Friday, October 14, 2016


Superman, the Man of Steel,[5] came from the sky and took his place to fight by their side. But the presence of this last one raised some doubts.

Flash: “Gee, you’re back already? But the threat is ten times higher up there.”

Thor: “Superman, you’re needed more on Agnam than here. The enemy hasn’t been neutralized and given that it’s Broly, I don’t expect it to happen so soon.”

Superman: “Don’t worry agents. I defeated Thanoseid and the fusion ceased. Darkseid and Thanos were wounded and they left. The Decepticons and their allies also withdrew and I found no one to fight. I trust the X-Men, Saiyans and Autobots to contain Broly before Goku comes in. My primary mission now is to protect the citizens here in Nootra.”

Captain Nootra: “I hope that confidence of yours proves right. You’re our strongest fighter but you forsake our men and leave them to fight Broly on their own?”

Superman: “You all know my powers are ineffective when it comes to Broly. I never fell upon a single person in the world immune to my powers until I encountered him. Don’t you remember when I fought him three years ago? There seems to be some Kryptonite[6] on his body, which converts my most powerful punch into a mild tap on him. That’s the strangest thing that ever happened to me. I feel useless when he’s around, so I left the fighting to our comrades while I render myself useful here.”

Batman: “They ought to have known that as agents but these big kids pay no attention to what they see or hear. It’s good you’re here. You shall fuse with Cap and Super-Nootra shall take down Devastator.”

Captain Nootra: “It’s become frequent lately. Not that it isn’t good but I’d like to use my powers this time. Besides, Superman and I seem not to be in harmony these days.”

Superman: “Cap is right. The last time Super-Nootra came out, the two kids overpowered him with their footballs.”

Thor: “Cap, our gaming will be unfair if you continue fusing with Superman. Know that it doesn’t count when you win as Super-Nootra for we can’t tell whether it’s you or Superman who did it. Whereas my points will keep on adding whenever I win a fight; and I’ll soon take the lead. Today, I’m going to squash more than one Decepticon and distance myself from you.”

Captain Nootra: “No Thor. The gaming is suspended when I’m in fusion. Don’t you see it’s Batman who wants me to wear Super-Nootra?”

Batman: “There’s no room for doubts, remorse and play talk from all of you. These machines call for a show-off. Hurry up men; Cap, Superman, bring forth Super-Nootra.”

Captain Nootra: “Wait a minute; you aren’t J’onn to give me orders. You may be an elder but I’m Captain Nootra and I don’t want you to talk to me like that.”

Batman: “Stop being childish and grow up Captain. Keep the complex for after the battle.”

Flash: “When are you two going to come through your endless grudges? I can’t believe you do this every time, even when we’re in the middle of a crisis. I can behave better than you sometimes.”

Captain Nootra: “It’s Batman. He takes me for an inferior and treats me like a child. I can’t stand his air of superiority.”

Batman: “Air of superiority? I’m only trying to do my job here. Some other people should be doing the same.”

Thor: “Allow me to smite him while you talk complexes. I haven’t tested Mjolnir[7] on big Constructicon yet. Devastator, prepare yourself to be punished by the mighty Thor, son of Odin.”

These words reached the ears of Devastator and he smirked unpleasantly.

Devastator: “You fool. When the Constructicons merge to become Devastator, they’re unstoppable. Your hammer can’t do anything to me. I’ll instead shatter it into pieces.”

Thor: “Not my Mjolnir. Here, have a foretaste of what this beauty can do.”

Thor lifted up his hammer and turned it several times in the air. He aimed for Devastator and shot the hammer at him. Mjolnir hit the giant robot on the forehead and pushed him to the ground.

Thor: “No one can resist the power of Mjolnir. And I warned him but he wouldn’t listen.”

Before Thor finished his comment, Devastator was back on his feet. Noticing that Mjolnir had fallen just beside him, the Decepticon stretched out a hand to grab the hammer; but no one could wield Mjolnir except its master. Yet for some unknown reason, the hammer didn’t respond to Thor when he called it to him. Devastator had trampled it underfoot and neutralized Thor’s power over it. Thor moved closer and tried to trick the robot into letting Mjolnir go but when the Asgardian was near, Devastator caught him and threw him down. Then he smashed him under his other foot. On seeing what happened to the thunderer, the agents heroed up.

Captain Nootra: “Hang on Thor; Super-Nootra will get you out of there. Kal, let’s fuse and save Thor.”

Batman: “Flash, find a way to distract Devastator until Cap and Superman merge to get Thor out of his hold.”

The Flash rushed towards Devastator and did everything to attract his attention. Having got it, he moved in circles and Devastator followed his movements. The Flash ran very fast and as Devastator trailed him with his eyes, he got dizzy and wavered so that he couldn’t keep his feet firm on the ground. His hold on Thor weakened and the Asgardian freed himself and recovered his hammer.

Then Omega Supreme[8] made his entrance to the stadium. Omega Supreme was the most colossal Autobot in Nootra. He held an old grudge against the Constructicons and he was bent on taking his revenge.

Omega Supreme: “Devastator is mine. It’s an unsettled matter for thousands of astro-years. Give way little ones and I’ll deal with these treacherous Constructicons.”

Thor: “At your command supreme. Let the giants take out each other while I find Skywarp.”

Skywarp: “Are you looking for me? The treatment Devastator inflicted on you doesn’t satisfy you Thor? Here you are then. Have my welcome gift.”

Skywarp shot a missile at Thor but the wonderful Super-Nootra was now revealed. He intercepted the missile and delicately brought it down with a smoky substance from his cape.

Super-Nootra: “I’m your man Skywarp. My rays will blow you up fast enough and I’ll do the same to your brother.”

Skywarp: “I know your weakness Super-Nootra; you’re less efficient in altitudes. But what you don’t know is that altitudes are my domain. You can fly but you can’t outdo me in the blue. Try to catch me and see if you can, yet remember that my name is Skywarp.”

Skywarp transformed into a jet fighter. He enabled his speed, set it at maximum and went high in the sky. Super-Nootra was annoyed about the comments he made on his person and his pride would allow no one to limit his abilities. He took off instantly and followed Skywarp sky high. Skywarp flew by weaving over the sky so as to leave Super-Nootra behind, but the latter was always at his heels.

[8] Omega Supreme appears in The Transformers franchise. He’s always an Autobot and often depicted as a gigantic transformer with vast strength and/or overwhelming firepower.

[9] Vibranium is a metal that appears in the Marvel Universe. It was created by Stan Lee and John Romita and first appeared in Daredevil #13 (February 1966).

[10] Shockwave is the name of several characters in the various Transformers series.