Tuesday, February 28, 2017


It was in a different mood that other citizens and heroes performed the hands-holding exercise.

Human Torch: “I’m so unlucky. Why should this creepy green guy be the one to stand next to me? It’s in such moments that I miss Ben; though The Thing’s hand may not be the softest thing in the world to hold.”
Raphael: “Spare me the dishonour. No way I’m holding hands with the spoilt kid.”
Human Torch: “You call me a kid? Let me remind you Rafa that I’m older than you.”

Raphael: “Rafa? You’re crossing a line here Torch. I’m already a master ninja but you’re immature. Grow up sometimes little Johnny.”
Human Torch: “You, a master; my foot! I guess how hot-tempered your students could be. Whereas I’m a cool guy and everyone wants to hang around with me.”

Raphael: “How I wish I had been spared this ordeal of bearing you Torch. Goku owes me a round after this humiliating experience.”
Hawkeye: “Hey buddy, you don’t have to endure Johnny all on your own. I’m here to balance things up.”
Hawkeye came with his daughter and the child gave Johnny Storm no respite.

Human Torch: “Archer, let it be clear; your daughter is your burden and she stays on your shoulders, not on mine. Rain, my hair isn’t a toy; stop pinching my nose Rain; Rain…. Stop pressing my neck. Hawkeye, get her off me or I’m really going to flame on.”
Raphael: “Well done Clint. Your little brat is treating the spoilt kid well.”
Meanwhile the other Turtles had some odd company in their midst.

Leonardo: “Raph was complaining about his case? Guess who’s standing next to me.”
Donatello: “No way Leo; the Shredder! Man, I don’t want to be in your shoes.”
April O’Neil: “That’s what it means to be in bad company.”
Shredder: “Do you think I enjoy this? Wait till I get my hands on you.”

Casey Jones: “You’re holding his hand right there shred head.”
Donatello: “Leo, now that you and the Shredder are the closest friends in the world, try teaching him some ninja principles with that psychological approach of yours, and find out why he’s that way.”
Michelangelo: “Maybe it’ll work for once. Shredder may have had a difficult childhood. Perhaps mama wasn’t there for his adorable little boy.”

Casey Jones: “Adorable little boy, the Shredder? Mikey, it’s in bad taste. I’ll bet my shoes he was a pain in the neck as a kid. Good mama noticed that early enough and threw him out before he brought disgrace on the family.”
April O’Neil: “Casey, no one would have those worn out shoes of yours even if they were given for nothing.”
Shredder: “You guys lie; I wasn’t a nuisance as a kid. I used to wash my hands before eating anything. Mama wouldn’t tolerate any disobedience.”

Michelangelo: “What a pitiful childhood! The Shredder was maltreated when he was a child. Leo, after establishing the reason for his constant derangements, you could be his advocate and see into his rehabilitation.”
Leonardo: “Oruku Saki, when will you stop trying to capture dinosaurs and breaking into agencies? Aren’t you tired of these things at your age?”

Shredder: “You don’t even know how old I am Leonardo.”
Casey Jones: “Last time I checked, he was over a hundred. And that was a long time ago.”
Donatello: “Raph is missing this one playing with Rain there. Now we know everything about the Shredder.”

Shredder: “You Turtles know nothing. You can laugh as you wish but when you’ll see me rise as leader of Nootra, you’ll only have your eyes to cry.”
Leonardo: “Only in your dreams Shredder. Resign yourself to that for with the number of superheroes in the city, there’s no chance it’s happening.”

There were mixed reactions among the football players of Nootra’s Wings. While some were having a good time holding people’s hands, others found it the most difficult thing in the world to do.

Papan: “I love this. The galaxy should be in danger often so we can shake hands with everybody. Guys, look for me over there.”
Cesare: “Forget it Benjamin. I’m holding nobody’s hand.”
Eric: “Well, someone will feel ashamed for not taking part in saving Nootra and Cybertron.”

Cesare: “Don’t put me in your category Eric. You know very well that I’m better than you in everything; especially in a football field.”
Eric: “It’s still to be proven. Here comes Captain Nootra. He’ll make you listen to reason.”
Captain Nootra came to the footballers and asked Cesare to respect the orders.

