Monday, December 5, 2016


Yamcha: “No time for explanation Chaozu. We have a terrible situation in the galaxy. Broly is back and he threatens Cybertron and our fighters.”

Chaozu trembled with fear on hearing the bad news.

Chaozu: “Broly? We’re lost. How shall we defeat him this time?”

Yamcha: “Good we found you. Quick, use your communication ability to find Goku and the rest of our companions. Tell them Optimus Prime wants them back immediately. Puar and I are heading for Korin’s[2] Tower for some Senzu Beans; our fighters on Agnam will have need of them. Chaozu, it’s an emergency of the utmost order. Find Goku and tell him we’re on Code Red. Let him use the Instant Transmission[3] to get you all to Agnam.”

Puar: “We trust you Chaozu.”

Chaozu: “Count on me friends. And be careful out there.”

Yamcha: “Sure, we shall. Puar, come in and let’s get to the tower.”

Yamcha and Puar left and Chaozu hastened to find Son Goku and transmitted the information. Meanwhile on Agnam, the situation was disastrous in the camp of Nootra. Although Optimus Prime struggled hard, it was game over for him, the Autobots, X-Men and two young Saiyans. Broly overcame each one of them and left them unconscious on the surface of Agnam. Before going offline, Cliffjumper activated an invisible dome with a remote control, which hid Noah and Alan from the enemy. The two Earthlings watched the scene from the force field and they were startled by what unfolded before their eyes.

Noah: “It can’t be happening. Trunks and Goten are knocked out; so are Prime, the Autobots and X-Men. All of our heroes have fallen. Not even Superman could fight him. What shall we do Al?”

Alan: “Until I saw this, I never thought Broly could be as strong as to defeat even the Autobots and frighten the Man of Steel. Did we come here only to see the destruction of our heroes and of their world? It’s so unfair.”

The place that had witnessed intense fighting some minutes earlier was calm again. Only the devastation was left as evidence of the ravage that had taken place. After making short work of his opponents, Broly landed on the ground of Agnam. He moved his eyes here and there and everywhere was filled with fallen heroes. He seemed disappointed because there was no one left for him to crush. After scanning the agents one by one, he fell again on Son Goten. He smiled satisfactorily on noticing that the young Nootran was still conscious. Rekindling his energy, he moved towards him to exterminate him.

Noah: “No, this can’t happen; not before my eyes. This one is real and no manga. Goten will be gone if we don’t do anything. Find something Alan.”

Alan: “If I had known it would come to this, I would have trained with Zach and Ryan. And what’s keeping them so long?”

Noah: “Ryan used to say there’s a better way of fighting instead of doing it physically. What would he do in such a situation?”

They looked at each other and it resurfaced on their minds. Alan and Noah knew what to do to help Son Goten. They held each other’s hands, closed their eyes and called on His name. By this time, Broly had reached Son Goten. The young Saiyan had seen him coming but he was unable to make a move. Broly stretched out a hand, grabbed Goten on the neck and raised him up. While contemplating the scene, Broly didn’t stop letting out peals of laughter for it was forever he had longed for that moment. Yet when he was about to strike Goten with his energy fist, Son Gohan arrived and struck him with an energy wave. Alan and Noah jumped up of relief.

Gohan: “Get your hands off my little brother Broly.”

Broly turned around and on seeing Son Gohan, he once more uttered the only word he had pronounced so far.

Broly: “Kakarot.”

Broly looked happy to have another opponent who was no other than the first son of Goku, his enemy. He threw Goten away and went straight for Gohan.

Noah: “Gee, maybe we should hold hands again.”

The Battle of Agnam continued with the fight opposing Broly to Son Gohan. Son Gohan transformed into Super Saiyan and created numerous energy waves from his palms. He threw them continuously at Broly and smoke covered the whole place, completely hiding Broly from sight. While Son Gohan waited for the smoke to disperse to see whether his attack had amounted to anything, Broly came out of the midst and struck Gohan with a mighty punch, putting him out of combat instantly.

Before the defeat of Son Gohan, Megatron and the Decepticons, being not far away, suspended the force field, which was keeping them invisible, and they witnessed the battle at a reasonable distance.

Megatron: “Excellent. See Soundwave, I told you the boy would do the whole task for us. When he finishes with the last one of the band, we’ll put this crystal around his neck to control him and the job will be done.”

Soundwave: “Nice work Megatron.”

Starscream: “I don’t believe you. Can this enormous power be controlled?”

Megatron: “Trust me Starscream; I’m not leader of the Decepticons for nothing. I have dealings you don’t know of.”

Starscream: “I’m your right-hand robot Megatron; I must know whatever you’re doing. Tell me about your dealings.”

Megatron: “Look at this crystal; Broly’s father himself gave it to me. When I put it around his neck, that unruly boy will become as gentle as a little baby.”

As Broly fixed his gaze on Son Gohan, holding him up as trophy to display his victory over Nootra, Megatron came behind him and put the crystal around his neck. Broly immediately let go of Son Gohan and he struggled to take off the chain; but the effects were instantaneous. He all of a sudden calmed down, changed from Legendary Super Saiyan to his normal human form and bowed down to Megatron. When Broly was subjected, the Decepticons celebrated.

Astrotrain: “Megatron has succeeded.”

Soundwave: “Megatron is the true leader of the Decepticons.”

Starscream: “Shut up Soundwave; there was no need for making such incongruous comment. Even so, we shall now conquer Cybertron and Nootra.”

While the Decepticons were talking about their presumed victory, a voice spoke to them from above.

Voice: “Your rejoicing is premature Megatron. The real battle hasn’t begun yet.”

As they looked up, they saw them. It was the whole band, and they were floating in space over Agnam. Alan and Noah gently rose and gazed at the best moment of their miraculous adventure.

Alan: “We’re seeing it live, with our very own eyes.”

Noah: “It was true the order was, believe first and then see His power.”

Alan: “This is the ultimate: Son Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Tenshinhan, Chaozu and Dende.”[4]

[1] Chaozu appears in DBZ.

[2] Korin appears in DBZ.

[3] Instant Transmission is a teleporting technique in Dragon Ball.

[4] Son Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Tenshinhan and Dende appear in DBZ.