and his guests passed Autobots on the way and these greeted Alan and Noah cheerfully. They finally came to a place where several companions were gathered. Optimus Prime put the two children on top of some hardware and introduced them to his peers.

Optimus Prime: “Ratchet,[2] meet our intruders Alan and Noah from Earth.”

Ratchet: “Seriously; Central must be joking. They’re mere kids. Why this whole lot of noise only because of children?”

Mirage: “So much ado about nothing. I hope we won’t have a clash with Captain Nootra because of this.”

Wheeljack: “Maybe we should put them under interrogation Prime. Let’s extract the information and give Headquarters what they want.”

Optimus Prime: “We won’t do that Wheeljack. We don’t betray the trust our friends have in us. Goku is a trustworthy friend and I’d gladly help his sons. If Gohan brought them here, we must guarantee their safety.”

Cliffjumper: “Come on Wheeljack; do these cuties have villain faces to you?”

Wheeljack: “Nope. But when Cap asks about them, I’ll leave the answering to you.”

Jazz: “Stop looking at them like that Ironhide. You scare the kids with your multifunctional gun.”

Ironhide: “People from Earth, huh? Are they insane not to tremble at the sight of colossal robots, or have you got the likes of us on your planet?”

Optimus Prime: “Iron Man reported that they knew his secret identity. It goes without saying that they know many of us. Earth’s intelligence is remarkable.”

Ironhide: “Kid, stand still while I work on my range. I must surpass Hawkeye the next time we go on a duel.”

Optimus Prime: “Don’t frighten them Ironhide. I give you my word children that you’ll be safe under my protection.”

Alan: “We’re not afraid Optimus. We’re just too glad about everything.”

Bluestreak: “They’re not afraid of you Ironhide. Looks like you’ve lost your grip on all, even on extra-Nootrans.”

Jazz: “Hey, when was the last time a kid ran away after you tried your tricks on them? I don’t remember; it was such a long time ago.”

Ratchet: “You’d better quit playing the tough guy since you no longer intimidate anybody.”

Ironhide: “Thanks for disgracing me before strangers guys. So you want the whole of planet Earth to see I’ve lost my reputation? Thank you very much for dragging me down.”

The Autobots dissolved into laughter when Ironhide said that. Noah had a preoccupation concerning the hierarchical structure of Nootra and she asked the heroes.

Noah: “Optimus, you’re leader of the Autobots, aren’t you? But Gohan said Nootra had no leader.”

Optimus Prime: “I’m leader of the Autobots because a fighting unit must have order; otherwise they won’t be able to raise a strong defence against the enemy. Every unit in L4 has a commander. Nootra Security Forces is a network of branches directed at Headquarters Central and the one in charge is J’onn J’onzz. I know you’re no intruders children that’s why I’m sharing these things with you. Enlighten them more Jazz.”

Jazz: “Our civilization has no leader but we’re surrounded by neighbouring galaxies that have them, with fighting forces under command. Though we want to change the world through our civilization, we aren’t the only ones here and we can’t be naïve as to pretend everybody will adhere to our cause right away. We’re heading towards something not yet visible. To keep hostile planets from attacking us, there must be some direction in our security. Otherwise, every hero would be doing their own thing and that would be detrimental to our people.”

After the two Earthlings socialized with the Autobots, Skyfire, the most gigantic robot in the base, arrived. As Noah and Alan were admiring him, they heard the voices of their companions calling them. They looked around, but found no one. Ratchet pointed at Skyfire and as they looked at him again more attentively, they saw Zach, Ryan, Goten and Trunks seated on his shoulders. Ryan shouted to them.

Ryan: “Watch this Noah and tell us L4 only produces geniuses, like Iron Man said.”

Zach and Ryan stood on either shoulders of Skyfire and made a free fall, diving towards the ground. Noah cried out at the frightening scene yet before the two crashed into the floor, they took off and flew on their own.

Alan: “That was a good safe. You made it guys. You’re the best.”

Noah: “You planned this from the beginning, didn’t you? That’s the last time you scare me this way. I guess it was your idea Ryan.”

Ryan: “You’re still influenced by fear Noah. You had to know we wouldn’t do anything that would cause you pain. Trust us more.”

Noah: “I trust you but that was too risky.”

Ryan: “Sorry to have scared you. I recognize it was presumptuous on our part, but it wasn’t my idea.”

Son Goten and Trunks flew and landed on the shoulder of Bumblebee, a dear friend of theirs among the Autobots.

Goten: “Hello Bumblebee. We’re here because of the incident you know. It’s quite a long time you didn’t visit us. What’s wrong buddy?”

Bumblebee: “Nothing Gotenks except this secret I’m telling you two because we’re buddies. Most Autobots in the city have been confined in L4 for some time now. After the recent assault on NSF Headquarters East, we received intelligence that one of our dreaded enemies is planning an attack. But we don’t know where or when they’ll strike. That’s why security has tightened. Batman guards the city gates in the daytime as well as at night; Iron Man defends the doors of L4, and residential areas are domed. When we heard of intruders, we thought the enemy had started to act. We’re here to respond immediately when that happens. That’s why you haven’t seen me lately.”

Trunks: “This explains the so much agitation concerning the Earthlings. We were ignorant of that. Gee; we did give NSF some headache. But I don’t mind having confronted Super-Nootra. Long time I wanted to do that.”

Zach flew by himself and so defied the law of gravity. He passed on invisible wings through the many quarters of the unit and came back to rest on the right shoulder of Optimus Prime. He greeted him and they talked to each other. The newcomers socialized with the rest of the Autobots until Cliffjumper made a suggestion.

Cliffjumper: “This is a great day; we’ve met inhabitants of planet Earth. This is advancement in exploration. Why don’t we celebrate?”

Ratchet: “Great idea Cliff. Let’s celebrate Autobot style. A little break won’t hurt anyone Optimus. Let’s have a race; one with riders only. If you have no rider, you’re ineligible. So children, who wants to go for a ride?”

Cliffjumper: “I’ve chosen my driver already; the little girl from planet Earth. Come with me Noah.”

Noah: “Huge Cliff. I’m going to drive an Autobot though I’ve never driven a car before. That’s what I call breaking steps.”

Ironhide: “The little Earthling who isn’t afraid of giant robots is my rider. Come now Alan; we’ll beat anyone who stands in our way.”

Alan: “Yea Ironhide. We two as a team are going to make them sweat.”

Optimus Prime: “I have one right here on my shoulder. Zach, can you ride a truck?”

Zach: “I’d prefer the truck to ride me if the truck in question is you Optimus Prime.”

Bumblebee: “Goten and I have been partners since he was a kid and I was the same. We’re an unbeatable team.”

Goten: “You said it partner. We’ll win this one again just like in the past.”

Jazz: “Come Ryan before some walking hardware picks you up. With your faith and my speed, they have no chance.”

Ryan: “My faith is going to move mountains and your speed will drive through them.”

Wheeljack: “Trunks is my rider though Vegeta and I aren’t the best friends in the world. Kid, say nothing to your father about our teaming, OK?”

Trunks: “I promise Wheeljack. Now, what are we waiting for? Transform and let’s roll out.”

Ratchet: “Wait a minute; there’s no one left for me. I proposed this race and do you mean I’m not taking part in it? That’s cruel.”

Ironhide: “You haven’t been fast enough to pick a rider. He who set the rules has been caught in the snare.”

Wheeljack: “It serves you right Ratchet.”

Bluestreak: “I designate myself referee of this race. The twelve of you, step forward and every robot, take your rider on your shoulder. Nobody crosses this line until I give the signal by a whistle from my lips. You transform only when you hear the whistle. Non-participants, bet on your favourites and come out to encourage our competitors.”

There was a racetrack running around the building. The contenders moved there and waited for the signal. Autobots and heroes from other units came to watch the race. Everyone was excited for it was a long time they had any. Bumblebee and Jazz had the highest bets. Unfortunately, before Bluestreak signalled the kick-off, the general alarm instead went off.

Optimus Prime: “What is it, Ratchet?”

Ratchet: “Green Lantern[3] of L4B1 says the Insecticons and Stunticons[4] have come in their numbers and are forcing their way into the base.”

Optimus Prime: “So that’s what the Decepticons had been planning all along. Sorry children; we’ll have to put this race for another day. Gears, call the defenders to back up Iron Man at the gates. Sunstreaker, take a commando with you. Decepticons mustn’t penetrate.”

Another alarm sounded and this one carried news far weightier than the first.

Optimus Prime: “What again? Mirage, report.”

Mirage: “We have an emergency coming from NSF commander. He’ll have to speak with you.”

Optimus Prime: “I’ll take it from here. Optimus Prime to J’onn J’onzz: come in.”

[1] Optimus Prime appears in The Transformers franchise. He’s leader of the Autobots, a faction of transforming robots from planet Cybertron. The Transformers (1984) is an animated television series by Sunbow Productions and Marvel Productions depicting a war among giant robots who transform into vehicles, other objects and animal-like forms. Written and recorded in America, the series was animated in Japan and South Korea. The entire series was based upon the line of transforming toys originally created by Japanese toy manufacturer Takara, developed into the Transformers line by American company Hasbro.

[2] Ratchet, Mirage, Wheeljack, Cliffjumper, Jazz, Ironhide, Bluestreak, Skyfire, Bumblebee, Gears and Sunstreaker are Autobots in The Transformers.

[3] Green Lantern is the shared primary alias of several superheroes appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. The first Green Lantern (Alan Scott) was created by writer Bill Finger and artist Martin Nodell and first appeared in All-American Comics #16 (July 1940).

[4] The Insecticons and Stunticons appear in The Transformers storyline. They’re Decepticons. The Decepticons are usually depicted as the antagonists in the universes of The Transformers.

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Ryan, Noah, Zach and Alan were living the miraculous as a result of their supernatural presence in Nootra, home world of comics’ heroes. They first met Denver, the dinosaur, and his companions. Then they met Batman, Hawkeye, his daughter Rain, Cesare, Yann, Superman, Captain Nootra, the Ninja Turtles, Shredder and Saiyans. They faced opposition in the city for Nootra’s security agents saw them as intruders and pursued them.

The Saiyans decided to take them to a secret base in north Nootra to keep them in safe hands and to find help for their return to Earth. Going over the Frightful Forest, some villains and beasts attacked them. Yet through the assistance of the Alliance, namely Rahan, Conan, Samba, Leuk and Tarzan, plus their guest members the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man, they overpowered Freeza and Wrath-Amon, and their allies, including Windfang, Turles, Raditz, Dr. Doom, Terrax with the animals who rallied behind them.

After eliminating the opposition in the Frightful Forest, Gohan, Goten, Krilin, Trunks, Noah, Alan, Ryan and Zach continued on their journey to the northern secret base. There was a wide sea immediately after the Forest leading to L4. The children crossed it and came to a large deserted place; an extensive flat territory void of anything. Son Gohan asked his companions to land, but some wondered.

