Wednesday, June 28, 2017


It was a happy holiday in Nootra. The people were celebrating their victory over the forces of evil that threatened their world. Festivities were going on all around the city. The main celebration was at Goku’s place, a small village in eastern Nootra. Citizens came there in their numbers and all were thrilled at that wonderful occasion of spending the day with their heroes.

Son Goku didn’t forget his promise to Zach. He took him aside and they sneaked out of the sight of everyone to get to a lonely place for their duel. On the way, they came across Piccolo who had retreated to a quieter zone for his meditation. He was floating cross-legged in the air under a tree by the stream. Son Goku lingered there a little to pester him.

Son Goku: “Still asleep Piccolo?”
Piccolo: “Asleep? I’m not like you who spend your time on contemptible activities when you’re not fighting. It’s obvious I’m meditating.”
Son Goku: “How do you do that - idling all day long and focusing under this racket?”
Piccolo: “If you keep the silence within, the din without won’t reach you.”
Zach: “Excuse me Mr. Piccolo; do you know Earth?”
Piccolo: “There’re few things in this world I don’t know.”
Son Goku: “Trust Piccolo on that Zach; he’s a master of knowledge. He receives revelation of invisible realities through his constant meditations.”

Piccolo: “There’s a world beyond the natural. If you allow your spirit to gain control of your mind, you’ll see truths the senses can’t perceive. And as your mind grows in the spirit, you’ll come to the knowledge of space, time, matter and the invisible. Planet Earth is in the Galaxy of the Chosen of Dimension 1T234, one of the biggest systems of galaxies there is. It’s the ground the feet of the Agape trod when He made Himself visible. Its people are the chosen, not because of their deeds, but because of the good pleasure of the Agape who chose them even before He formed the worlds.”

Zach: “But we don’t know Nootra on Earth. Our technologies are highly advanced and our governments have launched countless missions to seek life in the universe; but we’ve never detected your presence.”
Piccolo: “Science without faith is vain, faith without justice is useless and justice without love is evil. What were the real intentions of your governments? How can they come to us when they haven’t helped their own people? It’s a pity that with all these advancements you mentioned, your world hasn’t yet attained the basic stage every human planetary society should be: food, drink, shelter, justice and freedom for all humanity.”

Professor Charles Xavier was standing not far away. He heard them and their discussion interested him. He drew near and put in his contribution.
Charles Xavier: “Before talking of meeting other forms of life in the universe, make sure you meet everyone’s needs back at home. That’s the only way to make contact with the worlds.”
Son Goku: “Earth is the chosen and I’m sure your riches in human and natural terms are inestimable. Zach, I entrust you with the mission of making your planet the best place for its entire people.”
Zach: “It’s not going to be easy but I’ll do my best.”
Charles Xavier: “Your best can never be enough child. Goku’s best couldn’t save the galaxy. Never forget the most important gift the Agape has given us - people. The Agape intervenes in the affairs of man through men and women who come our way.”
Piccolo: “An impressive energy runs in your veins young one. Train and meditate daily and you’ll become stronger. Meditation will make you see the essence of life and be fully convinced of it. Then you’ll know your mission and the purpose of your existence. After pinpointing what you’re called to do specifically, you’ll be able to ally your strength with the good cause and win the fight, which in every case is to make the world a good place for each human, beginning with yourself.”

Son Goku: “Let’s leave Piccolo and Charles to their talk; they’ll never stop if we stay here. We have a duel at hand. So Zach, are you ready?”
Zach: “All my life Sir.”

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


On the other side of the stream, the football players of Nootra’s Wings were spending the day together.

Cesare: “Why do you keep hanging around me Yann?”
Yann: “So you don’t ruin the party as always.”
Cesare: “I lost the match of the year because of you. You haven’t paid for that yet so prepare for the worst.”
Yann: “Look at the bright side of the thing: Goku won the fight of the century. The match of the year is nothing compared to that.”
Cesare: “It was obvious he would win; he always wins. But Ben and Eric make me lose each time. I will quit this team for good some day.”

