Monday, November 28, 2016


Shades: “Wow! I’ve received revelation on faith. Henceforth, I’m going to use my faith to get everything solved.”

Zach: “Guys, we can’t stay. We have to get back to Cybertron to back up the fighters.”

Jeremy: “Man, is it really true Broly is on Agnam?”

Wally: “We’re doomed if he’s back.”

Zach: “Wally, Son Goku will defeat him.”

Mario: “How will he do that when he isn’t around?”

Ryan: “Have a little faith Mario. Reflect on the revelation we just received.”

Mario: “But I’m afraid of Broly. And what am I supposed to do to have faith in the first place?”

Ryan: “Faith is present in every human. Our faith in reality is the faith of the Agape, which He has deposited in every one of us. We’re not supposed to have faith or have more faith; we only need to acknowledge that we have it. We get our faith working by simply accepting all the good things in us since all good things are in Him and He is in us.”

Shades: “I’ve just come up with a simpler way to activate my faith. It’s my own way of doing it and you’d better learn from me.”

Jeremy: “What’s that Shades? I need it too.”

Shades: “If you want our city out of trouble, think and talk positive like, ‘Megatron shall be busted and disassembled. His parts shall be used for making toys and other tools. When next time you see me with a new pair of glasses, I bet you some elements of his parts will be there.’”

Jeremy: “Is that what you meant? It isn’t positive at all Shades. It’s rather negative.”

Wally: “If your glasses are made from his parts, he might revive and capture you with an eye technique and use you as puppet to carry out his conquest of Cybertron.”

Zach: “We’ll do with what Shades offers Wally, and it’s quite positive to me Jeremy. Listen to this: ‘Decepticons shall flee in different directions when we finish with them and you won’t find two going together like it’s the case with that one up there.’”

Zach pointed at Blitzwing who was fleeing from the stadium after NSF’s agents defeated his companions.

Shades: “That’s it Zach. What about you Mario? Try one.”

Mario: “Yes, I can. Check this out: ‘Broly shall serve as my mother’s brolly after Son Goku had smashed him.’”

Zach: “Way to go Mario. I prefer you like this instead of you playing the scared. Jeremy, now’s your turn.”

Jeremy: “I’m only trying; if it isn’t funny, it’s not my fault.”

Shades: “Relax brain head; we’re not in a contest.”

Jeremy: “Here I come: ‘When the battle is over, Starscream shall switch to vending ice-cream in the streets. Imagine the treatment the little brats shall give him.’”

Shades: “For nothing will I want to be in his place.”

Zach: “See, it wasn’t that hard Jeremy. Over to you Wally.”

Wally: “Can someone solve this riddle: ‘What’s the difference between Broly and broccoli?’”

Mario: “None, since both finish up squashed by Son Goku and end up, you know where.”

The children dissolved into laughter after this one from Mario. Shades and Zach tapped each other’s hands in accord, knowing their friends had assimilated the message.

Zach: “You got it guys. Stay positive and you’ll see we’ll be out of trouble.”

Ryan: “This isn’t what I meant about having faith but if you’ll have it this way, fine.”

Denver pulled a long face when the two Earthlings were about to leave. He was also depressed because Noah wasn’t with them. Zach and Ryan gave him a big hug and reassured him.

Zach: “Cheer up big dino; Noah is in good hands. The Agape watches over her; Alan too, and Cliffjumper three.”

Ryan: “I promise we’ll be back with those clowns once this is over. Trust Him and trust Nootra. We’ll overcome Broly.”

Denver was comforted on those words and he allowed them to go. After saying goodbye to their friends, Ryan and Zach took off to Secret Base L5. The Earthlings’ courage provoked the five Nootrans and they followed their example.

Jeremy: “Since our friends from Earth are committed to saving our galaxy, let’s do the same by helping these people around.”

Mario: “Don’t worry everyone for now enters super Mario the magnificent. All your problems will be solved instantly.”

Shades: “Did somebody say the loser was back?”

Mario: “Speak for yourself Shades.”

Wally: “Remember what Ryan said. We can rely on the faith of the Agape to become heroes. Let’s start living it now.”

Shades, Wally, Mario, Denver and Jeremy joined NSF’s agents in assisting the people traumatized by the Decepticons’ aggression. None of them was seriously wounded; never in the presence of their beloved Captain. Now Yamcha and Puar reached Namek. They were lucky to meet Chaozu[1] as they got out of the teleporter. Chaozu flew to them and they embraced each other.

Chaozu: “I’m glad to see you Yamcha, Puar! What is this machine?”

Yamcha: “No time for explanation Chaozu. We have a terrible situation in the galaxy. Broly is back and he threatens Cybertron and our fighters.”