Goten: “Why are we breaking when there’s still much distance to cover? I can go on for another four hours before I’m exhausted.”

Krilin: “Nothing is on the horizon Gohan.”

Gohan: “Don’t always trust perception Krilin. We’re exactly where we’re supposed to be.”

Trunks: “Do you mean we’ve arrived at L4? But there’s nothing in this place.”

Son Gohan gave a signal by clicking his fingers, clapping his hands, and stamping his feet a number of times, following an order.

Goten: “Thanks for the jesting brother. While we’re at it, you can as well do the choreography mom taught us on the Dance of Shamans.”

Krilin: “Seriously Gohan; do you have to be playing ridiculous now?”

Zach: “What he’s doing certainly has a meaning. Somebody has an idea?”

Goten: “I was a child the last time I came here. I don’t remember how things used to be done.”

Krilin: “I’ve never been here so don’t ask me about the clowning.”

Trunks: “I’ve seen something similar before. It’s a code for accessing the base. It may appear simple but you need total concentration to do what he’s doing. He must perform every movement correctly without missing any, lest he be denied.”

Ryan: “Watch guys; something is coming up.”

When Son Gohan finished the ritual, a magnetic water-like flux, which was as big as a door appeared. He asked his companions to follow him and as they stepped closer, the magnetic fluid drew them and pulled them inside. The crossing was instantaneous; it seemed they only went through a door. On reaching the other side, they found themselves in a place harbouring an immense building stretching high to the sky. It covered a fantastic land surface and extended to unseen horizons. It was nothing some of them had seen before. A noble hero was standing at the entrance of the building.

Alan: “Getting better and better!”

Ryan: “And we’re only at the gates.”

Zach: “There was a fault on his armour.”

Noah: “He’s way too sublime.”

Goten (to his companions): “It can’t be helped. They’re uncontrollable when they see a hero for the first time like Mario said.”

Gohan: “Guys, sorry to interrupt this moment of ecstasy but we have to move forward.”

Son Gohan walked to Iron Man,[1] guard of L4, and he asked him to let them access the building. Iron Man, in return, asked the motive for their visit.

Gohan: “These friends come from planet Earth and they were accidentally transported to Nootra. We brought them here so you can help them find their way back home. I know you have experts in all science and technologies at L4, you being one of them Iron Man.”

Iron Man: “So these are the aliens Headquarters is looking for? Well, sorry you’ve been in jeopardy in the Frightful Forest for nothing. I shall hand you over to Central.”

The Saiyans, Krilin and Earthlings were taken aback and couldn’t believe what Iron Man just said. Alan, who was particularly fond of the armoured hero, spoke out without restraining himself.

Alan: “The Iron Man I know can’t do that.”

Iron Man: “Really? You think you know me? And why can’t Iron Man do that?”

Alan: “Because you’re a man of honour. You’re committed to the good no matter what the rules or authorities say. If you act otherwise by handing us to our trackers, I’ll feel bad that you’ve disappointed. The worst thing would be that all I ever believed about you will turn out to be a lie.”

Iron Man: “So you extra-Nootrans don’t respect order? Another good reason to hand you over to Superman and his friends of Central. By the way, what did you even think about me; that I was a hero or something? I’m not sorry to disappoint you ’cause I no longer play that stuff. Does anybody care to know what I have become?”

Alan: “This isn’t my hero Iron Man. What happened to you? Up till now, the people we met proved themselves faithful to their personalities. Are you sure you’re not an impostor Sir?”

Iron Man: “That’s a good one: an impostor suspecting me of being one. In passing kid, am I really your hero? It’s a long time anybody considered me that way; ever since I was reduced to the state of the guard of the remotest base in Nootra. Citizens don’t pass this way and superheroes aren’t impressed by me. Tell me kid; are there more people on Earth who care about me like you do?”

Noah: “Yes. There are comics, cartoons and even films about you Tony Stark.”

Iron Man: “And you know my secret identity! Well Terrestrials, you’ve passed the test. You’ve proven you possessed a noble spirit and are worthy to get inside L4; for no unworthy one shall trespass therein.”

Gohan: “You see why we brought you here? L4 is an integral unit of NSF but they’re not directly accountable to them, like the Alliance. That’s a way of decentralizing our civilization. Friends, you’ll be safe in the care of the honourable heroes here.”

Iron Man: “You’re right kid; I would be a monster if I betrayed those who come to seek refuge from me. Hit here pal; I’m touched you trust my integrity.”

Alan hit Iron Man’s iron fist. The other Earthlings, Saiyans, and Krilin came closer to touch his magnificent armour. Iron Man gave them a spectacle by exhibiting the many abilities of his armour and they were happy to see the amazing things his chainmail could do. Something however disturbed Alan.

Alan: “Iron Man, why do you occupy the post of a guard here? Sure, this building is impressive but being a guard is incompatible with you, as it is with Batman. Your powers deserve greater functions.”

Iron Man: “Nootra is populated by superheroes. People like us who’ve had enough of combat become watchmen.”

Zach: “If I had some armour like yours Iron Man, I won’t tire of working out every day.”

Ryan: “Why did you lose the desire to fight in combat?”

Iron Man: “There comes a time when you attain self-realization. You determine the most precious thing in your life, and you don’t want to lose it for anything.”

Noah: “What did you find Iron Man?”

Iron Man: “My family: my spouse, my children, parents, siblings, relatives. I found the joy of living in a family and that was the happiness I had been searching. So I keep it.”

Noah: “You mean Tony Stark has settled down for real?”

Zach: “You’re lucky; I can’t say the same of my family. I don’t get along with some quite well.”

Iron Man: “Kid, always keep in mind that you’re peculiar. Don’t envy anybody for you’re the only one of your kind. You can’t be found in any place, at any time, in any person except in you. There’s something you’re called to do in this world, which only you alone can do. It won’t be done if you don’t do it because apart from you, no one else can do it. The beauty of a man is his particularity. That’s what makes him a landmark in the world.

’People are unique; we’re complements and gifts to one another, not their copies. We were made many so we may be different. Different, not in terms of division, but different because although living together, we aren’t clones, but we enrich other people’s lives with what is particular of us. Not everybody can do everything. One does this, the other does that; one is funny, the other is grave. Unity means living with people by accepting them as they are though we don’t possess the same personalities as them. We choose to draw from their difference and to enrich our life with what they offer us. That’s what I found and that’s what I’m living in my family.”

Noah: “I never heard Iron Man talk this way but I know a pain in the neck back at home. I wonder why we were born in the same family.”

Iron Man: “Child, every moment of our life is precious and we have to live up to the challenges coming with it. Learn to see things beyond the daily routines and you’ll find that your family is the best gift you have. The family is the place to appreciate variety among men though many of us made a wrong start. But I’ve made up for the losses and I now treasure it above all. I came to understand that to change the world is to have a sound family. The family is the world in its basic unit and a family in unity is the vessel, which receives the blessings of the Agape.”

Ryan: “I know something about that. But Iron Man, you can lose it if you don’t fight to protect it.”

Iron Man: “What are friends made for? I’ve fought villains all my life and when I found my family, I entrusted the defence of Nootra into the hands of friends and the security forces. What I can do best is be there for my family and do this petty job.”

Gohan: “No job is ever too small. The least you do is indispensable to society. If L4 didn’t have a guard, the heroes inside won’t do their job well.”

Zach: “Iron Man, you talk of these things as if they were easy to accomplish. You yourself testified that you had a wrong start with your family. These wrong starts are at the origins of the breakdowns and losses people encounter in their lives. They mark you forever and not everybody pulls themselves together after that.”

Iron Man: “You can’t change people and even if you could, you would be a dictator because you would want them to agree with you; not even the Agape did such a thing. Each one of us has our own reality and it is hard for someone to see the reality of another. Some people only consider their own realities and forget that others don’t see things the same as they do. That’s why it’s fundamental that all men know truth. Those of us who know truth have the responsibility to bear with others. And by our faith and commitment, you’ll see we’ll transform everything into good.”

Alan: “What about people already broken? How do you restore them?”

Iron Man: “Alan, restoring doesn’t mean going back to the past and fixing things. Those things are sometimes irreparable since conditions at present may not be the same as in the past. Something is indispensable for restoration to take place - forgiveness. Forgiveness here means giving no weight, no consideration, no value to what you did or didn’t do or to what others did or didn’t do which produced those breakdowns in your life. You have to free yourself and others by letting go the offence, taking it lightly, smiling at it whenever it crosses your mind. You must stop being in the skin of the victim but must be the builder of your life by committing yourself to making your family the best place in the world.

’The world is nothing but the people living in it; and these people live in families. Saving the world is first saving a man and his family. If every man saves his family, the world is saved. Man always lives in a family; as a child, a sibling, a spouse, a parent, a partner, a teammate, a colleague and in the many kinds of relationships there are in the world. If he failed the first step, he still has the many steps following, and at one point, he’ll get it and have his life restored.”

Krilin: “Man is the most complex being in the cosmos. Each man is a universe to explore. We’re called to be tolerant towards each other and to choose to accept people as they are. If everybody comes to understand these things, we’ll succeed in our relationships and evil will be wiped out.”

Noah: “Why should you always be the one to be tolerant? Why can’t others also see your reality and make efforts to understand you? It’s so unfair.”

Iron Man: “If you’ve arrived in Nootra just by believing, that tells me you’re not like others. Faith is the simplest thing in the world. It’s the first virtue you demonstrate when you’re born: you believe all things. Sadly, when people grow up, their perception distorts their faith and they tend to consider only what they sense. By so doing, they fail to see their childhood dreams realize. For the true dreams of a man are those he has when he’s a child.”

Gohan: “People try to attain their objectives by doing when there’s a simpler way of attaining our dreams - by always believing. Noah, count yourself happy to know these things for not everybody can appreciate them. If you possess the spirit that makes you accept others as they are without judging them, you’re distinguished among men for you’re creating peace in your environment.

’Piccolo taught me that peace is man’s most precious asset. This gift is only for those willing to end all strife within and without them. Nothing good, not even the family, can be appreciated for what it is if there’s absence of peace. You may have everything you want but if you don’t have peace, you won’t be able to enjoy them. Peace is vital to life and life is a burden without it. If you’re a peacemaker Noah, you’re a beautiful force of nature, which is keeping the world happy. That’s why the cosmos will collaborate with you and supernatural things like these will happen to you like they happen to us in Nootra.”

Iron Man: “You’ve made my day children. Now at least, some people know what Iron Man is presently. Get in; the people inside will help you find the route to Earth. There are only geniuses in L4. Let me know when you’re leaving. I have War Machine’s[2] former armour and I’d gladly give it to you.”

Krilin: “Their world isn’t like ours Iron Man. Your equipment might only cause them trouble.”

Alan: “Krilin is right. All we ask is your friendship and autograph.”