Captain Nootra: “Kid, hold your friends’ hands and be at one with them for this noble cause we’ve been made participants.”
Cesare: “Number one: I’m no kid; number two: they’re not my friends and number three: I’m not afraid of you costumed man. Remember what my shot did to you? I can as well repeat it. It’ll take you to hospital now that the super nuts man isn’t with you.”
Captain Nootra: “Listen to me carefully Cesare; if you don’t hold your friends’ hands in the next ten seconds, I’ll hold you in custody for a while and you can say goodbye to your football career.”

Cesare: “Are you threatening me? If you want to go that road Cap, be my guest. Remember, I know your secret identity; I can show it to everybody if you insist. Besides, I possess enormous energy reserve, more than that champion of yours, and it can take down that Broly you’re so much afraid of. What if I used it on you Captain?”

Captain Nootra: “What impertinence! Who raised this kid? I promise you Cesare you’ll go back to the Academy to be taught good manners. It’s alarming to have citizens, especially kids, speaking rudely to their elders.”
Ach: “Cesare, don’t you ever tire of playing the fool? You stand no chance against Captain Nootra.”
Voltz: “Forgive him Cap for this madness. You can’t blame him; sometimes it’s uncontrollable.”

Benjamin: “Cesare will now apologize for these remarks, which were out of place. Do it Cesare or you’ll lose your place in the team.”
Yann: “Only fools refuse to admit they were wrong. Do you want to be a fool or what?”
Cesare dejectedly moved closer to Captain Nootra and apologized.
Cesare: “Captain Nootra, I’m sorry for speaking disrespectfully to you. Please, don’t send me back to the Academy. I promise I’ll be a good citizen.”

His peers were taken aback as he uttered those words. It wasn’t like Cesare to apologize to Captain Nootra or to anybody for that matter. That was the oddest thing they had seen him do and they couldn’t bear him in that state. Even Captain Nootra was sorry for driving him to such extent. He hastily sought to restore the proud footballer to his confidence.

Captain Nootra: “Apology rejected for there was no offence. I wasn’t serious champion. Forgive me for pushing you to be another person instead of yourself. You did sound odd talking and looking abashed like that. I prefer you as you are but don’t overstep the limits. The secret identity is sacred in Nootra and citizens are responsible for keeping it to themselves if they know the identity of a hero. Cheer up big guy; I give you my word you won’t go back to the Academy. On second thought, your usual tone reminds me of someone I know very well. Give me your hand hero.”

Captain Nootra took the left hand of Cesare and Yann took his right. Benjamin, Eric, Ach, Voltz and those around followed; and holding each other’s hands, they released their energy and directed it towards Son Goku. In another place, some people were complaining about the mission.

Monday, February 20, 2017


It was a historic moment for Galaxy of the Brave. On Agnam was the formation of a first-time alliance involving Nootra, city of superheroes, allying with Earth, in the persons of Noah, Alan, Ryan and Zach, and with Silver Surfer, the Transformers, comprising Autobots and Decepticons, and with Galactus, Magneto and Apocalypse.

These represented the being for whom everything existed in the universe: Man. The reason for this union was the defence of their world against a common enemy - the most dreadful fighter the galaxy ever produced.

Broly was a warrior of matchless strength, issuing from the proud race of Saiyans, a race of born fighters. These people lived to conquer and subdue other peoples until another conqueror destroyed their planet and scattered them all over the universe. One famous story about Saiyans concerned two lovely babies born on the same day yet sharing an opposing destiny.

The first was Broly and the other, Kakarot. The calm one, Broly, possessed a power level far superior to those of normal Saiyans. His people cast him out because they feared his power. The noisy one, Kakarot, though having nothing impressive at birth, was the one who was retained.

The latter found refuge in Nootra after his planet was destroyed. The people adopted him and Kakarot the Saiyan became Son Goku the Nootran. He embraced the values of his city and stood to defend that civilization with all the fantastic strength nature endowed him with as Saiyan.

