Thursday, July 13, 2017


Everyone left what they were doing, turned towards him, and paid attention to what was raised. Citizens and superheroes came closer to hear what was about to be said on the subject, certain to be enlightened in the process. Son Goku began to testify.
Son Goku: “The Agape gave me the heart and strength to fight for the good cause. He vested these powers in me when He brought me to this world and I’m using them for the good of His people.”

Noah: “This is beautiful; Son Goku talks about the Agape!”
Samba: “If anyone is inquisitive and sincere, they’ll know Him and His power. He created the universe and its multiverses. His presence, beauty and goodness are visible in His works.”
Vegeta: “When I was still ignorant, I sought to gain His power but His omnipotence can only be experienced when a man comes to know Him.”

Alan: “On Earth He walked and Nootra knows Him. Won-der-ful!”
Bulma: “This is because He’s wonderful Alan. If any man gets to know Him, there’s no other result except the love for Him. The problem is, not everybody knows Him as He is.”
Archangel: “I once thought He was imposing His will on me until I understood our trust in Him is the key. Once we take Him at His word, believing that He means what He says when He says He loves us, we become free. I came to the conclusion that pride, which is persisting in what we sincerely hold as true instead of trusting His love, is the root of the evil in the world.”
Mr. Fantastic: “Man is here to accomplish the design of the Agape. His design is that we do what we love. He knows what we love and assigns us just that. A man finds fulfilment when he does what he was born to do. Every man should first determine what he has been called to do. I can testify that the very thing a man enjoys doing is his work.”

Zach: “Mr. Piccolo, you’ve been to countless places. Have you come across Him somewhere?”
Piccolo: “No need to look for Him far away; I find Him each day in my meditations. Who do you think I’m communing with all the time? I meant His Spirit when I told you about the spirit. He upgrades my mind continually; that’s how my powers increase and I fight to eradicate evil from the world.”
Ryan: “Hey people, maybe you didn’t get me right. I was talking of meeting Him in person. This is the most important thing to me. To see Him is my dream.”

Shishi: “Son, may I ask why you want to see Him?”
Ryan: “I want to ask Him to save everybody. I don’t understand why He allows people to suffer when He’s almighty. There’s evil in the world; hatred, wickedness, wars, disasters. These things leave millions on their knees. There are third world countries, inequalities among people, famines, racism, tribalism, restrictions, sickness, suffering, disillusionment in the lives of many.

‘The rich and powerful trample on people and the group of the poor and needy persist. Oppressors and money-grabbers devour little ones. There’s an evil system ensuring that everything answers to money, which the majority don’t have. How can some paper notes determine the welfare of a man? It’s supposed to be at the service of the people, not people at its mercy. I hate that system for it denigrates man by creating a society where man loses his value to things.

‘Now He’s almighty. He can remove every wickedness from the heart of man. He can eradicate evil in the blink of an eye. He can restore the people and the land by the power of His Word. He can overthrow any evil system and bring a world where people’s dreams aren’t shattered because of some paper or whatsoever. I want to know why He allows so much suffering when He has all the powers to end it.”
Vegeta: “This is the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard. I knew I was wasting my time listening to children. Are you too foolish to understand the existence of things?”

Alan: “But these are the most sensitive questions people ask on Earth.”
Tenshinhan: “Then Earth may have misunderstood the message.”
Chaozu: “Oh, oh, oh, oh. How could that be? The message was supposed to be clearly presented to everybody.”
Noah: “Please, tell us what it is that we don’t know.”

J’onn J’onzz: “The Agape is the embodiment of wisdom. I came to have profound reverence for Him when I understood His way. He made us as Himself by giving us the power and freedom to build our world the way we want it. We’re not only His creation, we’re equally His collaborators. I don’t know of anyone who gives so much honour to his people like He does.”

Green Lantern: “The Agape has done everything for the good of all; He left nothing undone. Man is responsible for the good and the evil in the world. If there’s oppression and misery, we’re the cause and we’re also the ones to solve these problems.”
Tarzan: “The dignity of a man resides in his free will. The Agape granted us the honour to be His equals and for that to be, He had to give us free will. Our free will is the evidence that He respects us and treats us as equals. Sadly, some have used their free will to bring chaos to the world.”

Batman: “The Agape’s trust in us makes man priceless in the cosmos. Though some have missed the mark like Tarzan said, many more have proven themselves by choosing the good and rejecting the evil. This happens when a man’s integrity prevails over the numerous possibilities his free will offers him. It’s like Alan told me yesterday; a man becomes totally free when he does the right thing from his own heart without being forced to do so.
‘The Agape Himself has free will. It would be insulting to have us like Him and deprive us of free will. He’s the Almighty because of His free will, He chooses the good instead of the evil. As in our case, the evil isn’t hidden from Him. But He uses His free will to choose the good though being under no constraints. This makes Him just beyond all controversy. And we who’re like Him, we use our free will to choose the good, thus expressing our true nature. Isn’t that so Wolverine?”

Wolverine: “Allow me to have it my own way bats. I’ve always wanted to say this but you bobs were too incredulous to pay attention. Now that the kid has raised the issue, you’d better be attentive for this is the only time you’ll hear it from me.
‘Man was born to do good; evil is an alien nature. It’s like love. Every man wants to be loved and would lie if he said the contrary. Our nature, which is His nature, is love and love produces good. That’s how He made us: to love and to do good; to be loved and to be done good. If a man experiences these things, I can assure you he has found happiness.

‘We have free will and we use it to do what our nature tells us: we do good. To do good is to serve people instead of harming them. You see kid; the reason why the Agape gave us the power to build our world ourselves is that we’re able to do what is good. Our doing good originates from our love. It’s impossible for love to produce anything other than good. He is love, we are love; He does good, we do good. As He is, so are we; what He has, that’s our inheritance.

‘Our mission is to be the perfect man the Agape foreknew. Such a man takes pleasure in serving others, like the Agape does. Service is giving to people what they want. The Agape is pleased to serve us and He serves us by giving us all we want. And everything we will ever want, He, in His omniscience, has placed in us. We’re in this world to bring forth the good things that are in us and make ourselves and everybody happy.”

Batman: “That’s profound. I never knew someone like you could come out with something this deep; without the usual roughness, I mean.”
Jean Grey: “Wolverine’s heart is pure though he feigns the contrary, just like yours Batman. But Logan, I thought you were gone for a long time.”

Wolverine: “All I know Red is that if I wasn’t here, this little one would miss the chance of receiving something to chew the rest of his life.”
Cyclops: “Ryan, it’s intolerable that people suffer. We all want to see the eradication of evil and the overthrow of any system restricting man from attaining happiness. Yet in order not to despair before this manifestation, always keep in mind that humanity as a whole has already triumphed over every suffering, pain or obstacle. Only then will you be able to appreciate every moment of your life.”

Superman: “Cyclops means you won’t save anybody by depressing and lamenting the suffering in the world. It’s sad mankind in totality isn’t fully enjoying what the Agape did for her. But you’re not to contribute to the suffering by wailing. Yet by being cheerful, you will have the strength to overcome all adversities. When you don’t let things get you down, that’s when you become a hero. Remember, a hero doesn’t have the luxury of being dejected. That would put him in the category of those to be saved. A hero sees all things as already good and considers that what he’s doing is making this good experienced by all.”