Iron Man: “Long time anybody asked me those. I told you admirers were rare in L4. Here you are - the Iron Man badge with my signature for every one of you.”

Goten: “Hey, I didn’t ask for that.”

Trunks (whispering to Goten): “Take it or he might change his mind about letting us visiting the base.”

Noah: “You’re too cool iron head.”

After giving directives concerning the Earthlings to Iron Man, Son Gohan and Krilin left their companions in his care. Iron Man opened the doors and Trunks, Goten and the four Earthlings entered the multiplex. They were super-astonished when they found themselves within the construction. L4 was a place containing an impressive sight of colossal buildings of different sizes, each adorned with high-tech materials. The construction served as a fighting base, exposing all types of terrain for combat. Administratively, each building within the structure was a unit, a separate entity with particular features specialized for specific functions. Units with complementary functions and collaborating together were aligned one against the other to form blocks. A block was a division of a number of units, geographically separated from other blocks. A central control unit regulated the functions of the base.

What struck the children as they progressed in their movement within the base was that L4 was all about training. It was a training centre equipped with sophisticated armouries and infrastructure for every kind of martial exercise. Large numbers of people were there and nearly all of them were training. Some were doing so on land, others in water and others in the sky. This roused the spirits of Ryan and Zach and they asked Trunks and Goten to train them. The Saiyans were only too pleased to do that.

Goten: “You can’t be in L4 and not just train.”

Trunks: “Like when we were kids! Dad used to take us here so we could progress rapidly.”

Noah: “How was it like to be trained by Vegeta?”

Goten: “Vegeta wasn’t a soft teacher. My dad didn’t always approve his methods.”

Trunks: “Time passes so fast. I can’t believe the progress we’ve made.”

Goten: “Here we are, mentors ourselves. Where do we begin friends? What do you want to learn first?”

Zach: “What I want to know first and foremost is how to fly.”

Trunks: “I’m surprised you can’t fly with all the fighting skills you have.”

Alan: “Are you kidding me? It’s merely impossible to fly on Earth.”

Ryan: “I told you guys, all things are possible in this world.”

Zach: “Don’t worry man; I’ll know how to fly in no time. Let’s begin Goten sensei.”

Without wasting time, Ryan and Zach went to work. Their senseis, Goten and Trunks, though not the best in their profession, taught them some concepts and moves in flying. Their students, on the other hand, were so willing to learn. Their determination prevailed despite the clumsiness of their novice teachers. And it happened that after a few hours of training, Ryan and Zach could fly.

While these four were in the process of learning, Alan and Noah went for a visit of the base. They entered some kind of locomotive, which stopped at each unit and they stepped out to explore. They crossed many buildings, each time coming across countless heroes committed to the good cause. The two Earthlings were over the moon as they received hearty greetings from superheroes. Their tour of the base led them to a special building. This building was different from the rest in respect of its size. It was enormous and being the tallest edifice of the base, it stretched out sky high. It was located in the centre of the base and appeared to be the central control unit.

As Noah and Alan stood there, trying to see through the glass walls what was going on inside the building, they sensed someone coming behind them. They saw his reflection in the glass and recognized his form. The two children turned around to see the one walking towards them. He was far taller and way bigger than any of the heroes they met in Nootra. Noah and Alan remained still, totally captivated by the sight.

Alan: “This world; it’s beyond my wildest dreams!”

[1] Iron Man (‘Tony’ Stark) is a superhero in the Marvel Comics Universe. He was created by writer-editor Stan Lee, developed by scripter Larry Lieber, and designed by Don Heck and Jack Kirby. He first appeared in Tales of Suspense #39 (March 1963).

[2] The War Machine armour was designed by Len Kaminski and Kevin Hopgood. War Machine (James Rupert ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes) is a comic book superhero appearing in comic books set in the Marvel Comics universe. The character of James Rhodes first appeared in Iron Man #118 (January 1979). He was created and designed by David Michelinie, John Byrne, and Bob Layton.

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A battle opposing the Alliance to the villains was being fought in the Forest. These combats started when the villains attacked Gohan and his companions as they were travelling to the northern secret base. The Alliance helped them escape the clutches of Freeza and Wrath-Amon, and Saiyans and Earthlings came to a cave where they met the five members of the Alliance: Rahan, Tarzan, Samba, Leuk and Conan.

To end the rebellion of Wrath-Amon and Freeza in the forest, the Alliance needed backup so they turned to their guest members Spider-Man, Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch and The Thing. At dawn, the heroes came out of the cave that served as their hideout for the night and faced off the villains. These had strengthened their ranks. Dr. Doom, Terrax, Raditz and Turles joined Freeza, Wrath-Amon and Windfang.

The first clashes began and the Fantastic Four went head-on with Dr. Doom. Spider-Man overcame Terrax while Goten and Gohan trounced Raditz and Turles. In another place, Conan was confronting Wrath-Amon and Windfang, his henchman.

Conan: “Always at you evil schemes Wrath-Amon? I’ll enjoy making you pay for what you’ve done to countless people in the world.”

Wrath-Amon: “Do you mean you care about those people or is it revenge you’re seeking?”

Conan: “I’m here to stop you so that other people don’t suffer from your wicked deeds.”

Wrath-Amon: “This thing you’re in called Alliance can’t make you a hero Conan. No matter how hard you try, you’ll always remain a brute. Once a barbarian, forever savage.”

Ryan: “Don’t listen to him Conan. He prattles on to make you lose faith. I know you’re a hero. I saw you like that on Earth.”

Conan: “Wrath-Amon, you’d better retire or your humiliation will be total.”

Wrath-Amon: “Do you care about my reputation? I’m flattered. You should rather worry about your friend over there.”

Windfang captured Zach, displayed his wings and took off. Ryan responded promptly to that by getting to a tall tree. He climbed it like he was climbing a staircase and overtook Windfang. He hit the villain with a leg strike, stopping him from going any higher. This attack took Windfang back to the ground and as he was falling, his grip on Zach slackened and Zach made a swift move and freed himself from his hold. When all of them reached the ground, Ryan and Zach positioned themselves to fight the winged creature.

Zach: “Let’s show him there are also good fighters on Earth.”

Ryan: “Conan, concentrate on Wrath-Amon. We’ll take care of Windfang.”

Conan: “My friends have more than one trick up their sleeves. Now, where were we monster?”

Wrath-Amon: “I’ve had enough of you barbarian. I’m going to show you something.”

Conan: “Pretty good ’cause I too have something to show you.”

Conan and Wrath-Amon came running towards each other and clashed out noisily. Conan pulled out his magic sword and used it against Wrath-Amon. This one, however, was smart enough to avoid many of the attacks. It happened that Wrath-Amon stripped Conan of his sword and tried to strike him with it but Conan made good use of his shield to defend himself. Then he slapped Wrath-Amon’s hand and the sword fell aside.

Both were now without weapons and they engaged a closer combat. Wrath-Amon pushed Conan to the ground but Conan dragged him along in his fall. That part of forest being slippery, they rolled over a certain distance while continuing exchanging blows. Conan’s blows on Wrath-Amon were more than Wrath-Amon’s blows were on him. After a while, Wrath-Amon could no longer resist the Adventurer’s fists so he called Windfang to take him away. That was how Conan defeated his enemy.

As for Zach and Ryan, they were brilliant against Windfang. They used their hands and legs and entered a battle of punches and kicks. Zach retreated behind Windfang and Ryan remained in front of him. They made a combined attack, which Windfang didn’t see coming. Zach jumped from the ground and smote Windfang with his two feet as he landed on his shoulders. The latter caught him with his wings and tried to fling him away but Ryan unleashed a series of swift fists in his stomach, which strikes left Windfang breathless. Windfang went down on one knee and Zach profited from his defenceless position to electrocute him with a gear, which was among Mr. Fantastic’s gadgets. Before Windfang riposted, Wrath-Amon called him to rescue him from Conan’s hands. He retreated to his master and then took him away from that zone.

During this time, Rahan, Samba, Leuk and Krilin were fighting the ferocious animals.

Rahan: “This one is for me Samba. It’s Wrath-Amon’s pet. I think I can handle it.”

Samba: “Look out Rahan! Its bites are poisonous.”

Rahan: “It can’t hurt me; I’m immune to their bites. Watch how I deal with it!”

Leuk: “I don’t want to be in his place.”

Rahan fought the beast and had it with his knife.

Rahan: “What did I tell you? My only regret is that those-who-walk-bent are acting under the manipulation of Wrath-Amon and they have to pay a high price for that.”

Krilin: “There’s no time for regrets firehair. If you don’t get rid of them, it’s them who will get rid of you. Be watchful comrades; more are coming.”

Samba: “Look out Leuk! Here comes another one!”

Leuk: “Oh no; a whole lot of them. Who sent me here?”

Krilin: “Don’t worry friend; I’ve got your back.”

Leuk: “When I think I should be quietly lying in my bed!”

Rahan: “Samba, let’s stand back to back and fight them.”

Leuk: “And where do I stand?”

Krilin: “Leuk, we’ll do the same as Samba and Rahan. These beasts can’t beat us. Leuk, do you hear me?”

Samba: “Have courage my friend and leave fear behind. Remember, you too belong to the Alliance. You’re a hero Leuk.”

Leuk: “Samba counts on me; everybody counts on me and I won’t let them down. Even the Earthlings are courageously fighting the villains. I can do it. Krilin, I’m with you.”

Samba: “Welcome back Leuk. At the signal, we go take all of them down. On my mark.”

Leuk: “Get set.”

Krilin: “Ready.”

Rahan (yelling): “Raaahaaan…”

Krilin, Leuk, Samba and Rahan went and fought the beasts Wrath-Amon sent against the Alliance and they neutralized them. Three of the animals, however, escaped from the hands of the warriors and reached the place where Noah and Alan were, and threatened them. Luckily, Tarzan wasn’t far away and he came to their rescue. He took them to safety on the branches of a tall tree. The beasts didn’t give up but they kept prowling and roaring deafeningly all around the tree and the noise frightened the children.

Tarzan: “Don’t fear, Noah, Alan. They won’t harm you. I’m here to protect you and nobody shall touch any one of your hair. Do you see that big tree over there? You’ll get there in a snap; if you trust me, of course.”

Noah: “Don’t even doubt it for a second Tarzan. We know you’ll do everything to protect us.”

Alan: “We trust you alright but tell me how we’re getting to that tree and escaping this nightmare.”

Tarzan caught a long creeper dangling from the sky and he told Noah and Alan to hold it tight.

Noah: “Al, are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

Alan: “Oh yes. I’m so going to enjoy this one.”

Tarzan: “Grip the creeper as tightly as you can children. Whatever the case, don’t cease to hold on until you get to the tree. Once you’re there, let it go and cling to the branches. Have you copied?”

Alan: “Copied that Tarzan. It’s your turn to trust us. Noah, we’re in for a ride.”

