Monday, May 8, 2017


Mario: “Well, well; Batman is appreciative and intends to apologize but hasn’t done so yet; that’s rare. Still, I’m not convinced of his sincerity. No, no bats, you won’t get away with that so easily.”

Jeremy: “Yeah; you must prove to us that you’re sincere Batman. You ought to do some hard thing to be forgiven. The Earthlings and Saiyans were almost eliminated in the Frightful Forest because of you.”
Shades: “If you want to be forgiven Dark Knight, make us ride in the Batmobile.”
Wally: “Well done Shades. How about that Batman?”

Batman: “That’s asking a lot children. Besides, I can’t take all of you in; just look at Denver.”
Shades: “Preference should be given to the one who asked it first.”
The others jeered at Shades.
Jeremy: “And he didn’t do anything. Shades, what did you do to save Nootra?”
Shades: “I trusted in the faith of the Agape and I remained still. That was all I needed to do to save our galaxy. And you know what Jeremy; it worked.”

Batman: “OK, tomorrow is day off for everybody. I promise to take you in the Batmobile.”
The children shouted and tapped each other’s hands for securing such great achievement for themselves.
Zach: “It’s going to be awesome riding the Batmobile.”
Noah: “One last thing before you’re completely forgiven Batman. Will you listen to Alan here who has something important to tell you?”
Alan: “Noah, what’s this set-up all about?”

Ryan: “Be a man pal. Tell the guy all the stuff you used to reproach him for back at home.”
Alan: “I have nothing to tell him. He’s none of my favourites.”
Zach: “Then how come you get mad at him every episode?”
Noah: “Guys, let’s leave them alone.”

The rest of the band left and Alan was alone with Batman.
Batman: “Well kid, I owe you one. What do you want to tell me?”
Far from being intimidated by the calibre of the world’s greatest detective, Alan hit words in his face.
Alan: “Why do you always play the solitary knight and keep yourself away from your peers? And what do you mean by that grave look on the mask?”

Batman wasn’t surprised for he was used to being attacked on personal issues. He answered sarcastically.
Batman: “Oh; I never thought my character could upset anyone.”
Alan: “Seriously Batman; what I think is that your character can’t leave any of your colleagues indifferent.”
Batman: “Listen kid; you can’t change people. That’s how I am. What do you want me to do?”
Alan: “I want to see you friendlier. Life hasn’t always been kind to you Mr. Wayne, but you’re not the only one who’s been in that mess. You must get over it. I know that’s how you are but think about your friends. They want to spend more time with you.”
Batman: “What if I don’t want to spend time with them; have you thought about that? There are many people in the world you can make friends with. I just want to do my job and be left alone. Besides, some of them can’t stand my presence.”

Alan: “I don’t mean to be disrespectful but only sincere. Your friends can’t stand you because of your gravity. You give the impression you’re all sufficient and want nobody. Some of them really need you but you’re just being impassive. It would be great if you stopped being a part-timer and blessed them with the gift of yourself. This has nothing to do with the fact that you protect them Batman; it’s you they want.
‘Possession or any such things avail less; it’s people the true wealth of each of us. Assets serve their function only when we use them to beautify our lives, those of our relations and all who come our way. Batman, we don’t only want you as our colleague, protector and benefactor, but much more as our friend. It’s true there are many people in the world we can make friends with, but it’s you we know and you we want.”

Batman took in these remarks concerning his character quietly.

Batman (silently to himself): “This is just my luck; always running into kids who won’t give me a break.”
After digesting Alan’s words in a moment of silence, Batman answered.
Batman: “I’m flattered you care so much about me.”
Alan: “What do you think? Millions care about you on Earth.”
Batman: “I don’t mean millions; I mean you. How come a cool one like you cares?”

Alan: “At least I swallowed everything and said what irked me within. Why not do the same Sir?”
Batman: “I’ll tell you a secret Alan, and it’s between you and me. You see kid, there are times I would love to be with my colleagues and have a good time with them. Let’s take the case of Captain Nootra for like you, he’s always mad at me because of my ways. He’s a young man I watched grow up and I saw become the celebrated hero of this city. I personally witnessed his passion and zeal for this civilization. He’s an exemplary figure to us that’s why he’s our captain. Sometimes, I’d like to tell him how much I admire him; but I don’t. Hey, I’m Batman and Batman doesn’t show his feelings openly, right?”

Alan: “Of course, Batman is weird, emotionless, sinister and everything in that category. But Batman mustn’t stick to his reputation but must be what he is on the inside. A man is free only when he lives not to impress others; when he does what he wants without waiting for people’s approval. A song on Earth tells us to be ourselves no matter what people say.

‘That’s incomplete to me and I’d like to add this. In being yourself, don’t forget people need you. They don’t need you so that you should give them something or do anything for them; they need you because they want you to be part of their life. This is because they love you and you can’t do anything about it. You either accept it or reject it. Yet I know love is good and every man needs love; even you Batman. That’s how the Agape fathered us; He loved us and we accepted His love. So we are His sons.”

Alan had touched a point dear to the heart of the Caped Champion.

Batman: “There’s more to you than meets the eye kid. I’m impressed about everything you said; and that you said them boldly. Nobody would dare say these things to my face except Cap; but that one is a case.”
Alan: “You may be a weird superhero but you don’t scare me.”
Batman: “You know what Alan; I like your style. I’ll make an effort to be friendlier with people because of you. You should be proud you changed something in Batman. Hit here pal.”

Alan hit Batman’s fist and this one offered the child his super com.