Sunday, July 30, 2017


Ryan: “But Superman, how do you stop oppressors and catastrophes?”

Rahan: “Child, I think we discussed this. Believe the best for all those-who-walk-upright and do good to them. These are the two things you need to do to change the world. The little things will take you to the greater and before you notice, you would have moved mountains. Commit yourself to what you do; be consistent and always believe once you’re persuaded by the truth in the Agape that what you’re doing is fair towards those-who-walk-upright. You’ll bring down any system by keeping on believing and by allowing nothing to restrict you. Nothing, no one, no contrary system can take away your dream. Disproving every system which isn’t in line with the well-being of those-who-walk-upright is how we save the world.”

Iron Man: “Friend, take it simple like me: do what you’re supposed to do, which is what you love doing, and do it in the best way you can. To practically summarize what my peers said, acknowledge all good things in you and get all you want that is right. Desire the best for yourself, for the land and for all humanity, starting with your family.”

Captain Nootra: “It took me a long time before I finally understood that saving the world didn’t mean possessing super powers. It’s all about living with honour and living the best of you. Transformation occurs once you get the revelation of the Agape and of His revolutionary love expressed in His Grace. When you see that, the supernatural is unveiled to you and you walk in it spectacularly, like we do here in Nootra, and or much more spiritually, through the renewal of your inner being. That’s when you encounter true peace and happiness and can bring the same to the people around you. Bats, tell the children the fundamental thing, which you haven’t stopped teaching me even now that I’m an adult.”

Batman: “What you should always be conscious of is to know whose you are. When you know that, then you’ll know who you are and that will resolve the question of identity, which many are seeking. Your identity is what defines you. A man’s identity is who the Agape says he is. This has nothing to do with anything external; it’s not what people say or any world system defines them or places as law before them. If you walk in the knowledge of who you are without letting any opposition dishearten you, then even without super abilities, you’ll be unstoppable. Never forget this children.”
Storm: “It’s evident we’re the Agape’s. Yet for this to have any significance, we must know who we are in Him. The knowledge of who He is and of what we are in Him is the answer to everything like Batman said. So if you want to know who you are, get to know who He is for everything He is, you are. It’s from Him we get our identity. Once we know who we are, we walk as conquerors over every system of things.”

Thor: “In my home planet, it is written that any sovereign who loves to the extent of placing the object of his love in the same position as himself shall possess almighty power. It means if you want to be almighty, you must possess unconditional love. Unconditional love doesn’t depend on anything to be. It demands no performance, no merit and there’s no way to work for it or earn it. This love accepts others as they are irrespective of them and endows them with the same quality of being as oneself. This love doesn’t endure the other but is pleased to see them at the highest point and have them benefit the same privileges oneself enjoys. Any monarch who possesses such a love shall also receive supreme power.”

Dende: “Wow! This is the first time I hear such a thing. It’s absolutely world-shattering.”
Jean Grey: “Indeed, Dende. Earthlings, know that since the time the Agape walked your world, He embodies every human. The Agape is invisible yet by becoming the Man, He can now be seen in every man since all men are included in Him. The greatest error is the failure to recognize the grandeur in man whom the Agape has made royalty for His good pleasure.”

Tenshinhan: “The Agape is the Man by whom all men are defined. He performed all righteousness and gave it to us as gift. Now His righteousness is ours by imputation for as our substitute, everything He did is counted as we having done it. This is what qualifies Him as the unique Saviour of man. By identifying Himself as us, He consequentially made us to identify ourselves as Him. Now He and we are one. We’re exactly like Him for He is our only life.”

Superman: “Man is the representative of the Agape in the physical world and does things instead of Him. The Agape operates in this world through us and here we know our value – we’re the people He trusts. Although living in a body and a world, which seem to incline towards evil, man can rely on the life of the Agape in him to transform everything into good. This is the honour and dignity of man whom the Agape made His sons.”

Son Goku: “The Agape has His own visible human body as we have ours, and an invisible spiritual body. Only after accomplishing the mission will you see Him in His own visible human body. But you can see Him in this world in a man, that is, you and all those-who-walk-upright like Rahan would say. This is how you get illumination and live your destiny. Children, our destiny is to know ourselves the same as He knows us.”

Archangel: “Concerning our mission of transforming everything into good, each man accomplishes it, sometimes unconsciously. We’re here to make the world the best place for ourselves and for all peoples. This is what He wants and that’s how we’re certain of victory. Each man has a contribution to make for this grand finale, which is realized on a daily basis. What we’re doing each day is all welling up to saving the world.”

