Sunday, January 29, 2017


The Decepticons and their allies attacked Cybertron, a planet under Nootra’s protection. NSF subsequently undertook a mission to end Megatron’s invasion campaign. The battle was holding on one of Cybertron moons. Agnam witnessed an exceptional moment when two of the most formidable fighters of the galaxy entered into confrontation. Yet Broly, the more dreadful of the two, was making the difference in that fight. The Nootrans perceived the gap between Son Goku and his adversary and the duel wasn’t in favour of their champion.

The battle opposing Son Goku to Broly grew fiercer as Broly grew more and more agitated. His energy doubled and the pressure broke the crystal chain Megatron put around his neck. Free from Megatron’s control, Broly discharged great energy so that the sky over Agnam turned green. He had reached the climax of rage and he went uncontrollable. Then his body overflowed with the weight of his energy like an open reservoir. At the end of this demonstration was the return of the Legendary Super Saiyan.

An eerie sensation filled Agnam and its surrounding at this exhibition of the strongest Saiyan of the millennium. Cybertron’s largest moon brightened exceptionally after being taken under Broly’s energy field. This devastating power forced villains and heroes out of fighting. Son Goku was highly engaged in that combat for he was determined to stop Broly from harming.

Far from being impressed by the Legendary Super Saiyan, Son Goku transformed into Ascended Saiyan. His main outfit changed into a fading yellow colour; his hair turned golden and flashes of lightning enveloped him. His black eyes turned green and he wore a serious countenance as he went head-to-head with Broly.

Son Goku appeared before the enemy. Stretching out a hand, he grabbed his neck and unleashed a punch, which Broly took straight in the stomach. Broly coughed blood from that blow but it had no serious effect on him for he stopped Goku’s fist when he brought it a second time to punch him. Broly riposted with a blow on Goku’s jaw and this destabilized Nootra’s champion.

Broly continued and he grabbed Goku’s face and smote his stomach with great force, using his knee. Son Goku bowed for the pain but Broly hammered a slam on his back with his two hands together. This strike sent Goku hurtling to the ground of Agnam. As Son Goku was falling, Broly sent two small green energy spheres after him.

These followed the Nootran and blasted him when he hit the ground. Broly subsequently enabled his energy shield and rushed to the surface of Agnam to smash Goku with the weight of his body. But Son Goku rolled over and evaded the gigantic slam.

Son Goku recovered from his setback. He got up and looked hard at Broly as this one pulled himself together after hitting the ground of Agnam. Broly rose and moved towards him. Son Goku didn’t stir for he was concentrating energy. As Broly rushed to punch him, Son Goku held back his fist and transformed into Mega Saiyan.

His golden hair grew longer and passed his back; his forehead hardened and he had a sterner expression. When he resumed fighting, his movements were faster and his fists, harder. Son Goku started showering endless punches and kicks on Broly. He knocked him all over and projected him to the sky with a blow on his chin.

Son Goku gave Broly no respite but he followed him upwards, and catching his feet, he turned him around several times and flung him in the direction of a passing comet. Son Goku finally used his signature technique, the Kamehameha. He placed two hands together and formed an energy wave from his palms.

He sent the continuous energy flow after Broly and it struck him and pushed him head-on with the comet. Broly’s crashing into the comet was like the collision of two spatial bodies of massive weight. Broly went many kilometres into the rock until he attained the core. Dust covered the zone after the impact and nothing of the comet was seen.

Son Goku used a great quantity of energy to produce an attack of such magnitude and the consequence was that he was weakened afterwards. He remained floating in space, waiting to see the result of his offensive. The Earthlings and some agents who were watching celebrated at this outcome.

Noah: “Son Goku has succeeded. He has defeated Broly.”
Chaozu: “Congratulations Son Goku. I’m proud of you.”
Piccolo: “Don’t celebrate before the end of the battle children. You don’t finish off Broly so easily.”
Gohan: “Easily, Piccolo? Dad gave everything he had there.”