Added to his natural abilities was the advantage Nootra, the iconic civilization, gave him. He was a Saiyan who, contrary to prescription, lived in an environment favouring love and justice rather than violence and the subjugation of peoples. So he excelled beyond measure, even above all his siblings, as any Saiyan would when they were at the service of people.

The former had another destiny. He grew up with the notion of the injustice his people did to him. And he associated that injustice with the one sleeping next to his cradle, whose incessant cries never stopped haunting him. He didn’t forget those early hours of his life and he lived to take revenge on he who was chosen instead of him.

His hunger for vengeance combined with his formidable strength to produce the one known in the galaxy as Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan. He had the chance of avenging himself on that day destiny brought him on Agnam, a satellite of planet Cybertron.

Broly had been threatening the heroes and their world with his monstrous strength. Son Goku, Nootra’s champion, was knocked out after his first confrontation with him. That wasn’t the end though. Nootra and their allies decided to join in the fight by bequeathing their energy to Goku. Zachary gave them the incentive for that.

In Galaxy Brave, second galaxy of Dimension 2C519, man and nature revived through a wonderful speech coming from the depths of the heart of a young man from Earth. Those sacred words resulted in what Alan would call the heavenly.

The moment Zach finished his faith-filled speech, all the fighters present, without hesitation, held each other’s hands. They released their energy and bequeathed it to Son Goku. Megatron set the example. He took the hand of Optimus Prime on his left and that of Rumble on his right while Laserbeak rested on his right shoulder and Ravage, on his foot. The Transformers followed in the footsteps of their leaders. Autobots and Decepticons mixed together by holding each other’s hands.

Wolverine took Magneto’s hand on the left and Archangel’s hand on the right while Archangel had Storm on his right. Cyclops had Magneto on his right and Jean Grey on his left. Galactus took Silver Surfer in his hand but Vegeta refused to hold Apocalypse’s hand. Piccolo came and stood between Apocalypse and Vegeta and took their hands while Trunks took the right hand of his father. Gohan and Goten were with their father, supporting him with their hands.

Zach took the hand of Dende, and so followed Alan, Noah, Ryan and Yamcha with Puar on his shoulder and Tenshinhan with Chaozu on his shoulder. They all held each other’s hands, forming a wide circle on Agnam. Through their connection with each other, their energy was released and transferred to Son Goku.

Meanwhile, fighting in Nootra had stopped. The Decepticons and their allies obeyed Megatron and followed the instructions. Nootra Security Forces passed the message to agents who made it known to citizens. Everybody raised their eyes to outer space and held hands to give their energy to Son Goku. The inmates of the Frightful Forest were not left out. Rahan, Tarzan, Conan, Samba, Leuk, Freeza, Wrath-Amon, Windfang and their companions and foes with the animals all together danced to the tune.

It was the same attitude in the Nootra Inter-Galactic Stadium. Enemies and friends acted on the directives although it wasn’t pleasant to everybody. Even some prominent among them were reluctant.
Superman: “Batman, take my hand.”

Batman: “Goku can do without me. I think he’ll have enough energy.”
Thor: “It takes everybody to build the world. The galaxy counts on you as well Dark Knight. Tell him Cap.”
Captain Nootra: “We still need your energy no matter how insignificant it might be. Remember, it’s our heart, our connection with each other that gives Goku the strength.”

Batman: “I’m connected in my own way Cap.”
Flash: “This is crazy. How can all of us be here when we’re the Justice League? We’re supposed to be up there helping.”
Captain Nootra: “Don’t make me mad Flash. You know very well that Thor and I don’t belong to the same team as this guy. Neither does Spider-Man.”

Batman: “I understand you have issues with me but now’s not the time. It’s incredible how you won’t give me a break even when the world is falling apart.”
Spider-Man: “What won’t you see in Nootra? The mightiest heroes are here settling domestic differences when the galaxy faces a menace.”
Superman: “Don’t worry Spidey; it’s because we have a champion up there. In this fight, Goku is in the front line and his duty is to deliver us. You gain this experience only when living in comradeship. You don’t force yourself into doing everything; you trust your comrades because you know who’s right for a specific task. Goku alone can defeat Broly. We assist him by giving him our energy.”