Noah and Alan held the creeper tight and Tarzan pushed them with all his strength towards the tree on the other side, after a hollow area. Noah and Alan swung in Tarzan’s style, yelling as they traversed the hollow. On reaching the other side, they let go of the creeper, caught the branches, and stood on the tree. Tarzan was surprised to hear them yell as he did and he shouted to them.

Tarzan: “Hey, who taught you that?”

But the beasts didn’t allow him to hear the response of the children. Two animals climbed the tree where he was and roared at him. They threatened him with their claws and pushed him to the ground. Then the three beasts encircled the jungle boy and fell voraciously on him. Noah and Alan had reached the other side safely and they watched from there. The children howled with fear on seeing Tarzan in that situation. But Tarzan bravely fought the beasts and broke free from their grasp. He took them on a therapy, and looking into their eyes, he talked to them, calmed them down and eventually tamed them. Tarzan called out to the two Earthlings.

Tarzan: “Noah, Alan, I would like you to meet some friends here.”

Alan and Noah shouted with relief on seeing Tarzan safe. The beasts retreated after being appeased and they didn’t attack the heroes anymore. When Tarzan was fighting the beasts, Trunks, the Saiyan, was settling matters with Freeza.

Freeza: “Trunks, dare you attack me again? I’m not the same Freeza you defeated last time. I’ve become stronger since I came back from the Other Dimension. How I had longed for the day to smash you like a little insect under my foot. That day has finally come.”

Trunks: “You should have remained in the Other Dimension for the likes of you don’t have their place here. And leave the inhabitants of the Forest in peace. Allow them to come to self-realization and to find happiness in this sacred environment.”

Freeza: “I refuse. I need them to achieve my goal. I’ll do everything to prevent them from undergoing that brainwashing you call illumination. But for now, my revenge alone matters. You frustrated my plans years ago and today, well today, somebody will have to suffer for what they did.”

Trunks: “I don’t remember exactly what I did to you but it must have been fun. The Earthlings said something about Future Trunks and Mr. Fantastic confirmed I once defeated you. I’d be glad to do it again.”

Freeza: “What? You don’t remember? How dare you? Yes, yes, yes, I see. Everything is now clear. It was you from the future who came in my timeline and destroyed me. Ha, ha, ha! I guess you aren’t as strong as Future Trunks. Ha, ha, ha! It doesn’t even matter; whether it was you or not, it changes nothing. I’m stronger than anybody now and I’m going to deal with you and avenge myself.”

Trunks: “It makes no difference to me either though I can’t understand how some men still go the same road that led them to their destruction, even when they’re given a second chance. Freeza, you should have behaved wisely in the Forest and you would have been rehabilitated.”

Freeza: “Do you think I want such thing as rehabilitation? I will conquer Nootra and all of you super losers will bow at my feet.”

Trunks: “Never. Freeza, you shall be frozen by this sword my friend Tapion[1] entrusted to me.”

Trunks pulled out his sword before Freeza. Freeza also took position and sent sharp fiery rays from his eyes against the Saiyan. Trunks ducked them in his displacements as he disappeared from one place and appeared in another. He hid behind one of the trees in the forest and Freeza looked everywhere and couldn’t find him. When Freeza turned in the opposite direction, the Saiyan came behind him and raised his sword to strike him. Freeza sensed the attack and turned around to stop the blade with his two palms. He continued resisting him until Trunks took some steps backwards. Observing that Trunks couldn’t stand firm, Freeza stretched out a leg and struck him, and Trunks fell down. Freeza formed a fire sword from his own energy, and the two entered a battle opposing one sword to another.

Trunks’ fist soon became mightier than Freeza’s as he wielded Tapion’s sword, his lucky charm. He concentrated all of his energy on his sword and came down on Freeza with one mighty strike, which consumed the energy in the villain’s sword. After Freeza’s sword vanished, Trunks continued in the same vein and struck him repeatedly until Freeza had no energy left. The villain finally went down and Trunks brought his sword on him, and Freeza couldn’t defend himself. On seeing that he was beaten, Freeza pleaded for clemency.

Freeza: “Mercy me. I promise I won’t trouble the villains in the Forest again. Only, spare me. This place is better to me than the Other Dimension.”

Trunks: “What was that again? That you were stronger than me? And I didn’t even transform into Super Saiyan! Face the fact Freeza; whether future or present, Trunks is your weakness. But since I am Present Trunks, you won’t be locked up in the Other Dimension. Keep your word and tell your gang to stand down, and disband immediately.”

The allies of the villains fled, seeing that they were defeated. Freeza also called his band and they all shied away and dispersed in the forest. Before the sun went half its course, the determination and goodwill of the heroes prevailed. They were fighting for a good cause so they overpowered the villains, as the good always overcame the evil. They all punched the air and shouted out their victory.

The heroes once more assembled in the cave to talk about their combats. Before parting from each other, the Alliance thanked the reinforcement for assisting them.

Reed Richard: “You can always count on us. The Forest will be quiet for a while now that this evil band is weakened.”

Johnny Storm: “I doubt Freeza will keep his promise but we’ll be ready to crush them anytime.”

Rahan: “Don’t be pessimistic Torch. Freeza sounded sincere when he answered Trunks.”

Spider-Man: “Terrax fled after receiving a call. I’m sure he did that on purpose, knowing he couldn’t beat me. I think my web shooters scared him.”

Johnny Storm: “Show-off! Cut the cosmic guy some slack web head. What I think is that he really had an emergency.”

Spider-Man: “Don’t be jealous Torch; you too were not bad against Doom. Anyway, I had my combat finished early enough to watch some of you. Zach and Ryan impressed me most. Windfang couldn’t predict any of their moves.”

Conan: “And you say there are no superheroes on Earth?”

Gohan: “Spidey, FF,[2] you helped us whereas NSF is after the Earthlings. Why?”

Ben Grimm: “It’s a sacrilege to forsake a friend. Samba called, we answered; that’s the Alliance. We’re loyal to each other whatever the case.”

Susan Storm: “Headquarters may consider the Earthlings trespassers yet for conscience’s sake, we couldn’t just leave all of you in the hands of those savages.”

Reed Richard: “These little ones can’t be foes. The proof - they helped us defeat the enemies of Nootra. I’ll testify about that to NSF.”

Ben Grimm: “Why not nominate them for the Nootra Award?”

Johnny Storm: “Extra-Nootrans winning the MAC? Impossible! If anyone has to win, it has to be me.”

Susan Storm: “You big-headed! Can’t you think of anything apart from yourself?”

Johnny Storm: “What else is there besides me?”

Reed Richard: “Warriors, I’ll dare say you were all fantastic. And Trunks, you amazed me. See, I told you you would have Freeza. He can do nothing against you.”

Trunks: “Thanks Mr. Fantastic. So the plot the Earthlings told me about was true. It means before I was born, I came from the future and defeated Freeza? Did my parents know it?”

Ben Grimm: “Not your mother, but Vegeta. How could you have possibly hidden such a thing from him?”

Ryan: “Before you leave warriors, can anyone tell me where to find the Agape? Fantastic Four, you’re explorers and you travel to distant worlds. Have you got an idea?”

Ben Grimm: “Kid, don’t you know the Agape is invisible?”

Alan: “My friend’s dream is to meet Him. Please, help us if you can.”

Zach: “From what we heard from the Alliance, it’s obvious Nootrans know much about Him.”

Johnny Storm: “Didn’t I hear Gohan say it was on your planet He came? You’re the ones to tell us more about Him Earthies.”

Ryan: “But He left a long time ago, even before I was born. I thought He could be on another planet.”

Spider-Man: “What I know is that He’s everywhere, though we can’t see Him.”

Tarzan: “I sometimes feel His presence when I’m in the Forest in the calm of the night, as a man senses the presence of another man.”

Johnny Storm: “It never happened to me jungle boy. It’s only you who can sense the presence of a man when you don’t see him.”

Reed Richard: “The Agape is invisible yet if it were not of Him, no one could survive this life of ours, which is in jeopardy all the time. That’s how I know He is.”

Johnny Storm: “When I was growing up, my dad told me He was living permanently in me, not so Sue?”

Susan Storm: “He lives in every man. I can see Him in Johnny, Ben, Reed and all of you.”

Rahan: “I know He indwells us but like Ryan, I’d like to see Him outside those-who-walk-upright. I’m confident I’ll see Him when I reach the place where the sun sets.”

Ryan: “The astonishing thing is that you know Him, you who’re supposed to be cartoon characters.”

Ben Grimm: “Of course, we know Him. What did you take us for; ignorant folks? It isn’t because you discover it now that it hasn’t always been so. You’re acting like someone receiving a revelation at an appointed time and he’s excited about it, thinking he’s the first to have grasped it when countless people knew it before him.”

Alan: “On Earth, talking about Him is a sensitive issue since people have different beliefs concerning Him. That’s why we’re surprised to hear you talk about Him freely with no complex.”

Reed Richard: “I saw that kind of reaction on a planet we once visited. This made me conclude that people fear what they don’t know. Maybe your people react this way because they don’t have proper knowledge of who the Agape is. I’ve never seen anybody reject His grace once they’ve experienced it; it’s downright impossible for a human to do so. I say this out of experimentation. Absolute beauty is in His person when He is known exactly as He is. Every man loves what is beautiful. No human will refuse to take something beautiful when offered to them freely; unless they’re being proud, hypocritical, fearful or they haven’t yet perceived the beauty in that thing. It’s up to you Earthlings to find out where you failed. Trace that point, which caused your people to misunderstand the message. Once you correct that, you’ll fix everything.”

Ben Grimm: “By the way, how can a man reject himself? The only reason a man may think hostilely towards the Agape is that he has failed to see that he is in Him and that there’s nothing like a man outside of the union with Him. The essence of man is his oneness with the Agape; it’s because of our incorporation into Him that we can be men. Man is defined as that person who is joined to the Agape and partakes of all that He is and of all that is in Him. Outside of Him, there is no man.”

Tarzan: “The secret of the fulfilment of man is our knowledge that we’re already perfect in Him. We had no part to play for this to be. He played our part by assuming every aspect of our life and giving us the crowning piece in His glorified body into which He incorporated us.”

Susan Storm: “Diversities of beliefs, opinions and attitudes can’t stop people from being together and loving each other. These divisions are only in our minds for the truth is, we’re one people. This is what our ancestors saw when they founded this city. Living together doesn’t necessarily mean agreeing with someone; it means accepting people as they are, though we may not believe the same thing. What we can’t deny is that we’re of one essence and whatever difference we acquire in this world can’t outweigh our fundamental nature, that of a human being. We mustn’t fear difference but we must see every man as being part of us since all of us are in the one body of the Agape.”

Reed Richard: “I love your quest Ryan; I encourage you to never give up. You’ll learn many things because of that and one day, you’ll see Him face-to-face just as you see me now. But don’t be surprised if you find Him to be a man.”