Piccolo: “It would surprise me if this was all about it. It’s never that simple with Broly. I’ve seen him crushed several times and I’ve also seen him return even stronger. Watch carefully Gohan. The dust is dissipating.”
Gohan: “You’ve got to be kidding me. How did he survive that?”
Dende: “And Son Goku has given everything he had.”

As friends and foes continued watching, an explosion came from the comet. Debris of hard and fine rocks showered down until the place where the fighters were floating. The comet had burst and no sizeable mass of it remained. Before the dust cleared entirely, the Legendary Super Saiyan emerged from the depths with an angry expression on his face.

Broly was infuriated by his earlier setback and he retaliated right away. He amassed great amount of energy in his hand, which started tiny and gradually expanded as it encountered debris from the shattered comet. This energy concentration soon became a large electrifying green wave. Broly lifted it up and left it suspending in the air. He stretched out a hand and from his two fingers came a flash, which pushed the electrifying wave towards Goku. Son Goku had exhausted his energy and he was neither strong enough to stop it nor fast enough to duck it.

The wave overtook him and hit his body, crushing him against a mountain on Agnam. There were quakes, volcanoes and floods on the land as a result of the impact. When Son Goku was falling, the Earthlings closed their eyes not to witness the horrible scene. The Nootrans watched and on seeing what had transpired, they feared for their world.

Son Goku slid down the mountain and collapsed on the surface of Agnam. Super Saiyan 3 ceased and he regained his normal form. His sons, Gohan and Goten, rushed to him to protect him against any eventual attack from Broly. Meanwhile, Broly made the galaxy tremble with a defiant laughter of victory. The fighters stood still, immobilized with fear at the defeat of Goku and at what that meant to their world. By this time, all of Megatron’s allies had returned and the monstrous power of Broly disturbed some sensible ones.

Magneto: “Megatron, Broly has become too dangerous. He’ll destroy everything if he continues. We must do something to contain him.”
Starscream: “And I warned you but you wouldn’t listen.”
Megatron: “Spare me your reproaches Starscream.”

Soundwave: “We’re in bigger trouble now that the crystal is broken.”
Astrotrain: “What shall we do to get him back under control?”
Megatron: “I’m working on it Astrotrain, and I’m open to suggestions.”

Starscream: “It’s too late Megatron. Figure out a plan yourself. If Goku couldn’t do anything against him, I doubt you or anybody can.”
Magneto: “We’re lucky NSF is here; they’re good at sorting any situation. Cyclops, Prime and Piccolo will surely come up with something. Let’s see what solution they’ll find to this crisis.”

Starscream: “Decepticons have nothing to do with Autobots. Megatron should have told you that before you enrolled.”
Magneto: “Enrolled? Megatron, you should teach your subordinates to respect your allies. I request an apology.”
Starscream: “Subordinate? Next time you’ll discover I’ve dethroned Megatron and become the uncontested leader of the Decepticons. Then I’ll make you regret your insults.”

Megatron: “Don’t pay attention to Starscream Magnus; he lacks insight when dealing with sensitive issues. Starscream, how many times have I told you you must first become stronger than me if you want to lead the Decepticons?”

Magneto: “Megatron, isn’t it dangerous to walk with rivals who’re only waiting to stab you behind your back?”
Megatron: “The real conspirators don’t reveal their intention to you like Starscream does. So there’s nothing to fear from him. The Saiyan is our main problem now.”

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Trunks was right for no sooner had he spoken than the last of Megatron’s allies showed his face on Agnam. Apocalypse, the ancient mutant, stood before Vegeta and it appeared he desired to fight the Saiyan.

Apocalypse: “You’re my man Vegeta. It’s a long time since I crushed anyone. You’re the perfect insect to add to my collection.”
Vegeta: “Are you now working for Megatron? How the mighty have fallen! Back in the day, you used to say you were stronger than him.”
Apocalypse: “I’m working for nobody. I just want to take down all of you, including Megatron. You heroes have been an obstruction to my plan for centuries. I’ll use this opportunity to wipe you out permanently.”