Batman: “I’ll go check and ensure everyone is following the instructions. It’s better than standing here listening to your pathetic comments.”
Captain Nootra: “Nice attempt to escape bats. How about staying here while I go check that instead?”
Batman: “Look Cap; this is my idea. Find yours.”
Thor: “Stop that you two. I won’t hear you fighting each other again. Even children conduct themselves better than you. Save your energy for Goku.”

Superman: “It’s true some citizens aren’t doing it right. We’re the ones to direct them. Let’s all go check it together.”
Captain Nootra: “You thought you would get rid of us like that batty?”
Batman: “Superman, keep your partner away from me.”

It was in a different mood that other citizens and heroes performed the hands-holding exercise.

Sunday, February 12, 2017


The Autobot Optimus Prime and the Decepticon Megatron, in an audible manner, addressed the people present on Agnam at that moment of destiny.

Megatron: “Comrades, companions, allies once enemies: we cut this battle short and fight side by side to stop Broly from destroying everything we’ve worked for all these centuries. What we’re called to be this day isn’t something I can say I’m proud of. But we aren’t brutes who fold arms while our world falls apart. We ally with enemies for this cause. Let everyone do their part to save our planets, galaxy and home.”

Optimus Prime: “Today, Autobots and Decepticons have become allies and only one group of robots remains: the Transformers, like the Earthlings call us. Today on Agnam, Nootra with friends from Earth and Silver Surfer ally with the Transformers, Galactus, Magneto and Apocalypse to chase out a common enemy - Broly. Friends, comrades, companions, allies, let’s do this together and prevail.”

There was yet one combatant who couldn’t stand the coalition; Starscream the Decepticon. He considered it humiliating to ally with their all-time foes the Autobots. He failed to understand that what was being written down on Agnam was history to be remembered as one of the marking moments of the universe; the day Earth, Nootra, Transformers, villains and heroes all came together and fought as one.

Starscream: “Traitor. Megatron, you’re a traitor. Decepticons never ally with Autobots. This is pure treason.”
Astrotrain: “Starscream, I’m tired of you always contesting Megatron’s decisions even when he does right.”
Soundwave: “This is the wisest decision he’s ever made.”

Starscream: “You can as well admit Soundwave that he never takes wise decisions. But if you two are stooges of Megatron, I, Starscream, am not. Soundwave, you never object to his decisions and you Astrotrain, have been contaminated with the attitude of Soundwave.”
Rumble: “Megatron said he didn’t like the alliance either. Yet we must confess the word Optimus Prime used to refer to all of us as one was cool - the Transformers.”

Starscream: “Don’t tell me you all have fallen for this Transformers project?”
Astrotrain: “Skyfire and you fought side by side in the past and you told me how exciting it was. I’m sure it’ll be the same with the other Autobots. Let’s do it just this once.”
Starscream: “Ally with the Autobots? Never.”

Starscream transformed into a jetfighter and he took off and flew away from Agnam, leaving his comrades behind. Astrotrain wanted to go after him but Megatron called him back.

Megatron: “Allow him Astrotrain. This hurts me even more than him but when you’re leader, you have to swallow your pride sometimes and make compromises. Starscream isn’t ready for that yet.”

Everybody trembled with fear when Broly crushed Son Goku except one, Zach the Earthling. Goku’s presence filled him with confidence and he was certain what happened was only a setback and not the end. He had never seen Goku defeated - he might lose a round but he never gave up the fight. Zach knew Son Goku would overcome Broly and he tried to transfer the same confidence to his comrades. So in the hearing of all, the young Earthling lifted up his voice and spoke. And when he started talking, all eyes were raised on him.

Zach: “Why do you tremble as though you didn’t know who he is? Why doubt as if he hasn’t proven how resourceful he is? It’s him - Son Goku - the fighter among fighters. It’s Son Goku, the chosen Saiyan, strongest man of this world. He’s afraid of nothing and he’ll fight to save his friends.

‘Broly may be Legendary Super Saiyan yet the outcome of this battle is certain: Son Goku wins! He wins because he’s fighting for love, for justice, for the safety of the people of the universe. He never lets his friends down; it’s for them he’s a fighter. He doesn’t win because of his brawn; he wins because of his heart, the very place where every battle is won.

