Sunday, September 3, 2017


Zach: “You mean Naruto is Hokage? That’s news.”
Mario: “That guy is no more intelligent than me. He brings the proud renegade back and they make him Hokage. Konoha of the Shinobi World is a real case.”

The Earthlings turned to the Saiyans and stared at them, surprised that the two seemed unconcerned by what moved them so passionately.
Alan: “Hey Goten; why don’t you say something?”
Goten: “Say something like what?”
Ryan: “Do you know Naruto and his friends? Has Naruto ever fought your father? Who’s better, Son Goku or Naruto?”
Trunks: “Naruto is a friend and we don’t fight him.”
Noah: “You mean you know him personally? You’re so lucky.”

Goten: “We know him just as we know citizens, samurais, benders, knights, ninjas, superheroes and four Earthlings. It’s not a hard thing to know people. In the case of the Shinobi, there’s an annual inter-planetary tournament for all fighters of the galaxy. Vegeta has always obliged us to participate ever since we were kids. That’s how we met the Twelve of Konoha and we became friends.”
Trunks: “The planets of this galaxy followed the example of Nootra and dissolved barriers among them. They interact with each other, and their representatives meet to discuss matters. Competitions, tournaments, festivals are organized to strengthen the bond between us. In Galaxy Brave, you can meet anybody you want and travel to other planets as you wish. You only need to tell NSF and they’ll inform the security of the other planet that you’re coming.”

Noah: “No frontiers and I guess no fares as well.”
Jeremy: “Just ask any superhero to take you there or a Decepticon if he isn’t bent on deceiving you.”
Skyfire: “Don’t trust me on that last one, Jeremy. Decepticons always deceive.”
Ryan: “You’re far more advanced in human relationship and foreign affairs than we are. This civilization is the best in the world.”
Mario: “Love looking at people’s stuff and never appreciating yours.”
Zach: “What do you mean, Mario?”

Shades: “Mario means it was on your planet that the Agape came, not in Nootra. This implies that Earthians are the chosen and it’s from you the universe is saved.”
Ryan: “That’s what Tarzan said when we were in the Forest. How did you come up with that, Shades?”
Mario: “It’s from me, Ryan. I bring up an idea, Shades develops it and receives all the honour. Thank you Mario, you’re welcome and don’t even mention it.”
Noah: “I’ll be resting on Denver. Wake me up when we get to Konoha.”
Trunks: “Noah...? We’re going first to Cybertron.”
Noah: “Are we obliged to go there first?”

Skyfire: “Do you want to play a trick on J’onn? I bet you he won’t like it.”
Jeremy: “Say hello to the strategist when you’re there. It’s a long time since we met. We used to solve riddles together when we were kids but he was far too craftier than me and before I knew it, he had become a graded Shinobi.”
Mario: “He was also a Shinobi whose faculties derived from his heredity but you were only a Nootran who didn’t and still doesn’t know how to fly.”

Wally: “I’d like to go to Earth someday. It would be great meeting people who know me and be admired by them, as you four admire us. How do we get there anyway?”
Zach: “With faith and a good heart.”
Shades: “That’s too easy. I have both.”
Jeremy: “What about your return? Has Optimus found a way to take you back home?”
Alan: “Not yet, Jeremy. But don’t mention it for fear it brings some bad luck. We’re not in a haste to go back; not until we’ve met the master of Byakugan.”

Trunks: “I see each one of you has a favourite among the Twelve. No wonder; they’re gifted and the Hokage did well to make them his councillors.”
As the crew travelled in space aboard Skyfire, an incoming meteor approached them at high speed. Skyfire brushed past it and scratched himself. He lost control and transformed from a shuttle into a giant human robot. But his passengers were projected into outer space. Silver Surfer rescued Denver and his companions but the Earthlings were drawn apart from them.
Silver Surfer: “Hang on, Alan; I’ll get you out of there.”

While Skyfire sheltered the Band of the Green Dino, Silver Surfer, Trunks and Goten tried to get to the Earthlings in vain. It was like the four children had crossed to another part of space where the rest couldn’t reach. No matter how hard the Saiyans and the cosmic human tried, they couldn’t get any closer to them. At that instant, a light shone behind the Earthlings and gradually moved towards them. Then they started fading away. Ryan understood what was happening and showed it to his companions.

Ryan: “Guys, let’s get our hands together.”