Saturday, November 12, 2016


Nootra and Cybertron were under attack from the Decepticons and their allies. This organized campaign against Nootra was carried out on many fronts. Before launching an assault on L4, the Decepticons had already started invading Cybertron. Nootra Security Forces didn’t delay to deploy Autobots and X-Men in space to stop Megatron and his friends. Unfortunately for the heroes, Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan, awakened and appeared on the battlefield of Agnam and became the main menace to Nootra’s fighters.

Optimus Prime and Cyclops subsequently sent Zach and Ryan to find Son Gohan. Thanks to the help of Benjamin and his teammates of Nootra’s Wings, the Earthlings found him on Seth, an island keeping people isolated from the outside world. Son Gohan sent Yamcha and Puar onboard Teleport Unlimited, the fastest teleporting craft of their galaxy. These two had as mission to get Son Goku back from planet Namek.

The Decepticons later deployed their troops in strategic places in the city. One of the targeted zones was Nootra Inter-Galactic Stadium. NSF’s agents countered and defeated the enemy, including the gigantic Devastator and Shockwave, some of the Decepticons’ best cards. When Nootra’s agents were dealing with the enemy in the stadium, Zach and Ryan got there to rescue Denver and his friends.

The two Earthlings reached the stadium when intense fighting was going on. They went searching for Denver and his companions. These had taken refuge in some sheltered place. Zach and Ryan passed over the Nootrans and Wally noticed them and showed them to his companions.

Wally: “Hey guys, look! Aren’t those Ryan and Zach up there in the sky?”

Mario: “Can’t be. Probably some new NSF recruits.”

Jeremy: “It’s them, and it seems they’re looking for us. Come on; let’s give them a sign.”

Jeremy came out to the open, shouting and waving to the Earthlings. His companions joined him and they shouted until they attracted the attention of Ryan and Zach.

Zach: “There they are.”

Once Ryan and Zach landed in their midst, Denver carried them in his arms and kissed them.

Zach: “Save this for later Denver. You must leave the stadium right away.”

Shades: “How have you learned how to fly in no time?”

Ryan: “Shades, all things are possible for those who believe.”

Ryan and Zach carried the four Nootrans to a safe place some distance from the stadium. But Denver was too big and they couldn’t lift him up. They went to Omega Supreme for help. The Autobot had just disassembled Devastator into the individual members of the Constructicons and the five Decepticons fled before he shut them down. Omega Supreme heeded to the Earthlings and transported Denver to the place where his companions were. After the Autobot left, Mario and Shades wondered again at the Earthlings’ ability to fly.

Mario: “It can’t be that simple. Let’s say you have some special energy because I tried several times but I couldn’t do it, though I had faith.”

Shades: “Next visit to L4, count me in. Then I’ll fly Denver to Aegels.”

Wally: “If you’re ready to make all the sacrifices that go with it.”

Shades: “Can’t be so hard; even the Earthlings did it. What more of a born Nootran?”

Jeremy: “Shades, there’re only three things in L4 and you don’t like them.”

Shades: “What’s that?”

Wally: “Training, training and training.”

Shades: “Shish. That place must be horrible.”

Jeremy: “But Ryan, you said faith could do it better than training.”

Wally: “Sometimes, I don’t understand what faith is all about. We talk about it as if we knew what it is whereas it’s an abstract concept hard to grasp. What’s faith in reality?”

Ryan: “It’s challenging to give a definition Wally. Let’s say faith is the invisible possession of what you want before it becomes visible. It’s like you having the thing yet being unable to see it. Faith is a guarantee because once you have assurance of being or possessing something, you’ll see the manifestation. Not so Zach?”

Zach: “What I can say is that faith is something standing for another. It’s a token, a pledge, a promise you’re certain about, though you can’t see the real thing. Like Ryan said, it stands as something in the visible absence of the thing and proves the existence of the thing even though the thing isn’t seen. Once the desired thing appears, there’s no longer need to have faith in it for faith disappears with the materialization of the desired substance. Faith is operational when there’re two realms; the invisible and visible. Since all things are in the invisible, it requires faith to bring them from there to the visible.”

Ryan: “It isn’t because something is invisible that it doesn’t exist. Sight is not the only mode of perception of truth. Even our sense organs are subjective and we sometimes perceive reality according to the reflection of some elements on others. We can’t see the wind yet we know it exists because we feel it. Hearing too is another form of perception. When you hear truth, you use faith to appropriate the invisible asset after receiving the revelation contained in what has been proclaimed to you.”

Mario: “Here’s my riddle: I hate training and I have faith to fly yet I still can’t fly. What’s your answer to this believers?”