Vegeta: “Then why spend time talking? Admit you’re terrified to confront the strongest man in the world.”
Apocalypse: “You, the strongest man in the world? Are you just throwing empty words to hide your weakness? You can’t hold a candle to me Vegeta.”

Vegeta: “Old man, you had better remained in the grave. Now you’ll witness, to your own detriment, the new powers I obtained through my intense training on Namek.”

Apocalypse: “Training has nothing to do with true power. You Saiyans are limited for you depend on training to upgrade your powers. Apocalypse is bound by nothing of that sort. I’m the most powerful man alive. Even time is subjected to me.”

Vegeta: “Foolishness. While we were training, others were sleeping in their graves. The difference between the two shall be revealed to the eyes of all. Apocalypse, you’re only a ghost from the past and your days are over. And one more thing you should know: we also cast ghosts out.”

Apocalypse: “Why should I even bother to answer a wimp like you?”
Vegeta: “I’m of royal descent and nothing of the freak you are. Come and taste the power of the prince of Saiyans if you have the guts.”
After this unfriendly exchange of words, Vegeta and Apocalypse went for another kind of exchange; one of blows, punches, energy blasts and so on.

Though some heroes were engaged in the various combats taking place on Agnam, others remained still. They judged it useless to fight the villains when Broly was around and posed a far greater threat. After analyzing the clash between Son Goku and his adversary, they had insight into the unfolding of things.

Zach: “We can’t just stand here and watch. We can’t just be doing nothing when everybody is risking their lives.”
Tenshinhan: “Zach of Earth, you’d better spare your energy. Our champion will have need of it.”
Ryan: “What do you mean Tenshinhan?”

Wheeljack: “Watch closely Ryan; Goku is losing the round. Broly is getting stronger each second and Goku can’t match up to him.”
Zach: “Son Goku is the strongest and he will defeat Broly. There’s no other result.”
Dende: “Son Goku’s energy reserve is almost at zero. He won’t prevail at this rate Zach.”

Noah: “There must be something to do to reverse the situation. I’ve never seen Son Goku lose. He can’t lose. It’s impossible.”
Cyclops: “I agree kid. Goku can’t lose because he has people with him. He needs our help in this combat.”
Jean Grey: “Zach said it; there’s no other result, except the victory of Goku. We’re here to support him and win this battle together.”
Alan: “How are we going to do that? Shall we all charge at Broly at once?”

Tenshinhan: “The least we can do is give our energy to Goku.”
Wolverine: “What’s the trouble with that kid? Can’t he do anything on his own for once? Must we give him our energy each time he fights?”

Storm: “Are you three done with Megatron Logan?”
Wolverine: “I’d rather leave robots tear themselves apart. Don’t worry Ororo; Prime is taking good care of him and he wants nobody interfering. Ratchet, Brawn and Piccolo should be done with Soundwave. As for that Goku, he’s just as useless as the Decepticons. Why was he called if he had to use our energy to do the job?”

Archangel: “Woovy, you know it’s the only way out. There’s nothing else we can do to get rid of Broly apart from that.”

Wolverine displayed his Adamantium claws and jumped threateningly on Archangel.
Wolverine: “Call me Woovy again and I promise you angel, you’ll never use those adorable wings again.”

Sunday, January 15, 2017


Piccolo, Wolverine and Optimus Prime attacked Megatron and these four engaged a long distance confrontation. Optimus Prime used his handgun to fire several shots at Megatron. Piccolo sent fire blasts from his fingers and yellow ring rays from his forehead while Wolverine watched for an opening to spring on the Decepticon.

Megatron riposted with fire projectiles from his arm cannon. The two sides exchanged blasts for a while though none got the other from that distance. Wolverine finally clung to Megatron’s foot and climbed to the level of his stomach.

With his Adamantium claws, he tried to cut through his body, but Megatron’s body was made of cybertronic metal and Wolverine scratched only the surface without doing any significant damage to it.

Megatron soon changed tactic and started displacing himself to avoid the fires of Optimus Prime and the destructive rays of Piccolo, which had intensified. He was very fast and he destabilized Wolverine in one of his displacements.