Ryan: “I knew cartoon characters were human beings though that sounded fantasy to many. This meeting with you is a confirmation. Having seen you face-to-face, I have the guarantee I shall see Him face-to-face too. He’s my ultimate dream.”

Spider-Man: “Is it just me or does anybody see these guys disrespect us by calling us cartoon characters, like we were some actors in a show?”

Johnny Storm: “That’s how the entire Earth recognizes us Spidey. In their world, people they know, whom they’ve never met and who live on other planets are called cartoon characters.”

Ben Grimm: “I pretend I didn’t hear that crap coming from you Johnny.”

Conan: “Ryan, your dream of meeting the Agape is big. It’s good to have big dreams; life becomes even more interesting with them.”

Noah: “Yes, big dreams pay for they take you where you want, like us in Nootra and me swinging with Spider-Man. Spidey, do you remember my request?”

Spider-Man: “Sorry Noah, but that will be for next time. We’re agents and assignments await us. What’s important now is to keep you safe.”

Reed Richard: “Gohan, we trust you to take our visitors safely to the base.”

Gohan: “Count on us Mr. Fantastic. Farewell friends.”

The reinforcement left after saying goodbye to their friends. In his turn, Gohan showed his gratitude to Samba, Leuk, Rahan, Conan, and Tarzan.

Samba: “It was a pleasure friend. We’re honoured to help those-who-walk-upright whenever they’re in trouble.”

Conan: “Hey Samba, you’re talking like Rahan there.”

Krilin: “We have to be going now. These villains are tireless in their schemes. We can’t tell what they might be up to next.”

Noah: “Shall I see you again Rahan?”

Rahan: “Certainly friend; we shall doubtless meet again. When people love each other, they certainly meet and meet again and again.”

Noah: “Did you hear that guys? Rahan called me his friend and said we’ll meet again.”

Zach: “Little wonder since you’re an expert in making friends with everybody you meet.”

Tarzan: “Our encounter with you Earthlings made me see that men from every galaxy and dimension are the same. We live in this world in relationship and are here to be with one another. We’re all from one stock, of one heart and are destined for a common happiness.”

Goten: “People from different worlds getting along just fine. That’s terrific.”

Trunks: “Even more intriguing is that they know all of us. People of planet Earth know the people of Nootra. I can’t figure this out. It means information circulate among dimensions.”

Conan: “Zach and Ryan proved to me that they knew me deep within and that they trusted me. What do you call them again? Those cartoonists are truly inspired by the Agape to be able to portray the lives of people living in other worlds.”

Leuk: “Beautiful words, yet time is passing and I’m not sleeping here another night. Come on; you must leave now.”

Samba: “Transmit the greetings of the Alliance to companions at L4.”

Gohan: “You have our word Samba. Goodbye friends.”

Gohan, Goten, Krilin, Trunks bearing Zach, Noah, Alan and Ryan parted from Tarzan, Conan, Rahan, Samba and Leuk and headed for Secret Base L4.

[1] Tapion is the main protagonist of the movie Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon (1995), DBZ 13th movie.

[2] The FF – The Fantastic Four

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Noah, Alan, Ryan and Zach, four teenagers from planet Earth, found themselves in the world of cartoons and comics’ heroes. They made friends with some Nootrans but NSF tracked them down, thinking they were intruders. Gohan, Trunks, Goten and Krilin rescued them from the hands of Superman and Captain Nootra and the eight children travelled together to Secret Base L4.

In the course of this journey, they traversed the Frightful Forest, a forest inhabited by villains and animals having as heads Freeza and Wrath-Amon. Windfang attacked them and they fell in the heart of the Forest. Surrounded by the wicked, they fought bravely but they didn’t prevail. Fortunately, the Alliance was around. This branch of NSF, including Tarzan, Samba, Leuk, Conan and Rahan, helped them escape Wrath-Amon and his gang. They all took refuge in a cave somewhere in the Forest and waited for daylight.

After Rahan finished his story, some of the heroes fell asleep while others kept watch. Long before dawn, Samba woke up and sat at the entrance of the cave. He took out his flute and started playing a melody. This carried a message of peace for every listener.

That dark morning was calm, like the calmness often preceding a battle. Alan was up by then and he was gazing at the starry sky. Samba’s music came to his ears and aroused profound emotions in him. It went deep into his soul and enlightened him on his identity. Looking at the stars with that melody in his head, his mind was renewed and he was conscious of being a divine being in the world. He pondered on all that happened so far and the wonder of their incredible adventure awestruck him. He could do nothing except bless the One who made his dream reality.

Samba’s flute soon awoke Noah. She got up and moved towards him. Leuk was standing not far from the flutist and Noah went to talk with the hare. Conan was also keeping watch and he joined them.

Noah: “What is that beautiful piece of music?”

Leuk: “This melody appeases troubled hearts in the Forest. Many villains turned away from evil when they spent time in this forest. Some of them became renowned heroes like Vegeta, Trunks’ father. But since Wrath-Amon and Freeza came here, they trouble everyone and harden their hearts. The villains now refuse to let their inner man be enlightened.”

Conan: “There is yet another reason for the music. Samba is sending a signal. This particular melody gives our exact position. Warriors who hear the sound will come for backup.”

Alan had been following the three and he exclaimed alarmingly.

Alan: “Oh no! If that’s the case, the enemy will know our position too.”

Leuk: “No Alan. The message is coded and identified only by the Alliance and their backers.”

Noah: “More of my heroes are coming then. I wonder who I’m going to meet this time.”

The song of Samba moved along the distant forest and came to the hearing of friends. These hastened to the secret location on reading it and before dawn, they were assembled.

Noah: “Alan, this is huge! Reed Richard also known as Mr. Fantastic, Susan Storm aka Invisible Woman, Ben Grimm aka The Thing, Johnny Storm or the Human Torch[1] and Peter Parker aka Spider-Man.”[2]

Samba: “Welcome citizens. I’m happy to see you again.”

Human Torch: “Hello Samba and Leuk. How are you doing Tarzan? Long time no see Mr. Conan. Hail to you son of Craô. Saiyans, Krilin and the strange company over there, you’re welcome.”

Spider-Man: “Why welcome them when you’re the one who just arrived?”

Human Torch: “This is my team, OK? They’re the strangers here. Last time I asked to join them but Piccolo slammed the door to my face. I’m even being polite here. I could have backed it to the sender.”

Spider-Man: “It’s to Piccolo you had to say that but I guess you were too scared to answer him a word.”

Human Torch: “Spider, get off my shoes, will you? You’ve greeted no one since we came. Who’s being ill-bred here, me or you?”

Spider-Man: “Hello everyone. Wait a minute; I don’t know these guys. Don’t tell me they’re the extra-Nootrans that make NSF tremble?”

The Thing: “Only children? What went wrong with those guys of Westside?”

Mr. Fantastic went about probing the Earthlings experientially.

Mr. Fantastic: “They’re humans yet their race is unknown to me. They seem harmless but are strange indeed. I think I should study them after this.”

The Thing: “I thought I heard Doom speaking. You behave like a mad scientist already Reed.”

Spider-Man: “Ben is right Mr. Fantastic. If you continue like this, you won’t be different from the people you’re trying to stop.”

Mr. Fantastic: “No chance that will happen. If I had to turn into the dark side, it would have been long ago. The temptations were greater back then. And if it ever comes about, Susan will put me back on the right track.”

Invisible Woman: “Like he ever listens to me! Children, you’re welcome to Nootra. The Fantastic Four and the Alliance will help you despite the misunderstanding you had with security. What’s your name little girl?”

Invisible Woman and Noah acquainted with each other and so did the rest. Then they all came together to raise a plan against the villains. Reed Richard, Samba and Rahan were the brains while the rest put in their contribution.

Mr. Fantastic: “Alliance, what’s the situation in the Forest at present?”

Tarzan: “Wrath-Amon and Freeza lay down the rule. We haven’t been able to contain them.”

Conan: “It’s good we all are here. We’ll disband that rebellious group those two set up. They’re distracting other villains from attaining illumination.”

Rahan: “If you want them to attain illumination Conan, then stop calling them villains.”

Conan: “Yes Mister pro-villain. You know what firehair, I don’t want a monster like Wrath-Amon to attain whatsoever illumination. Why should he be in peace after plunging many in waves?”

Invisible Woman: “Lighten up Conan. There sure must be some common ground between you two.”

Conan: “No way Susan. Wrath-Amon and I just can’t mix; not after what he did to me.”

The Thing: “Don’t worry hero; you’ll take down your man.”

Mr. Fantastic: “Let’s review the whole thing. Freeza and Wrath-Amon have allies at large. Since you succoured the children, they now know the Alliance will fight them. And I’m sure they invited their friends to the party.”

Spider-Man: “They too have called for backup? Man, do you think they’ll come in their numbers?”

Samba: “That’s why we called you. We would have defeated them yesterday if the sun wasn’t setting. Now they had enough time to assemble an army.”

Invisible Woman: “Some villains have grown tired of playing the wicked; they won’t answer Wrath-Amon’s call. I think the fourteen of us will do. We’ll undoubtedly outnumber them.”

Gohan: “Count Zach and Ryan among our fighters. I saw how well they fought when the villains attacked us yesterday.”

Human Torch: “Tell me dudes; what are your powers? Can you turn into fire like me, or fly to outer space like I do? My powers are fantastic. Yes, I am the Human Torch.”

Ryan: “We have no powers of that sort but we’re agile in combat and skilful in martial arts. We know many fighting techniques.”

Human Torch: “There’s nothing spectacular in what you described. I guess I’d be bored fighting by your side.”

Mr. Fantastic: “Good! We’re sixteen combatants; the villains can’t outdo us. Remember, we’re heroes and we’re good, like our citizens say.”

As the final details were being settled, Noah approached Spider-Man with this request.

Noah: “Web head, will you swing with me when this is over?”

The Human Torch left no time for Spider-Man to answer but he complained.

Human Torch: “Why does the whole world want Spidey to give them a ride? I won’t mind taking you to space girl.”

Invisible Woman: “Use your head for once Johnny. You’re fire and nobody wants to be exposed to your flames; though your powers may be amazing.”

Spider-Man: “Hey, that last word is reserved for me. You stick with fantastic and you don’t encroach on my territory.”

The Thing: “Torch, what do you say of testing our new fighting combination on Doom?”

Human Torch: “You took the words out of my mouth Thing. If the doc shows his face, he’ll be doomed for good.”

After instructing their comrades on how they were going to confront the enemy, Mr. Fantastic, Rahan and Samba were finally done with the theoretical part of the operation.

Samba: “Are there more suggestions or any objections? Do you think we stand a chance against Freeza and his team?”

Conan: “Never talk defeat near me flutist. It’s certain we fighting together are stronger than the lots of Wrath-Amons.”

Tarzan: “Samba, Reed, Rahan, you’re the experts.”

Spider-Man: “I have no objections your honours.”

