Saturday, September 10, 2016


When Superman and Thanoseid were fighting, the other heroes remained still, not knowing what action to take against Broly. Broly, on his part, observed them keenly, as if sorting which one of them to fight first. The unfolding of events confused Optimus Prime for nothing had predicted the interference of Broly in that battle. He took the initiative in negotiating with the Decepticons and approaching Megatron, he tried to persuade him to join them fight Broly, the common foe.

Optimus Prime: “Megatron, it will be to no one’s benefit if Broly destroys Cybertron. Stop your operation and join us fight him together.”

Megatron: “For your information Optimus, Broly will only destroy you and your friends. When he disposes of Nootra, then I shall rule supreme over the galaxy.”

Optimus Prime: “Don’t you remember how we almost lost the city the last time he attacked us? When it comes to cases like this, everyone must set aside personal ambitions. You know very well that no one can control Broly. He won’t stop until he has wiped everybody out, including you.”

Megatron: “That’s your version of the story, which has nothing to do with what shall transpire. By the way, thanks for bringing your little Saiyan along. He only served in the advancement of my plan. I told you you were a Decepticon at heart Optimus.”

Optimus Prime: “Stop taking things lightly Megatron. This isn’t a game; it is Broly. Why do you behave as though you didn’t know the magnitude of the threat he poses? I make my offer again: join forces with the Autobots and let us stop him together.”

Megatron: “I’m disappointed you don’t know me so well as I thought you did Prime. I never ally with Autobots. Decepticons: retreat!”

Following Megatron’s orders, the Decepticons Astrotrain, Soundwave, Starscream, Rumble, Ravage and Laserbeak retreated and moved a little distance further away from the main battle site. They activated a dome, which rendered them invisible and watched from there to see what would happen with the coming of Broly. Magneto also retreated and only Nootra was left on the battlefield. The Autobots, X-Men and Saiyans stood their ground, all of them determined to stop Broly and eliminate the threat his presence posed to their world.

When Broly reached Agnam, his looks betrayed a sense of excitement at the fighting he would take part in. He laughed aloud for a good while before starting powering up. He soon transformed into the first level of Saiyan power transformation. When Broly put on Super Saiyan mode, his long black hair as well as his eyebrows turned golden. His black eyes took a greenish colour and an energy force field enveloped him.

Broly regained a calm posture after this first demonstration of power and fixed his eyes on the sky. Observing that he wore a faraway expression, Trunks asked Cyclops and Optimus Prime to let him attack him. Though they trusted the ability of his sword, they accepted only after the Saiyan promised them to take no risks. Trunks pulled out Tapion’s sword and rushing towards Broly, he used all his strength to bring it down on him. Not only was Broly not hurt, he also didn’t turn to see who struck him. Trunks continued striking him repeatedly but Tapion’s sword dealt Broly no scratch. It was like the energy field enveloping Broly rendered his body invulnerable to attacks. Seeing that his tactic wasn’t working, Trunks rested his sword in its sheath behind his back and transformed into Super Saiyan. Then he formed energy waves through his hands and threw them at Broly, who remained unmoved. It appeared he was pondering many things in his mind.

Then Broly caught sight of Son Goten on the shoulder of Ratchet. On seeing the son of Goku, Broly’s excitement resurfaced and the passivity he had shown towards the attacks of Trunks ceased. He instantly augmented in strength and discharged energy, which was felt until the next galaxy. This was the initiation of another power transformation. His golden hair was retained with a supplementary green tint but the pupils of Broly disappeared and his eyes turned all white. His height increased with the increment of his muscles and he was bigger, taller and appeared stronger than ever. The end of this metamorphosis was the manifestation of the Legendary Super Saiyan.

Wolverine rushed to pull Trunks out of Broly’s energy shield, which had taken a golden colour and had become destructive in nature. Broly continued emitting more energy, making that part of space quake with the sound of his defying laughter. This echoed in the hearts of the X-Men and Autobots and they feared for the forthcoming. Knowing the danger that was Broly and having witnessed the damage he caused before, they understood they were right there in a perilous state. They had to stop him before he produced a cataclysm.