Wolverine almost fell from the altitude he attained yet clinging to a dislocated metal on Megatron’s body, he jumped from there to get to his head. Seeing that Wolverine had reached a delicate part of his body, Megatron gave the X-Men no time to try anything. He called Soundwave and transformed into a gun, which Soundwave used to shoot at his opponents.

Before going to fight by Megatron’s side, Soundwave was with Starscream. Starscream had gathered his fellow Decepticons aside and he was trying to reason with them.

Starscream: “Astrotrain, Soundwave, listen. We, Decepticons, fear no one; but we must be tactical. Megatron’s kid will blow us all if he continues. It would be better to stop him now.”

Soundwave: “Megatron hasn’t said so. We must wait for his orders.”

Starscream: “Can’t you see Megatron has lost control of Broly? That kid is mad at Goku and now that Kakarot has shown his face, no one would be able to control him.”

Astrotrain: “What do you suggest that we do? I don’t think you can persuade Megatron.”

Starscream: “Who needs to persuade him? I’ll fly over him now that Optimus is distracting him. I’ll get the remote and use it to control Broly myself. We shall first retreat and when the kid calms down and Goku is out of the way, we’ll come back in full force and destroy Nootra. At that time, I’ll be leader of the Decepticons.”

As Starscream and his peers were discussing, the Autobots intruded into the meeting.

Skyfire: “It’s not good to conspire against your master behind his back. I see you have no honour Starscream; even when it comes to your loyalty towards your infamous leader.”

Starscream: “Skyfire traitor. You were right to have left the Decepticons – there’s no deceit in you. And talking of honour, honour this missile yourself.”

Starscream fired a rocket at Skyfire and the two transformed into jets and took off. They threw missiles at each other as they went brawling in space.

Astrotrain: “There are the other Autobots. It’s only the two of us Soundwave, and though you always maintain your human robotic form, I’ll still say it: Decepticons, transform and attack.”

Astrotrain transformed into a train and rolled towards Ironhide. Ironhide responded by transforming into a car and they fought one another at the wheel, and soon crashed into each other. As for Soundwave, he released some mini-cassettes through an opening from his chest, and these transformed into smaller robots: the human robot Rumble, the bird robot Laserbeak and the animal robot Ravage. Soundwave sent them against Bluestreak and Bumblebee who besieged him.

When his adversaries pressed him, Megatron called for Soundwave. He transformed into a gun and Soundwave held him to shoot at Piccolo and Optimus Prime. That still wasn’t enough to stop the Nootrans. Seeing that his tactic wasn’t working, Megatron transformed again, this time into a jet and he fired at his adversaries from above.

But Optimus Prime followed him to the sky. He caught him and dragged him down to the surface of Agnam. Megatron took back his human robotic form and the leaders of both factions of transforming robots clashed out with metallic punches and clanging blows. Meanwhile, Brawn and Ratchet joined Piccolo in fighting Soundwave.

When these fights were going on, the prince of Saiyans was enraged because he found no adversary of his stature.

Vegeta: “Why should Goku always get to fight Broly? I’m prince of Saiyans yet no one wants to recognize my worth in this world.”

Trunks: “Hey dad, a whole lot of villains are coming in this direction. You can fight the gargantuan Galactus if you wish.”

The Silver Surfer was back by then and he allowed no one to fight Galactus except himself.

Silver Surfer: “Galactus is mine. None should interfere in this fight. I’ll repair my past mistakes by destroying him.”

Vegeta: “You were saying? If there’s no one for me, then I’ll have to fight you Trunks.”

Trunks: “Sorry dad. Sure, some villain will show up at any moment.”

Trunks was right for no sooner had he spoken than the last of Megatron’s allies showed his face on Agnam. Apocalypse,[1] the ancient mutant, stood before Vegeta and it appeared he desired to fight the Saiyan.

Apocalypse: “You’re my man Vegeta. It’s a long time since I crushed anyone. You’re the perfect insect to add to my collection.”

