Monday, March 27, 2017

newmar: WIN AS ONE V

newmar: WIN AS ONE V: Son Goku walked up to Broly while he lay weakened on the surface of Agnam. On reaching him, he lifted up himself a little above the ground a...

Monday, March 20, 2017

newmar: WIN AS ONE IV

newmar: WIN AS ONE IV: The people released their energy and it went to the object they were liberating it for. After this exercise, the galaxy had to witness the s...

Monday, March 6, 2017


Captain Nootra took the left hand of Cesare and Yann took his right. Benjamin, Eric, Ach, Voltz and those around followed; and holding each other’s hands, they released their energy and directed it towards Son Goku. In another place, some people were complaining about the mission.

Mario: “I don’t like giving my energy to anyone. The last time I did so, I was so weakened that I couldn’t eat anything. Mom cooked my favourite dish and though I was famished, I had no strength to eat.”
Wally: “This is just great. Did you have to talk about eating only now? Now I’m really getting hungry. You mean we won’t be able to eat after this?”

Shades: “Mario is bluffing. Have you ever seen him weakened when it comes to eating good food?”
Jeremy: “Save your breath and execute the orders.”

Mario: “Quit playing the big guys Jeremy. You’re not Superman to tell me what to do.”
Denver lifted up Mario and placed him on his shoulders.
Wally: “Way to go Denver. You may not be Superman but you’re a big dinosaur after all.”

During this time, Spider-Man found himself among some people he didn’t want to be around for that particular mission.
Spider-Man: “This guy tried to kill me and am I supposed to hold his hand now?”
Kingpin: “What won’t you do for the good cause Spidey?”

Spider-Man: “Nootra is asking too much. They should have tried something else.”
Invisible Woman: “Those big three are angels when it comes to affection. They’re already on it.”
Invisible Woman was referring to Devastator, Omega Supreme and Shockwave who obediently carried out the task.

Spider-Man: “These guys can be saints if you only give them a chance. I don’t know what Megatron did for them to be so loyal to him.”
Flash: “They’re like the Autobots. It appears they were created with a deep sense of loyalty towards what they recognize as belonging to.”

Batman: “You two should copy their example instead of talking around.”
Flash: “And what about you?”
Batman: “Flash, I’m here to put order. Everybody must follow directions.”
Invisible Woman: “Looking around, I see everyone doing so except you.”
Flash took the hand of Batman and he couldn’t shy away from that.

Batman: “At least, it’s better than holding the hand of Cap and receiving endless crap in my ears.”
Flash: “As an ancient one bats, you should put your pride aside and understand him. He’s guardian of the city but you continue to treat him as a child. He only wants you to recognize what he has become for this civilization.”
Batman: “But he’s a child. How can he take things so lightly?”

Flash: “Your opposite, huh? Yet you’ll have to admit that his style works. He’s protecting the city like his predecessors, and with a plus. His charisma enlivens us all though it’s visible he himself hasn’t totally recovered from those losses.”
Batman: “The losses. Trust me Flash, I know that very well.”
Flash: “I think he’s fighting you more often these last times to free himself from the conflict within. That’s also your responsibility.”

Batman: “You don’t know it better than I do. I’ll cope with his whims but as for his recklessness regarding the security of the city, I won’t let him have his way.”

Spider-Man moved away from Kingpin for he couldn’t stand his sarcastic tone any longer. He came and forced himself between Batman and Terrax, and took their hands. Then the voice of the Man of Steel was heard all over Nootra officially pronouncing the effecting of the mission.

Superman: “Nootra is ready for the energy bequeathing. All as one, we entrust our energy to our champion and he wins our battle. Goku, keep Nootra, Cybertron and the galaxy safe. We count on you.”

The people released their energy and it went to the object they were liberating it for. After this exercise, the galaxy had to witness the second round of the historic Battle of Agnam. Broly was still savouring his apparent victory when Goku’s body started to revive through the energy he received from the people. He became stronger each second and his sons, Gohan and Goten, assisted him. Son Goku leapt to his feet and the heroes breathed with relief on seeing their champion operational again.