Mr. Fantastic: “The plan is approved. Friends, let’s move.”

Human Torch: “Finally. I was already getting tired of waiting.”

Once the first rays of the sun were visible, the Alliance, Saiyans, and Earthlings walked out of the cave to where the enemy congregated. They took position to face off the gang of villains led by the malicious Freeza and the malevolent Wrath-Amon with Windfang by his side. Their allies were also present and these were no softhearted people. They were the evil Saiyans Raditz and Turles,[3] the wicked Dr. Doom,[4] the cosmic being Terrax[5] and many animals under Wrath-Amon’s command. When the Alliance and their friends saw the army of the villains that had rebelled in the Forest, Mr. Fantastic gave these instructions to his comrades.

Mr. Fantastic: “Heroes, now that we know the faces of our adversaries, let’s separate into groups to confront them. I would dare say we’re lucky since we’ve fought them before. Gohan, Goten, position yourselves against Turles and Raditz. Trunks, you’ll prevail against Freeza. Your future self did it once and I know your present self will do it again. Spider-Man, you need no assistance to take down Terrax. Rahan, Krilin, Samba and Leuk, you stop the animals.”

Conan: “Leave Wrath-Amon and Windfang to me. It’s personal.”

Spider-Man: “Take what he said seriously everyone. Nobody comes between the big guy and the objects of his wrath.”

Mr. Fantastic: “OK Conan, Wrath-Amon is yours alone. Who’s left?”

Human Torch: “Have you forgotten us elastic man? I can’t believe you forget your own team when someone is doomed to suffer this morning.”

Mr. Fantastic: “Yes, the Fantastic Four are going against Dr. Doom. Tarzan, you protect the extra-Nootrans.”

Gohan: “What about Ryan and Zach? They’re resourceful. Don’t leave them out Mr. Fantastic.”

Mr. Fantastic: “Ryan, Zach, you two, be watchful. If you see a fighter in a bad situation, step in and rescue them. Have these gadgets. They’re some of Batman’s toys and can prove very useful to those who don’t exercise super powers in combat.”

Ryan: “Thanks Mr. Fantastic. We’ll do as we’re told.”

Samba: “With everything set, Alliance, keep the Forest safe.”

The Thing: “Come on now heroes; let’s do this together.”

With these words from Ben Grimm began the fighting in the Frightful Forest. Each warrior went against their traditional adversaries. Tarzan protected Noah and Alan. Ryan and Zach stood as the reserve team, ready to intervene in case of emergency. When the Fantastic Four started clashing it out with Dr. Doom, Invisible Woman tried to dissuade this one from what he was planning.

Invisible Woman: “Surrender Victor. We won’t let you capture the children.”

Dr. Doom: “Don’t try to stop me Susan. These extra-Nootrans are my fortune. My experiments will attain the utmost level once I obtain information from their world. Then I will quench my thirst for more energy and so conquer the universe.”

Human Torch: “Or it might take you a thousand years backwards. That’s not a bad idea Reed. Maybe we should let him try his luck just this once.”

The Thing: “There’s some sense in what the kid is saying. How about letting the doc get lost in an age with no technologies?”

Human Torch: “I’d love to see his face when he gets there. Imagine Doom trapped in the period before the Stone Age; the Ice Age probably. He won’t even find a metal to cover himself.”

Mr. Fantastic: “Whether the kids’ world is advanced or not, we mustn’t let this malicious mind venture there. He’ll only cause havoc.”

Dr. Doom: “You must be out of your mind thinking you can stop me. You four put together can’t even scratch me. I’ve beaten you before and I’ll do it again.”

Invisible Woman: “Beaten us before? You have problems recalling the past or what? It’s we who’ve always defeated you.”

The Thing: “And he isn’t humble after all that. He goes as far as to tell lies to hide his many failures.”

Human Torch: “It’s about time someone gave him a lecture on honesty. And I volunteer for the task.”

Johnny Storm ignited and fire covered his entire body. He became a torch, which in reality was a human being. He lifted himself high until outer space and came down at full speed with a punch aimed for Dr. Doom. Doom dodged the fire punch but Reed Richard wasn’t far away and he got him. He stretched out his body all around Doom and tied him up. Once Mr. Fantastic fastened Doom and immobilized him with his elastic body, Ben Grimm, the man whose skin turned into an orange craggy rock after being exposed to cosmic radiation, came right away to crush him. Dr. Doom, however, freed himself a second before Ben’s double-handed punch fell on him. Ben Grimm realized he had smitten Reed instead. Seeing that her companions had lost control of the situation, Susan Storm turned invisible and used her powers to trap Doom in an invisible barrier she created from her psionic force field. That was when the Human Torch finally thumped Dr. Doom with fire punches. So went the confrontation between the Fantastic Four and their archenemy Victor Von Doom.

Not far from there, another fight was about to start.

Spider-Man: “Terrax the Tamer, right? That scythe you carry, isn’t it too heavy for you? There’s also something I can’t make head nor tail. What’s a cosmic guy doing in the Frightful Forest? Last time I checked, forest and cosmic didn’t rhyme. And don’t tell me Terrax that you want to hunt game ’cause I’m so not going to believe you.”

Terrax: “The Alliance sends a kid to fight Terrax who wields the Power Cosmic?[6] Mr. Fantastic is underestimating my powers and you’re the one who’ll pay for that lack of respect.”

Spider-Man: “So you wanted to be respected. I see… Is that why you made friends with Wrath-Amon? That was a mistake on your part ’cause Wrath-Amon and his kind aren’t respected. They’re instead objects of disrespect. And the rest, your cosmic friends, where are they? Don’t they love being with the lot of their kind? Or could it be they were scared of being thrashed by the Alliance?”

Terrax: “I have no time for your silly talk. Out of my way spider.”

Spider-Man: “Make time Mr. Wicked. Wherever you go, you’ll find my spider web waiting to stop you. Unless you surrender, you and your buddy Wrath-Amon are going to be crushed by me and my pals.”

Terrax: “You’ve called for it Spidey. I won’t restrain myself.”

Spider-Man: “Neither will I. What are you waiting for? Come and be busted.”

The words of Spider-Man enraged Terrax. It appeared he had no time for any play talk. He ran headlong towards the hero so as to smite him with his scythe. The latter, however, released his web. Spider-Man swung from tree to tree, making his web pass through, around and over them. Terrax was too agitated in his attempt to catch him so that he failed to notice that the hero was raising a web prison around him. He woke up to find himself trapped within a space barricaded by spider web.

Nevertheless, Terrax cut through the webs with his cosmic scythe and broke free. Then he used his Power Cosmic to manipulate sand. After handling it thoroughly, he spattered the dough at Spider-Man. That was not counting Spider-Man’s spider-sense, which alerted him of the danger an instant before. He jumped and narrowly escaped the sand avalanche. Spider-Man counterattacked with no further delay. He released a web fluid over which Terrax slipped and went down. Terrax’s fury augmented at this setback and he rose with an angry expression on his face. Yet before wielding his Power Cosmic to throw an attack, he was distracted by a call. He took off immediately after receiving it and left. Nonetheless, Spider-Man won his fight against Terrax the Tamer in the Frightful Forest.

While Terrax and Spider-Man were clashing it out, Son Gohan and Son Goten were having an unfriendly family discussion with their uncle Raditz and their compatriot Turles.

Raditz: “My nephews, your father has led you astray with feelings of compassion and pity. They won’t take you anywhere. These things are for lesser beings; not for us Saiyans.”

Turles: “A true Saiyan must be without affections; that’s the only way to become stronger. These Nootrans find consolation in affection because they don’t have the power we Saiyans have. We’re called to rule supreme in the universe, making no room for basic things like love or mercy.”

Goten: “I disagree Turles. The good heart of our dad has made him the strongest of heroes to date. Even our friends from another world can testify. It’s time you admitted you had it all wrong.”

Raditz: “It’s also time you knew your origins children. Our race had only one objective: conquer and dominate other planets and people. We have the ability to do so for we’re the strongest race there is. Your treacherous father is the one denying his very essence. Join us now Gohan, Goten so we can retrieve the glory Saiyans once had.”

Gohan: “You’re irretrievable my uncle. Why can’t you understand that fighting for the cause of evil makes no one stronger? Look at our people, the Nootrans. Though many don’t possess super powers like us, they thrive by those values you refuse to acknowledge. These are the very things that enabled them to acquire great powers like Saiyans.”

Goten: “We’re wasting our time explaining these things to you since you don’t know what love and justice are all about. You’ve never experienced them and you carry on with evil since it’s the only thing you know. That’s why you won’t win.”

Turles: “What do you mean when you talk of evil little boy? Have you forgotten our destiny? Saiyans are here to rule supreme over all because of the logical reason that we’re the strongest people in the world. These Nootrans and their super powers can’t even reach our ankles. We’re only fulfilling our destiny and I don’t see why people should put up resistance since they’re here to be led by us. It would be wiser for them to submit to their inevitable fate.”

Gohan: “Listen carefully my uncle and his friend before we settle things the hard way. We call what you’re doing ‘evil’ because you want to suppress the freedoms of people and put them under your domination. You can’t impose your rule on people against their will. You can’t claim authority over them when they don’t recognize you. There’s no leadership without freedom, so there’s no destiny if it entails forcing others to do what you want.”

Raditz: “Freedom, love, mercy blah, blah, blah. You Nootrans think you’re doing it right promoting these things? You can’t change the destiny of a man, and we Saiyans are the people who know our destiny. It is justice that Saiyans rule this world.”

Goten: “I bet your moms didn’t hug you when you were kids; yet that’s no excuse for you to be this way. I know many people who haven’t received affection from their parents; some were even despised by their own. That, however, didn’t stop them from loving and caring for others. Some went as far as helping the people who once tried to kill them. You can as well learn something from their story. My uncle, Turles, you must find yourselves a reason in life other than wanting to lord it over people.”

Turles: “It’s pathetic hearing Saiyans talk this way. You’re a disgrace to your people. Our proud race won’t tolerate the likes of you. That’s why you shall be eliminated.”

Gohan: “Try if you can. My brother and I are Super Saiyans[7] but you two haven’t attained that level yet; and you think you can beat us? That’s presumptuous on your part. And one thing you should remember: we’re the sons of Goku.”

Raditz: “Once we’re done with you we’ll go for that traitor you call father. He’s at the origin of all this humiliation.”

Goten: “You must first pass through us and I’m not sure you can. You have only threats to make but we’re here to champion a just cause; that’s why we’ll defeat you. Niisan, we’re giving them a party.”

Turles: “Raditz, let’s wipe these traitors off our world for good.”

Gohan: “Be my guest Turles.”