Monday, January 9, 2017


At the sound of the voice of Son Goku, Broly’s appearance changed. The calm posture he had taken when Megatron put the crystal around his neck disappeared, and he began to be troubled and agitated. His rage resurfaced and his power started to manifest, increasing at every minute. He soon transformed into Super Saiyan, but his appearance was different due to the influence of the crystal.

Unlike the Super Saiyan normal mode, Broly’s hair took a neon blue colour with a purple tint, and his muscles swelled slightly. He started walking towards Son Goku, calling him by the name the Saiyans gave him before he became a Nootran.

Broly: “Kakarot, Kakarot, Kakarot.”

Son Goku: “Broly, I warn you for the last time: never lift up your hand against my sons again.”

After Goku said this, Broly pounced on him, engaging him in combat. The long-awaited confrontation between Son Goku and Broly had started. The two strongest Saiyans of the universe entered into action, and none could tell the outcome of the contest. The heroes and their friends, however, hoped Son Goku would emerge victorious as had always been the case. As this fight was going on, other combats were welling up.

Astrotrain: “Shall we attack the enemy now Megatron? I’m almost sick of inaction.”

Starscream: “You can’t be sick Astrotrain; you’re a robot.”

Megatron: “I told you to relax and to let Broly fight for us. When he defeats all of them, we’ll take back Cybertron and nobody will be there to stop us. Starscream, this boy is my ticket to success.”

Soundwave: “Negative Megatron. We won’t have time to relax.”

Optimus Prime landed where Megatron and his band had grouped, somewhere on the surface of Agnam.

Optimus Prime: “It’s enough Megatron. End this game now!”

Megatron: “There you go again in imperative mode. Did it ever cross your mind I could listen to you, especially when everything is going well for me? Don’t be foolish Prime. You’re the one to give up trying to stop me.”

When Optimus Prime came for Megatron, this one asked his peers to leave him alone with his rival for their never-ending duel. The three Decepticons went to find the rest of the Autobots to fight them. Yet two more Nootrans came to the site to back up their colleague.

Piccolo: “Maybe you need someone to press you a little Megatron. I don’t mind volunteering for that task Prime. Once Megatron is defeated, his band will scatter and we’ll only have Broly to deal with.”

Wolverine: “Count me within your ranks, green and machine men. Megatron, you’ll pay for what the X-Men suffered at the hands of Broly.”

Megatron: “Don’t think it shall be that easy to fight me. I am Megatron, leader of the Decepticons, and we’re the mightiest robots in the galaxy.”

Piccolo: “No wonder you’re Decepticons. You even deceive yourselves into thinking you’re the mightiest. I’ll hear you say that after we’re done with you.”

Optimus Prime: “Piccolo, Wolverine, we’re doing this together.”

Megatron: “Three against one. I didn’t know you Nootrans could sink so low as to do such injustice; though Junior and the wolf have nothing to be angels.”

Optimus Prime: “You, minding justice? That’s the big one.”

Wolverine: “You’re right bob. I’m no angel and I’m going to show you just what my name means.”

Monday, January 2, 2017




Broly raised his head and gave Son Goku an imploring look. The hero was, however, intransigent. He stared hard at Broly, impatiently waiting for him to depart. Broly rose and turned around shyly, moving back towards Galactus. None of the heroes stirred for they all stood behind Son Goku who was their spokesman in this case. Nevertheless, their attitude enraged Galactus and he drew closer and said.

Galactus: “Nootra, is this what your civilization has become - one man speaking for your entire city? You’re violating the essence of what your forefathers left when they built this civilization. I was present when Captain Universe and his peers took every risk to make this city stand on justice and love. This inevitably meant collaborating with people who had harmed them and those who even posed a danger to them. They did so because they stood on the faith that the evil would see the goodness of the good and transform into good. This trust was perilous to some yet they refused to allow fear or revenge to obstruct the revolution they were bringing to the world.