Yann: “Let’s see if you can say that to their face.”
Benjamin and the rest of the footballers of Nootra’s Wings came to Cesare to settle their differences after the incident of the final.
Benjamin: “I’m sorry Cesare. I know how much that match meant to you. Yet what we did as a team was grandiose. As captain, I promise we’ll never withdraw from a match again if it isn’t important.”
Cesare: “What do you mean, if it isn’t important? Each match is important to me. I have a Nindo, which says, I win every match I play.”
Eric: “Hey guys, this is a fantastic site for a game. I bet I’ve surpassed you by far Cesare.”
Papan: “Here’s a football; see if you can take it from me.”
Yann: “No problemo Papan.”

Roberto: “Lucas, use your artistic skills to take the ball from Yann.”
Benjamin: “Aren’t you afraid of being scolded by Super-Cap playing here on the village lawn?”
Lucas: “Today is day off for everybody. They can’t stop us.”
Ach: “I didn’t think so Lucas. Here they come.”

Captain Nootra and Superman landed in the midst of the football players of Nootra’s Wings. Surprisingly, they didn’t rebuke them as they expected. They instead pronounced some unusual vocabulary.
Captain Nootra: “Children, I personally thank you for the sacrifice you made to save our galaxy.”
Superman: “Nootra will always be grateful to her Wings. You successfully carried out the mission, which was most crucial for our victory.”
But the words of the superheroes didn’t impress Cesare.
Cesare: “Cut me some slack costumed men. I have nothing to do with your gratitude.”
Captain Nootra: “I’m relieved to hear you sound Cesare again. I prefer you like this though it’s irritating sometimes. Still, this is the Cesare I know and this is the Cesare I want.”

Cesare: “Don’t care Cap; as long as you don’t stop me from playing football.”
Captain Nootra: “I’m sorry champion. It’s wicked to threaten people with what hurts them the most. That was the first and the last time I did that, I promise. And this lesson shall be taught in the Academy. Are we pals again?”

Cesare: “We’ve never been pals but if you mean our relationship as it was before the episode, don’t worry about that.”
Captain Nootra offered his hand and the moment Cesare took it, he let his cape roll down behind his back and released a refreshing wind, which carried Cesare and his teammates to the sky. Then he created an air orb with blissful winds and various rainbows, which enveloped the children. This marvelled the younglings; it was like they had been transported to a heavenly realm.

Captain Nootra went on to create a water-like surface, which had the shape of a big ball into which he dropped the children. The footballers sank into the ball like sinking into the depths of the sea and it bounced them up and down several times before disappearing. It took Captain Nootra such tricks to lighten any tense atmosphere though nothing pleased this set of children more than a football game.

Superman: “That was our informal way to show you our gratitude.”
Benjamin: “We appreciate your kindness Super-Cap. You too did a great job out there.”
Eric: “It was great alright, but there’s another thing we want. Can we play a game here?”
Ach: “Don’t need their permission. You have no right to stop us today Super-Nootra.”
Bruno: “We gave our energy to Goku. We too are the heroes of Nootra.”

Papan: “The costumed men are good at fighting, but can they control a football? Look how I tap a hundred without a sweat.”
Lucas: “I bet Superman can’t score a goal even if the goal had no keeper.”
Bruno: “What a shame! How can they be superheroes when they can’t kick a football?”
Benjamin: “We don’t envy you or Son Goku when it comes to football. This is our domain and here, we thrive always.”
Superman: “I didn’t say the contrary citizens; you do drive us crazy with your wonderful moves. I never miss an opportunity to watch your matches.”

