Saturday, November 5, 2016


That was when four giant turtles appeared in the stadium and gave the Decepticon a befitting answer.

Michelangelo: “I’d try to keep that big mouth shut sometimes if I were you Shockwave.”

Donatello: “Mikey, I don’t think he has a big mouth. You’d better look before you speak.”

Michelangelo: “Donnie, it’s one of my intros; don’t care whether the machine has a mouth or not. Suppose he doesn’t have a mouth, how then does he speak?”

Raphael: “You make me sick with all this talk Mikey. Somebody wants to kick some butts or what?”

Shockwave took back his human robotic form. The presumptuousness of the ones standing before him as his adversaries surprised him.

Shockwave: “Little green frogs? What do you think you can do to me?”

Leonardo: “Give you a shock, what else?”

Donatello: “Point of correction; we’re no frogs: we’re the Ninja Turtles.”

Batman: “Leonardo, you and your brothers are no match for him.”

Raphael: “I think the bat meant he’s no match for us. Don’t underrate the powers of ninjas manbat.”

Leonardo: “Batman, allow Super-Nootra to play with warpsky and wingblitz. We’ll look after this giant computer.”

Donatello: “And computers, I just know a lot about them.”

Raphael: “Donnie, what are you going to do to fix this giant computer? It isn’t one of your many toys, you know. This one is big and scary.”

Donatello: “I might throw in some viruses or release a big bug. What do you prefer?”

Leonardo: “I’d rather shut him down permanently.”

Michelangelo: “Do they still make computers like this nowadays? Shockwave, you’re outdated and fit for the trash.”

Raphael: “I’ll enjoy cutting through this machine with my fine twin sais. I got them sharpened yesterday in case, and I was right; this is just the occasion. Lovelies, we’ll be having a party right away.”

Hawkeye: “Don’t start the party without me Raph. I can’t believe you wanted to keep me out of the show.”

Leonardo: “Hawkeye, target the central processing unit and empty him of his energy reserve like Thor did to Thundercracker.”

The insatiable Asgardian was still present for this other task.

Thor: “Turtles, I’ll give you a hand from the sky. If you hear thunder, don’t fear; it’s only the power of the mighty Thor, son of Odin.”

Hawkeye: “Stop bragging about yourself thunder man; just let it rain.”

Michelangelo: “Now bros, is it ninja time or is it ninja time?”

Flash: “They’ll need my speed to give that wave a shock. Bats, what are you waiting for? Is it ninja time or is it ninja time?”

Batman: “I’m no ninja and I’d prefer Batman style. Now comrades, let’s do this together.”

The Ninja Turtles, Batman, The Flash, Hawkeye and Thor engaged Shockwave in a fight. The Turtles climbed on different parts of his members and hit him with their various weapons. Batman pulled himself up to the level of the Decepticon’s shoulder and placed bombs all over that area, which he caused to explode at the opportune moment. The Flash remained on the ground and passed a rope of Vibranium a million times around the ankles of Shockwave, fastening his legs.

Hawkeye stood at a distance and shot arrows at any opening he saw on Shockwave’s body. Thor, the son of thunder, went high in the sky and invoked thunder with his hammer. He diverted the lightning to Shockwave and when it struck him, Shockwave lost half of his powers and the attacks the other fighters inflicted on him had their effects. He went down and couldn’t stand up again for his legs were bound. That was how Nootra Security Forces’ agents overcame the Decepticons in the stadium. On seeing his peers defeated, Blitzwing threw in the towel and took to flight.

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