Invisible Woman: “We have this absolute guarantee Ryan; we shall all see Him face-to-face. But with the trillions of people in the multiverses, I’ll also enjoy seeing Him in each one of them. Yet I know it’ll be fulfilling to see Him as He is in His glory.”
Ryan: “I wanted to see Him personally and should be disappointed, but it isn’t the case. Hearing cartoon heroes talking about Him was the least of my expectations yet greater than what I imagined. It’s true His ways are unsearchable. He goes ahead of us and marvels us beyond our comprehension. The unprecedented in Him is a good thing to man, for I wanted to see Him, but I’ve seen superheroes instead and they know Him.

‘Now I’m patient until the moment to see Him comes. And there’s so much to do on Earth. I commit myself to being a hero and to making Earth the best place in the world. A word of encouragement, Son Goku you said, can make us heroes. The one who speaks and the one who receives what is spoken are all heroes. Your answers just produced that in me. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you my superheroes.”
Charles Xavier: “Listen carefully children and adults. This secret is revealed only to those willing to know the Agape and who they are in Him. The Agape is the one who is pleased to make a man His equal. He is and we exist for His good pleasure. He gave us the privilege to share in His life in order to enjoy us. This is His motivation for creating all things: His good pleasure. His good pleasure stems from His love. So we’re confident about everything that pleases Him - it is good towards us.

‘The greatest thing a man has is life and this life is the gift of the Agape. Out of Love, the Agape created us and He didn’t treat us as pawns for that wasn’t the purpose of Him creating man. Such a thing never crossed His mind for love doesn’t do that. Of all the things He made, man is the most beautiful. It isn’t surprising since the Agape honoured us to the extent of giving us His own image. This is because He created us to contain Him. We’re the visible expression of the one whose nature is invisible.

‘Like expectant parents preparing the coming of their baby with lots of purchasing and furnishing, likewise He created the universe with all its resources for His sons so that we may be fully equipped with everything for life when we manifest. When man appeared in the world, the Agape fathered us, thereby transferring His very nature to us. It has always been a question of relationship from the beginning. The Agape revealed us in this world to be in relationship with Him. This relationship between Father and Son is the meaning, purpose, answer and reason for man.

‘And He did all these things out of His good pleasure. Now He enjoys us and is pleased with us. We’re the beneficiaries of His life and like Him, we live to enjoy Him, to enjoy one another and everything in creation. Life is enjoyable and not a burden. If a man experiences it otherwise, he must acquire the knowledge of who the Agape is and who he is in Him and agree with His faith to produce whatever he desires so as to enjoy every single day of his life like the Agape enjoys His.”

Then the spirit of Nootra seized its captain and being caught in a trance, he opened his mouth and started blessing the people with Grace.

Captain Nootra: “For this purpose He created man: to share Himself with us. In eternity, the Agape enjoys this Father-Son relationship, and it is so beautiful that love shares it with others. He creates man and births us by incorporating us into the Son so that we may share this same relationship He shares with Himself as Father and Son. Life found its essence in the Father-Son relationship, which is satisfaction, beauty and happiness; and love incorporates as many people as there are into what He is living. I know the human aspect of this as a child greatly loved by my parents.

‘Yet the love with which He loves us as sons transcends the human comprehension of the notion. This is the source of fatherhood and sonship. What is love? Love is what the Father and Son are living with each other. Here is where we originate, here the foundation of creation. He loved us into existence and included us in His relationship. The dream of the Agape now realized is man sharing the love and life that is in the communion of the Father and the Son. Through our union with Him, we are by grace what He is by nature. Our part is to do nothing except to know ourselves as Son of the Father.”

Piccolo finally gave his testimony after these divine utterances.
Piccolo: “What I learned in all my travels through galaxies and dimensions is this absolute truth: the Agape is good. I’ve met people who thought otherwise yet what people may think can’t change truth. The Agape is love - this is His essence. Love is impossible with only one individual for love manifests by sharing with someone. The Agape is love because He eternally lives by sharing Himself with Himself as Father and Son. Love and evil are mutually exclusive for no evil comes out of love. This is how the Agape is good. The one thing that grieves His heart is when people doubt His sincerity even after He has shown how much He loved them.

‘The advice I give you children is to trust His love. This is the anchor, the guarantee, the assurance you have in this world and forever. The love that motivated Him to make us His sons is the one thing steadfast and eternal. If you trust that He loves you no matter what you or the universe may think, say, do or not do, then you’ll see all things as they really are. You’ll know He has unconditionally and irrevocably received you, and He is pleased with you because you are in Him and He is in you and you belong to Him for He knows you as the Son and loves you with the love with which He loves Himself.”