Tuesday, February 20, 2018


It was soon evening and the children had to return home. They walked together to the residential area and as they were going, they spotted Hawkeye from afar coming in the opposite direction. Broly knew the danger of meeting a security agent so he lingered behind and having distanced himself from his teammates, he activated the tech and turned invisible. Rain ran to the arms of her father and eagerly told him the scoop of the day.

Rain: “Dad, dad, I want you to meet someone. He’s our new teammate and his name is Roy. Come on, dad; you must meet him. I want you and him to be friends.”
Hawkeye: “Slow down, my treasure; we’ll get there. Rain, I said, slow down.”
Rain couldn’t do what her father was asking and she dragged him to her companions. But on reaching the band, she didn’t find their new friend among them.

Rain: “Guys, where’s Roy?”
Ruud: “He was here just a second ago.”
Rain: “He left without saying goodbye? But I wanted to present him to my father.”
Natsuba: “He must have received a call from NSF. Remember, he’s an agent, and as is often the case, they don’t have time to hang around with children.”
Rives: “Yeah. We were lucky he spent the whole afternoon with us.”
Anna: “Don’t pull that long face, captain. We’ll meet him again the day after tomorrow.”
Hawkeye: “What have become of kids nowadays? You’re no longer excited to see a hero? That wasn’t so in our day. In my day, we were elated each time we saw a hero pass by; not downcast as I see the six of you are.”

Rain: “Dad, we formed our team at last - Always One Nootra. Our new friend Roy from the South gave us a hand. He’s so talented. He was here before you came and now he’s gone. You’ll see him on Supermanday. It could be you know him already.”
Hawkeye: “Your friend must have been in some rush that I should miss him so narrowly when, as you know, I never miss a thing. But little girl, Supermanday is after tomorrow and I’ll be on mission. But I promise to meet your friend when I’m back. You say he’s as good as Ben?”

Rain: “When did I say that? No one can rival Benjamin. Benjamin is the best player in the galaxy. Cesare will never hold a candle to him no matter how hard he tries.”
Moon: “When are we going to have our archery lesson as you promised, Hawkeye?”
Hawkeye: “One thing at a time, kid. See that your team is established first and then I’ll give you lessons.”
Natsuba: “We all with Roy included? Roy and we are teammates now and we want him to participate in all of our activities. A team is a team and we stick together no matter what.”

Hawkeye: “Copy that, champion. All of you with Troy included.”
Rain: “Not Troy, dad; his name is Roy. Never forget that again.”
Hawkeye: “Sorry, my treasure; with Roy included. But who the heaven is this Roy? You said he was an agent from the South. I know no agent of NSF South going by that name.”
Ruud: “Of course, you don’t know him by his real name. He’s a superhero and has a secret identity like you, though we know yours since you’re Rain’s dad. But Roy can be anybody; Superman, Cyclops or Spider-Man.”
Rives: “He can’t be any of those three, Ruud.”
Ruud: “I’m telling you he can be them.”
Rives: “No, he can’t. Superman is sturdier than him, Cyclops’ eyes emit rays even when he’s not in costume and Spider-Man isn’t as tall as Roy.”

Ruud: “Suppose his build changes when he transforms. He could grow studier or even smaller. Superheroes are never predictable when it comes to their disguise. And how can you assert that Cyclops’ eyes emit rays without his X-Men’s costume? You’ve never seen him in civilian outfit.”
Rives: “I just know Roy can’t be them. He knew nothing about football whereas those three do.”
Hawkeye: “Cool down, kids; you’re wasting your breath for nothing. I can assure you that your friend is none of those you mentioned or any hero from this Side for the obvious reason that he didn’t know you. What’s more; I know the secret identities of those three and none of them goes by the civilian name Troy.”

Rain got mad at her father for making that mistake again. Hawkeye quickly corrected himself and carried her on his shoulders to appease her. So continued the children and the hero after the departure of the mysterious Roy. Hawkeye accompanied the other children to their homes then he and his daughter went home. As for Broly, he was caught up in third heaven because of this meeting with the Nootrans. He wore a big smile as he flew back to Galactus in space. He entered the armour and vigorously replenished his host.

Galactus knew something good had happened to his Broly for the energy he gave him was of the purest form. He also noticed the satisfaction of the Saiyan who appeared to be living for the first time. The former devourer of worlds was happy that Broly finally got what he wanted.

After loading Galactus, Broly lay in the comfortable bath of energy overflowing the armour. Grace and gratefulness inundated him that night. His nightmares disappeared and he had the happiest of sleeps with pleasant dreams. Broly was living his dream and for the first time in his life, he had friends.