Sunday, January 15, 2017


Piccolo, Wolverine and Optimus Prime attacked Megatron and these four engaged a long distance confrontation. Optimus Prime used his handgun to fire several shots at Megatron. Piccolo sent fire blasts from his fingers and yellow ring rays from his forehead while Wolverine watched for an opening to spring on the Decepticon.

Megatron riposted with fire projectiles from his arm cannon. The two sides exchanged blasts for a while though none got the other from that distance. Wolverine finally clung to Megatron’s foot and climbed to the level of his stomach.

With his Adamantium claws, he tried to cut through his body, but Megatron’s body was made of cybertronic metal and Wolverine scratched only the surface without doing any significant damage to it.

Megatron soon changed tactic and started displacing himself to avoid the fires of Optimus Prime and the destructive rays of Piccolo, which had intensified. He was very fast and he destabilized Wolverine in one of his displacements.

Wolverine almost fell from the altitude he attained yet clinging to a dislocated metal on Megatron’s body, he jumped from there to get to his head. Seeing that Wolverine had reached a delicate part of his body, Megatron gave the X-Men no time to try anything. He called Soundwave and transformed into a gun, which Soundwave used to shoot at his opponents.

Before going to fight by Megatron’s side, Soundwave was with Starscream. Starscream had gathered his fellow Decepticons aside and he was trying to reason with them.

Starscream: “Astrotrain, Soundwave, listen. We, Decepticons, fear no one; but we must be tactical. Megatron’s kid will blow us all if he continues. It would be better to stop him now.”

Soundwave: “Megatron hasn’t said so. We must wait for his orders.”

Starscream: “Can’t you see Megatron has lost control of Broly? That kid is mad at Goku and now that Kakarot has shown his face, no one would be able to control him.”

Astrotrain: “What do you suggest that we do? I don’t think you can persuade Megatron.”

Starscream: “Who needs to persuade him? I’ll fly over him now that Optimus is distracting him. I’ll get the remote and use it to control Broly myself. We shall first retreat and when the kid calms down and Goku is out of the way, we’ll come back in full force and destroy Nootra. At that time, I’ll be leader of the Decepticons.”

As Starscream and his peers were discussing, the Autobots intruded into the meeting.

Skyfire: “It’s not good to conspire against your master behind his back. I see you have no honour Starscream; even when it comes to your loyalty towards your infamous leader.”

Starscream: “Skyfire traitor. You were right to have left the Decepticons – there’s no deceit in you. And talking of honour, honour this missile yourself.”

Starscream fired a rocket at Skyfire and the two transformed into jets and took off. They threw missiles at each other as they went brawling in space.

Astrotrain: “There are the other Autobots. It’s only the two of us Soundwave, and though you always maintain your human robotic form, I’ll still say it: Decepticons, transform and attack.”

Astrotrain transformed into a train and rolled towards Ironhide. Ironhide responded by transforming into a car and they fought one another at the wheel, and soon crashed into each other. As for Soundwave, he released some mini-cassettes through an opening from his chest, and these transformed into smaller robots: the human robot Rumble, the bird robot Laserbeak and the animal robot Ravage. Soundwave sent them against Bluestreak and Bumblebee who besieged him.

When his adversaries pressed him, Megatron called for Soundwave. He transformed into a gun and Soundwave held him to shoot at Piccolo and Optimus Prime. That still wasn’t enough to stop the Nootrans. Seeing that his tactic wasn’t working, Megatron transformed again, this time into a jet and he fired at his adversaries from above.

But Optimus Prime followed him to the sky. He caught him and dragged him down to the surface of Agnam. Megatron took back his human robotic form and the leaders of both factions of transforming robots clashed out with metallic punches and clanging blows. Meanwhile, Brawn and Ratchet joined Piccolo in fighting Soundwave.

When these fights were going on, the prince of Saiyans was enraged because he found no adversary of his stature.

Vegeta: “Why should Goku always get to fight Broly? I’m prince of Saiyans yet no one wants to recognize my worth in this world.”

Trunks: “Hey dad, a whole lot of villains are coming in this direction. You can fight the gargantuan Galactus if you wish.”

The Silver Surfer was back by then and he allowed no one to fight Galactus except himself.

Silver Surfer: “Galactus is mine. None should interfere in this fight. I’ll repair my past mistakes by destroying him.”

Vegeta: “You were saying? If there’s no one for me, then I’ll have to fight you Trunks.”

Trunks: “Sorry dad. Sure, some villain will show up at any moment.”

Trunks was right for no sooner had he spoken than the last of Megatron’s allies showed his face on Agnam. Apocalypse,[1] the ancient mutant, stood before Vegeta and it appeared he desired to fight the Saiyan.

Apocalypse: “You’re my man Vegeta. It’s a long time since I crushed anyone. You’re the perfect insect to add to my collection.”