So the confrontation between the two groups of Saiyans began. Turles targeted Gohan and sent an energy wave to destroy him. Gohan countered the attack with his own energy wave and pushed back the one of Turles, forcing him to take steps backwards. Gohan transformed into Super Saiyan. His hair turned golden, his eyes changed into green and his body and outfit became lighter. The moment Son Gohan transformed, his force intensified and his power multiplied. His energy wave automatically became more powerful than the one of Turles and it pushed the latter a thousand miles away, into the distant forest.

Meanwhile, Goten and Raditz were engaging a close range combat. They were exchanging punches and kicks in quick succession. Goten was faster but Raditz grew weary from the endless punches. When Goten realized that his opponent showed a sign of fatigue, he transformed into Super Saiyan and thumped him in the stomach with a mighty energy punch. This instantly knocked out Raditz.

As the sons of Goku were fighting the evil Saiyans, the Fantastic Four were facing Dr. Doom and Spider-Man was engaging Terrax. At this same moment, Conan and Wrath-Amon were preparing to enter into battle. Rahan, Krilin, Samba and Leuk were also driving off the beasts surrounding them. As for Tarzan, he was keeping a watchful eye on Noah and Alan while Ryan and Zach were on the alert for any eventuality. Trunks on his side was about to have a rematch of a previous combat with Freeza, which he was completely unaware of.

[1] Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richard), Invisible Woman (Susan Storm), Human Torch (Johnny Storm), The Thing (Ben Grimm) form The Fantastic Four, a superhero team appearing in Marvel Comics’ comic books. The group debuted in The Fantastic Four #1 (Nov. 1961) and was the first superhero team created by writer Stan Lee and artist and co-plotter Jack Kirby.

[2] Spider-Man (Peter Parker, Spidey) is a Marvel Comics superhero. Created by writer-editor Stan Lee and writer-artist Steve Ditko, he first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15 (August 1962).

[3] Raditz and Turles are DBZ characters. Raditz, first seen in Dragon Ball Z Chapter 1 (New Threat), is a Saiyan warrior and the older brother of Son Goku. Turles is the featured super villain in Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might (1990), DBZ’s 3rd Movie. He is an upper class Saiyan and bears a striking resemblance to Son Goku.

[4] Victor von Doom (Doctor Doom) is a character appearing in Marvel Comics publications. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, he first appeared in Fantastic Four #5 (July 1962).

[5] Terrax, the Tamer is a character that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. He was created by Marv Wolfman and John Byrne and first appears in Fantastic Four #211 (Oct. 1979).

[6] The Power Cosmic is a source of limitless godly cosmic energy in the Marvel Universe. It first appears in Fantastic Four #48 (March, 1966).

[7] Super Saiyan is an advanced transformation assumed by extraordinarily powerful members of the Saiyan race in the Dragon Ball franchise.

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Noah, Ryan, Zach and Alan ventured into the home dimension of cartoons and comics’ heroes - the city of Nootra. Nootra Security Forces considered them as intruders and the agents chased them. However, some heroes came to their rescue and prevented NSF from arresting them. Among these were the children of the most renowned Saiyans of the universe, namely Trunks, Gohan, Goten; and their friend Krilin. These four decided to take the Earthlings to Secret Base L4 to keep them out of the reach of NSF. Yet to attain L4, they had to traverse a forest inhabited by villains and beasts. They tried to be discreet but Windfang, the man transformed into a winged creature, spied them and destabilized them in their flight.

To avert calamity, the band of Saiyans made a crash landing in the heart of the Frightful Forest. They found themselves surrounded by a gang of villains and beasts with Freeza and Wrath-Amon at the head. These didn’t appear like they wanted to give a warm welcome to the heroes.

Gohan: “Stand down Freeza. We were only passing through the Forest. We mean you no harm.”

Freeza: “Mean me harm? You must be kidding Saiyan. Things have changed since our last meeting. I’ve become stronger thanks to my friends here. Nootra didn’t know they were doing me a favor when they sent me to this forest. Your prison cell is a villain’s paradise. I made extraordinary encounters with people who have the same goal as me and they contributed to the upgrading of my powers. I’d gladly test my new powers on you Gohan but to Trunks be the honor.”

Wrath-Amon: “I have nothing personal against these children but crushing them means weakening the forces of Nootra and that, I’m totally for.”

Goten: “Brother, let’s prepare for combat. They aren’t willing to let us go.”

Freeza: “Let you go when you’ll serve as our dessert tonight?”

Gohan: “Listen men, NSF sent you here for reformation. The best place in the city has been allotted to you so that through its spirituality, you may reflect on your ways and change from evil to good. Why do you persist in bringing down Nootra? Freeza, Wrath-Amon, you’ve turned this place into a villain’s den, dragging down with you those who really want to change. What do you gain from doing this?”

Wrath-Amon: “A child thinks he can sermon me, the dreadful Wrath-Amon? Weigh the word when you talk of ‘evil’ kid for you haven’t yet seen what true evil is all about. You and the agents of NSF shall soon witness the rise of the reign of chaos.”

Trunks: “Only in your dreams Wrath-Amon. Mark my words too. I am Trunks, son of Vegeta, the prince of Saiyans: never will evil reign in Nootra. Your cause is a lost one. We’re open but the choice is yours. If you refuse to join us, you’re doomed.”

Freeza: “Trunks, your father worked for me as many of the Saiyans did. But the values Goku acquired in Nootra influenced him and he rebelled and turned good. I am the one who destroyed planet Vegeta,[1] home world of Saiyans. Saiyans had been barbaric until your fathers settled here and instead of fighting the Nootrans, they joined them in upholding this monstrous civilization that seeks to eradicate evil in the world. But Nootra and her heroes won’t succeed. I made it my personal mission to exterminate your race and I succeeded so far until I met you stubborn Saiyans. Unless you serve me, you’ll suffer the same fate as your stiff-necked compatriots. And when I finish with the offshoots, I’ll deal with the fathers and Saiyans will be wiped out forever.”

Freeza laughed out loud when he finished his discourse.

Goten: “Talking doesn’t help with this band. Did you hear them? It’s impossible to reason with these people. We must fight Niisan.”

Gohan: “You read my mind little brother. Krilin, protect the Earthlings. Goten, cover the five of them. Trunks, you and I will engage Freeza and his band.”

Ryan: “Zach and I know something about fighting. Krilin, I count on you to protect Noah and Alan.”

Krilin: “Have no worries friends. I grew up with the Saiyans and I don’t fail when it comes to protecting my friends.”

Goten: “The least you can do during a battle is to trust your companions.”

Trunks: “These are strong adversaries. Zach, Ryan, are you sure you want to fight them?”

Zach: “I came here to challenge Son Goku, one of the mightiest warriors of the universe. How could I if I can’t even fight these guys?”

Ryan: “You said it Trunks; evil can’t prevail in Nootra. We’re bound to win.”

Gohan: “Everyone to their assignments.”

Noah: “Be careful guys.”

Alan: “Don’t worry Noah. The Agape is in them so everything is going to be alright.”

A fight broke out in the Forest between Freeza, Wrath-Amon and their band on one hand, and Gohan and his companions on the other. Gohan and Trunks fought Freeza and Wrath-Amon. Krilin protected Alan and Noah while Goten covered these three by deflecting the fires of Windfang. Ryan and Zach defended themselves against the beasts of Wrath-Amon. Son Gohan noticed the strength of Zach and the fighting skills of Ryan impressed him. Though Saiyans and friends struggled hard, there was no way out for them. They couldn’t drive out Freeza and his gang. They were close to despair when they heard a voice call from an underground tunnel.

Voice: “Come with me if you want to live.”

Since the battle pressed hard on them and they found no respite, Son Gohan ordered his companions to follow the Voice. One after the other, they dived into the tunnel, slid down for a long distance and came out on another part of the Forest. The passage closed instantaneously once the last one came out. They got up and followed a silhouette, which went towards a baobab. On reaching the tree, they found friends who came to their rescue - Rahan, Son of the Dark Age,[2] Conan, the Adventurer,[3] Tarzan of the Apes,[4] Samba and Leuk the Hare.[5]

When his enemies escaped his claws, Freeza got in a rage, infuriated that the Alliance joined the Saiyans. He threatened them with a loud voice.

Freeza: “Saiyans and the rest, you won’t leave this forest alive. You shall all be crushed by this time tomorrow. And I’ll finally take my revenge on Trunks and deal with him as I dealt with his grandfather.”

Wrath-Amon: “Quit the shouting; they’re all gone. But our objective hasn’t been attained. We must destroy them to weaken Nootra’s forces. Then our friends at large shall overthrow NSF and get us out of here.”

Freeza: “That will be the end of Nootra. We shall establish a reign of chaos in the land. This is our big chance. Assemble everyone and let’s win this one.”

Wrath-Amon: “Don’t give me orders Freeza. Let this be clear: I’m doing this for my own interest and not because of you. Windfang, keep on patrolling so that none of them escapes from the Forest before our army is set. My loyal beasts, you’re not trapped in the woods like us. Get quickly to our comrades outside and tell them they’re expected here before dawn.”

So the enemy prepared for the battle, which would take place at dawn. Meanwhile, darkness had fallen in the Forest. Tarzan and his companions of the Alliance led our friends to a cave, a place to spend the night in safety.

Tarzan: “Sorry friends but you’ll have to do with this. We must stay here this night. It won’t be to our advantage if we fought Freeza and his band in the dark. Wrath-Amon’s beasts are more ferocious at night.”

Samba: “These guys go crazy each time a Saiyan comes this way.”

Leuk: “It’s Freeza. He’s bent on taking revenge on one of them.”

Trunks: “He addressed himself to me. I don’t know what he meant by wanting to take revenge on me personally. What did I do to him?”

The Alliance looked at each other and said nothing. Noah wanted to speak but Gohan covered her mouth to prevent her from letting the cat out of the bag and revealing to Trunks the truth behind Freeza’s words.

Gohan: “Don’t worry Trunks; he was just saying anything. Alliance, thanks for coming to our help. We would have been crushed by this hour if you hadn’t intervened.”

Conan: “Save your gratitude for tomorrow son of Goku. The real battle hasn’t begun yet.”

Goten: “I see the Alliance continue in their activities. I can’t believe valiant men like you live in the Forest with these villains.”

Krilin: “Part of Nootra Security Forces is in the Frightful Forest then? This indeed is an effective means of containing villains and very strategic of NSF.”

Tarzan: “The Forest is first of all our home Krilin. We live here and try to put some order though a few villains want to turn everything upside down. We also help anyone who might find themselves in danger here.”

Gohan: “That’s just like NSF. You can’t get anywhere in this city without finding allies.”

Trunks: “The agents of West Side wanted to arrest these strangers from planet Earth without hearing them first. Those big guys have become over-suspicious. And I thought Captain Nootra never played the game of Batman!”

Leuk: “It’s because they used the cloning and passed for citizens. You must know that security has tightened since the recent assault on HQ East. Domes are over residential quarters and heroes now guard the gates. But don’t fear friends from Earth. The Alliance belongs to Nootra Security Forces but we’re not directly accountable to them. We’ll see you safe out of the Forest.”