‘When the Agape became man, He didn’t use His fists or any weapon to fight. He opened His heart and saved man by the power of His love. That’s how He defeated evil and won everlasting victory. There was no reason for us to believe Him if He hadn’t proven His love. His ultimate was revealed when He transferred His nature to us by birthing us as sons. The one thing I see in all this is love, which is the Cause, the reason, the meaning and motivation for everything. This is the good fight we’re destined to win for He has preordained victory for us in the Son.

‘Arise Son Goku the Saiyan. You’ll prevail once again. It’s not today you’ll forsake your loved ones, family, citizens, comrades, friends or the universe. You’re not alone; the Agape has fortified you with people. We’re with you in this battle and we’ll give you our strength because we know you’re fighting for us. Our love strengthens you and you receive the power to overcome everything threatening us. Son Goku the Saiyan and Nootran, you win this battle for us.

‘Listen to me everyone in the galaxy; every people, creature, object and element: give your energy to Son Goku. He can’t do it by himself; he needs our strength to overcome Broly. In the presence of the Agape and before man and nature, the visible and invisible: we hold hands together, our connection with each other releases our energy, our energy is transferred to Son Goku, he’s fortified by our love and we win this battle as one.

‘There’s no alternative here; only victory for the peoples of the galaxy. The Agape is with us; He’s in us and is for us. He wants us living, He wants us in love, He wants us happy. Let it be known in the universe today that we’ve overcome in the Son.”

Monday, February 6, 2017


Silver Surfer and Galactus also cut short their fight. Galactus particularly marvelled at the devastating power of Broly and he feared for his meals.

Galactus: “Here’s a problem indeed! If they don’t stop that kid fast enough, there won’t be any planet left for me. And when the great hunger will come upon me, I won’t have anything to eat. Then I’ll starve.”

Silver Surfer: “Are you saying that to me? Galactus, I don’t care if you starve. Thinking again, I’d be glad about it.”
Galactus: “Megatron has failed. I shouldn’t have allied with him in the first place. My Silver Surfer, you know you’re my beloved herald. If you repent and come back to me, I’ll receive you. We shall leave this galaxy and move to another. You’ll find more planets for me to feed on when the great hunger comes upon me.”

Silver Surfer: “In your dreams Galactus. Never again will I serve you. I’ll instead destroy you and avenge the many people your gluttony left desolate.”
Galactus: “What insolence! You’ve had your chance Surfer, and that was the very last. Even if you come begging in tears and on your knees, I won’t take you back.”

Silver Surfer: “Fine. This case is closed then. Once Goku disposes of Broly, I’ll send you to oblivion.”
Galactus: “Nonsense. That Saiyan is down and you still put your trust in him?”

Silver Surfer: “This is something you’ll never understand Galactus; you who’re big and think those smaller than you are there to serve as your subjects. These people are fighting for their survival and there’s no way they’re losing such a fight.”
The heroes and their foes stopped fighting each other and watched Broly making a show of his matchless strength.None among them could challenge him. On realizing they were all in danger because of that immense uncontainable power, they mixed together.

Storm: “Is there nothing we can do to stop him?”
Archangel: “If Goku is beaten, there’s little hope for our galaxy.”
Magneto: “Jean, try and see if you can talk to Broly through your psychic powers.”

Cyclops: “No way Magneto. I won’t allow Jean to risk her life again.”
Jean Grey: “Don’t worry Scott; I’ll only try.”
Wolverine: “Forget it Red; you’re trying nothing.”

Megatron: “This boy can’t jeopardize my plan. I’ve worked too tirelessly on it to let it fall apart just because one child is mad at another. I can still postpone it to the future instead of risking losing Cybertron for good. Time-out Prime; let’s join forces and get rid of Broly.”
Ironhide: “Excuse me? I think I hallucinated. Did Megatron just say we should join forces? I thought Decepticons never allied with Autobots.”

Megatron: “Spare me your sarcasm Ironhide. Only fools don’t change when they see reason. Do you think I’m foolish to the point of letting this boy shatter my hopes for the future?”
Jazz: “To be honest Megatron, I thought you were.”