’Your forefathers were persuaded Nootra was the new world they were building; and so they went where man refused to go. They forgave enemies and embraced former detractors because they believed only challenging steps like those could change this world into good. That was the dream of Captain Universe your first Captain Nootra. He passed this dream to you so that you should live according to this lifestyle and spread it, not only over this galaxy but over the entire universe. Have you forgotten already that it isn’t about your planet or about you, your personal ambitions and dreams? Remember, it’s about man, whosoever he is, villain or hero, Nootran or Saiyan, Kryptonian[xviii] or Aegelist.

’There’s yet one pertinent thing you stubborn Nootrans aren’t taking into account. The Supreme Fighter is at the door of our galaxy with the Ablom. I saw what he did to the seventh galaxy and I promise you Kainos isn’t joking when he talks of conquering the universe. Take him lightly and you’ll take this entire galaxy to perdition through the resistance you’re thinking of raising against him. Ablom is the emperor of a dimension of eight galaxies of a thousand planets, and his resources are limitless. He’s doing the opposite of what Captain Universe did with this expedition of conquering the worlds; and now that he’s Supreme Fighter, don’t think your secret force will stand a chance against him.

’If we want to preserve this galaxy, we need all of our fighters and without a doubt, Broly is our trump card. He fought you once or even thrice and the last time, you transformed him into good. Isn’t this what you wanted; what you’re shouting everywhere – transforming everything into good? Why then do you reject Broly now that he’s good? Where do you want him to go? You said this city was the best place in the world and you wanted all men to come and live here. Yes, Nootra is the paradise of the universe. What’s now the cause when you exclude someone who has openly shown to you that he wanted to be part of you and live what you’re living?

’Are there not some wise ones among you: Superman, Piccolo, Prime, J’onzz and especially you Captain Nootra, whose heart has the same cravings as those of your ancestor Captain Universe? As long as you’re here, the dream of your fathers will continue to flourish for you’re the reincarnation of the one who first embodied this dream. Do you now leave your responsibilities to others and let little Goku make that decision when it’s your place to do so? I advise you to forgive Broly and accept him as your own. Accepting him will also mean accepting me, and you’ll have the two most powerful fighters of the galaxy on your side. Captain, I adjure you to speak for your city. If you inherited the Nootra Shield, then you know what it stands for and you know what to do in this case. I have finished and I await your response, Captain?”

Captain Nootra kept his eyes on Galactus while he spoke and when he finished, he looked at Broly who was standing some distance away from Galactus. Then he turned around and faced the Council for he couldn’t speak without consulting the heroes. He asked Galactus to give him time before he delivered his answer and raising the Nootra Shield, he opened a force field, which shielded him and his peers for a briefing. Son Goku had drifted further away from the rest and he wasn’t taken under the influence of the shield. He was standing there aloof and he wouldn’t remove his eyes from Broly. Storm came to him and asked him to join his comrades.

Storm: “Goku, don’t allow any external thing to change the man you are. Don’t let them dominate you and make you another. You are who you are and it’s not from the outside that you shall be influenced. Come; Nootra is calling and we must listen to her.”

Son Goku: “I have expressed myself already; Nootra knows my position. I won’t be off my guard until these two are out of here.”

On seeing the restlessness of his companion, Iron Man took some security measures and came to reassure him.

Iron Man: “They won’t attempt anything while we’ll be in Council. I’ve created a perimeter and posted my armours all over the place. They’ll report immediately they pick something. Those two won’t succeed if they try to trick us in any way. Let’s get in and sort this out together.”

Son Goku listened to Iron Man and with Storm, they joined their fellows in the force field. J’onn J’onzz enabled the satellite and they talked with those who were in the city.

J’onn J’onzz: “Headquarters, have you followed us up till now? Now we’ve entered the Council. You can commence Captain.”

Captain Nootra: “Son Goku spoke for all of us but everyone’s opinion must be heard. What I’m asking from you is honesty. We’re comrades yet as much as we differ from each other, so our opinions vary. We were taught from childhood that we may have different opinions, tastes or beliefs yet we don’t cease to be one people. What we stick to is our oneness and not our differences. Only one decision will be taken at the end of the day and we will all abide by it because we’re acting as a single body. Yet everyone must voice their thoughts. J’onn, what’s your stance?”

