Monday, August 21, 2017


A smile appeared on the face of Captain Nootra and betrayed the gladness in the heart of the man chosen by his ancestors to be the distinctive figure of their civilization, a unique civilization in the world closest to entering the third cycle of mankind’s existence - the perfection of all things. Like a little child who was happy when his father praised him, so was Captain Nootra at these words from Batman. He was thankful, and all Nootra with him, for this contact his city made with Earth.

During this time, the Earthlings were with other heroes, preparing to embark.
Noah: “Will Megatron be present at the ceremony?”
Superman: “I’m not sure, kid.”
Noah: “I’m sad I couldn’t talk to him. He may be a villain but he remains one of my favourites.”
Zach: “Now Noah, everybody is your favourite; first, Denver, then Rahan, after Vegeta, and now Megatron. You’d better determine who your true favourite is.”
Noah: “I can’t. I love all of them. I love you too Optimus, and you Superman, Cyclops, I mean all of you. Of course, since you’re my heroes.”

Optimus Prime: “Thanks kid. Megatron has his own way of seeing things. We’ve been allies for some astro-hours and it’s like we changed the course of history. I’ve fought many battles yet this one was one of a kind. Though perilous, it was noble. It’s a pity Autobots and Decepticons don’t see things the same way. The Transformers would have been a dream team.”
Superman: “Cheer up little Earthling. Decepticons will fall into line one day. After all, they too are Nootrans.”
Ratchet: “You remember what the big white-haired Shinobi used to say?”
Cyclops: “Yea Ratchet. Jiraiya, the Toad Sage, prophesied that a day would come when people will get to understand each other.”
Cyclops’ words caught the Earthlings completely unawares. It dawned on them only then that some people were missing from the adventure. They all exclaimed as one.
Zach, Alan, Ryan, Noah: “Where’s Naruto?”
Skyfire took off with his passengers, Alan, Noah, Zach, Ryan, Denver, Shades, Mario, Wally, Jeremy, Son Goten and Trunks. Optimus Prime, the Autobots and other heroes went aboard Omega Supreme while Superman and the rest travelled to Cybertron through their flying abilities.
Goten: “You mean Naruto Uzumaki, the son of Namikaze?”
The Earthlings opened their eyes and mouths wide, eager to know more about him in his home dimension.
Noah: “And Ssssasuke Uchiha!”
Shades: “Hey, keep your cool. Those guys are no more extraordinary than us.”
Alan: “Are you kidding me? Son Goku and Naruto in the same world and you tell me to keep my cool?”
Zach: “Where are they? Why didn’t anyone mention them? Why didn’t they join in the battle?”
Jeremy: “One question at a time Zach.”
Mario: “There they go again in surprise mode. Does that irk anyone or does it just me? And what’s the big deal with the Konoha guys anyway?”

Noah: “Please, tell us about them. Please, please...”
Wally: “It’s OK Noah. Naruto and his friends live in Konoha, a village in the Shinobi World of planet Aegels. Aegels and its Worlds have another order different from that of Nootra. It’s the biggest planet of this galaxy and it’s found beyond Cybertron, yet a long distance away.”

Noah: “Skyfire, can you take us there after the ceremony?”
Skyfire: “You’ll need to ask J’onn first and I doubt he’ll refuse you. Remember, you’re our guests of honour today.”
Silver Surfer was on his board surfing in space alongside Skyfire. He followed the shuttle closely and everything that was discussed inside. When he heard of the children’s desire to visit Aegels, he intruded through the window.
Silver Surfer: “Leave them to me Skyfire. I have an appointment with one of their Shinobi, the copy one. If Alan wants to meet the Hokage, I’ll be delighted to take him and his friends there.”
Zach: “You mean Naruto is Hokage? That’s news.”