Thursday, July 6, 2017


Son Goku and Zach continued on their way, leaving Piccolo and Charles Xavier behind. It was another atmosphere elsewhere. Noah was having a good time clinging to Vegeta. When Denver saw Noah and Vegeta together, he hesitated to approach her. But as he kept looking at them, he realized Noah was really happy to be with the unsociable Saiyan. Denver took heart and walked up to them. He carried both Vegeta and Noah and licked them incessantly. Then he threw them up several times and caught them again. That game amused Vegeta a lot.
Vegeta (laughing): “I thought you didn’t like me Denver.”

Son Goten, Trunks and their mothers, Shishi and Bulma, marvelled at the completely changed mood of Vegeta.
Goten: “Wow! It’s the first time I see your dad laugh this much. I’m certain he enjoys the fun though he does everything to hide it.”
Trunks: “Noah did well to push him. She’s doing him more good than he wants to admit.”
Bulma: “Give me the camcorder Shishi. I must immortalize this moment.”
Shishi: “Where are Goku and Gohan? They’ve escaped from my vigilance once again. Goku is a real case but I haven’t taken any photos of my Gohan yet. Goten, go and get your brother.”
Goten: “Sorry mom but he’s left. He asked me to tell you and dad that he went to Seth Island to continue his picnic with Krilin, Yamcha and Puar.”

Shishi was furious on hearing that and she scolded Goten for not telling her when she could still prevent it. Meanwhile, Denver’s companions came there and they were surprised to see their dinosaur playing with the Saiyan.
Mario: “What’s Denver doing with Vegeta? He’s going to harm him.”
Wally: “Vegeta, if you try anything on Denver, you’ll answer for it to these fists.”
Flash: “Relax dudes; Vegeta means no harm to Denver. See how they’re getting along?”
The children watched and effectively, Vegeta was being friendly towards Denver and Noah.
Jeremy: “It’s true they appear to be having fun.”
Shades: “How’s that possible? Vegeta is an anti-hero. He never plays with kids. In fact, he never deals kindly with anybody.”
Spider-Man: “Maybe he’s changed; who knows? Strange things happened during the battle. Can you believe Autobots and Decepticons fought as one? Having seen Omega Supreme smiling at the Constructicons, I’m opened to anything.”
More heroes came to join in the Green Dino’s party.
Human Torch: “Somebody wants to add to their numbers? Sorry, it wasn’t a question. I’ll force myself in. Don’t need anybody’s permission anyway.”
Jeremy: “Are you sure Vegeta won’t hurt us?”
Flash: “No way. The guy is totally on cloud nine. Let’s join them.”
Spider-Man: “Trunks, Goten, come in.”
Rain: “Dad, dad, can I join them? Say yes, say yes, say yes.”
Hawkeye: “Yes, you can; but promise me you’ll do nothing bad. If anyone complains about you, I won’t take you to any more football matches. Got me?”

Spider-Man, Human Torch, The Flash and Rain joined Denver, Noah and Vegeta in the free juggling bash the green dinosaur was offering. After hesitating for a while, Mario, Wally, Jeremy and Shades added to their numbers, as well as Trunks and Goten. As the group increased, so did the fun. Bulma and Shishi filmed all that with their camcorders. Rahan later arrived and Noah left the group and ran to his arms. Vegeta was finally relieved yet before he sneaked out of the party, Denver caught him and licked him affectionately.

News of the duel of Son Goku and Zach soon reached the crowd and many gathered to watch the exchange. Far from being overawed by the Saiyan, Zach launched the offensive. He attacked Goku with his most powerful shot and struck his chest with his palms. This first blow floored the hero. Son Goku got up the next moment and transformed into Super Saiyan and the two exchanged endless blows. Zach bent down and stretched out his legs to hit Son Goku but this one jumped and avoided the tackle. On raising his head, Zach saw Goku coming down with a punch for him. But he withdrew his fist and didn’t hit the boy.

Zach got to his wings at that moment and from the sky, he set up a remarkable technique. He exhaled energy-filled air from his body to his hands and mixed it with energy from the outside surrounding. The whole was an invisible energy ball. During this time, Goku was firing tiny energy waves at the Earthling from the ground. Zach evaded them, and when the Saiyan seemed distracted, he shot the invisible orb. The energy ball hit Goku head-on but it wasn’t powerful enough to ground him.
Zach had drained most of his energy by this time, but Goku used Instant Movement and appeared behind him in a flash. He neutralized his hands and threatened him with an energy wave, forcing Zach to surrender. Though he lost to the Saiyan, Zach’s dream was fulfilled when he fought the strongest man in the world. The two landed on the ground and nodded to each other to mark the end of their confrontation. The onlookers clapped for the show and encouraged the young fighter.
Dende: “Zach, I know only a few who can resist Son Goku like that.”
Mr. Fantastic: “That was pretty cool kid. You’ll knock him out in a few years.”
Zach: “Do you really mean it Sir?”
Invisible Woman: “You’re more resourceful than some superheroes. Guess what; we’re recruiting. Maybe you can enlist for the Fantastic Five.”

It was at that moment, after the duel of Zach and Son Goku, when all of them were together, that Ryan, putting aside every sense of complex, posed his question in the hearing of all. He knew that was the golden opportunity to get an answer to his long quest.
Ryan: “Hey Nootra, citizens and superheroes, there’s something I need to know. Can any one of you tell me where I can find the Agape?”
Everyone left what they were doing, turned towards him, and paid attention to what was raised. Citizens and superheroes came closer to hear what was about to be said on the subject, certain to be enlightened in the process. Son Goku began to testify.
Son Goku: “The Agape gave me the heart and strength to fight for the good cause. He vested these powers in me when He brought me to this world and I’m using them for the good of His people.”
Noah: “This is beautiful; Son Goku talks about the Agape!”