J’onn J’onzz: “I think Broly is sincere when he says he has changed. I read from his mind and it was so. Yet that’s not what is at stake. The question is, are we ready to live with someone who tried to annihilate our people on three occasions?”

Superman: “Galactus talked of our ancestors wanting this city open to everyone. He was right about that. Still, they were not faced with a trial as this. I believe each generation has its own challenges and they make a landmark by the way they react to that unique test to which they have no reference. Even if there had been a case like this before, it isn’t this one since everything here differs from its antecedent. We’ll have to decide on our own respect and not to refer to the past. The future shall see what we did and appreciate from their own perspective, whether it was noble or not. Personally, I have nothing to say here. I may be Superman but sometimes, not even Superman has the answer to the world’s problems.”

Invisible Woman: “Shall we betray one of us to practice what we say our ancestors left? If we fail to take a decision ourselves and lean on what we think our ancestors would want, won’t we be instituting a law and practicing an idea without giving our own appreciation? That’s the very thing our ancestors sought to avoid. We’re the people present now and we’re the ones to make that decision and not rely on what we may erroneously think our ancestors wanted. The spirit of Nootra is in us and we’re this civilization.”

Storm: “I’m with Susan. Our civilization was never founded on concepts, narrated in the form of words. Our civilization was based on people who lived a superior life. Our ancestors left us this civilization and we’re living it by developing every facet of its values. We don’t rely on the past but on people who live justice and love. What is love in this case? What is justice here? If we answer these questions honestly, I believe whatever we shall decide today will go in line with what our civilization stands for and expose a new aspect of its beauty. It will prove we’re not living for values, which are all abstract ideas, but we’re living for people.”

Iron Man: “Ororo’s point is pertinent and to emphasize that, I say this civilization is nothing but us, the people living it. Civilization is only a word, those values are concepts and the past is a memory; only the present is reality. We don’t trust in something, we trust in people and we here present are this civilization. In reality, this civilization in itself has no values; the people who live these values are those who give substance to this civilization. I say, we don’t depend on what our ancestors did. We do what we think is good for the people of Nootra.”

Batman: “Heroes, if truly Broly has changed as J’onn confirmed, I don’t see why he shouldn’t join us. Apart from being a villain, nothing can prevent anyone from being a hero of Nootra. You take things too personally when we’re supposed to be objective in this case. We’re presently in a crisis with the Ablom posted at the entrance of our galaxy. It’s the same warship that subjugated the seventh galaxy, the largest of our dimension. To have a chance to stand against it, we need the best elements wherever we can get them. Agents, a world is coming against us and no other but the strongest. We must let go of personal grudges and see what would be most profitable to our people. Goku, you too have to see things in this light.”

Son Goku: “You’re free to express your opinion Batman and what you say is logical as always. Yet I refuse to forgive Broly. Whatever Nootra decides to do, that will be it. I have stated my stand and you won’t make me change my mind.”

Wonder Woman: “We shouldn’t be speaking in the conditional. The reality is, we’re all here and alive. Yes; Broly threatened us in the past but he didn’t succeed. Maybe it was for this reason we had to fight him these many times, so he may help us save our galaxy from the Supreme Fighter.”

Cyclops: “We’re not going to split into parties because of someone who tried to annihilate us on various occasions. Goku, I understand you. You suffered the most from Broly’s three attacks. Your sons, Goten and Gohan, almost lost their lives in those attacks. That’s why I ask each of us to say whether we take in Broly or not. What the Council decides to do in the end, everyone must abide by it.”

Optimus Prime: “I don’t like this issue of voting; it’s never good. Since we must reach an agreement that will go against the desires of some, I suggest Captain Nootra takes the decision in our place. Captain, you inherited the will of our ancestors and we trust you. I’m convinced whatever you decide will be good for our people and civilization. Anybody objects?”

Charles Xavier : “I approve that Prime. It’s the only way to solve this case.”

