Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Anna: “You’re génial, Roy. Guys, this is the player we’ve been looking for. Roy, will you join No Limits West 3 of Nootra?”
Broly: “I don’t understand. What’s this all about?”

Natsuba: “It’s a football team we created and it has its place as any other in the city. We created it because Westside 3 didn’t have a football team. But we couldn’t register because we lacked a player. This team is a new thing in Nootra and comprises players of all age groups who will play on equal terms with professional teams. If we have a complete squad, we’ll join the Football Fellowship and participate in the championship like Nootra’s Wings. So Roy, will you be part of our team?”
The proposal amazed Broly. It was the open door, which would give him full access to Nootra. He didn’t let it slip through his fingers but seized the opportunity without hesitation.

Broly: “I would be honoured to play with you if you want me.”
Moon: “Hurray! Our team is complete.”
Rives: “Now let’s get an original name. No Limits West 3 Nootra sucks. We won’t get anywhere with that. Let’s customize our team with something that symbolizes us. I propose the Big, the Small and the Rest.”
Ruud: “That isn’t original; it sounds stupid. How about the Lions of Nootra?”
Rain: “Are you out of your mind? We’re not taking that for anything. I know what we’ll call our team: the Archers of the West. My father would call it the same.”
Natsuba: “He may be your father but I don’t want Hawkeye on this team. If we used that, it would be as if it was his team. Moon, what do you suggest?”
Moon: “Nothing comes to my mind. Hey Roy, maybe you have an idea. Adults always suggest something they think is creative. What’s on your mind, big guy?”
Broly: “I’m new here. I don’t think I can help you.”

Anna: “Yes, you can. There’s nothing like a newling on this team. Once you’re included, you belong, like each one of us. And because you’re in the squad, you’re part of us. This is Nootra; there are no strangers here. Whether you come from West, East, North, South, Mid or even from space, you belong to Nootra and are a full citizen, like Captain Nootra himself. These five sides and their countless divisions are only illusory and do not exist in reality. You’re a Nootran once you’re in this city and every part of Nootra is your home. You can live wherever you want and do things in any place since there are no transport costs for the Aerialbots are here to take you to the horizons.”

Broly: “You didn’t have to remind me of that, Anna; I know it very well. I told you I’m an NSF agent.”
Ruud: “So what name do you propose for the team?”
Broly: “I love what Anna said; it highlights the oneness of Nootra. You children may not know it but that’s precious to me. If you’re giving me the privilege of proposing a name for our team, the only thing that comes to my mind is Always One.”
Rain: “Oh Roy, you’re good.”

Ruud: “Always One Nootra. Simple yet straight to the point. It summarises everything.”
Natsuba: “I vote for it too. It shows that Nootra is one regardless of age, gender, power, abilities, generation, space, time or the illusory division of people. We all belong here and are all part of this city. Nootra is Always One.”
Rives: “Well done, Roy. Anna and I will go to the Football Fellowship tomorrow to register our team. Guys, now that Roy is with us, I see Always One rise as champions of Nootra this time next year.”

Moon: “You’re our trump card, Roy. I can only imagine the faces of the other players when they learn you’re in our squad.”
And like the hand of the Agape was upon him, Broly became a member of a football team of Nootra, which he also gave the name. He found it hard to comprehend what just happened and he was in the clouds because of this great miracle. After settling matters regarding the creation of their team, the footballers of Always One played another round together. They later treated themselves to the goodies Nootra Restaurateurs put at the disposal of citizens in the park. Then they lay down on the meadow and talked of the incoming greatness of Always One Nootra.