Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Legendary Super Saiyan Broly woke up in bliss after resting in Galactus’ armour. Recalling the events of the previous day with the little Nootrans, he was transported, as it once again dawned on him that he belonged to a football team of Nootra. He was eagerly anticipating his second day in the city of his dreams, and he exulted while visualizing the good things that awaited him. His first day showed him wonderful things beyond his imagination.

He experienced the beauty of Nootra in the companionship he established with his teammates of Always One. He was eager to see more. And at the thought of the glorious surprises that day reserved for him, the excitement of great expectations overwhelmed him. In this attitude, Broly travelled again to the city with the magic tech that opened the door to his dream. For this second day, he went to another location. Having told his new friends that he came from the South, he visited that side to see what beauty lurked there.

Broly reached South Nootra and explored the domain. He went over land and sea until he came to a region Nootrans called the Wild. This fantastic place covered a quarter of the South and comprised a continuous flow of vegetation. Being a nexus where Nootra’s different climatic conditions converged, it produced the largest botanical garden in the world, giving existence to diversities of foliage and landscape - forest, savannah, grassland, jungle, tundra, desert, coastal and others. Dinosaurs lived in the jungle of this region; animals of different species too and birds of all families, colours, shapes and sizes.
The Wild was a reserve keeping the other beings in their natural habitat. Nootrans had ensured that human technologies touched only little of this land and so the region remained almost intact since the time men arrived on the planet. The benevolent atmosphere that enveloped the globe at the contact of the Nootra Shield with the soil of Nootra made the Wild beautiful, like the rest of Nootra. Light technologies still existed there to make it accessible, including lodging camps for travellers and visitors. This facilitated transportation, exploration and visiting.

It was in this exotic natural reserve of flora and fauna that Broly spent the first part of his second day in Nootra. He explored the forest, the jungle, the desert, the savannah and watched the mighty dinosaurs, and also the lions, zebras, elephants and tigers. He flew alongside eagles, hawks, crows and pigeons, observing with keen interest all the beings in their habitat. He was particularly interested in the cubs of these animals.

As he could hide both his physical body and spiritual presence, he approached them without being seen and so experienced the younglings first-hand. At the end of his ten hours expedition in the Wild, Broly knew all the different life forms populating the zone. He left the region at noon and went at full speed, crossing the sea. Having suspended his invisibility, he closed his eyes, lay on his back, put his hands behind his head and sailed with the edges of his boots brushing the water. On nearing the beach, he sensed people on the horizon. He landed in a safe place where he spied on them at a reasonable distance.

Denver and his friends Mario, Jeremy, Shades and Wally were on the rear part of the beach, giving onto the jungle. The five children were involved in an activity that seemed hopeless. They were trying to build a house on sand. Mario, Jeremy, Shades and Wally grew up in the South before settling in the West. As toddlers, they used to spend their days together on the beach. This particular beach was special to them. It was there that they met their dinosaur for the first time. The little dinosaur had strayed from the jungle and found himself on the shore where he met the four cuties. That was when their friendship began.

That place being sacred to them, they had always walked about it with the dream of building their house, a place to come and have fun during the weekend without their parents worrying about them. Ten years later, they were putting their plan into effect though building a house was no child’s play for what they were raising resembled no permanent dwelling.