Voltz: “I know of one who always comes to see us play; the archer. But his daughter is a little brat. Last time she bit my finger because I refused to sign her picture.”
Lucas: “Voltz, you didn’t understand how to deal with Rain. Just give her whatever she wants and run for your life.”
Benjamin: “What are you talking about? Rain is my number one fan and we often play together on the city pitches. She’s already a good footballer at her age.”

Roberto: “Nootra only breeds football geniuses. By this rate, we’re going to be the champions of the universe.”
Eric: “The Earthlings said they play football on Earth too, and they have good players. I’d like to see their style. Cap, will you talk to Optimus Prime and J’onn J’onzz about an inter-dimensional football championship?”
Captain Nootra: “I don’t promise you anything but I’ll tell them.”
Cesare: “Instead of playing, you’re there talking. Now that I have the ball, nobody will take it from me.”
Eric: “It’s you who say so Cesare.”

Cesare: “Get out of my way Eric. I said the ball was mine.”
Papan: “Admire the wonders of an artist. No one, I mean no one, can wield a football like Papan the magnificent.”
Lucas: “You want to bet? I’m the acrobat here and when I appear, I take my place.”
Ach: “You’re only throwing empty words Lucas. Watch me instead.”

Benjamin: “I am Benjamin, captain and top striker of Nootra’s Wings. No one can outdo me in football.”
Cesare: “Who told you the title of captain meant anything? I’m the best football player in Nootra and I’ll prove it to you right now.”
Voltz: “This area is the goal. I know all of your techniques. None of you will score a goal to me.”
Yann: “You want to bet? Try to catch my shot if you can.”
Roberto: “Come on guys; let’s finish our final here.”
Bruno: “And we’re winning it for sure this time.”
Benjamin: “Nootra’s Wings, keep Nootra safe.”

As the football players of Nootra’s Wings were having their long-desired football round, Captain Nootra and Superman stood there watching, overflowed with a multitude of thanksgiving.

Captain Nootra: “These children; they make me love this job.”
Superman: “It isn’t a job as long as we’re doing it for them. They boost our faith to keep up with the good fight. I’ll do everything to make them happy.”

Captain Nootra: “I love this city and this civilization. Even our combats only go to embellish the beauty of this land. Lovely is the only word to describe Nootra.”
Superman: “We’ll never lose our zeal for this city. We uphold this civilization by protecting our citizens. As we do so, other people see its goodness and embrace our values. Captain, we’re an emblem of love and justice to the world.”
Captain Nootra: “We have a promising future Superman. These kids are our legacy and treasure. Nootra, your heroes will always be there for you, and your children shall enjoy the abundance you’ve freely offered them.”
Superman: “Captain.”

Captain Nootra: “Yes Superman.”
Superman: “It’s strange. I have the feeling of being with Alex. He and I used to say these same things a hundred years ago. You’re conforming, I see.”
Captain Nootra looked at his partner and smiled. Then both continued watching the children.

Friday, June 2, 2017


Alan hit Batman’s fist and this one offered the child his super com.
Batman: “Have this kid. It’s a special tech originating from Mr. Fantastic’s early researches. What you see here is the combination of a hidden technology of Tony Stark and of Piccolo’s mind repository. I put it together in one of the laboratories of Capsule Corporation. Because of what you said, I choose to trust you with it. With this communicator, you’ll get to me wherever you are and I won’t lose track of my friends again.”

Alan: “Whoa! This is some communicator! Thanks batty.”
Alan received the communicator and was proud to belong to the inner circle of Batman.
Batman: “You’re bold and have no fear when it comes to the people you love. As an ancient one, I esteem such values in people. Your faith is worth praising Alan.”

Alan: “I just use the little I have and the much Ryan possesses to change my world. When you walk with people like Ryan, you unconsciously benefit from their incredible faith. He’s a gift to me. It’s because he taught me to trust in the faith of the Agape that today I’m with you, Iron Man, Silver Surfer and all of my superheroes.”
Batman: “I think I understand what you mean. Through association, we can share in the blessings of others. That’s why you want me to be with people so we can be blessings to one another.”
Alan: “If you want, then that’s why.”