Megatron: “Jazz, I’m a conqueror not an exterminator. Of all people, you Autobots should know me better. Optimus, you haven’t answered me yet.”
Optimus Prime: “Well Megatron, Nootra accepts your offer.”
When Optimus Prime accepted the deal with Megatron, there were mixed feelings in the two camps, among heroes and villains.
Apocalypse: “Too bad. Just when we were having lots of fun!”

Vegeta: “Most unfortunate indeed! I was just getting warmed up. Apocalypse, you tasted only an iota of the powers of the prince of Saiyans.”
Megatron: “If you were not late Apocalypse, maybe we would have avoided this humiliating compromise. Even the gargantuan Galactus made it on time, but I can’t say the same of you.”

Apocalypse: “I said I would join you at my convenience and it happened that I was retarded. But here are we allying with enemies.”
Ratchet: “Are you sure about this Prime? Do you think Megatron can stick to his word and not attack us when we’re off our guard?”
Ironhide: “Ratchet has a point. Optimus, they’re Decepticons and they’re bent on deceiving. They need no skills for that; they do it naturally.”

Wheeljack: “Yea. I can’t count the many times Megatron pretended to be sincere yet duped us in the end. I can’t trust him.”

Optimus Prime: “If it depended on fear, nothing would be accomplished in the world. There are situations that leave you with no choice but to trust your enemy, even if in this case it’s Megatron. He has too much pride to make this ultimate offer and deceive in return. My fellow Autobots, I call you to trust me on this one. I have the intuition Megatron is sincere and he won’t turn on us. We’re called to work together with Decepticons today.”

Megatron: “We don’t have all day for you to afford the luxury of doubts. Let me know when you’re done with the unbelief.”
Finding no other strategy to defeat Broly than this association, Piccolo confirmed the formation of the alliance between NSF and Decepticons.

Piccolo: “No battle is won without taking risks. Nootrans, the Decepticons are our allies in this phase of the battle.”
Megatron: “Well then Nootra, how do we proceed?”
Storm: “The first thing you ought to do Megatron is order the Decepticons to stop fighting in the city and withdraw your troops from Cybertron.”

Megatron: “Soundwave, send a signal to the Decepticons in Nootra and the three secret bases in the city. Also, contact Octane and the Combaticons in Cybertron. Tell them the mission is aborted.”
Soundwave: “At your command Megatron.”

Soundwave transmitted these orders to the Decepticons though Nootra’s agents had already defeated most of them.
Cyclops: “I’ve received confirmation from Central that Decepticons have ceased fighting in Nootra, L2 and L3. L4 already handled Menasor and the Insecticons. Alpha Trion confirms Decepticons’ demilitarization of Cybertron.”

Piccolo: “Megatron, I want to know if Galactus and Apocalypse adhere to this alliance.”
Megatron: “Don’t underrate my diplomatic ability big green man. My allies don’t dispute my decisions; they fully understand what alliance is all about. You’ll have to learn that as well.”

Apocalypse: “You think villains have no heart? We recognize when the situation is critical and needs our intervention.”
Galactus: “The only guarantee you’ll get from me is that I won’t attack you. Don’t expect anything more.”
Vegeta: “Stupid villains; they don’t make them like they used to. In my day, once a villain was a villain, he was a villain. Now they have a heart and what else? By the way, do ghosts, machines and energy beings possess a heart?”

Apocalypse: “In your day, eh? How come you’re now turned into the good side Vegeta, you who once were a villain? I see you finally acknowledged your constant defeats at the hands of the heroes and resigned yourself to joining them. You accepted fighting alongside Goku and you remained in his shadow instead of being humiliated each time you fought him. Not so?”

Vegeta: “If you’re trying to make me doubtful Apocalypse, let me tell you you’ve failed. I know why I became a Nootran and I don’t need to justify myself to you. You’ll learn not to hurl insults at me once I’ve thrown you down mercilessly.”

Tenshinhan: “We’re now allies Vegeta. We’re called to join forces for a noble cause. Let’s respect our loyalties and engagements and work together. I think that’s what Optimus and Megatron are about to say.”