Jean Grey: “Cap, you’re choosing for us.”

The Council unanimously agreed to let Captain Nootra, their ancestral figure, decide for them. He was the one who wielded the Nootra Shield, first brandished by Captain Universe, the patriarch of the city. He had his spirit and the heroes believed that would guide him to do what was right. However, Captain Nootra didn’t like that the final decision came back to him. He had tried to shift his responsibilities onto others but as Galactus said, it was a decision he alone had to take. He was afraid for he remembered having taken a decision once, which turned out his worst nightmare. Yet he couldn’t allow that failure to hinder him forever. He looked at Batman and like in other cases, he wanted him to remove him from there. Yet he knew it wasn’t what Batman wanted that he had to say but what he considered right. His peers encouraged him on this one.

Thor: “We trust you Captain.”

Wolverine: “Don’t pressure him bob. Kid, responsibilities require you to be at the helm always.”

Piccolo: “Be confident Nootra. Whatever you’ll settle on, it shall be the right thing.”

After these words from his best friend and two of his masters, Captain Nootra closed his eyes and entered a minute’s meditation where he considered everything revolving around that case. When he opened his eyes again, he spoke without hesitation, and affirmed his verdict.

Captain Nootra: “Son Goku is the one who defended us the three times Broly attacked Nootra. If it were not for him, we wouldn’t be here presently. Our civilization asks us to receive everyone but if we had been wiped out, there would be none to receive anyone. I, Captain Nootra, speaking from my deepest convictions and with the most sincere love for my people and my faithfulness to Nootra, I say we do as Goku says. He saved Nootra and if he doesn’t want Broly in, Nootra too doesn’t want him. We’re not letting down our own, be they citizens or heroes.

’This civilization doesn’t only mean accepting people who are willing to be part of us; it also means being loyal to every single one among us. We don’t forsake our own. It would be treason if we welcomed Broly and go against the expressed will of the one who fought for us at the peril of his life. Heroes, the sons of Goku, Gohan and Goten, are the ones Broly threatened. Son Goku was still the one who cast out the menace. Though some may want to fight alongside Broly and though he may be an asset, we refrain from him. If Broly has to be one of us, it will happen when Goku accepts him. As for the Supreme Fighter, what’s certain is that he will be defeated. The Agape won’t let the enemy erase this civilization. This is His city. He gave us the Nootra Shield so we’re bound to win all of our battles, with or without Broly. This is Nootra’s response to Broly’s request.”

The answer of Captain Nootra settled the matter. It closed all debates and put the heroes in one accord. He united them all with the enlightenment he brought to that issue and they knew that was the answer. When the Council adjourned, Captain Nootra suspended the force field and the Council once again met the two most redoubtable fighters of their world. Captain Nootra gave this answer to Broly.

Captain Nootra: “Broly, we stand by Son Goku and decline your request. We’re sorry but after what you did to our world, we can’t make you one of us. We recognize that you’ve changed; the reason why we trust you’ll understand this. You are transformed into good and we praise you. Spread this good you have received everywhere. Broly, you find family, friendship and live in happiness; life is good to you. Broly, you find people who accept you. This is our blessing to you and it is so. Now we’re obliged to ask you and Galactus to leave this space sector.”

Broly was disappointed on hearing the ruling of Captain Nootra. He turned to Son Goku and pleaded with a dejected visage and eyes full of tears but Goku turned his look away, having promised to himself not to reverse the case of Broly by feeling pity for him. Broly looked at the other agents and there was such resoluteness on their faces that he turned around and walked away. He moved to Galactus and asked that they leave. Galactus was angry about the Council’s response and he wanted to speak but Broly stopped him. He jumped on Galactus’ shoulder and this one retraced his steps. They flew away from Nootra’s influence under the unyielding gaze of the heroes. Yet though their outward expression showed intransigence, the hearts of the heroes smote them inwardly for it was the first time they rejected a man who wanted to join them. They returned to the city and on their minds was the dejected visage of Broly when they gave him that answer, the cruellest that could be given to a man: No.

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