Monday, December 12, 2016


The Legendary Super Saiyan Broly appeared on Agnam where a number of heroes and villains were gathered. He defeated all of Nootra’s agents who came to fight Megatron and his allies. After crushing the Autobots, X-Men, the Saiyans Trunks, Goten and Gohan, Megatron enslaved him with a crystal chain. As Megatron, Starscream, Astrotrain and Soundwave were congratulating themselves on their victory over Nootra, the whole band of Son Goku appeared.

It was at this critical moment that Zach and Ryan reached Agnam. They heard their friends calling from within the invisible dome and Ryan flew to Cliffjumper and got the remote. He suspended the dome and Noah and Alan became visible. As they floated in space, the four Earthlings witnessed together the climax of their incredible journey with the arrival of the greatest fighters of the universe.

Noah: “Son Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Tenshinhan, Chaozu and Dende.”

Zach: “What do you know? My dream just got real.”

Ryan: “I never doubted a second the fulfilment of our dreams Zach.”

The Earthlings could see him. There he was in front of them; him and no other - Son Goku. He looked the same with his traditional orange and blue apparel, and long black hair. He was bursting with energy and Alan, Zach, Noah and Ryan could feel it. It was enormous and at the same time, pure and friendly. This was the first time they were experiencing such a sensation.

The atmosphere was overflowing with an aura of immense power, which, unlike that of Broly, wasn’t destructive. It instead made the children feel confident and secure. Though such mighty power could frighten because it was impressively great, that wasn’t the case. A visible kindness emanated from the one who was in its possession, and his presence gave the assurance of his goodwill. Son Goku’s countenance was a mixture of might and humanitarianism, blended together to produce an impression that made his people have unfailing trust in him.

Alan: “This is the grand finale.”

Zach: “His aura is almost touchable. It’s phenomenal.”

Noah: “Can a man with such overwhelming powers exist in this world?”

Ryan: “The good thing is that he’s on our side.”

Yamcha arrived on Agnam at that instant and hastened to feed the fallen with Senzu Beans. He energized the Autobots with Energon he got from L4 whose fighters overcame the Insecticons and Stunticons and repaired the base, leaving it standing as strong as ever. Yamcha could get anyway within seconds with Teleport Unlimited. And so in no time, the heroes were back on their feet and ready for a rematch against the enemies of Cybertron. After this moment of extreme sensations, the Earthlings finally came back to themselves and embraced each other for their reunion.

Alan: “You succeeded guys. I’m glad you’re fine.”

Noah: “You can’t imagine what we witnessed. Broly defeated all of our heroes; not even Optimus Prime could stand against him. It was horrible. I thought I was going through a nightmare.”

Ryan: “But now Son Goku is here and Nootra will take control over this battle.”

Alan: “Yea. Now we’re going to see Broly and Megatron shredded.”

Ryan: “Al, that word is reserved for the Shredder. You don’t shred Megatron, you deceive him.”

Noah: “Hey guys, check out Zach. He’s finally met Dende.”

Zach had a particular liking for the little Namek. He appreciated Dende the most in the anime. Once he saw him, he left his companions and hastened to talk to him before any fighting broke out. The two greeted each other and became friends.

Zach: “It’s years I’ve wanted to meet you Dende. I hope we’ll have time to know each other better after the battle.”

Dende: “Thanks for wanting to be my friend Zach. Sure; when we finish here, I’ll show you around my palace. It’s beyond Korin’s Tower.”

Piccolo, the big green Namek, contacted Dende telepathically and the boy left Zach and went to him. Piccolo had been the enemy of Son Goku until he was undeniably converted to the good cause. He was the one who trained the first son of the Saiyan and acted as his guardian the many times Son Goku was absent.

Piccolo: “Who’s that person you were talking with? Let me extract information from him. He’s from planet Earth and there are four of them here on Agnam. They really come from afar. I didn’t know Earth possessed a technology that transported people to other dimensions.”

Dende: “Piccolo, the people of planet Earth, they’re noble, aren’t they?”

Piccolo: “It’s you who say so Dende. You made one of them your friend already and you didn’t need my opinion. But come; Gohan needs that you treat him. I prefer you to treat him instead of him eating the Senzu Beans. Your newly acquired healing powers will make him stronger.”

Piccolo and Dende went to see Gohan who was lying on the surface of Agnam. Dende placed his hands on him and started treating his body.

Gohan: “Sorry Piccolo, I failed. I couldn’t defend Nootra in your absence. If you, dad and our faithful companions hadn’t come in time, the heroes would all be gone.”

Piccolo: “I don’t think you failed at any point Gohan. Don’t you see? Everybody is standing and we’ve lost none in our ranks. Dende will get you back to your feet quickly enough. Join us immediately after. This is going to be the greatest battle we’ve ever fought and we must give our best. See you later.”

Gohan: “Thanks Piccolo. Dende, how long will it last? I’m impatient to go and take my place alongside my father, master and friends and fight for my city.”

Dende: “You’ll join them in less than five minutes. You know Gohan, I improved my skill in medicine in Namek. It’s my home planet and I learnt a lot the short time we’ve been there.”

When Son Goku and his band arrived at the battle site, Megatron hastened to call back his allies by emitting sonic waves through the abilities of Soundwave. Meanwhile in the camp of the heroes, the fallen had recovered and they reported the situation to the newly arrived.

Son Goku: “Prime, you and your teams have been excellent but it was Broly. I’ll take it from here.”

Vegeta: “Nonsense. This time, it’s my turn to fight Broly and defeat him.”

Optimus Prime: “Broly isn’t the only one we have to fight Vegeta. Megatron sent a signal, calling back his allies. We must be alert lest they take us by surprise.”

Piccolo: “I see their situation; they’ll be here at any moment. Prime, post the Autobots against the Decepticons on the left. Cyclops, keep the X-Men ready at my right; Galactus is coming from there. Trunks, Goten, hold your positions and stay alert.”

Cyclops: “The Silver Surfer is one of us. Yamcha, track him with Teleport Unlimited and bring him here. Superman got rid of Thanoseid; now’s left only Magneto.”