Batman: “I thought I knew everything but we must be humble to listen to everybody for even a child can teach us something we didn’t know. Yet what I observed from your report is that the information Earth received on Batman isn’t up to date. Much of what you said is obsolete and no longer true of me.”

Alan: “You mean you’ve changed, like Iron Man?”
Batman: “Something happened twenty-one years ago that changed everything about me. The Batman you described isn’t this one.”
Alan: “Tell me what happened Batman. What have you become?”
Batman smiled at the little Earthling without, however, answering his question, yet happy to know he still had exclusivity of his new life, which remained a mystery to Alan.

The following day was a festival in Nootra with a grand party hosted for all inhabitants of the city. The main celebration was at Goku’s place, a village with a stream, situated in East Side Nootra. People gathered there in the afternoon and the place was crowded with citizens and superheroes, and all were having fun.

Shows were being held in different locations. Autobots grouped somewhere for a free demonstration of their transforming powers. Iron Man and War Machine exhibited their armours. Batman took many kids in his Batmobile. Superman took some to the sky and Spider-Man swung with others. When these things were going on, Ryan and Noah were lucky to meet the Ninja Turtles before they disappeared in the shadows.

Donatello: “Hey bros look; the extra-Nootrans we rescued the other day who saved our city in return. Thanks guys.”
Ryan: “Thanks too for helping us the other day. Your moves against the Shredder were awesome. I’d like to learn some of them.”
Raphael: “Ninjas have hidden codes. If you’re not in our circle, you don’t belong. So a simple answer for you dude: you can’t learn our techniques.”

Noah: “It’s wonderful you’re now in the open Turtles. You used to live in the city sewers.”
Michelangelo: “In the sewers? Shish. You people must be out of your mind thinking the Turtles live in the sewers.”
Leonardo: “That’s a misrepresentation of the Ninja Turtles on the part of Earth.”
Michelangelo: “How do you enjoy the beauties of the city living in the sewers?”

Noah: “It’s because there are no giant talking turtles on Earth. People are scared of you even though you help them.”
Raphael: “That script makes no sense. You don’t help people who’re scared of you. You can truly help people only when they trust you.”
Ryan: “But you understand their reaction. That’s why you keep on helping them and stick to the shadows so they don’t see your faces. Then you shout Cowabunga.”

The four Turtles turned abruptly and looked at Ryan in surprise mode.
Donatello: “Hey guys, he’s spoken the magic word.”
Raphael: “It must be an error. How can these punks know our password?”
Leonardo: “Raph, there’re no two ways about it; we must treat them as such.”
Noah: “What do you mean treat us as such?”

Donatello: “Anyone who says the magic word enters into a friendship with us and they receive our masks. This implies they belong to our circle and can be taught the ninja techniques.”
Ryan: “You’d better change your password; everybody knows it on Earth.”
Leonardo: “Mikey, get the ribbons and tie them around their heads.”
The ceremony took place and Ryan and Noah were included in the friendship of the Ninja Turtles.
Donatello: “Since you have my mask Ryan, I’ll teach you some moves my ninja staff alone can produce.”
Ryan: “Wow Don. I can’t wait to learn them. When do we start sensei?”

Michelangelo: “Noah, have you tasted our pizzas yet? Nootra’s bakeries do the best pizzas in the entire galaxy. Galactus stopped here once to devour them when the great hunger was upon him.”
Noah: “I can’t wait to be treated to them Mikey. But I haven’t seen you wield your nunchakus yet. Some say you’re the strongest Turtle though Leo and Raph play the tough guys.”

Raphael: “No way am I ever getting to Earth. They compare us to each other as if we were rivals.”
Leonardo: “My bro is good like all of us since the Ninja Turtles are a family and we’re unbeatable because we always work together.”
On the other side of the stream, the football players of Nootra’s Wings were spending the day together.