Sunday, January 29, 2017


The Decepticons and their allies attacked Cybertron, a planet under Nootra’s protection. NSF subsequently undertook a mission to end Megatron’s invasion campaign. The battle was holding on one of Cybertron moons. Agnam witnessed an exceptional moment when two of the most formidable fighters of the galaxy entered into confrontation. Yet Broly, the more dreadful of the two, was making the difference in that fight. The Nootrans perceived the gap between Son Goku and his adversary and the duel wasn’t in favour of their champion.

The battle opposing Son Goku to Broly grew fiercer as Broly grew more and more agitated. His energy doubled and the pressure broke the crystal chain Megatron put around his neck. Free from Megatron’s control, Broly discharged great energy so that the sky over Agnam turned green. He had reached the climax of rage and he went uncontrollable. Then his body overflowed with the weight of his energy like an open reservoir. At the end of this demonstration was the return of the Legendary Super Saiyan.

An eerie sensation filled Agnam and its surrounding at this exhibition of the strongest Saiyan of the millennium. Cybertron’s largest moon brightened exceptionally after being taken under Broly’s energy field. This devastating power forced villains and heroes out of fighting. Son Goku was highly engaged in that combat for he was determined to stop Broly from harming.

Far from being impressed by the Legendary Super Saiyan, Son Goku transformed into Ascended Saiyan. His main outfit changed into a fading yellow colour; his hair turned golden and flashes of lightning enveloped him. His black eyes turned green and he wore a serious countenance as he went head-to-head with Broly.

Son Goku appeared before the enemy. Stretching out a hand, he grabbed his neck and unleashed a punch, which Broly took straight in the stomach. Broly coughed blood from that blow but it had no serious effect on him for he stopped Goku’s fist when he brought it a second time to punch him. Broly riposted with a blow on Goku’s jaw and this destabilized Nootra’s champion.

Broly continued and he grabbed Goku’s face and smote his stomach with great force, using his knee. Son Goku bowed for the pain but Broly hammered a slam on his back with his two hands together. This strike sent Goku hurtling to the ground of Agnam. As Son Goku was falling, Broly sent two small green energy spheres after him.

These followed the Nootran and blasted him when he hit the ground. Broly subsequently enabled his energy shield and rushed to the surface of Agnam to smash Goku with the weight of his body. But Son Goku rolled over and evaded the gigantic slam.

Son Goku recovered from his setback. He got up and looked hard at Broly as this one pulled himself together after hitting the ground of Agnam. Broly rose and moved towards him. Son Goku didn’t stir for he was concentrating energy. As Broly rushed to punch him, Son Goku held back his fist and transformed into Mega Saiyan.

His golden hair grew longer and passed his back; his forehead hardened and he had a sterner expression. When he resumed fighting, his movements were faster and his fists, harder. Son Goku started showering endless punches and kicks on Broly. He knocked him all over and projected him to the sky with a blow on his chin.

Son Goku gave Broly no respite but he followed him upwards, and catching his feet, he turned him around several times and flung him in the direction of a passing comet. Son Goku finally used his signature technique, the Kamehameha. He placed two hands together and formed an energy wave from his palms.

He sent the continuous energy flow after Broly and it struck him and pushed him head-on with the comet. Broly’s crashing into the comet was like the collision of two spatial bodies of massive weight. Broly went many kilometres into the rock until he attained the core. Dust covered the zone after the impact and nothing of the comet was seen.

Son Goku used a great quantity of energy to produce an attack of such magnitude and the consequence was that he was weakened afterwards. He remained floating in space, waiting to see the result of his offensive. The Earthlings and some agents who were watching celebrated at this outcome.

Noah: “Son Goku has succeeded. He has defeated Broly.”
Chaozu: “Congratulations Son Goku. I’m proud of you.”
Piccolo: “Don’t celebrate before the end of the battle children. You don’t finish off Broly so easily.”
Gohan: “Easily, Piccolo? Dad gave everything he had there.”

Piccolo: “It would surprise me if this was all about it. It’s never that simple with Broly. I’ve seen him crushed several times and I’ve also seen him return even stronger. Watch carefully Gohan. The dust is dissipating.”
Gohan: “You’ve got to be kidding me. How did he survive that?”
Dende: “And Son Goku has given everything he had.”

As friends and foes continued watching, an explosion came from the comet. Debris of hard and fine rocks showered down until the place where the fighters were floating. The comet had burst and no sizeable mass of it remained. Before the dust cleared entirely, the Legendary Super Saiyan emerged from the depths with an angry expression on his face.

Broly was infuriated by his earlier setback and he retaliated right away. He amassed great amount of energy in his hand, which started tiny and gradually expanded as it encountered debris from the shattered comet. This energy concentration soon became a large electrifying green wave. Broly lifted it up and left it suspending in the air. He stretched out a hand and from his two fingers came a flash, which pushed the electrifying wave towards Goku. Son Goku had exhausted his energy and he was neither strong enough to stop it nor fast enough to duck it.

The wave overtook him and hit his body, crushing him against a mountain on Agnam. There were quakes, volcanoes and floods on the land as a result of the impact. When Son Goku was falling, the Earthlings closed their eyes not to witness the horrible scene. The Nootrans watched and on seeing what had transpired, they feared for their world.

Son Goku slid down the mountain and collapsed on the surface of Agnam. Super Saiyan 3 ceased and he regained his normal form. His sons, Gohan and Goten, rushed to him to protect him against any eventual attack from Broly. Meanwhile, Broly made the galaxy tremble with a defiant laughter of victory. The fighters stood still, immobilized with fear at the defeat of Goku and at what that meant to their world. By this time, all of Megatron’s allies had returned and the monstrous power of Broly disturbed some sensible ones.

Magneto: “Megatron, Broly has become too dangerous. He’ll destroy everything if he continues. We must do something to contain him.”
Starscream: “And I warned you but you wouldn’t listen.”
Megatron: “Spare me your reproaches Starscream.”

Soundwave: “We’re in bigger trouble now that the crystal is broken.”
Astrotrain: “What shall we do to get him back under control?”
Megatron: “I’m working on it Astrotrain, and I’m open to suggestions.”

Starscream: “It’s too late Megatron. Figure out a plan yourself. If Goku couldn’t do anything against him, I doubt you or anybody can.”
Magneto: “We’re lucky NSF is here; they’re good at sorting any situation. Cyclops, Prime and Piccolo will surely come up with something. Let’s see what solution they’ll find to this crisis.”

Starscream: “Decepticons have nothing to do with Autobots. Megatron should have told you that before you enrolled.”
Magneto: “Enrolled? Megatron, you should teach your subordinates to respect your allies. I request an apology.”
Starscream: “Subordinate? Next time you’ll discover I’ve dethroned Megatron and become the uncontested leader of the Decepticons. Then I’ll make you regret your insults.”

Megatron: “Don’t pay attention to Starscream Magnus; he lacks insight when dealing with sensitive issues. Starscream, how many times have I told you you must first become stronger than me if you want to lead the Decepticons?”

Magneto: “Megatron, isn’t it dangerous to walk with rivals who’re only waiting to stab you behind your back?”
Megatron: “The real conspirators don’t reveal their intention to you like Starscream does. So there’s nothing to fear from him. The Saiyan is our main problem now.”