Sunday, September 10, 2017


As the crew travelled in space aboard Skyfire, an incoming meteor approached them at high speed. Skyfire brushed past it and scratched himself. He lost control and transformed from a shuttle into a giant human robot. But his passengers were projected into outer space. Silver Surfer rescued Denver and his companions but the Earthlings were drawn apart from them.
Silver Surfer: “Hang on, Alan; I’ll get you out of there.”

While Skyfire sheltered the Band of the Green Dino, Silver Surfer, Trunks and Goten tried to get to the Earthlings in vain. It was like the four children had crossed to another part of space where the rest couldn’t reach. No matter how hard the Saiyans and the cosmic human tried, they couldn’t get any closer to them. At that instant, a light shone behind the Earthlings and gradually moved towards them. Then they started fading away. Ryan understood what was happening and showed it to his companions.
Ryan: “Guys, let’s get our hands together.”

After holding hands and connecting to each other, they cried out to the Nootrans.
Zach: “Friends, give our greetings to everyone and tell them we’re privileged to have met them all. Goten, tell Son Goku I’ll be at the service of the people of my planet. Say goodbye to Dende for me. Thanks for everything, Shades. Tell Cesare to wait until our next visit.”
Noah: “I’ll never forget you, Denver; you’ll always be in my heart. Goodbye Mario, Wally. Trunks, give a hug to your dad and Rahan for me.”
Alan: “Trust me, silver head; Shalla-Bal has been waiting for you all this while. Farewell Jeremy. Tell Iron Man to take care of his family as I take care of mine.”
Ryan: “Now I know He’s the Agape who fulfils our dreams. Guys, we’ll be back for we must see Naruto. Skyfire, it was an honour.”
Son Goten, Trunks and the rest waved at them as they watched them fading away in overwhelming brightness. Denver and the boys wept for the separation.

Shades: “When I just started to like them! Goodbye Zach, Ryan, Noah, Alan.”
Mario: “I’m sorry for being rude, guys.”
Jeremy: “Take our greetings to fans on Earth.”
Trunks: “We learned a lot from you. Thanks buddies.”
Silver Surfer: “Alan, I’ll read the book you gave me every day. You’re my friend.”
Goten: “We’ll meet again. Nootra and Earth have made contact. We’re one people from now on.”
Wally: “We’ve always been friends since you knew us even before you came here. We’re the ones who’ve been blessed by your faith. Farewell for the moment pals.”

Denver (mimicking): “Bye-bye Noah. Come back soon.”
Skyfire: “We’ll take your greetings to Captain Nootra, Optimus Prime and all the citizens. You’re the friends of Nootra. Earth is welcome here.”

Silver Surfer: “I promised to take you to Konoha so don’t delay, Alan. I’ll be waiting for you.”
Mario: “They came to look for the Agape; instead they permitted us to experience Him. We’ve been with the people the Agape showed Himself to when He became the Man. I can say I’ve seen Him after meeting Earth, His beloved.”
Jeremy: “Nootra has received divine visitation. We too are chosen because of our encounter with the chosen.”
Trunks: “The Agape takes you safe back home, Alan, Zach, Noah, Ryan.”

The moment Alan, Noah, Ryan and Zach held each other’s hands, the bright light that flashed started shading them progressively, until it submerged them. When this was happening, they had a wide smile on their faces as they watched and heard their friends shouting out words of love to them. They were confident about everything and when they couldn’t see them anymore, they closed their eyes in total faith.