Conan: “Well said Leuk. I don’t always call ‘danger’ what they call ‘danger’. We, the Alliance, judge from our own perspective before taking action.”

Noah was happy when she met Rahan. She drew near to him and made a request.

Noah: “May I sit beside you son of Craô the Sage?[6] I’m Noah from Earth.”

Rahan: “Of course Noah. I’m honored to meet those-who-walk-upright from planet Earth.”

Noah was over the moon when Rahan made room for her to stay close to him. He put his chain around her neck and allowed her to play with his knife. The knife of Rahan was a famous white instrument serving, not only as weapon, but also as a compass to show him the direction to take any time he set off for his never-ending journeys. After the Alliance acquainted with their guests and delighted them with treasures of the Forest, they all found a place of comfort to rest. Then Rahan began to think aloud.

Rahan: “Those-who-walk-upright are complex in their line of reasoning. The people you call villains have a cause and they’ll fight for it.”

Krilin: “That ideal of yours that wants all men living together in peace is popular but quite utopian. How can you be at peace with people who want to take away your life and bring chaos to the world?”

Conan: “Krilin is right. No need to try to understand those guys. Give them a chance and you’ll find yourself regretting it all your life.”

Ryan: “I think it’s good to stick to one’s convictions, even if they sound utopian. That’s where our honour lies.”

Goten: “Are you also a thinker Ryan?”

Zach: “We admire Rahan for his virtues: courage, loyalty, wisdom, resilience, generosity. People respect him on Earth for these noble values.”

Trunks: “Are people guided by these virtues in your world?”

Alan: “Our world is similar to yours. There are good as well as bad guys there. But it’s up to everyone to choose the path to follow. What I’m convinced of is that good always triumphs over evil.”

Rahan: “Perhaps the faith and the hope of the good towards the ‘evil’ is what matters. Heroes aren’t those who possess physical strength. Heroes are those who accept all those-who-walk-upright as they are and believe the best about them. This faith transforms them into better people. That’s how good eradicates evil.”

Alan: “You mean the good things we think about people can turn them into good people?”

Conan: “Anyone can, except Wrath-Amon. He’s the incarnation of evil itself.”

Samba: “Don’t categorize people Conan; every man is perfectible. Never give up on anyone.”

Conan: “You wouldn’t say that if you knew who Wrath-Amon really is.”

Goten: “I agree with Conan. Wrath-Amon’s speech on installing a reign of evil frightened me a lot.”

Rahan: “Goten, fear is a negative force. If you allow it to gain ground on your mind, you’ll never achieve anything great, but if you have faith, everything will be the way you want it.”

Samba: “Don’t be afraid because of what they said. The enemy only has one weapon at his disposal: fear. He has no power, no strength; nothing at all. But if you’re trapped in fear, he’ll have you without you even putting up a fight.”

Tarzan: “Well Rahan, your thoughts on ‘the evil can turn good if you believe the best for them’ are noble and I’m familiar with them, especially when I’m with the animals. Many won’t believe animals have feelings despite their wild nature. I deal with them and trust me when I say the wildest can sometimes be as gentle as a lamb. But you must watch out and be on your guard against people like Freeza and Wrath-Amon. Such are hard to learn. We fight them first, then we pray they change.”

Rahan: “We can also do the inverse Tarzan. Friends, I’ll be by your side and I won’t allow them to harm anyone. They may have a cause but their method isn’t right. They can’t go against people’s freedom to fulfil their dreams. Any cause demanding that those-who-walk-upright should suffer isn’t right. Yet I must believe the best for them. That’s the peace I’m after.”

Conan: “Then it might take you a long time to find that peace. Believe me; I know what I’m talking about.”

Trunks: “I have questions on the existence of evil in the world. I used to wonder why some men have chosen evil instead of good when the heart of every child is filled with love. Childhood mindset is the apogee of a human being. In this state, a man believes, he loves and lives in happiness. Why is it that when some people grow up, they choose evil instead?”

Samba: “Trunks, there are many reasons why people turn evil. The presence of evil can be casually explained as a consequence of the Fall. That’s when things started opposing man and he discovered that he wasn’t happy. But this is no excuse for people to practice evil. There are billion cases of people who went through hard times and came out with a heart filled with love; still keeping that ‘good’ nature with them. A human being is divine and he has the capacity to rise from his ashes unto beauty.”

Tarzan: “As you said Trunks, childhood is the evidence that man was born to love and to do good. In my opinion, the reason why people turn evil is because either they don’t have knowledge of what happiness is or they’ve never experienced it. Another reason can be that they do know, yet they deliberately choose to hurt. There’s nothing you can do about that except as Rahan said, believe they will find happiness and become good. Without any controversy, a happy man is good. The revolution that shall change the world is every man finding happiness and be happy.”

Ryan: “In our world, the Agape came and preached love for friends as well as for enemies. He took on humanity and reversed the consequences of the Fall in His body.”

Goten: “Wow! You’re lucky to know Him. My father has been looking for Him ever since.”

The Earthlings stared at each other in amazement, hardly believing what they heard with their own ears.

Alan: “Revelatory! (To Ryan) And you came here looking for Him!”

Rahan: “So it was on Earth He did it.”

Conan: “We know of the Cause and what the Agape did for its benefits to be effective for every man. The Agape is the hero who saved all people by becoming one with them.”

Rahan: “Legend has it that the Agape planted a seed in the ground of Nootra. Its influence over this planet prompted our ancestors to raise this civilization on love, justice and faith. That seed is responsible for endowing superhuman abilities to those who want them.”

Gohan: “The Agape gave us our powers yet none of us can compare to Him; not even my father or Superman.”

Tarzan: “The glory He received for us propelled His fame to the utmost galaxies. All people of every planet have benefited from that victory He got on Earth.”

Trunks: “And the most fascinating thing is, He never used His fists to do that. Love is the most powerful weapon there is.”

Alan: “I’m one hundred per cent with you Trunks. With love, you take down the whole band of villains in one round and there’s no need for a rematch.”

Samba: “Well said Earthling. Truly, the Agape’s love for man is indescribable. What He did out of love for us is the noblest thing ever done in the history of existence. There’s nothing greater.”

Goten: “But who can love like the Agape? If we could, we would have wiped out evil in the world already. My father is determined to meet Him. That’s why he visits galaxies to gather information about Him. He’s convinced the knowledge of Him will give him illumination on the love that turns everything into good. This is the dream of Son Goku.”

Ryan: “I’m glad Son Goku and I have the same dream.”

Tarzan: “Earth must be sacred if He chose it as the site to obtain salvation for all men. I’m sure your people are special.”

Zach: “Earthlings are human beings like you, though with no super powers. Yet this is the first time I realize how unique we are among the peoples of the universe.”

Ryan: “The Agape fills the entire world but His life is yet to be experienced by many. There are people who have His Spirit and they dispense His kingdom everywhere so that all may know what He is for them. His earnest desire is men knowing themselves the same as He knows them, even as His sons. Our union with Him is the original thought that inspired creation.”

Gohan: “Piccolo usually says people don’t see the worth of something when it’s near. We have believed the testimony though it didn’t happen here. What He did on Earth profits all humankind, whatever planet or age they are. I’m sure when the entire Earth knows Him, that will be the inauguration of the age of the manifestation of the perfection of all things.”

Krilin: “Friends, Goku will certainly visit your planet after hearing this.”

The Earthlings exulted because of what they heard. They never knew these things as regards cartoon heroes.

Rahan: “Will you permit me to tell you the story of how the Agape helped me adopt my vision of life?”

Conan: “Not one of his stories again. Doesn’t he ever tire of narrating them? I can’t understand how some people do repeat the same things over and over again.”

Samba: “These children are strangers here. It would be a pity if they left without hearing any of Rahan’s stories, which we all have. And this is the perfect atmosphere - a dark night with a million stars, and a cool gentle breeze all over the cave.”

Tarzan: “Rahan isn’t doing it for his own sake Conan. His stories are inspiring. I assure you these children will be thankful after hearing it.”

Leuk: “Remember the sensation it produces when you hear them for the first time.”

Krilin: “I’ve heard news about your stories firehair, and I can’t wait to hear one of them.”

Rahan opened his mouth and began to talk. Noah was resting close to him and the others, Earthlings, Saiyans and Krilin, sat around him. They were all keen on listening so they paid reverent attention to what he said. When he started talking, Noah handed him the chain he entrusted to her and he took it and put it around his neck. He kept on touching the beads as he related the story. The five bear claws of the necklace represented the five virtues he inherited from his father, which guided him throughout his life.

Rahan was vested with wisdom and knowledge, which he received from his insatiable quest for identity and purpose. He found his Nindo[7] in life through the things he experienced and his difficulties only strengthened his convictions. What was peculiar to him was his deep reverence for those-who-walk-upright, be they good or ‘evil’. He was committed to finding that peace, which would bring men to respect each other and have them living together in unity.

His story captivated the Earthlings, Saiyans and Krilin. They explored the enormous wealth of his person through that astounding narrative. Even Conan, Samba, Leuk and Tarzan couldn’t resist it as the wonder of his incredible adventure captured them. It was a blessing for all of them to hear the blissful tale of the man who traversed land and sea, space and stars to get to the lair of the sun, the place where the Agape dwelt.

When Rahan finished his narrative, there was complete silence in the cave and all around the surrounding forest. Only the noise of the gentle breeze, which periodically developed into stronger winds, was heard. This reinforced the feeling of awe already formed in each of the people present in the cave in the Frightful Forest at that hour. They all cherished the magical sensations mounting in them, drawn from the depths of the heart of the son of Craô the Sage. Under this unspeakable enchantment, the children fell asleep while the Alliance kept watch.

[1] Planet Vegeta is the home planet of Saiyans in DBZ.

[2] Rahan is the hero of Rahan, Le Fils des Ages Farouches. Rahan is a comic series about an intelligent prehistoric man. It first appeared as part of Pif Gadget, and then published in albums of 2 to 4 complete stories. It was initially written by Roger Lecureux and later by his son, Jean-François Lecureux. Most of the artwork is drawn by Andre Cheret, as well as other artists (Enrique Romero, Zam, DeHuescar). The animated series was developed by France Animation and broadcasted on Canal+ from November 21, 1987.

[3] Conan is the hero of Conan, the Adventurer.

[4] Tarzan is a character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs. He first appeared in the novel Tarzan of the Apes first published in All-Story Magazine in October 1912. The first book edition was published in 1914.

[5] Samba et Leuk le Lièvre is a French-Canadian television series of 26 episodes created by Olivier Massart and broadcasted from 30 April 1997 on France 2 in the program ‘La Planète de Donkey Kong’.

[6] Craô the Sage (Craô le Sage) appears in Rahan, Le Fils des Ages Farouches.

[7] Nindo: a personal way of life that someone takes upon themselves to guide them. See bibliography for reference.