Ryan: “Mario, faith on its own has no power to do anything. Having faith in faith is useless. It is faith in the object you believe in that changes everything. You don’t believe in faith; your faith is in someone you trust has the power to fulfil your wishes.”

Zach: “We believe in the Agape who is almighty because He is Love, the supreme power. The Agape being the Almighty means He has the power to do far above whatever a man can think. If you have faith in something or someone who doesn’t have the power to do what you want, your wishes might not be fulfilled since the object of your faith would be powerless.”

Wally: “This is enlightening. The ability of the object of faith determines the realization of wishes and dreams. Now that our object of faith is the Almighty, it goes without saying that we’re unstoppable.”

Shades: “From today, guess who’s going to be my object of faith?”

Jeremy: “The Agape, of course. You guys have got philosophers on Earth. I want to know more of these things.”

Mario: “You can be stupid at times brainiac. This isn’t philosophy Jeremy; it’s revelation and according to Ryan’s explanation, it’s the only thing we need.”

Shades: “Wow! I’ve received revelation on faith. Henceforth, I’m going to use my faith to get everything solved.”

Saturday, November 5, 2016


That was when four giant turtles appeared in the stadium and gave the Decepticon a befitting answer.

Michelangelo: “I’d try to keep that big mouth shut sometimes if I were you Shockwave.”

Donatello: “Mikey, I don’t think he has a big mouth. You’d better look before you speak.”

Michelangelo: “Donnie, it’s one of my intros; don’t care whether the machine has a mouth or not. Suppose he doesn’t have a mouth, how then does he speak?”

Raphael: “You make me sick with all this talk Mikey. Somebody wants to kick some butts or what?”

Shockwave took back his human robotic form. The presumptuousness of the ones standing before him as his adversaries surprised him.

Shockwave: “Little green frogs? What do you think you can do to me?”

Leonardo: “Give you a shock, what else?”

Donatello: “Point of correction; we’re no frogs: we’re the Ninja Turtles.”

Batman: “Leonardo, you and your brothers are no match for him.”

Raphael: “I think the bat meant he’s no match for us. Don’t underrate the powers of ninjas manbat.”

Leonardo: “Batman, allow Super-Nootra to play with warpsky and wingblitz. We’ll look after this giant computer.”

Donatello: “And computers, I just know a lot about them.”

Raphael: “Donnie, what are you going to do to fix this giant computer? It isn’t one of your many toys, you know. This one is big and scary.”

Donatello: “I might throw in some viruses or release a big bug. What do you prefer?”

Leonardo: “I’d rather shut him down permanently.”

Michelangelo: “Do they still make computers like this nowadays? Shockwave, you’re outdated and fit for the trash.”

Raphael: “I’ll enjoy cutting through this machine with my fine twin sais. I got them sharpened yesterday in case, and I was right; this is just the occasion. Lovelies, we’ll be having a party right away.”

Hawkeye: “Don’t start the party without me Raph. I can’t believe you wanted to keep me out of the show.”

Leonardo: “Hawkeye, target the central processing unit and empty him of his energy reserve like Thor did to Thundercracker.”

The insatiable Asgardian was still present for this other task.

Thor: “Turtles, I’ll give you a hand from the sky. If you hear thunder, don’t fear; it’s only the power of the mighty Thor, son of Odin.”

Hawkeye: “Stop bragging about yourself thunder man; just let it rain.”

Michelangelo: “Now bros, is it ninja time or is it ninja time?”

Flash: “They’ll need my speed to give that wave a shock. Bats, what are you waiting for? Is it ninja time or is it ninja time?”

Batman: “I’m no ninja and I’d prefer Batman style. Now comrades, let’s do this together.”

The Ninja Turtles, Batman, The Flash, Hawkeye and Thor engaged Shockwave in a fight. The Turtles climbed on different parts of his members and hit him with their various weapons. Batman pulled himself up to the level of the Decepticon’s shoulder and placed bombs all over that area, which he caused to explode at the opportune moment. The Flash remained on the ground and passed a rope of Vibranium a million times around the ankles of Shockwave, fastening his legs.

Hawkeye stood at a distance and shot arrows at any opening he saw on Shockwave’s body. Thor, the son of thunder, went high in the sky and invoked thunder with his hammer. He diverted the lightning to Shockwave and when it struck him, Shockwave lost half of his powers and the attacks the other fighters inflicted on him had their effects. He went down and couldn’t stand up again for his legs were bound. That was how Nootra Security Forces’ agents overcame the Decepticons in the stadium. On seeing his peers defeated, Blitzwing threw in the towel and took to flight.

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