Cyclops: “Prime, if you want my expertise, you’ve got it: Broly can only be eliminated by another Saiyan.”

Wolverine: “What are you talking about Summers? Goten and Trunks are kids; they’re no match for him. Even these giant robots are useless; a lot of height and metal for nothing. And this is the last time I see you two send a kid to fight a monster.”

Trunks: “It isn’t their fault Mr. Wolverine; I pressed them to let me go. I thought, since Broly seemed off his guard, I could have him with the sword of my friend Tapion, my lucky charm. They trusted me and had me covered all through.”

Jean Grey: “Logan, Scott is right about the Saiyan, but he didn’t mean the children as you certainly know. Superman can’t fight Broly and Cap can’t join us now that the city is under attack. Our only hope is the chosen Saiyan.”

Archangel: “And he’s the one Broly is looking for.”

Ratchet: “You’d better give him what he wants Prime.”

Ironhide: “Goku must be called back.”

Optimus Prime: “That’s the same thing I was thinking. Namek is billions of light years from here. The fifth galaxy can’t be reached through our devices, except after many hours. And we don’t have that much time. How can we inform him of the situation?”

Bluestreak: “There must be a way to bring him here as fast as possible.”

Storm: “Maybe Gohan can. He has a craft made by Bulma[2] of Capsule Corporation. It has just been invented and can be used in teleporting people to billions of light years in a short time.”

Ironhide: “Now if the kid has that tech, that’s good news for us. But who’s going to transmit him the information? We need everyone here to raise a joint attack against Broly now that he’s seriously waking up.”

Archangel: “I know who we can send to look for Gohan while we try to contain Broly: these two brave Earthlings.”

Cyclops: “Zachary, Ryan, are you ready to go on your first NSF mission?”

Zach: “We’re at your disposal Sir.”

Optimus Prime: “Go to Nootra, find Gohan and report the situation to him. (Thinking) ‘I wonder why he hasn’t joined us yet’. Tell him Goku and his companions must be fetched back immediately.”

Ryan: “You can count on us Optimus Prime.”

Storm: “If it’s difficult to find him on your own, get some help from the city. Don’t fear; NSF knows you’re working with us now.”

Jean Grey: “Children, I know you have potentials. You shall succeed.”

Zach: “Hey Al, make sure you watch over Noah.”

Cliffjumper: “Don’t worry about your friends pal. Prime charged me with their protection and I can’t fail him.”

Ryan: “Thanks Cliff. The Agape protects us all.”

Skyfire: “You said it kid. Now hurry to Gohan.”

Noah: “Be careful guys. I charge you to come back well.”

Alan: “Trust them Noah. They’ll succeed.”

Jazz: “I’ll teleport you to Mid Nootra and you can start the job once you’re there. Take this sack with you. You’ll find everything you need for the mission.”

Ironhide: “What are you waiting for? It’s time to leave.”

Wolverine: “Kids, go get the Saiyan fast while we buy you some time with these claws. Ironhide, we’re going to calm that big boy.”

Wolverine displayed his Adamantium[3] claws and his fellow X-Men, Autobots and Trunks joined him, and they attacked Broly together. Fighting in space continued after Ryan and Zach were teleported to Nootra. Finding Son Gohan was no easy task. The two Earthlings didn’t know where to begin since Nootra was a whole planet. So they took Storm’s advice and went to look for help. Going over Nootra Inter-Galactic Stadium, they found it full of spectators. An important match was taking place. Zach and Ryan made for it, hoping to find friends to help them in their mission.

[2] Bulma appears in DBZ. Capsule Corporation is a structure in DBZ.

[3] Adamantium is a hard metal used in publications by Marvel Comics. It was created by Roy Thomas, Barry Windsor-Smith and Stan Lee and first featured in Avengers #66 (July 1969).